Wentworth Miller is in Pensacola Florida

If you are too then good for you! Don’t expect me to be excited for you. Yeah, I’m bitter.

Wentworth Miller, co-star of Fox TV series “Prison Break”, dined at Global Grill last night with two friends. All wore hats to disguise themselves and sat in the back area of the main dining room. Miller kept his back to rest of the restaurant with his hat over his eyes most of the time.

Typical Pensacola, people sitting next to him paid the group not attention. They just assumed that they were another group on Spring Break.

Miller and his group were the last guests to leave Global Grill.

Prison Break is filming in Pensacola this week.

Thanks baaca!



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7 responses to “Wentworth Miller is in Pensacola Florida

  1. Mama Bear

    If you’ve ever been to P-cola and you’re not from that town, you’d want to sit with your back to the restaurant with your hat pulled over your eyes too. Trust me.

    Wonder if Fox will film PB in P-cola or move on down to a more exciting city like Miami. I’d like to see Went in a club scene on South Beach…mmmm…hot.

  2. Mink

    Don’t worry, WFW, last day of filming was yesterday. So he’ll be back in LA soon. And you know what that means? Yes, candids! He can run, but he can’t hide! 😉

  3. emily

    that makes me want to drive to florida! at least I know he’s near me. i’ve given up hope that he’ll find his way to auburn, alabama. t-bag might, though :):)

  4. Anonymous

    Oh Mink, that’s a beautifully uplifting thought. I hadn’t thought of it and my soon-to-be Went withdrawal glands thank you, thank you, thank you. In the name of The Pretty, Amen.

  5. shortstuff

    ok a) does no one in pensacola own a camera? and b) how did no one notice him? i would think the white light emitting from his face would be a dead giveaway… im jus saying.

  6. Anonymous

    Seriously Shortstuff! WTF? There are camera’s every-frikken-where! On your celly, in the local drugstore…there is simply NO excuse for no candid pics of THE MAN. Pensacola peeps betta start feelin the love and share….someone in FL is hording and that’s just unacceptable. 😦

  7. Anonymous

    Not a huge fan like most of you, but I went to the beach a couple of those days trying to catch a peek of anyone from the show. The beach area they filmed at is pretty hard to get to because part of the road got washed away during a hurricane. I don’t know if there was some kind of temporary fix on the road to get the trucks through, but I didn’t end up seeing anything.

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