Wentworth Miller really going to France?

EDIT: Here’s a better translation than what babelfish came up with.

Next week, Virginie Efira and Bernard de la Villardière are filming the special « The 20 Events that the French Will Never Forget », which will be aired Tuesday, March 6 at 8:50 pm on M6 on the occasion of the network’s twentieth anniversary.

The evening will be a prestigious event: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher or maybe others ? For its 20th anniversary, some of the stars of « Prison Break » or « Desperate Housewives » are expected to appear onstage. Other surprises, which M6 is guarding jealously, await you.

The special will be recorded Monday, February 26 from 6:00 to 11:00 pm at the La Plaine Saint-Denis studios. If you would like to be part of the audience, call now on behalf of coulisses-tv.fr without delay to reserve your spot. Public Acces number

Hmmmm…Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of the French squeeing…

Thanks Mumu and DBN!


UPDATE: Sorry guys, He’s not coming. *handing out tissues*

Maybe I should pass out torches instead? From doc:

So regarding those fuckers at M6 network, it seems that, finally, they have filmed Dom & Went wishing greetings in LA or Dallas, whatever, to air the night of Anniversary show… And they plastered everywhere in France posters that say :
“7.5 million French have spent a night in Prison. Whose fault is it?”

Fuckers!!! LYNCH!!!

Lynch indeed…


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13 responses to “Wentworth Miller really going to France?

  1. LN

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeee I am calling

  2. Mama Bear

    Eva, Teri…don’t even THINK about looking at our men! Doc, you better make sure that those Desperate Housewives don’t poach our Prison Break hotties!

  3. Krissie

    Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc!
    *praying in between squeeeeeing for Doc to make it*

  4. jeanjeanie

    OMG – Wishing I was French for a day! Lucky Frogs!
    Like the new header WFW!

  5. celine

    it was confirmed, Went and Dom will not attend this special event in France

    sorry froggies 😦

  6. WendolaPM

    Please tell they didn’t just misspelled his name on a magazine cover!!! WENTHWORTH!!! What the hell is that!!!

  7. Anonymous

    The update is good news for me. Now there’s even a tiny chance that maybe he’ll go there when I am going there. GOD, PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN! I’VE BEEN A REAL GOOD GIRL ALL YEAR! No wait, that’s what you say to Santa…

  8. linds

    This flying under the radar shit is SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE. Where the hell is Wentworth???? I’m depressed when I don’t see new stuff about him.

  9. Neila

    I agree. I need more public Wentworth!!

    I have had to cheer myself up today with a hot Went pic on my blog.

    And tomorrow is my birthday, so my blog buddies are helping me celebrate in true Went fashion!! This Went photo rocked my Wednesday!

  10. notthedoctor

    I think I must have done something really bad in the past for Karma to knock me down like that.

  11. mink

    neila, just checking – you know that pic of Went kneeling on the bed in jeans isn’t him, right? It’s his head photoshopped on David Beckham’s body.

    And condolences, Frenchies. Wonder if we’ll actually see Mr Miller this side of the Atlantic this year.

  12. Mama Bear

    Holy shit, mink, I didn’t know that about Went’s risque bed picture! I’ve always thought that was a bit out of character for him. WFW: a place to learn something new everyday.

    And Doc, I have only two words for you: MOTHER PHOCKERS! Hang in there, babe, you will meet The Pretty one day.

  13. tina

    Wentworth is still filming the rest of PB episodes, right? There was supposed to be a location shoot in Texas today, or was it yesterday, in a battle ship or something. And the last episode is scheduled for March 5. Probably the reason why he can’t go to France.

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