The time has come…

This time tomorrow I’ll be in the land of plastic people. While I’m there, I will be having as much fun as possible which means my laptop will be in my hotel room. I will pop into the chat box and the comments of this post from time to time to say hello and of course I will make sure I post SOMETHING on the 10th. And now a message for Went:

Wentworth Miller, are you listening? Sit on the right side of the stage. NOT MY RIGHT, YOUR RIGHT. I’ll be sitting in the Front Left Orchestra, second row. See you soon. *grin*


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32 responses to “The time has come…

  1. Anonymous

    You are the luckiest bitch ever! HAVE FUN, GIRL!!!

  2. linds

    Oh my God!!!! *squealing with delight* Good luck!!! God bless! Try not to drool!!! Wear clean (and cute) gahchies!!

  3. YKM

    Wentworth, you better sit your ass down where WFW is telling you to because otherwise it ain’t gonna be a pretty sight!

    have a great time girl!!

  4. emily

    omg omg omg omg omg I can’t beleive you’re going to meet him! It almost feels like it’s me getting to meet him. Almost because it isn’t me. so if anyone needs me while you’re at paley, I’ll be in class squinting to try and make my history professor look like wentworth miller so I’ll care about what he’s saying while I doodle dirty sketches and flip through my scrap book of GAP ads. Have fun WFW and tell went I love him….

  5. Anonymous

    Lucky, You! We, here in small country LATVIA, can just say, ehhhhhhhhhhhh….luckyyyyy, you!!!!

  6. notthedoctor


  7. stasha

    Gosh, I feel so excited!! Almost as if I were the one going to meet him. Well, someday, maybe. Just have to get to the States first, damn it!! Anyway, enjoy, do everything we wouldn’t dare do, but most of all – DOCUMENT IT and then post it here! Make us proud, girl! Have fun at Paley!

  8. Anonymous

    hey i was just wondering.. how long will the program (paley fest) be? and what time does the doors open? Should i be an hour early or something? ok, thanks for the info!

  9. Anonymous

    Go get him girl! In every way possible….then report it to the rest of us schleps. That’s plain sad, I know it is. *sobbing uncontrolably*

  10. Rosa


  11. shortstuff

    wfw i hate you. i seriously fucking hate you rite now. ok thats a lie… i love you and i want to BE you! sorry im just an emotional wreck… i have to go sit in a corner and cry now.

    may the pretty be with you!!
    *dies inside*

    (lol the word verification is “guffin”! haha, thats a funny word! rhymes with “muffin”! ok, back to being depressed..)

  12. SavMed

    Hey WFW! I got a silly idea, but listen!
    The Pretty can draw, right? Well, when you get him alone (and I now you will) you can ask him to do a caricature of you, while he is doing it you cum by just staring at his beautiful fingers (STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES!) and he gets hard.
    So, you end up with a night of mindnumbinganimal sex and then you post the caricature (unfinished of course*wink*)for us loosers!
    *too many times I’ve seen Vanilla sky*

  13. Anonymous

    hey you….You do realise that u r very very very lucky right???
    Have a great time and please…take as many pics as you can and post them ASAP. We’ll all be waiting!!!
    Oh…Make sure you’ll give him our love…

  14. Belgian

    *pissed off and arrogant*

    These are the terms, Wetly. You get us the pictures of Went and post them on this blog for all to see. Just a report will NOT be enough. And maybe, just maybe, we will not hate you for life. Your choice, Wetly.

    *back to normal*

    Go get him, girl! Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!


  15. tOsA

    100% Totally and Utterley GREEN with Envy! Have a fabulous time! POST,POST,POST!

  16. Mama Bear

    WFW, Nic, and Sammie – This is your mission if you choose to accept it.

    Get as many pics of Went and Dom as humanly possible…it doesn’t matter if Went’s picking his cuticles or Dom’s scratching his balls…just snap away and then post with a full-detailed report of your entire experience.

    Also, try to get Went to breathe into a bottle and cap it tightly. The world needs a cure for cancer, and Went’s air may just be the key.

    Finally, ask Went and Dom to go see 300 with you after the fest, and if by some slim chance they say no, say, “OK, fine…we’ll just go to your place.”

    I’ll be waiting on baited breath for your full report. Failure is not an option.

    This message will self-squee when it finally kicks in that you’re going to meet “The Pretty.”

    Have an awesome trip…love you all!

  17. Neila

    I really hope you get the chance to cop a feel for all of us, WFW!! And, don’t forget your bail money!! 😉

    Have fun!!

  18. keena

    Yaaaaah. Get him !!! I am waiting for that pic spam ! We want to see that man from new angles (and with no clothes on) !!!

  19. keena

    There should better be Went in you hotel room too, not just tha laptop. Remember how he complained about having to get back to “his coooooold and lonely hotel room”, poor boy. Enjoy !!!!!

  20. Krissie

    I hope you remembered to take a plastic cup with you! 😉

    Do not listen to anyone, just go there and do your thing!
    Have the time of your life!
    (cross, drip, touch, feel, grab, rub, lick, suck, fuck, make cum, cum… and take pictures!)

  21. soiled undies



    Linds, LMFAO!”gahchies”

    Mama Bear, Yes… Dom WOULD BE scratching his balls!!!!

    Keena, I love you.

    Krissie, YOU’VE SAID IT ALL!!!


    P.S. Nicky baby, Sammie Pie, REPRESENT!!! LOVE YA’LL TOO!!!

    Which reminds me….


    …and kinky…FOURSOME!!!! HELLO!!! Can anyone else say ORGY????!!! I’m coming on Sunday, any chance of keeping him cuffed to the bed of the hotel????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WENT!!! ORGY!!! MEOW!!!

    WHIP!!! PLANK!!! POLE!!!

  22. soiled undies

    “doesn’t matter if Went’s picking his cuticles or Dom’s scratching his balls”

    Okay, now reading this again, I was struck by the various possibilities these seemly innocent words invoked. We need to clarify something because my mind is A’WANDERING!!!…WHOSE balls exactly would Dom be scratching?!!

    “Dom scratching HIS balls” and “Went” in front of that leads su to a no good conclusion!!!!

    Brotherly love taken too far??!! HELL YEAH!!! I’M ALL FOR THAT BABY!!

    Mama!!! Weren’t you an English teacher???!!! You should know better than to lead a girl on like that!!!

  23. Wet For Went

    OK so I’m in L.A. I just wanted to let you all know I’m alive. 18 more hours!

  24. rosa

    hey WFW !
    i’m so excited for you girl ! haha i have the feeling i’m gonna pass away when you’ll finally report the whole story to us lol
    have fun baby, ya rock !

  25. buttercup


    that is all

    *mwahs for WFW & Nic & lickX3 for sammie*

  26. Krissie

    It’s 7pm here and I wish it was 7pm there!
    I hope you’re having the time of your life, WFW, Nic and Sammie!
    You go get him, girls!

  27. emily

    holy crap. 111 minutes left until you meet Went. i think I just had an orgasm.

  28. Satu

    Oooooh, i´m waiting for your updates sooooo much!! And i´m so happy for you, you get to see Went, the hottest guy EVER! Good Luck!

  29. emily

    okay, so because I’m insanely jealous that i’m not the one at paley, I feel the need to share with someone the ice breakers I’ve worked out if i ever were to meet wentworth miller: 1. His favorite tv show is law and order. I have met Dick Wolf (the creator. he owns a mansion on the island I grew up on) and my best friend’s dad is the voice over at the beginning of every episode. tah dah. also, some of his favorite movies are Carrie and the Shining. Now, I’ve haven’t seen either of them BUT I do know Stephen King. Why? because he’s also from Maine. Yeah, we go way back in several different ways: 1. his daughter was childhood friends with my cousin. 2. I went to high school with his nephew. 3. my mom was roommates with his sister in law in college and 4. I always run into him at Borders (where Went used to work) or the movie theater (And Went is an actor, in case you forgot). THE END! You see, i take all this as a sign that I am destined to someday meet wentworth miller. ahhh, if only.

  30. Krissie

    WFW, Nic, Sammie…
    We’ve heard that The Pretty didn’t come.
    There are no words to say at this sad moment.
    Oh wait! There are!

  31. rosa

    tell me this IS a joke ! the pretty didn’t show up ?! 😥 girls i’m so sad for you right now… like REALLY.

  32. Anonymous

    Yep, he wasn’t there…I just checked the images from Paley and all of the main PB actors were there, but no WM….

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