Deja Vu All Over Again

Four months of memories…And here’s one now! Jared has some never before seen pics taken when Wentworth Miller was on Jimmy Kimmel on October 20, 2006. That was only one week after I started this blog and mink, bless her, was already commenting…preceded only by su, who was the fifth commenter on the site (after brits, Moosie and Squallcloud who all had an unfair advantage as they knew of the site from the start and one unidentified anon that said you should never wear high fashion unless you’re high and that’s good advice people).

I remember how I PM’d britpopbaby and told her what I was thinking and she made me a banner. I emailed Jared straight away as he is my Wentblogging Idol and he wished me luck. I told the Moose what was up once it debuted and he plugged me and my girl Dany let me use the Jake/Went morphs for the very first Pick One. Then Keena made her kick ass video, I emailed it to Michael K, he posted it and the rest is history. Now here we are, four months later, and I have become a real life stalker. Ahhh Memories… Can it be that it was all so simple then? I feel a song coming, Sing it with me now! Meeeeeeemories, like the corners of my mind, Misty watercolored meeeeeeeemories, of the way we were…


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10 responses to “Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. Anonymous

    WFW, I don’t know you but I really like you… and so does Went.
    I’m sure that he is addicted to this blog and to your humor.
    Know that he is just as excited as your are to meet you on the promised day.
    So make yourself very visible!
    But don’t expect too much he is very shy and very conscious of the media and of the image he has to preject.
    Take care, you are one special lady!

  2. JeanJeanie

    Just don’t PRE-ject anything else WENT!
    LOL Well fooking done ont he site!

  3. Mama Bear

    Ooh, anon 1:36’s message is cryptically captivating.

    Ahh, yes, the memories, WFW. I remember finding your blog the week after you started it and responding to earlier posts as a cowardly anon. When the evil C-box manifested, I summoned enough courage to give myself a moniker so that I could let my inner-floozy out, and now, I’m ridiculously addicted to this site and everything associated with it.

    Congrats again on breaking your self-proclaimed ADD, and entertaining us with your unfailing wit…as we say in Hawaii, “You da bes, sistah!”

    P.S. – My security code for this comment was “DYAMGL”…LOL…D-YAM GIRL is right!

  4. Wet For Went

    Oh anon 1:36 I’m intrigued, flattered and skeptical all at the same time! But since, even under bullshit circumstances, I’m an open book…how’s this? I’ll be in Row I Left Middle Orchestra wearing a tank that says “I am wet for Went” with a pic of the sexy pinup girl from the site banner (and next to this comment) on it. I will of course have an afro, I may be wearing some arm warmers (black goth girl, isn’t than an oxymoron) and I will possibly be 4-5 inches taller if I can get some very sexy boots to make their way up over my fat ass calves. Tell Went to swing past my row, clear a path for me to get to him or he can always go get a drink with me and my posse after or even better, meet me at my hotel later…Oh and for the record, I don’t know you and I really like you too.

    Thank you jj!

    mb, even su was an anon at first, lol, and I love you too!

  5. Mama Bear

    “black goth girl, isn’t than an oxymoron”

    You SLAY me, WFW!

  6. Anonymous

    WFW I love your blog fucking much, you are amazing and hilarious at the same time!!

  7. jeanjeanie

    ANONYMOUS love your blog fucking much…how does she fuck and read your blog? You really have some friends who are good at multi-tasking! don’t forget to pre-ject!

  8. Wet For Went

    Thanks anon 6:20! jj, what the hell is this grammar school? Lock us up already!

  9. mink

    Holy crap! Where did the time go, WFW?

    *pats self on back*

    And yes, hey, I was an early commenter here, wasn’t I? Thanks for remembering, honey! *smooches* Just goes to show I really do know a good thing when I see one. First Went, now you…I’m getting good at this ‘Good Thing’ spotting lark! 😉

  10. redlightmind

    You know WFW, I don’t even know how I came across your blog???? I’ll have to ask someone who was sober if they remember. Congratufuckinglations on your anniversary!!!

    You write what we’re all thinking!

    I will help you plow (oh how I love that word) through the people to get to Went!

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