Wet For Went is Five Months Old Today!

And guess what Went got me? No really, guess!

OK, OK, I’ll tell you. He got me a Paley Non-Appearance! It’s what I’ve always wanted!


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17 responses to “Wet For Went is Five Months Old Today!

  1. Neila

    After missing Paley, he better have given you his naked body covered in chocolate.

  2. YKM

    tickets to every John Mayer show in your area for his summer tour! And Wentworth will be your date on every single one of them.

  3. Kendra

    Happy anniversary, Wet!!

  4. evelyn

    His dick in a box????
    He’d better…. After missing Paley… It’s the only way he can make it up to you!!!
    Lmao lmao lmao lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. In Kwerty's Humble Opinion

    evelyn – too funny!
    Please tell us? I can’t guess!

  6. emily

    dinner, a private screening of the last 3 episodes of season 2, and a 12 pack of flavored condoms? no, for real, what?

  7. redlightmind

    An apple martini and nude lap dance?

    Wish we had more time to hang out WFW, come back soon!!!

  8. In Kwerty's Humble Opinion

    Tell us about paley…I’m totally dyin here!

  9. Anonymous

    A signed photo of Amaury Nolasco?

  10. JeanJeanie

    Soap on a rope?

  11. blueeyedgirl

    a night of lovin?

  12. Belgian

    He sent you a letter expressing his admiration for your eloquent blog and thanking you for an excellent PR-job. He’s offered you Pam’s position. He told you the job would be partly paid in kind. He has described that very thoroughly. Something with naked, oil, slithering, tongue, down, hard, deep, wet, voice, dirty, open, up, for, me.
    Am I right?


  13. AJ

    His hand in marriage! OMG! Congrats!!!

  14. Mama Bear

    A season three set visit! Please let this be it…PLEASE!!!

    Happy Anniversary, WFW – time flies when you’re having fun!

    P.S. – Bel & Eve, your comments rock…*belly laughing*

  15. Anonymous

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! Best blog ever, keep going!!!

    What Went got you?… Some dirty fantasies… as always:D ??

  16. the.red.head

    A big fat fucking apology letter. That rat bastard should be ashamed of himself for standing everyone up at Paley!

  17. Anonymous

    Congrats, WFW!
    I love your site and it’s my favorate wentie site! Thanks for all your hard work to keep us updated with Wentie and PB. You are the BEST!

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