Prison Break Bad Blood Screencaps

Oh the beauty that was Went tonight! That’s right, own the sexy baby…
Go re-live it all over again or see it for the first time at Just Jared. Aw hell, this deserves pic spam…

The sexy entrance:

The gun sexiness:

Random sexiness:

And that wasn’t even the half of it! SWOOOOOOOOON!


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11 responses to “Prison Break Bad Blood Screencaps

  1. Belgian

    Don’t you think that second picture should be in the WFWWMMW? I do for sure!


  2. jeanjeanie

    OMG – those eyes,that mouth, that smile…smitten!

  3. buttercup

    Holy Christ Almighty!! I actually shuddered looking at these pictures.

  4. suzi

    Ohh lord i could look at this man all day long…. so so sexy

  5. Geisha

    I’m glad I’m wearing a panty liner today bacause I might have just ruined my panties by staring at that man…WETNESS!!!!!!!!

  6. Neila

    Those looooong fingers. Wrapped around that gun.

    My. God.

  7. Mama Bear

    Simply gorgeous…*swoon*

  8. cheerleader

    thank you, I needed this.

    I’m thrilled about finding this website; combining a healthy obsession with a good sense of humour. I find it hard at times to suffer from a post-puberty crush on an actor, but this sure does cheer a girl up. thank you, thank you!

  9. sammie.pie

    “The gun sexiness…”— Michael/Went may point his gun @ me anytime, anywhere… Yes in deed He may!! *LICK 3x*


    Is it just me or does his upturned collar turn anyone else on?

  11. Rhea

    Now THAT’S how you make an entrance! I replayed this scene 10 times, and each time it just got me wetter.
    Thank you Went.

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