Australia, When will the Wentworth Miller goodies end?

As if we haven’t seen enough Aussie goodness, Melanzanie just found more in her New Weekly March 5th issue. Most of the info is old news but oh how we love to read the same shit over and over again right?

Page 1

Page 2


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6 responses to “Australia, When will the Wentworth Miller goodies end?

  1. Melanzanie

    oohh *clapping hands*! I know that we all knew this stuff as all true Went fans did but I couldn’t keep this to myself.

    One massive point needs to be mentioned, is, there was NOTHING about him being in the magazine on the front cover. WRONG WRONG WRONG!
    Britney’s break down does not even rate when it comes to the Pretty being in a magazine!
    Love you WFW!

  2. Katjus

    Bless his little good boy backround… lol! No music with lyrics while doing your homework? Geez! Oh and a major awww for his fave authors! Very classic.
    Yes, he seems to be perfect in all ways… Damn it!

  3. Mama Bear

    Yay, Mel!!! Thanks for reminding us why we love this man so much.

  4. jeanjeanie

    OMG…my work is interfering with my Went time! oh you beautiful man…

  5. Anonymous

    There is something to be said about a man who puts his career ahead of romance…I don’t know what the hell it could be but that’s okay. I repsect his decision to become a big hollywierd player b/c he’ll always remain true to his adoring, humble and horny fans.

  6. jeanjeanie

    interfering, interfearing, interfeering…he does them all…he’s playing serious havoc with my brain!

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