Prison Break Sweet Caroline Recap

OK so no recap yet…I fell asleep. It’ll be up later. For now I will just say, I thought I wanted to know what was on that tape but now I’ve changed my mind. I would like to un-know it.

*Sideshow Bob shudder*


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9 responses to “Prison Break Sweet Caroline Recap

  1. linds

    Ewwwww. I did not see that one coming. Gross! I love how Michael was all calm, whispery, and bossy – I would’ve been screaming “You crazy bitch! You fuck your brother!!!”

  2. Mama Bear

    FELL ASLEEP?!?!? After this episode, I was so amped that was I doing somersaults off my walls. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I did hump my TV screen to Linc’s DVR’d image! 😉 Michael was SO hot with all of his demands…I love me some bossy Went!

    But back to the SCANDAL – WTF?! I never saw that coming? Toothless Terence and the President of the United States?!? Oh, it’s too much to handle…*shuddering*

    The PB writers have yet again redeemed themselves – I am hooked to this story all over again.

  3. Mike Paetzold

    Just wanted to leave a Gazoo for any Blogazoo surfer who stops by.

  4. nicbeast

    Ew. I had to go take a very hot scouring shower after that…*shudder*. Some writer used to read V.C. Andrews. *shudder* I may never recover. Ew. I can’t…Must go to happy place…Ahhhh hot, bossy Went…very happy place…

  5. redlightmind

    His bossy orders to the Prez were re-translated by my brain, so all I heard was “Al.Bed.Naked.Now!!!”

    great episode!

  6. emily

    how come wentworth miller looks even hotter with blood and bruises? well, I think i’m going to go shop at the gap until the recap is posted.

  7. tia

    this episode rocked because at first I thought it just going be him sitting in the chair getting the shit kicked out of him for 45 minutes by punk ass Kim but damn he looked sexy all bloody like that,and Linc looked hot,good to see he could trust someone,the prez and her brother,Holy Shit did not see that comingMahone and Sara whatever I’m so ready for her maternity leave fuck a MiSa I on the Sucre Maricruz ship, oh and last but not least the shaved head is BACK baby yeah!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. tia

    oh and I forgot about C note not dying I was so happy even though they eventually will kill him off I’m just glad it wasn’t like that,I mean you can’t have a brother go out that, and I’m sure Rockmund said that too

  9. Anonymous

    Bloody, bruised, spitting, barely contained anger Michael is just as hot as regular on-the-run Michael.
    Wentworth Miller, you rock…and I want to have your babies…all 10 of them. 🙂

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