Where in the world is Wentworth Miller?

Well right now my guess would be shooting but a little birdie told me that the word on the net is that he MAY be in Paris on March 1st for the 20th Anniversary of the M6 Network (the network airing Prison Break). Stars of other TV series airing on the network are scheduled to attend so it is probable that TV’s hottest brothers may also make an appearance. If that is the case, I know one person who is already in pre-stalker mode and needs to make A PLAN…notthedoctor, start carrying your notthecamera!


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13 responses to “Where in the world is Wentworth Miller?

  1. sammie.pie

    Went in Paris! Get him, Sistah Doc!! Get HIM!!! *SQUEEEEE*

    Go, Sistah Doc–GO!! Lick. Lick. LICK! *RA, RA, RA*

  2. Anonymous

    anyone know if there are any family pics wandering around? I know he’s a private guy but the curiousity is killing me!! Dying to see what else the gene pool cooked up!!!

  3. jeanjeanie

    did i mention I could do with a holiday in Paris, say around the 1st March?????
    Notthedoc – don’t let us down babe!

  4. Belgian

    Paris? PARIS!? That may be the closest Went is going to get, ever! *starts practising lying her ass off to get a day off*


  5. Anonymous

    What does Went comes to Paris next week great. Finaly he is not so for away from my country maybe i will start planning a trip to Paris next week

  6. Anonymous

    paris, eehmmm that’s pretty close to where i live, i am going to show him around including my house hahaha!!went be ready!!!

  7. SavMed

    For a second I thought that the other guy on the pic was Went’s reflection!
    The thought sent chills up my back…
    Doc make us proud!

  8. Mama Bear

    DOC, you know I’m rooting for you, babe. Oh, to be in the “City of Lights” with those fine ass men…that’s like sensory overload! Those Desperate Housewives better LAY the PHOK off!

  9. Wet For Went

    Here’s to you doc *raising glass*. I hope this rumor is true!

  10. jeanjeanie

    I hope its bloody true too…this privacy thing is driving me crazy! Where are you went???

  11. Anonymous

    Wentworth Miller and the Eiffel Tower in the background. I can not imagine a sight more spectacular.

  12. sammie.pie

    To Anon 11:13 AM – Something more spectacular than “Wentworth Miller & the Eiffel Tower the background”?— How about scorching HOT sex with Went under/in/around the Eiffel Tower!!!

    And Sistah Doc— I’m taking shots after work in your honor, love! Should His Hotness show up on 3/1… Make us PROUD, Sistah!!!*SQUEEEEEEEEE*

  13. notthedoctor

    I sure as hell would like to visit Went’s Eiffel Tour!
    And I hope that rumour is true, Iwouldn’t bear a motherphoking joke.

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