The Cry Heard Round the World

I’m sure you all know by now that Wentworth Miller was not at Paley. He and Bill Fitchner (who also wasn’t there and I was looking forward to meeting) must still be shooting and since they’re down to the wire, I can’t get mad about that. I mean, we want our Prison Break right? Don’t cry for us though, we still had an an awesome time. Turns out second row of the front left orchestra was FRONT ROW and in my Wet For Went tank, let’s just say I was noticed (I may even end up on the some website somewhere as multiple photographers took my picture, lol). Everyone was funny and entertaining and we got definite confirmation that there WILL be a Season 3 (YAY!). Amaury was looking DAMN HOT, Sara looked absolutely beautiful, Robert was super nice as was Wade, Rockmond was fine as hell and Dom was well, Dom; It was still a really good night and we got pictures and we have tales but we’ll save that for when I have more time. For now, enjoy this lovely pic Nic took (she was the photographer), I have to shower and check out of the Best Western Hollywood Hills so we can head back up the coast for Part Two of my California adventure. It’s amazing what a few Apple Martini’s, an ice cream sundae and a a few lap dances from both men and women can cure. Gay Bars make life worth living. More later. Wentworth Miller: We still love you!


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31 responses to “The Cry Heard Round the World

  1. emily

    No wentworth?! ahhhhhhh. but yeah, i guess we do want our prison break. what did you find out about the third season? anything?

  2. SavMed

    Dear Wet For Went,

    I must say that I am disappointed that Wentworth did not show up.

    However, I live vicariously through you and so I want you to have the best fucking time ever this weekend and have a happy happpy b-day!

  3. Amy


  4. crazy4went101

    Aww, I wanted to live through you too, but to see Wentworth on PB is still a treat, right?!

  5. stasha

    Yeah, we heard Went was a no-show. That totally blows. 😦 Nevertheless, you got to meet the rest of the cast, which is more than most of us can say at this point (‘specially here in Europe)! Still, I’m sure that didn’t stop you from enjoying sunny California. 😉 So keep havin’ fun and post all about it when you get back!

  6. Anonymous

    How did they react to your WetforWent t-shirt?

  7. shortstuff

    no went…!? *sobbing uncontrollably*

  8. cocot13

    sorry about Went not being there I definitely felt for you girl oh and I DID see your pic on some website I almost gave the link to it in the chatbox last night but decided not to out of respect for your privacy although Krissie and Nicole wanted me to LOL

  9. Steph

    Can’t wait to see the pics and hear more about what the cast had to say!

  10. tia

    I’m so sorry for you WFW and all the churchies who Went,but remember “Hanga Sheet” did tell us this days ago,so we were warned

    oh and why do I have a sneeking suspicion that “Wentworth Miller” will be making it up to you WFW in the chatbox soon………….LOL

  11. Melanzanie

    WFW, Sammie called and told me last night. I have tried to console her. I hope that you still had a great time. OHHHHHH DAAAMMMNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Went will make a miraculous appearance soon I feel!

  12. buttercup

    Happy Birthday honey…hope you have a great day 🙂

    xxx bc

    *crying* because that’s what I do..

  13. Belgian

    You got to see Amaury… Not quite as good, but more than I could ever wish for…
    *cries in agony at living in Europe*


  14. Dani

    ** Missed it by that much ! **

    To the one that got away: You may have got away this time Mr Miller, but she wont miss next time!

    – She is hot on your TRAIL !

    Cheers girl – here’s to one memorable birthday! *clink!*

  15. SavMed

    sretan rođeeeendan tiiii, sretan rođendan tiiii

    sretan roooođendan draga Wet For Went sretan rođendaaaaaaaaaan tiiiiiiiii

    That was in Croatian, now in English:

    happy birthday tooooo yooooou happy birthday toooo yooooou happpyyyy birthday Wet For Went happppyyyy birthday tooooooooo yoooou

    PS Krissie don’t be mad! I’m sobering up(excuse for Cro-version)

  16. Mama Bear

    Happy Birthday, WFW! You ROCK!!!

  17. Geisha

    Happy Birthday WFW!!!!!!

    Hope you celebrate in true goddess fashion. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  18. Stranger

    Happy Birthday WFW!

    Everything happens for a reason.
    You’ll soon get there.


  19. Jo

    Happy Birthday WFW! So glad you are having a great time. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  20. cocot13

    Happy birthday WFW I hope your not mad at me for the whole outing you thing……….right your not mad right?………um, hello

  21. Wet For Went

    Thanks for the b-day wishes guys and cocot, I’m pretty sure I outed myself, lol. It wasn’t your doing and most people still don’t even know where to look.

  22. tosa

    Glad you had a good time in spite of WFW! Looking forward to your updates…MWAH!

  23. Katjus

    Jusct cheking in to say Happy B-day indeed young missy! And i knew that shirt of yours would be the ticket to some fame! 😉 lol! So glad you wore it!
    Can´t wait for ur stories and yes, gay bars save lives! 😉

  24. linds

    Sweetie, good for you for maintaining such a positive attitude! I am impressed, and I am glad that you guys had fun! Love, Linds

  25. emily

    damn! I want to see the pictures! Happy Birthday, WFW!!!

  26. YKM

    late, but still…happy b-day wfw!
    three big b-day kisses, mwa mwa mwa!

  27. Anonymous

    Eeem… was it just my imagination or was there an angry post yesterday, saying goodbye to Went….:S? Am I going crazy or did you just change your mind(which I hope you did, because common, who can abandon him????)

  28. Wet For Went

    There was, lol. It was an idea that went awry, a joke that only I found funny so I took it down. Some troll was using it as an opportunity to hate too and I didn’t feel like doing the comment cleanup required to keep up with the racist piece of shit. Paley post is coming I’m just busy as hell at the moment. I could never abandon my Wentworth.

  29. Wet For Went

    I changed my mind. Went’s spray painted face is just way too much fun, lol. I put the post back.

  30. Dear WFW:

    Surfing the Net daily for our dear Baby Boy–and getting frustrated when there were no recent news–I decided to be brave and check out a link to your site. WOW! Best thing I did. I love your site, miss. Not only are there enough hot pics of Went to cause one to die several times, but I love your work, your imagination, as well as the comments of your bloggers. You guys really cheer me up on Went-less days.

    …and no, he’s not gay. Guys, look at that pic again of him and Luke. Look at those smiles. They’re the smiles of people who are royally sucessful in putting people on. Ok, don’t believe me? Hark back to his Princeton days during that “race” trouble thing. Remember what he said when asked why he did not explain his side then. Baby Boy’s brave.

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