Prison Break Bad Blood 2/19 Live-Blogging Recap


Alrighty, here we go…

Sara and Michael are in the cigar club now. Sara opens the door to the room with the lock boxes and the manager stops her just as she is about to open the box. “Ms. Tancredi…” DAMMIT! Sara starts to walk away fast and Michael joins her as he sensed danger. Apparently Michael is the new Legolas. They dart through the kitchen and out the back just as the cops pull up. Good save but alas, they didn’t get into the box.

Mahone is flying into Minnesota since some jackasses from the diner have turned C-Note in, BITCHES! Mahone has a cute convo with his kid who is still in the hospital and then his other line rings in. It’s the FBI briefing him on C-Note’s daughter being sick. They’re going to alert the hospitals. Looks like C-Note’s time on the run is almost up. Mahone buys a Get Well bear at the gift shop.

Michael and Sara get back into the car to tell Kellerman and Linc that they failed but Michael snagged some sort of roster of members before they ran out. The old Warden, Pope, is a member and they’re going to go try and get his help. Sara knocks on the door. “Sir, Please I just need 5 minutes. After that if you want us to, we’ll leave.”
Pope: “Who’s us?”
And now it’s happening: That has got the be, THE SEXIEST ENTRANCE EVER FILMED. Wentworth, WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME? WHY?!!!!!!! Holy Fucking Shit he looks hot and that Blue Fucking Steel could melt fire…yes MELT FIRE. I know that made no sense but FUCK!

Pope is angry and Mike is looking sexy. I’m sorry, that’s all I can see is sexy sexy Wentworth.

T-bag and fam are still driving and Susan is inquiring about their destination when they finally pull up to a house that has been graffitied within an inch of its life. Turns out it’s where T-bag grew up. I can totally picture it.

Sucre is still driving down the road in that vintage blue buggy and of course, it breaks down on him. Along comes a car…He’s saved! Where you goin Sucre, the airport? Me too! Hop in! OK! Just say all that in Spanish and you get the idea. The guy that picked him up starts talking into a walkie talkie, turns out he’s airport security on his way to help apprehend the American fugitive who is flying in today. Sucre puts on his hat and pulls it down. AHAHAHAHAHA!

C-Note is trying to get seen at a hospital but with no insurance card or license, the bitchy little secretary is refusing him. C-Note wants to see the supervisor. Off in the distance a security cam records the whole argument.

Pope is not being cooperative. He’s chewing Mike out for lying to him, using him and ruining his life. Mike is trying to explain but Pope is not having it. He’s gonna call the cops! Mike says, “I’m sorry but I can’t let you do that.” Holy fucking shit Went has a gun in his hand again. Wentworth Miller looks SO FUCKING SEXY with a gun. I’m only 13 minutes into this episode and I’ve already creamed my panties twice…You know who I blame this on? Mama Bear and her damn fiction.

Oooo! 300 commercial. Man, this movie is going to fucking ROCK and I’ll see it while I’m in L.A. stalking Went…Hey Wentworth, Wanna see a movie with me? *grin*

Mike is still pointing the gun. “I’m not the man you think I am.” God Went looks hot. Sara is being helpful, telling Pope that he’s telling the truth. Pope puts down the phone but is not convinced until Mike puts down the gun. Awww Michael.

C-Note is arguing with the Supervisor now and she tells him “This is a hospital, not a homeless shelter.” C-Note is hurt but he is leaving and just as he does, Mahone is pulling up. C-Note picks Dede up and runs while Mahone pursues him like the monster in a horror movie, walking at a snails pace and still he catches him just as he steps onto the back door of a bus. C-Note tries to tell Dede to let him go but she won’t and the doors close. Mahone will not shoot with the girl in his arms. Mahone is a good guy. Awww Mahone.

Pope and Mike still talking. Pope still not budging. Mike offers him a deal but we don’t know what it is.

Back at the house of horrors, T-bag is walking the family into a dump and surveying the house he grew up in, in disgust. The inside is full of graffiti too. He finds an old dictionary and starts to have flashbacks from his childhood. I have a feeling this isn’t going to be good. Susan is trying to talk to him but he is in a trance, recalling his father and friends sitting around the living room. T-Bag’s Dad is getting joked for being dumb. “It runs in the genes,” the friend says. His dad tells the friend to pick a word and young Teddy will give 10 synonyms for the word and he does it! On command! He’s smart! “My boy’s gonna be President.” OK now that we know something good about T-bag, now how did it go so horribly wrong…I don’t have to wait long for my answer. I will not describe this scene as it gave me the creeps in only the way that someone who still has nightmares about Sleepers can get the creeps. Suffice it to say that T-bag was sexually abused. I had to cover my eyes…

Kellerman and Linc are on the roof of the building across the street watching the club. Linc is a little pissed off about Paul trying to kill him but he’s being civil and wow does Dom look hot. Kellerman said he was just following orders and is making sense about how he sees this ending badly for all of them and even implying that Linc never should have involved his brother the way he has. Linc teases Kellerman about his love for the President and Kellerman tells him he could never understand and goes on about how if he’s going down, the company and the Prez are going down. Linc says “She must have really broken your heart Paul,” with a smirk on his face. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dammit, Mr. Kim is getting word that Sara was at the club in Chicago and he tells them to fire up the jet! FUCKING KIM!

Sucre got to the airport OK and is parting ways with the security guy and right after he walks away, security guy gets the memo with Sucre’s face on it. “He’s here!” He says in Spanish. DAMMIT!

Oooo! Commercial for new Jim Carey movie. That looks good too. Must go see.
New Mac and PC commercial making fun of Vista…LMAO

Maricruz and sis are at the terminal. Maricruz thinks Sucre’s gonna show, the sis does not…and here he comes! AHHHHHHH Reunion! They kiss! Awwww! I love them! But now they have to run. They run to a taxi and jet out of there and then they kiss some more. Awwww!

Pope is gonna do it. He’s going to help. Yay! And then: Oh shit, MiSa is squeeing again.

Linc calls Mike to say Pope just walked in. Pope gets in, gets the thumb drive out of the box and pulls it all off without a hitch! NICE! He even borrows the laptop of a member to check out the drive.

T-bag is cleaning up the house. The children are terrified and Susan tells him to look at them. He puts them in a room so he can talk to Susan alone and makes a heartfelt speech about how he just wants her to understand him and try to love him. I swear a transcript could not do this scene justice. I ache for T-bag, truly. This is so sad. She tells him she can not love him and he gets that homicidal look in his eye…Cut to Susan pleading from the inside of some sort of cellar looking place and T-bag staring at an axe. Oh fuck…

C-Note walks into a clinic that looks like it’s full of crackheads and has to physically go find and bribe the doctor who himself looks skeevy. Oh no please, I don’t want my Dede treated here C-Note! But he’s desperate. She’s getting sicker.

Linc, Michael and Sara are getting worried. Pope has been in there too long and just then here he comes but as he walks out, up walks Kim. GOD DAMMIT!

Kim is threatening Pope and wants whatever it is he took from the club. Kellerman recognizes him from the roof and he and Linc run down to intervene. A henchman gets out of Kim’s car and opens the door for Pope to get in…Mike starts up the car. AHAHAHAHA! He’s gonna run him down! Boom! Mike slams into Kim but he only knocks him out of the way. Kim reaches for his gun just as Linc walks up and kicks it out of his hand. The henchman trains the gun on Michael JUST as Kellerman shoots him in the back of the head. Meanwhile, Linc is kicking Kim’s ass. AHAHAHA! Dom is so good at kicking ass. OK time to go, Linc gets into the car and Kellerman reaches for the handle but Sara locks the door! AHAHAHAHA! Kellerman can’t get in! Michael pulls off since sirens are approaching and Kellerman is on his own once again and runs away.

At the house of horrors, the cellar door is opening and Susan and her kids are bracing themselves for what’s coming but it’s the cops. Susan says “But no one knew we were here…” and the cop tells her they got a call of a hostage situation. Cut to a cellphone on the ground and the sound of crying…It’s T-bag. Oh man fuck, he just wanted to be loved…*tears*

Back at the crackhead hospital, the psycho doctor is going to stick something in Dede’s neck…NOOOOO don’t let him do it C-Note! Yes! C-Note says no to the Dr. and they leave.

Michael is dropping Pope off and now it’s time to hold up his end of the deal. HE TOLD POPE HE WOULD TURN HIMSELF IN! Linc is pissed, Sara didn’t know but she should totally look more broken up about this. Pope tells them he listened to what was on the drive and that Michael can go. Awww Pope, you still love Michael like a son.

C-Note is carrying Dede now and she’s getting worse. Oh no, now he’s crying. No C-Note I hate it when you cry! *tears* There’s a payphone nearby. He calls Mahone to turn himself in. He wants to make a deal. He wants his wife out of jail to take care of Dede but Mahone doesn’t see why he should deal. C-Note tells him he has something he needs. Cut to the hospital, Mahone is putting the get well bear under Dede’s arm as she sleeps…Awww Mahone. He tells C-note that his wife was released an hour ago. C-Note promises him Scofield. FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!

Mike, Linc and Sara are all huddled around a laptop. Michael inserts the thumb drive aaaaaaaand…Fade to Black. THE END.


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7 responses to “Prison Break Bad Blood 2/19 Live-Blogging Recap

  1. jeanjeanie

    Hey i’m first…like a thief in the night….
    WFW you are crazy!!! I really hope you and Went hit it off at Paley! You are the best! Totally addicted to wfw and wentworth!

  2. Belgian

    The entrance, the entrance! With that look on his face, he can enter me any time.


  3. tia

    Oh my God he was blue steeling his ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  4. Mama Bear

    *Singing* Kim got his ass run over, Kim got his ass kicked! I swear, I was SO happy about that scene that I actually did the cabbage patch in my living room!

    Went was SMOKIN’ in this episode…God, he needs to insure his stare for like a bajillion clams.

    Mahone is just killing me with all his sensitivity. Giving that “Get Well” teddy to C-Note’s sick little girl…LAWD, help me, that was SO HOT! Oh yeah, and confirming in disgust that his snotty colleague didn’t have children after she very coldly suggested waiting for C-Note’s girl to get sick and show up at a hospital, man, Mahone got even sexier in my eyes! (Can you tell I’m a mom?)

    I felt some serious pity for T-Bag…finally, we get the explanation we were all waiting for – where he got his extremely vast vocabulary. HA!

    OK, who caught the fuzzy trail on Sucre’s belly when his shirt lifted up ever so slightly as he waved that car down? I DID! Yummy! I hope now that he has found Maricruz we can finally see some sex action…geez, Mike and Sarah are just taking too damn long!

    Oh and Linc, oh Linc…he is just TOO hot to elaborate. OK, just a little…when he was teasing Kellerman about having a dumb ass unrequited love thang for the President…that was both hysterical and SEXY! OK, I’m done.

    Thanks for the recap, WFW! It was great as always!

  5. Anonymous

    holy crap, if wentworth miller is gay, I will actually die. there’d be no hope, no reason to go on. he was sssooooooooo hot last night. and i loved the misa moment.

  6. Anonymous

    Was this the best episode ever or yes!!!! I mean… I wanted to cry so many times, for T-Bag and C-Note and… Mike was tooooooooooooo sexy and hot and unhumanly GOOD that I have no words to discribe it. The Misa moment… ahhhhhhhhh. My heart explodes. Can PB get any better?

  7. Gina

    great recap. loved your comment about the sexiest entrance ever filmed!! i soooo agree!! watched it 100 times already. BUT… you missed the “you still owe me dinner” scene! wow. that is just wrong, WFW…

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