Prison Break Renewed for Third Season

And finally here it is! Official Word! You won’t have to give up your Weekly Went yet…

Fox has picked up the action drama “Prison Break” for a third season.


But while stars Miller and Purcell will return next season, don’t consider them safe, Scheuring said, hinting that one of them might not survive beyond the first couple of episodes.


One may be gone within the first couple of episodes next year? Interesting…Well we know all we need to know. It’s back and so is he. YES!


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7 responses to “Prison Break Renewed for Third Season

  1. Mama Bear

    “…one of them might not survive beyond the first couple of episodes.” WTF?!?! I wake up this morning to this anvil hanging over my head?! My blood pressure can’t take this. I certainly hope that this “hint” is as bonk as the tattoo tease!

  2. WFW

    I KNEW you were going to freak! We don’t know which one it is yet but if I had to guess, I’d say Dom. It would be much more cruel to have everything Michael has done be all for nothing and Linc die and we know from experience that Prison Break loves to torture its audience. That and the fact that no Wentworth Miller on PB would just be silly…

  3. Anonymous

    The show will not be worth watching without WENTWORTH, and Dominic indicated he will have a love interest next season, so I hope Linc fakes his death to help Michael.

  4. emily

    But….But…..umm…WHAT is WRONG with the stupid writers???? all I can say is if they expect us to let lincoln go quietly, MiSa had better make one hell of a come back. or should I say CUM back. wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  5. Anonymous

    Mutha f*n writers are pulling some hard core crap right now saying that to us. WFW, PB without WM would absolutely be re-dunkulous, but Dom’s name comes first on the credit’s does it not? Why kill him off? I hate, no no, I LOATHE myself for even thinking this, but WHAT IF? What the fluck if they sandbag Michael???? Oh sweet baby jesus, *praying* I think Anonymous may be onto something tho with Linc faking his death….yeah I like that. *still praying*

  6. In Kwerty's Humble Opinion

    I’m thinking this can’t possibly take 22 more episodes to wrap up but then again look what happened this season…Maybe it will be a 12 epi season. I hope Dom doesn’t die …then everything Michael did was not worth it…..UGH! That will be horrible! And yes, WFW of course…no Wentworth …no Prison Break – PERIOD!

  7. Gil

    Were can I see the last episode?

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