Wentworth Miller on ET Canada

Oops! I didn’t post this did I? Maybe it’s the fact that Paley is NEXT FREAKING WEEK that is short circuiting my brains…



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11 responses to “Wentworth Miller on ET Canada

  1. cheerleader

    oh, that voice of his……….I’m dying out here!

  2. Anonymous

    Yep, Sarah has the best job ever.

  3. jeanjeanie

    Intense fan distraction? Physical show? Oh Went….I’m available to distract you….

  4. emily

    haha. the britney spears thing was funny. by the way, sometimes, even the most attractive people have their off days. but,,,,um…..he doesn’t. i don’t really get it but i’m thinking maybe he’s not human? he’s pretty much impossibly perfect. But what’s this crap about no happily ever after for michael and sara?! not even a little bit? seriously? then, I quit. if i don’t get to see went making out on screen occasionally then all i have left in watching prison break is wishing a hellish end to those trying to kill him. and that’s not enough for me. and he needs to take his shirt off more.

  5. Mama Bear

    I’m with you, Emily, WeSa better make it happen on-screen.

    This is a question I’ve always had about “The Pretty” – how in Hell does he NOT make out with himself when he looks in the mirror?! I mean, if I were that fine of a man, I would be all over myself.

  6. Anonymous

    What-the-god-damn hell man?! I put on make-up and then I kiss Wentworth Miller. Somebody tell me how I get that job? Who do I have screw? Seriously!!
    -Rhea (not really anonymous)

  7. savmed

    you lucky bitch you

  8. linds

    oh sara, how i want your job. I’m tired of doing my own hair and make up every morning – plus kissing wentworth miller? upgrade!

  9. cocot13

    well if she’s so happy that she gets to kiss him it sure as hell doesn’t look like that onscreen

  10. emily

    i have a theory that she was fighting some serious morning sickness when they shot the train scene. luckily, she wasn’t why i was watching 😉

  11. emily

    she’s also a liar. They have kissed a grand total of 2 times. she goes to work, has people put make up on her and apparently helps the writers to think up ways to keep michael and sara from having any kind of sex.

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