Wentworth Miller has arrived in Korea

And our very own Joey is on the case! She sends this for your enjoyment….

*HUGE GRIN* He looks beautiful! Why is Wentworth Miller in Korea you ask? Why to look pretty of course! God he’s hot…

Thanks Joey!


UPDATE #2: Seok Ho Feel from the comments on Just Jared posted a link to another one.

So sweet!

UPDATE #3 (tee hee): Went in fitted clothes! Did you hear me FITTED! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! There fucking better be a shot of that fantastic ass somewhere in this ad, but Holy Shit his clothes are fitted. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! For More Pics go here!

UPDATE #4: And now I’m dead. OH. MY. GOD.

chunkymonkey and deadbeatnymph! *dying again*

I have risen from the dead for Update #5: But damn if that woman didn’t fuck up my ass shot

Butt wait!

Oooooo, there we go. Look at him smiling at fans across the street who have come to see him. Why is he so sweet? More here. Jared is ON IT!

Update #6 (Did I mention I loved Korea? Wentkorea! Wooooooooo!):

Wentworth Miller enjoying the squeeing. I’ll squee for you baby…

Once again chunkymonkey I thank you!

Update #7 (I wonder how long I can keep this post going):

Went says Hello. 🙂


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40 responses to “Wentworth Miller has arrived in Korea

  1. Geisha

    How does he do it? How does he stay so damn gorgeous ALL THE TIME?
    He probably looks like that when he wakes up.
    Mmmmmmm…..Morning-Wood Went *drool*

  2. Wet For Went

    GOD!!! Isn’t he beautiful? *HUGE SIGH* My heart stopped! Literally! I volunteer to judge how beautiful he is in the morning. *raising hand* I think we might need a picture of that morning wood so we can judge that too…

  3. Katjus

    CT was on this case already earlier with the pic and man oh man… The Pretty is sure Pretty!
    I said it earlier and i´ll say it again, he looks like an american student when he travels…! Lol! Can´t believe he is as “old” as he is… look at that innocent face!
    Bless, i do love him.

  4. Mama Bear

    I wish I looked that HOT coming off an international flight! Went with a little weight = HOTNESS to the infinite power.

  5. Anonymous

    He looks this good coming off the flight prob because he sat in 1st class he didn’t have to sit behind someone who feels it was his God given right to recline his seat all the way, or a few loud kids..sorry just i’m horrid coming off any flight maybe my pic is up to always give this girl crappy seats on a school trip flight…since this is about his royal hotness Went i hope he enjoys his trip in Korea and can’t wait to have him back home in LA so he can talk to me about it..: )

  6. Krissie

    Unbelievably hot. H.O.T.
    I’m still recovering and it’s been 6 hours since I saw this.
    Isn’t he the prettiest of them all?

  7. Belgian

    Can you imagine picking THAT up at the airport? No sleep for you yet, mister.


  8. AJ

    Well, I think that about sums it up…

  9. Geisha

    WFW what are you trying to do to me today? Huh? Huh? Huh?
    Why did you have to post a pic with his hand like that?

    *Imagines hand on breasts and other sensitive parts*

  10. Jo

    Hot as Hell!!!! Imagine being airport security and having to “pat him down” for a any concealed objects?!!! He still manages to be pleasant for his fans after flying for hours. What a man!!!!

  11. emily

    sometimes I actually feel frustration when i have to look at pics of him and know i can never have him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but damn i love looking at that man. Dr. WFW, as always, you’ve made my day :);)

  12. WFW

    Emily, will you marry me?

  13. tia

    WOW,what a way to start the first day of spring,even though it is cold as hell where I am

    He truly is a breath of fresh air

  14. Anonymous

    This made my day. I was having a pretty bad one til i saw these….

  15. Anonymous

    Okay so what’s the problem with this scenario? He’s out of the STATES for Christ sake!! Went, come home, come back to MY home. Get your ass back on that sky bird and head right back here to the Eastern seaboard. I’ll be the naked one in the airport being hauled away by the po po.
    Went honey, you look scrumptious, sweet and lickably lickable….I have to go be with myself

  16. rosa

    it’s official
    i’ve just passed out

    jesus mary joseph, this man should be killed for being soooooooo hot (oh wait maybe not lol)

  17. emily

    p.s. Geisha-
    Being that he’s more perfect than the rest of us in EVERY way, he probably wakes up looking better that he does that whole rest of the day because God knows that if he was set loose looking like does when he wakes up, no one would be able to look directly at him. Which is probably why he keeps his shirt on most of the time (grrr.) oh how i wish I could bottle his morning breath….

  18. Anonymous

    emily you might be own your own with bottling og the morning breath LOL, but he does look scrumptious

  19. JEC

    Here’s some updates for you ladies…

    Bean Pole did not announce MW’s arrival because of security issue. I think they were worried that fans would cause a chaos in the airport.

    WM will be in Korea until Friday. On 22nd, he will be doing photo shoot all day(?). Then on 23rd, he will have press confernece and meet up with fans.

    I can’t wait to see more of his pics.

  20. emily

    omg, you’re a genius, Dr. WFW! Girl on girl is brilliant! We’ll lure him in with a threesome! 😉 no self respecting would say no to that. And out Went is VERY self respecting as well he should be. The way in which he could do a little better would be if he never wore clothes. I mean, that’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  21. Niknak

    Morning wood?!!?? Wentworth Miller??!!

    *is dead

  22. Katjus

    I go away to try and get some sleep for a while after seeing the first piccies of Went in Korea and come back to this…! Cheers! After tossing and turning in bed all night unable to get the man out of my head you have now condemmed me for another few nights (at least!!) of sleepless torment…
    Bloody fitted clothes… I know i have asked for them but now i can see why it was a bad idea from the begining.
    Wentworth, I do. And WFW, thanks again…
    “Sleepless in Finland”

  23. Belgian

    Wentworth Miller, are you trying to make me throw myself at you?
    I’ve never had a one night stand in my life (yep, I’m THAT innocent)… but those clothes? On that man? Dear Lord, forgive me.


  24. SavMed

    Wentworth, being a good guy or presenting yourself as one, would you participate in a charity?

    All you have to do is fuck a fatass troll(me). You can have a blindfold. And, since it is for charity, it’s probably tax deductable….

  25. Anonymous

    HAHAHAAAA!! We are thinking just the same:D One of my first thoughts was I want to see him advertising the ass side of these jeans!!! I’m just going to stare at the pic for the rest of my day. Or week. Or life. He should wear these clothes every day.

  26. Katjus

    Yeah anon, although i love him dearly he could do with some inspiration on the dressing up side of life from these pics… 😉 lol

  27. Mama Bear

    LORD, do I see pecs?! Mmmmm….SO HOT!

    Oh and Emily, maybe Went can sell his morning breath to the Jelly Bean company so they can make a new and exciting flavor…*snicker* then *hurl*…LMAO!

    And am I the only one that thinks seeing the word “Pole” on his chest is freakin’ amazing?! Pole…mmmmm.

  28. Anonymous

    damn, that woman has her camera practically up on Wentworth’s face. i would give anything to be that close to him!

  29. Anonymous

    I would pay a king’s ransom to find out what goes on the mind of someone who wakes up next to him…Like are they in shock everyday??

  30. Lori

    Ladies seriously this madness has to stop!!!it’s not good for our health this constant torment..he is hot beyond words..I would give anything (really anything) at this point to sleep with him or even for him just to smile at me..You’re a Prince Went, and one lucky B***h knight in shining armor. I LOVE you WENTWORTH come back home…we miss you much.

  31. Lori

    By the way i know you’re reading this from your hotel room right now WENT…yes u..Can you please just pick one of us and settle down. This “I’m focused on my work” attitude is not gonna help when you need that “special” some1 to talk you, travel w/, learn from & to teach you a thing or 2. So i’m giving you a deadline until fall of this year to pop up w/ a lady or else I’m calling an intervention w/ some of the ladies off here. And I’m sure there are a few possibilities on here. Right Ladies!!!???

  32. AJ

    HOLY FUCKING UPDATE!!! *reaches for inhaler*
    You’re killing me Went, you’re killing me….

  33. AJ

    “oh how i wish I could bottle his morning breath….”

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Aaaaaahaaa! *takes 2 puffs*

    emily, you crack my shit up.

  34. emily

    Holy mother of HOT SHIT. He is so damn pleasurable he should be illegal. Do you KNOW what I could do with those fingers? Neither do I. But I know it’s a whole series of things so dirty, one can’t even fathom it. You’ve done it again, Dr. WFW.

  35. Anonymous

    the last one is the sweetest:)

  36. Wet For Went

    Why yes lori, you’re looking at a possibility right now. *grin*

    em, Dr. WFW, at your service. Oh and his morning breath probably smells like potpourri.

  37. Anonymous

    “I would pay a king’s ransom to find out what goes on the mind of someone who wakes up next to him…Like are they in shock everyday??”

    To wake up next to this man, this shining beacon of adorable-ness, intelligence, and pure sex-dom…well it would go a little something like this: Alarm clock(buzz, buzz, buzz) I look over and there HE is. Sleeping soundly after pulling an all nighter of rough sex. I would run into the bathroom and brush the hell outta my teeth. Re-apply my makeup and do a quick yet thorough washing up. Jump back into bed and seductively wake him up. *wink, wink*. And relive the previous nights festivities all over and over and over again. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    “This “I’m focused on my work” attitude is not gonna help when you need that “special” some1 to talk you, travel w/, learn from & to teach you a thing or 2.” Lori, I feel ya. It’s getting old. A career can only take you so far Went. Then you’re going to crave the tender loving care of ‘THE ONE’. We’ll all line up in a warehouse or gymnasium of your choosing and you can have a go at each of us, and choose from there.
    *thought bubble*

  38. emily

    hey!!! he’s drinking his favorite starbucks frappe thing! I love a man who will bring me coffee! I wish I could lick a frappe of wentworth miller’s…..sorry, the phone is ringing!

  39. shortstuff

    FUCK. ME. NOW.

    went looks so hot in red.. he really shuold wear colour more often. and that split second went-video is doing things to me.. or rather, making me think of doing things to him. *sigh* i wish i were korean.

    ps: what is the name of that starbucks thing hes always drinking? oh, to be that straw.. *daydreams*

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