Wentworth Miller’s D Mag Outtakes

Looks like the outtakes from my favorite shoot have finally been released (although I’m drumming my fingers waiting to see them bigger and unwatermarked). Over on _prisonbreak’s Live Journal, you can find thumbnails. Here is a sample:

I’m not sure I would have ever regained consciousness if they had gone with Mock Cock WHILE Went smirked at the camera. Holy Shit! And I do love close-ups of that gorgeous face and chest hair too? Sweet!

Look how cute he looks in this cover outtake photo! I just want to caress his face…And that man can lean a fucking hip like no one else can. Lord!

But my favs are these:

Look at him laugh! Oh how I love to see happy Wentworth. And Went spreading in black and white AND looking right at me…Mmmmmmmmmmm…Fuuuuuuuuck…

Maichan, you supersleuth you, thanks for the heads up.

UPDATE: And here they are bigger!

Thanks Stranger!

Also, Maichan worked her magic on this one:

Even his outtakes are fab. *sigh* For the rest go see Jared!


Here’s another outtake I don’t think I ever posted and the pic that’s on the cover of the mag without all the words on it.

He is an Angel…


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14 responses to “Wentworth Miller’s D Mag Outtakes

  1. buttercup

    OHMYGOD..the beauty that is this man!!!! i don’t know if i could handle ‘mock cock’ bigger (pun so very intended) and unwatermarked.
    it’s just all too much..*groaning*

  2. linds

    This is the best way ever to start off friday!! thanks, wfw!! are your bags packed for paleyfest???

  3. nicbeast

    This is the perfect way to start the day!! Right click and save!

  4. jeanjeanie

    WFW is the best, better than all the rest!

  5. shortstuff

    i have died and gone to heaven… but i dont think i belong here with all these dirty thoughts im having about what i could do to went in those pics….bad bad.

  6. emily

    i work at a restaurant across the street from the Gap and they’ve put up a giant banner of went’s ad in the window so I basically just stare at it all day long. so, now the gap is my new best friend.

  7. Anonymous

    adesso per sempre non esisto….

  8. Belgian

    HOLY FUCK! Isn’t he, though?


  9. shortstuff

    lol emily, i purposely walked thru the gap looking for wents ad. the bastards didnt put it the front window, so i find myself standing aimlessly in the mens section drooling over wents pic.

  10. stasha

    Hey! first a shout out to all the fellow hotness-that-is-Went worshippers out there! These pics are just awesome, there are no words for how good he is. I’m hooked on PB of course and I tend to look for him in all (im)possible places – including People online. Sooo… I came across this pic: http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20006800_14,00.html I assume she’s the same girl that was his date to the Emmys, right? OK, I’m fine with that. But what bothers me a little is that it looks as if they’re holding hands? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind him having a love life and all (although it pangs a little :S), but, Went, don’t lie about having a gilfriend, eh? I thought our relationship was built on trust… But then again we can’t really blame him for trying to hide her from us. 🙂

  11. emily

    shortstuff, there’s no shame in it. spend as much time there as you need! I mean, I’d rather he be in an advertisment for a nudist colony or something but we can’t have it all, i guess.

  12. shortstuff

    stasha yeah i think we’ve all seen that pic..god i hate that woman. but actually if you look at the other pics, i dont think therye actually holding hands..its jus the angle.

    emily i heaer ya..i intend on making many trips to the gap, event tho i never shop there.

  13. stasha

    shortstuff: yeah… I browsed through some of the older posts after posting my comment and I found it. True, other photos make it look different. I share the sentiment though – she totally gets on my nerves.

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