Goodbye Wentworth Miller

You know what? Fuck the optimism and bravery; I’m in fucking pain and I’m fucking pissed off. I’m shutting down the blog. Have a nice life Wentworth Miller. The love affair is over. Goodbye!

OK, I’m an evil bitch, lol. I was totally lying. I thought y’all would call me on my bullshit but since you’re getting serious I have to come clean. The truth is I just don’t have the Paley post together yet and I thought that if you thought I was somewhere crying, you guys would stop asking for it, lol. I apologize.


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47 responses to “Goodbye Wentworth Miller

  1. Anonymous


  2. shortstuff

    WTF?? NO WFW, NOOOO!! *cries*

    …um, you’re kidding rite…? *crickets*

  3. shortstuff

    PS: as mad as you are at went.. (which is understandable cuz i am too) blacking out his face = blasphemy. jus saying..

  4. emily

    wait……for real?

  5. blueeyedgirl

    no please don’t do that I love your sight

  6. Karen

    Okay, WFW, This is an intervention. I mean, I’m breaking my frickin’ Went Fast for you.

    Now, yes, if I had flown across the country to see the object of my fantasies, only to be “forced” to pass the evening with some of his hot friends, I would also be upset.

    But, it’s not like he was off canoodling The Beige One. He was working. And we like him working. The more he works, the more likely it is that his transition from the small screen to the big screen will be more like George Clooney’s and less like that red headed guy who’s now on one of those cop shows, but was once supposed to be the next big thing. What’s his name? Oh yeah, I don’t care.

    Anyway, I now have to go get on my knees and try to concentrate on asking for forgiveness for breaking my fast (b/c you know when Went’s on the brain, I tend to ask for something else).

    But please, WFW, don’t do anything drastic. I WILL read you on Easter Sunday. Now be a nice Wentphile and step away from the delete button. 😉

  7. shortstuff

    ^^ thank you karen!! i second that.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m sure your just playing around, but should you be serious…..well that should be your choice. However I want you to know how much pleasure I had reading your early stuff. You know girl I was one of your ORIGINAL FANS. Thanks for the laughs 🙂


  9. Anonymous

    thank you karen.My thoughts exactly.Dont be drastic my dear..Im sure he feels bad for dissapointing us..

  10. wentbabe

    he’s not stressing…neither should you…anyway absense makes the heart grow stronger…

  11. emily

    remember! we know from pictures we’ve seen that went googles himself. that means in all likely hood, he’s been on the site (even if all those “wentworth”s who got on the chat box were fakes) and we can pretty much assume that if one stumbles across a blog like this one about themselves, they’ll check back to see how it’s progressed. So, have faith. maybe he’ll see how he’s disappointed and devistated you and maybe he’ll feel obligated to make it up to you (wink, wink)

  12. emily

    and p.s. even without a face, he’s still the hottest one in the picture.

  13. Anonymous

    Please don’t do this to us WFW! Don’t disappoint us like the way Went did to you! Come back to us and we’ll forgive you for even suggesting such a thing. Went will be back(and looking hot)and all things will be right again!

  14. Chaya

    WFW nooo! This is not how I like to start my mornings ( I live in Holland, so it’s morning for me ) Yesterday in de CB I got the chance to tell you how much I LOVE your blog and how brilliant you are! Remember? And now you are quitting! Please don’t…!!!

  15. Belgian

    WFW, you simply cannot do this! I second everything Karen wrote… Be honest, WFW… Will you REALLY stop loving Went or feeling pain at his absence if you shut down this blog? Of course not. Will you ever have the chance of Went reading all your stuff and writing you a letter? No-ho, because there will be nothing here to read! Do you really want to stop being admired by hundreds of women (and a couple guys)? Stop being the mistress of our universe? Of course not, you LOVE it. You love having us awaiting every word you write, having us yearn over the pictures you provide, having us worship you as our leader in the world of Wentasies. You just LOVE to dominate us all, don’t you?

    Ah, that brings me to the one strategy that will keep you blogging:

    *on my knees now, two hands folded in front of me, meanwhile kissing your feet*

    Mistress WFW, please do not abandon your followers. Please do not leave us! We will do anything… everything you require of us, please… *lip quivering*


  16. Serendipity

    hey girl…

    First…you can do whatever it is that you want to do! But I do believe that u r going to regret this one! It’s not only about wentworth…it’s about us talking to each other, sharing our love for this man, solving our problems or simply….expressing our hearts out! I realise that you were the most disappointed of all…I would propably freak out as well if I saw everybody but WM on stage but I’m sure he had his reasons 4 not showing up none of them have to do with him not wanting to be there! I do believe this! So please…don’t shut this blog down…besides I bet it was a great experience going to paley after all and meeting with all the girls from church and all that makes up for some of ur disappointment…kind of! 🙂 lots of love from bella grecia!

  17. savmed

    I was afraid of this!

    Be strong WFW!!!! I know I’m a newbie or whatever so my opinion doesn’t really matter; but you are so hilarious and my freakish world of virtual reality would never be the same without you!

    Come on, listen to Karen and Belgian – they are absolutely right!

  18. Katjus

    Darling WFW,

    go and get some coffee and relax.
    of course it is ur right & decision to shut down operations but as u can see the gen pop on the site is suffering panic attacks just at the mere mention of shut down so i beg u to consider. fuck went for not showing up & disappointing u! but after this hissy fit at him & his actions of late don´t ya really think he is still kinda hot? and isn´t he still kinda sweet too? 😉
    come on lady… forgive the lad. if he had known u´d be there he would have been sitting on stage waiting for u to arrive 24hours before the whole thing started! u know he would have!
    so u didn´t meet him on this trip, but we all know u & went r meant to happen. it´s karma mate! u put this amazingly entertaining site together & karma WILL reward u with ur moment with went one of these days, rest assured! 😉
    let us know when the hissy fit is over so we can stop stressing & breath again.
    love u & ur site!

  19. angel

    I told you guy’s she’ll do this, breaking up with went for like the 3rd time, have a bit of fath mimi’s she’ll be back, like she alway dose. she’ll apoligise for even posting this. all we need is a copple of wfw’s favourate episodes, play them to her very slowly.

    I’m prity sure your she’s just playing with us, just laugh it off. hahaha….

    well wfw you really did get us all, so stop playing with us already.

    WfW….went for went…ok seriouly stop playing around, your making us all cry.
    ohhhh man *tears are coming*

  20. Mama Bear

    *shaking head and sighing*

  21. linds

    Please, please please(!) tell me that this is just an alcohol-induced rage. Otherwise, there may be tears.

  22. Joey L

    i know you’re just kidding, you can not give up went!!!
    now, tell us everything about paley festival!!

  23. Anonymous

    its childish and i wasn`t expecting this from you 😦
    the man was busy working so we can all watch last eps. of PB

    btw we knew a week earlier that he might not come so i don`t understand whats the problem *rolls her eyes*

    ~get over it by looking some hot Went pics~
    i know you want to 😉

  24. evelyn

    I know that you’re in pain…
    I also know that you’re pissed off…
    But.. but…

  25. Anonymous

    WTF, WFW???????????????????

    PS: Still, if I were you, I would be pissed as well.

  26. Anonymous

    Noooooooo! Witchy poo, please don’t go, babe. We need you.


  27. Krissie

    Whatever you decide to do…
    THANK YOU for the laughs and the best online-times.
    I will miss you. Not Went. YOU.
    Just saying.
    *tearing up*

  28. AJ

    As a fellow Marylander, I’d just like to say…if I bought tickets to the Paley festival and booked a flight all the way out to LA to see Wentworth’s fine ass, AND bearing gifts (mind you), just to arrive and come to the sad realization that he wasn’t there…I’d be mad as hell! (Holy run on sentence! My Bad.)

    But anyway, I feel your pain. I think you have a right to be mad at the Paley coordinators AND Wentworth. Yeah, I said it…WENTWORTH! As has been stated at various other Went forums, if ever Wentworth was in need of an official website, this is it! An official announcement could have been posted, and all the heartache could have been avoided….period.

    SO, if you decide to shut down, I understand. But I hope that you’ll reconsider. I, for one, don’t come here to get new Wentfo. That can be found anywhere. I visit this blog daily to hear what you have to say on the subject (in this case, all things Wentworth). This is the most awesome, hiluuurious blog I’ve ever seen. So, I hope you don’t shut it down. But if you do, maybe you should do a Jake Gyllenhaal blog to replace it. ;o)

  29. keena

    WFW !!!!!
    I love your blog just as much as I love went, I even think I am a bigger fan of your blog…..
    Don’t drop us faithful followers, or there’ll be tears, a lot of them.

  30. Anonymous

    Come on girl, you made our days everyday a hole lot better, with your crazy fictions and stuff. Don’t shut it down. There will be a empty hole in us all if you’ll do that!

  31. dawn

    I’m sad that you’re hurting WFW, because you’ve given me many smiles. I don’t blame you for being upset. Earlier notice should have been given. Whether he knows it or not, he’s had a staunch fan and an ally in you. And being a lover of literature, I really believe that he would appreitiate being blogged about by someone so articulate and brilliant. It’s sad, it’s all just sad. I hope whatever you decide to do, you feel all right with it. And thanks for the laughs. I think you have many fans yourself WFW

  32. linds

    I do have to say that I think it’s hilarious that u blacked out his face a la 6th grade year book. Feel the fury!!! This is in no way shape or form encouragement for you to quit the site. I love you like a fat kid loves cake and I need you and your fab sense of humor every morning to go along with my AM coffee. Please don’t go girl (remember, NKOTB??You know you’re singing along)…..And PS – it’s OK if you ahve to cry a couple times over this.

  33. Geisha

    I have taken my time in making my comment because I wanted to see what the overall response was going to be, and I must say that there are alot of WFW fans than Went fans.

    Yes we “love” Went, but for me personally, I like you a lot more than him. So whatever you decide to do I want you to know that I will support you no matter what.
    Maybe it’s an East Coast thing *shrugs*…but I’ve got your back girl.

  34. Anonymous

    I love you, WFW! Please don’t go away! Just because Wentworth Miller is an ass-clown doesn’t mean you have to leave your own adoring fans in the lurch!

    ~ Melody

  35. Anonymous

    For God’s sake WFW, give a girl palpitations, why don’t ya!!

    So glad you’re sticking around. I look forward to the bitch-slapping that you’re gonna give Went when he’s finally brave enough to face you.

    Love Wheelygirl (wish I could figure out how to get my damn account to work so I don’t need to come in under anon all the time!)

  36. Mama Bear

    That’s my girl! I thought I was going to have go “TITA” on your ass!
    You just saved yourself from a serious beat down.

  37. Anonymous

    Oh, thank god. I was about to start having heart palpitations!

  38. evelyn



    LMAO LMAO!!!

  39. Geisha

    Thank God!!!!

    Where else was I going to get my fix of Akinyele’s “Put It In Your Mouth”?

    You know that’s my jam!

  40. buttercup

    i just have to applaud linds on her hilarious NKOTB reference…TOP WORK!!! LMAO!


    p.s. you do know you’re a cheeky cow right? 😉 i’m sure there was many a sleepless night last night..

  41. emily

    i knew it! i was just trying to break you. by the way, word on the street is that there will be “an end for the tattoo”? what does that mean? i’m pretty sure tattoos are permenant. Mine hasn’t come off yet, anyways. so they’d better mean there is an ending for the PURPOSE of the tattoo. otherwise it leads one to believe there’s going to be an end for michael. and that is not a possibility. i do not want to see hell freeze over.

  42. linds

    Darling WFW. This is me sighing with relief *AAAAAAAHHHHHH*.

  43. shorttuff

    jeeeez wfw! i would say im pissed at you for giving me a heart attack like that, but im jus glad its all cleared up now. still love you! *hugs*

    so….about that paley report….? lol jus kidding, take as much time as u need hun 😛 Love ya! *muah*

  44. AJ

    LMAO! And this is why you, WFW, are the most awesome blogger ever… no, seriously…you are goooood.

  45. Belgian

    See, begging works… ALL THE TIME.

    LOL! You’re hilarious, WFW!


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