Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

Here they are! Back and on time and very very short….Hmmm…

Just in case you missed the last installment which was a whole month’s worth, you can find it here.

mink said…

Extremely sorry to hear you didn’t do a recap, WFW! Love those suckers – so hilarious!

Well, I sort of did one but I’m not sure anyone wants to see it, lol. It’s a bitchy recap but I think I still might post it tomorrow.

Rhea said…

What-the-god-damn hell man?! I put on make-up and then I kiss Wentworth Miller. Somebody tell me how I get that job? Who do I have screw? Seriously!!

When you find out, let me know.

Rosa said…

WFW you’ve got the power ! i feel kinda jealous but i dont know why i’m very happy for you at the same time ^^
have fun at the festival !

Awww thank you Rosa and Went, get ready…

As always, thank you for you comments!

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One response to “Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

  1. mink

    What? You say you did a “bitchy” recap? Fuck! Those are my favourite kind! *whining* I wanna seeeee!!! Post! Post! Post! *g*

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