Wentworth Miller: We’re coming for you

Eight days until Paley Fest and…

Goodbye Row 9 Middle; Hello Row 2 Front.

That’s right, we have upgraded to the second fucking row. Went, we’re coming for you…

Mmmm Look, He’s waiting

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26 responses to “Wentworth Miller: We’re coming for you

  1. nicbeast



  2. shortstuff

    i hate you all.. with love.

  3. Anonymous

    You get him, girl! and get him GOOD! 🙂

  4. Melanzanie

    OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD… is this the secret you lucky lucky things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t beleive it! Go you wild things! 🙂

  5. aquarela

    breathtaking…. excellent pic

    love your blog, keep up the good work

  6. Belgian

    That picture to start my work day with… I think I just came.


  7. Anonymous

    i believe in you girl! if being all nice and polite fail, just grab that ass. make us proud!

  8. buttercup

    2ND FUCKING ROW?!!!!!!!!!
    i’m having chest pains… :p

    i don’t normally pray, but for you girls..i’ve started.

    and now i’m crying…sammie, don’t stress, they’re tears of joy!

  9. Anonymous

    Wentworth will not be a the festival. According to a friend who works it. if you don’t believe me, please call there and confirm. I wanted to go so bad too.

  10. notthedoctor

    AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! 2nd ROW I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Right in Front of Went, where you can see Him and most importantly where HE can see you! WAVE A HI FOR ME!!!

  11. Wet For Went

    I lost my shit when we got the new tickets! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

    anon 5:26, As with everything, there is always a possibility that he will not show but believe me, we will still party like it’s 1999 either way.

  12. Mama Bear

    WOW!!! You ladies are definitely living a charmed life…do us proud, you hear?! Do us proud! Oh and if Went doesn’t show (as anon 5:26 claims), there’s always Dom!!! 😉

  13. jeanjeanie

    MZALTOV to the three musketeers! Make your wentsters (went-sisters) proud! Lots of love!

  14. Anonymous

    OMG girls u r so fucking lucky!! im happy 4 u!! im here waiting for a lot of pics about 9march!!! good luck i hope that u’ll meet our Wenty! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. redlightmind

    Hey WFW, woohoo on the new tix. My best bud will be sitting with you too! I’ve been drinking every night, excercising my drink muscles for when you get here!!!

  16. Jo

    WFW!! That’s amazing news! I have a hunch that Row 1, center will be your final destination. Make us proud and send my love to Went.

  17. mink

    LMAO! Maichan told me last night you and she (plus buds) had upgraded to basically front row seats. There are no words to describe my jealousy. NONE! In fact if you were to see me in person right now, I wouldn’t be my usual shade of rather pasty white, I would be GREEN! That’s right – a deep, olivey green.

    I do hope WM doesn’t blow this off! He must know tons of people are rocking up to see him. I’m sure you’ll have a good time whatever, but I wouldn’t be impressed if he bails, and I’m not even going. They should certainly be making it known in some kind of announcement if he isn’t going, that’s for damn sure!

    Anyway, looking forward to full and unexpurgated reporting from you, with multiple pictures and much squeeing. I shall be living vicariously through you, you lucky biatch! *smooches*

  18. sammie.pie

    Long Live THE WENT TRIO!!! RA, RAA, RAAA!!! *LICK 3x*

  19. Anonymous

    WFW…I was going to skip work to come but only to see Went. Now that I know he is not coming, I won’t even though I have a small crush on Dominic. I just wanted to give you the heads up as I know its your mission. I am sure he wants to come, why wouldn’t he, I bet its production. Still take a ton of pictures of everyone else and sneak in a tape recorder!

  20. Anonymous

    He cant cancel because of filming because he’s not schedeled for filming on that day, it takes 8 days to film an episode they will bagin filming episode 22 on March5 and the last day of filming is on March15 so he will be filming from the 5-8 thats 4 days have the 9th off for the festival and go back to filming from the 12-15 thats 8 days I’m gonna be pissed if he doesn’t show even though Dom,Sara,and Bill will be there,he already cancelled his last event he better not do it again!!!!!!!

  21. Katjus

    Wonder-bra-ful on the tickets for the 2nd row… Just too much! Mind you, that´s close enough for spatter so if there will be as much driveling in madness as i am suspecting, you might want to bring few tissues at least to pass on to Went and/or Dom… 😉
    And is anon is correct and mr.Miller will be a no-show, well it´ll obviously be his loss and his reasons will (aka should) be good, i am sure…
    Anyways, have fun like it was 1999 or indeed 1856! I will just sit home and envy you till i burst.

  22. Rosa

    WFW you’ve got the power ! i feel kinda jealous but i dont know why i’m very happy for you at the same time ^^
    have fun at the festival !

  23. Wet For Went

    Dear anon 3:44,

    Thank you for the update if it is indeed genuine, however, if Went is not coming, I don’t want to know and neither do my girls. So thanks, but no thanks, lol. And in the future, one comment on the post it pertains to will suffice. I hate spam. Thanks so much.

  24. mink

    “Hanga Sheet” is the name of the person who sent this supposedly genuine message? LMFAO! *breathe* LMFAO again! Where did they get that name? ‘Amusing Fake Names R Us’?

    Just to let you know, WFW, Kristin still thinks Wentworth is going to Paley:


    BTW, no idea exactly whom Wentworth would be filming with if Dom, Sarah, Will Fichtner etc are all still going. What? Is he doing some soliloquy scenes that are keeping him in Dallas? Pfft!

    Anyhoodle, have emailed you.

  25. cocot13

    I just went to the Museum of Television and Radio website for the Paley Festival and Went along with Dom,Bill and Sara are in the lineup so maybe that Hanga Sheet person is wrong and just trying to fuck with you, and I also read somewhere else, sorry I cant remember where it was awhile ago about the filming schedule and anon 3:07 was right so fingers crossed he’s still coming, cause how are you going have a Q&A about PB with no Michael Scofield come on !!!!!!!!

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