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Deja Vu All Over Again

Four months of memories…And here’s one now! Jared has some never before seen pics taken when Wentworth Miller was on Jimmy Kimmel on October 20, 2006. That was only one week after I started this blog and mink, bless her, was already commenting…preceded only by su, who was the fifth commenter on the site (after brits, Moosie and Squallcloud who all had an unfair advantage as they knew of the site from the start and one unidentified anon that said you should never wear high fashion unless you’re high and that’s good advice people).

I remember how I PM’d britpopbaby and told her what I was thinking and she made me a banner. I emailed Jared straight away as he is my Wentblogging Idol and he wished me luck. I told the Moose what was up once it debuted and he plugged me and my girl Dany let me use the Jake/Went morphs for the very first Pick One. Then Keena made her kick ass video, I emailed it to Michael K, he posted it and the rest is history. Now here we are, four months later, and I have become a real life stalker. Ahhh Memories… Can it be that it was all so simple then? I feel a song coming, Sing it with me now! Meeeeeeemories, like the corners of my mind, Misty watercolored meeeeeeeemories, of the way we were…


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Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day

I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s over-rated and with the exception of flowers from my father and maybe a small gift from my parents, it’s a present-less holiday. It. is. stupid. Now I have proof of how dumb this holiday really is: I have scored a big fat 0 in everything on this lovely test…well, except for Sex. Now you might be thinking, WFW, you only want Went for his body right? Well you are only partially correct but for now, let’s just say yes. Scoring a 60 out of a possible hundred makes even that look like a doomed prospect. I don’t even care about the other categories (Love, Friendship and Partners respectively), or about the fact that the test said that Went would be committed to me and be dominant when it comes to intimacy. When it comes to passion it says I would be the dominant one, OK so that part is right….but sex a 60? A FUCKING 60? I’m insulted and offended. I’ll take Sex for 100 Alex…cuz that is the only number in that category that I’d be interested in. Now you go take it. Break your heart, dash your dreams, and Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day!

***Oh, and them not having Wentworth Miller’s exact time of birth totally makes the entire thing inaccurate and shoots their statistics all to hell so THERE! *mumbling under breath* That’ll teach you to give ME a fucking 60 in sex…

Thanks Lily! *punching Lily*

UPDATE: OK so this SO made up for that stupid test, lol.

If you aren’t laughing your ass off right now b/c you don’t get it, have a look here.

Thanks Patty!

UPDATE #2: I changed my mind…This is the the best Valentine’s Day EVER.


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