Wentworth Miller You’ve Been Slashed Again

And. it. is. hot.

I have spent my morning reading Slash (apparently my job is to goof off) as I really can’t concentrate on anything other than Paley. Not only is it approaching fast, it’s actually about to smack me in the face and the thought of that makes me…well…horny, as does the thought of most things. Who says men think about sex more? That statistic needs to be revisited….Anyway on to the Almighty Slash.


Wentworth Miller

Jensen Ackles

and Jared Padalecki

Oh no wait, we need to see Jared’s fingers:

Ah, There we go… *grin*

NC-17 kiddies. Drug Use. If you’re not into Slash, don’t click. If you are, enjoy this Finger Porn.


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25 responses to “Wentworth Miller You’ve Been Slashed Again

  1. Mama Bear

    Like I said in Hotel California, the three of them put together are weapons of mas-turbation.

  2. cocot13

    HOLY SHIT now I want Wentworth to be gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. emily

    he’s not gay! he wouldn’t do that to me! although maybe my life would be easier if i didn’t have the torture of knowing that a strait wentworth is out there without me…..tears.

  4. cocot13

    no I’m not saying that he is emily I’m just saying after reading that I wouldn’t blame cause damn that was hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dani



    That was DEADLY! My clit is burned to a crisp thanks to that searing intensity.

    Anyone got a damn mop? I’m a mess.

  6. emily

    i know. I was just saying I’d cry if he were.

  7. shortstuff

    ok i haven’t even read it yet, but im getting hot jus looking at those pics and imagiining the possibilities… i shall return once ive recovered from the story..

  8. shortstuff

    hmm.. so turns out im not into finger porn. guess its no good unless im involved. oh well, to each his/her own. theyre all still ultra-hot, but that goes without saying. and emily, i hear ya.

  9. buttercup

    *grinning stupidly & blushing wildly*

  10. notthedoctor

    THAT left me aching for more! It’s a crime to tease us so.

  11. emily

    yeah, I have to say, I have to have a female player so I can imagine I’m her for it to really work for me. but the idea of went naked did some nice things for me. WFW, do we know how close he’s going to be to you at the festival?! you’re bringing a camera, right? and x-ray vision goggles?

  12. shortstuff

    thats what im saying…thats the only reason im into MiSa..i dont even like sara all that much… most of the time she bugs me.

    and wfw, im hating you right now (with love of course). on friday, you’ll be getting up close and personal with went, while im sitting in lecture feeling like my life has no purpose. thanks.

  13. AJ

    I love that the story begins, “Jensen had his ass in the air.” LMAO. What a great way to begin a story… really grabs the readers attention, dontcha think?

  14. Wet For Went

    *handing Dani a mop*

    doc, go beg the author for part two like I did. It is a crime. I’m all ready for the next Mythbusters exercise and then…it ended.

    LOL Em, I’ll be in the second row eye-fucking Went right back.

    ss, You must not be a voyeur. I like to watch and I love you too.

    aj, what’s even better is that I found a pick of Jensen where his ass in in fact in the air. It’s clothed but there it is: Jensen’s ass. I love the internet.

  15. emily

    I can not WAIT to hear what went is like in bed. take him by force if necessary!

  16. emily

    shortstuff, yeah, sara can really be annoying. does she never just go for it? I mean, I understand that michael scofield is fictional character, but I want to have his children and not just because I want to have wentworth miller’s children, too. I want both. But I’m just in a modd of general frustration and hostility toward the MiSa situation, anyway. If they’re not going to EVER have them be together, why even have the storyline in the show at all? it’s just kind of mean and annoying. At this point, I pretty much would be safisfied if they had michael make out with ANYTHING. The could film him sensually sucking on a tootsie roll pop and it’d still be more action than MiSa has been getting.

  17. redlightmind

    Mama Bear, “weapons of Mas-turbation” had me dying! I almost lost site of the finger porn…

    WFW, see you here in the land of plastic!

  18. shortstuff

    wfw..i am totally a voyeur..its jus the finger in the ass wasnt doing much for me. however, i think i would enjoy part 2 of mythbusters MUCH better.. i need the real deal.

    emily… it IS really mean and annoying what theyre doing to us. went licking a tootsie roll pop would be 10X more satisfying than what theyre giving us now.. but since were daydreaming, why dont we just make it went licking me.. *evil grin*

  19. Belgian

    Honesty compells me to say I went and read it a second time to see what all the buzz was about. This time, I did continue right to the end and all I can say is; I’m a gay man in a woman’s body. I am Jensen.


  20. soiled undies

    OMG aj! That was my first thought!

    Bel, ROCK ON!

    emily, WENT, TOOTSIE ROLL in the same sentence is just a crime! Good thing I love breaking the law!

    As for me…that was so sweet I just carolined in my panties!

    Sorry, I can see “Prison Break Sweet Caroline Recap” on my screen while typing!

  21. emily

    LOL Shortstuff & soiled. you guys are hilarious. I think i’m going to ask the gap downtown if I can have the ginormous wentworth banner hanging in the window when they’re done with it. i think wentworth would want me to have it. I’ll either sleep with it in my bed or hang it directly above my bed. I haven’t decided yet. Or maybe I’ll have a giant Wentworth doll made out of it. Okay, it just got weird.

  22. Anonymous

    uh….any links to fic where went is riding some pussy?

  23. shortstuff

    lots of PB fic including MiSa at prisonbreakfic.net and lotsa WeSah fic linked to community.livejournal.com/wesahness

  24. me gusta tus paginas, son geniales, al igual que las fotos de went, con hermosas aunque hay otras muy lindas y lo considerto uno de los hombres mas lindos del planeta, al igual que sus ojos y su voz, segui adelante que nos hace muy bien a todos

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