Why place bets when you can buy stuff?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about this and if not, Nikki from prisonbreakbuff.com writes:

I’m not sure I like this… Over at Bodog.com:

Bet On: Will Wentworth Miller, star of Fox’s hit TV series “Prison Break”, come out of the closet in 2007?

Any wagers placed after outcome becomes public knowledge will be graded as No Action. No refunds. No over limit wagers. Wentworth Miller must publicly announce, in 2007, that he is Homosexual, for all Yes wagers to be graded a Win. Max $50.

Not only do I find this hilarious, but it inspired me. Why place bets when you can buy stuff?

UPDATE: There’s a new store with different merchandise. Have fun!

Also, I only have 10 Wet For Went bracelets left (with the site name spelled out completely) and once they’re gone, they’re gone! See, wasting money can be fun! And now back to your regularly scheduled program:


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11 responses to “Why place bets when you can buy stuff?

  1. jeanjeanie

    Hey…first again!
    OMG if only went was the rain…pouring down on me…

  2. tia

    Oh my God please tell me you will wear that shirt when you meet him ,and the bracelet too.

  3. buttercup

    It’s raining Went…hallelujah!!!!!! Love your pic by the way…teasing much!!

  4. buttercup

    Sorry to double comment..but i’m seriously loving that rain pic..it’s hot..can’t stop looking at it.

    also can’t believe i made such a lame joke..sorry bout that too! 😉

  5. Mama Bear

    LOVE the pics, WFW! You’re so elusive…it’s very tre chic. I’ll spare the comments about the wet rain lest Nic scold me for being a sick bitch…LOL. Su, dammit, where are you?! I need you to deflect some of this attention! 🙂

  6. sammie.pie

    Oh GRACIOUS ME—It’s liquid Blue Steel!!!

  7. nicbeast

    I would never Mama Bear! Comment away!

  8. Wet For Went

    LOL tia, I am not wearing that shirt but I do have one of those coming in the mail. The one I’m wearing will have the name on the site on it and I never take my bracelet off except in the shower.

    buttercup, I just said that was my ring…Who said that was me? The rain pic is on a tank in the store. Props to my girl Goddess Body for that graphic.

    mama bear, you are not the only one that thought that when they saw that pic. I mean her mouth is open and everything…

    sammie, his blue steel is so hot it melted his face! Someone call a doctor!

  9. Amy

    lmao that’s so refreshing.. and oh so sexy… raining went, wet for went, perfection.. beautuful

  10. Alberty

    Can I be invited to your next chat with Wentworth. I can also tell my readers about it!!! I am dying to find out who the real went is! lol

    American Urge

  11. Wet For Went

    LOL Alberty! If any of them were really him, I’d laugh even harder. I’m definitely going to tell him about the site at Paley if I somehow get close enough to talk to him.

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