Prison Break Panama Recap

I didn’t do a recap of this one yet as the episode didn’t have my full attention but what did catch my eye was this:

That’s all the tat I get? Seriously? Excuse me while I throw things…

My face right now:

Thanks mink!

Jared has something for you!


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17 responses to “Prison Break Panama Recap

  1. Geisha

    You’re not alone WFW…I kept waiting for a body shot. Damn you Mr. Director!!!

  2. Belgian

    Still, id love to taste the difference between that tattooed skin and his virgin skin…



  3. Neila

    Tell me about it!! We get a forearm? A forearm?!!!! WTF?!!!!!

  4. mink

    LOL! Tell me about it! I knew we wouldn’t get the whole thing, but I was hoping for at least a proper short sleeved Tee (we even got that in “Rendezvous”), or – *quiver* – a wife-beater.

    Fuck! WM must hate that tat process with a passion for there to have been nothing this season. I mean, does he love us? Does he? DO YOU, WENTWORTH? You ungrateful sonovabitch!


    Okay, I’m just going to assume the tat process was pure Torture for WM, and that’s why we didn’t get it this season. I need to find a reason to forgive him (cos you know the writers would have been all over it like a rash given half a chance). 😉

  5. Krissie

    THAT is the tattoo shot? THAT??!
    *smoke coming out of ears*

  6. AJ

    WHAT…the FUCK…was THAT!? A forearm? A forearm. That’s all we get??? Goddammit, Miller! We know it’s a long process, it’s itchy, it’s sticky….we get it. But if that’s the last shot of the tattoo we’ll ever see, then all I have to say is WTF dude? Sit your pretty ass in that chair and get the whole thing applied just ONCE more before the series is over, or I may be tempted to stop watching the show.
    Ok, that’s a lie. I’ll keep watching the show. But, so help me God, I will sit there and pretend not to enjoy it!!!
    Although, I must say, watching the brothers rumble last night, ALMOST made up for the lack of ink. But as a famous singer (who likes to plow into the back of stopped cars in her SUV) once said, “Almost doesn’t count.”

  7. Mama Bear

    “Rumbling” brothers…mmmm…ok, back to the topic at hand.

    Yes, I agree…WTF is going with the barely-there forearm tat shot?! I mean, c’mon, that was just silly.

    Also, I just figured out why Mahone really needs to be drugged up all the time. It’s not all about dulling his guilty conscious; it’s about being whacked enough to find and read the clues that would make even Sherlock Holmes scratch his head.

    But I ask you this, Mahone. If you can find the brothers so easily, where’s Waldo?

  8. Geisha

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa mb!

  9. savmed

    Lmfffao MB!

  10. emily

    okay, while I’m supremely disappointed that we got only an arm shot of the tat, what’s more annoying to me is that it appeared A. biblical and B. about his mommy. all in all, I had trouble fantasizing about dirtiness with a clean conscience. i’m also hypothesizing that sara won’t do 12 years but will serve a shorter sentence so SWC and her perfect timing can go give birth. and then all next season, we’ll sit around waiting for sara and michael to find eachother and do the nasty. woah…..deja vu…..

  11. emily

    by the way. WFW, i’ve decided that you’re probably a genius so i’m going to be referring to you from here on out as Dr. WFW

  12. Redlightmind

    Wentworth on a boat full of booze. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

  13. Anonymous

    I agree that forarm tat shot was disappointing. I also find that Michael doesn’t act as smart as he used to be in prison…. maybe it was just from the last episode only. Also, he didn’t need his mom’s name tattoed on him. Christ-in-a-rose was brilliant, but was it necessary?!?! C’mon… he’s smarter than that.

    The ramble of brothers was way too short. I wanted to see the brothers get sweaty and panting and … maybe take their shirts off, dive into the ocean and get wet!

    However, looking at Wentie was best part of my evening!

  14. Anonymous

    I am highly dissapointed – nay deeply unfullfilled that tat town consisted of just a wink of flesh. This is an abomination to all that is good and right in the WWPB (wide world of Prison Break). Someone must have a sit down with the writers. Firstly thanking them for the plain awesomeness of the show and (need I really say it) the eye candy that is dished up for us on a silver platter each week. Secondly, they need to understand that we MUST *slamming fist* MUST see partly nakey-nakes Wenworth/Michael and the righteous tatooage at least one more time for the love of…
    but most importantly, Michael has changed pants. He’s no longer sporting those awful brown courdroys, but is now rockin’ in loose fitting jeans and a super sexy navy blue hoodie pulled discreetly and seductively over his noggin.
    Does anyone see a resemblence to Anakin Skywalker/Soon-to-be-Darth Vador here? I must go ponder this.

  15. niknak

    Tattoo shot? Unnoticed before screen caps pointed it out and disappointing
    Rumble with the bros? Half-assed and disappointing
    Mom’s name in a tatt? Lame and disappointing
    Michael out of those damn courds? Almost made up for the tatt tease.
    This show is lacking in Scofield skin, super smarts and sexual tension… my entire reason for beginning this endeavor in the first place. Please God, let TPTB get a clue and get this show back on track so it can go out with a bang.

  16. emily

    i agree that the jeans are MUCH better. but I’m not sure how they managed to stop by the gap and get fully outfitted before boarding their panama bus…I don’t know. I’ll of course be glued to the TV every monday as long as prison break is on for the eye candy but as far as quality, I feel like they need to bring it back a little. Are they under the impression that ratings would go DOWN if viewers got what the wanted….?

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