I pledge allegiance to Korea…The pics are pouring in. My favs so far:

Ass shots first because really, what else matters?

Oh baby…


Yup, he’s eye-fucking YOU. Yeah YOU in front! Be grateful!

The way his lips are wrapped around that bottle. OH GOD HELP ME!

Crotch Watch 2007. It leans to the right. You heard it here first.

What Watch Went?


*laughing with Wentworth*

Biker Wentworth

I love it when he talks with his hands.

Wentworth Miller, what are you up to? *grin*

Michael Scofield action figure?

Look at how he cradles her in his arms…YOU LUCKY FUCKING BITCH!

He’s ready for his close up…

Have you ever noticed how Liquid Sex comes out of that perfectly shaped head? And look! STUBBLE!

Work it baby!

Awww look how happy he is!

By request:

Went with gifts!

More happy Wentworth!

He blew kisses!

And are those tears I see in his eyes. *tearing up* That’s it! Consider this a marriage proposal. That’s right, I’m really doing it.

*kneeling and taking a deep breath*

Wentworth Miller, Will you marry me?

*looking up into those eyes*

One last look…Oh Wentworth, I love you! *sniff*


UPDATE: The videos are pouring in now and HE SANG! OMG, HE SANG! He sang and I yelled at the top of my lungs at 3 in the morning.

Went describes what he likes in a woman

31 minute video!

Went in Korea: The Highlights

Went on Korean TV. Best part: “Bad Girl.” Bad girl? Oh Went, you have NO idea…

Wentworth Miller shouts I love you in Korean to the crowd. Should I be jealous yet?


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  1. Anonymous

    Purrrrrfect 🙂 How is it that every other country can score so big and the US is denied him soooooo much!
    Thank God for the Aussies and now the Koreans….or we could never ever been on Crotch Watch. I also must say only because it washes over me everysingletime…I mean really!
    Went is so friggin’ HOT…I mean people come on now…give it up for The Hotness that is Mr Wentworth Miller…
    (backing away…tearing up…moaning softly)

  2. cocot13

    Woah talk about Went overload my GOD he is just BEAUTIFUL,it surely is nice to see how appreciated he is overseas because im my opinion the US does not treat him like the wonderful creature that he is, maybe because their all too obssesed with his sexuality,his racial makeup,or how long the damn tattoo takes to apply!!

    so WFW I guess you have forgiven him the Paley incident?

  3. Wet For Went

    The U.S. does NOT appreciate him enough coco; I agree with you there and there is a way that he can be forgiven: By accepting my hand in marriage. *completely serious face*

  4. Wet For Went

    I mean, you do see the tears right? *wiping my own* It’s official, yet again; I adore him.

  5. Anonymous

    Crotch Watch 2007, where do I sign up? I can’t stop looking at it!!!!

  6. *J*

    Ohhhhh….. crotch watch, loads of smiling sexy beast went… enough to send me to heaven and back!! Although he only sang happy birthday.. to a country I might add…. right then and there I totally creamed…. not much more can be said than that OOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Went I’m yours! (sorry WFW)….

  7. tee tee

    instead of temping in between roles he could have just modeled

  8. emily

    i’m ummmm…..I have nothing witty to say at all. the fact that I’m not sleeping with him would be a little easier to stomach if he was maybe just a little bit of a dick. But no. Instead, he HAS a perfect dick and cries for Koreans. Does he HAVE an imperfection? I’m seriously asking….
    (thanks yet again, dr. WFW. I won’t be leaving my bedroom for days. wink wink)

  9. emily

    hahaha, why didn’t you post the one with the two giant teddy bears. I think maybe he won those for me at the fair so I’d sleep with him. I would have slept with him anyways, of course. but this way I get two teddy bears out of it, too. Don’t know where i’m going with that but i just thought it would have been really cool if wentworth miller won me a teddy bear. okay, can the rest of you read those pages? because to me, they seem to be in korean.

  10. angel

    OMFG…He Fucken sang, ok so I would defintely put this link into your “favourites Colum” WFW.

  11. tia

    He is too perfect there must be something wrong with him!!!

  12. emily

    TEDDY BEAR PIC, TEDDY BEAR PIC! okay, i’m going to bed now…..for real.

  13. Anonymous


  14. Anonymous

    I can’t take this anymore.I’m done,I can’t take him anymore,he is just too too much for me.It is way too painful knowing that I will never have him ever.It was much easier when I thought maybe he didn’t like vagina but since he says he doe’s,well not in those words exactly,I’m through with him,unless someone tracks down Marianna Klaveno or Kelly Fenney and gets the real scoop on him,I have to give him up!

  15. tee tee

    hey whats going on with the 31minute vid it has some weird cartoon or something on it

  16. Anonymous

    Wow,all this and pics from the upcoming PB wrap party, is it my birthday already?

    and he better show up right WFW!

  17. tia

    he keeps saying he likes a woman with style, so I can guess that Beigette is definitely not his girl

  18. cocot13

    so he is 6’1″ with long arms,long legs,long fingers,long toes,big hands,big feet,and a broad nose.Any guesses on how long and big “Wentpeen” is?

    Since we are on Crotch Watch 2007

  19. cocot13

    Hey in the picture with the teddybears and drawing is it just me or does he look like he’s um………………….”saluting the flag”?

  20. Belgian

    Ok, what the fuck is it with all my celeb men that they have to hug other fans and wrap their long arms all the way around them and cup the back of their heads in one of their big hands? What is up with that, hey? Is this some conspiracy which everyone is aware of but me? And why is it that Korean bitch(I love you girl, go you!)can hug him around the chest and not the neck, which has to be the best kind of hug ever, because the guy gets to totally encapsulate you and you get a feel of just how big he is (no pun intended)? Huh?
    Why is it that such images turn me inside out? Why do I suddenly feel as though the earth has been swept from under my feet?

    Dramatic Bel

  21. Amy

    oh gosh he doesnt sing for us but he sings for them.. whats next.. him leaving the country!?!! but oh my god great post i laughed, i screamed, i got the chills.. i saw the pretty’s beautiful bountiful butt! and may i add wentpeenlean.. yumm

  22. Jo

    Going, going…..gone! *dropped to the floor-thud* This is too much to handle. OVERLOAD! How could this man do this to me? Can you say Desperate Housewife?! WFW, I’m with you. He sang and I was reduced to nothing but a puddle. Thank you Went for making my life complete. I have died a happy woman!

  23. Mama Bear

    Crotch watch, “Wentpeenlean” (holy shit, Amy, that was FUNNY!) all-encompassing Korean fan hugs, SINGING?!? All this was enough to throw me into a fit of madness, but the tears…the TEARS, well, that just inspired me to compose a song (sung to the tune of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”):

    Don’t cry for me South Korea
    After all, you do not know me.
    I love your kimshee and your mandoo
    And when I leave here,
    I won’t forget you.

  24. emily

    does everyone else LOVE IT that he has that little gut? Because I do. I really, really do. of course, in my mind it’s tattooed…..you know what, he just needs to go ahead and take it all off so i can get it through my head that he doesn’t really have a giant tattoo. now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to do with these crotch shots.

  25. Lori

    When is he coming back home i hate Koreans and people who live in LA(not really just jealous) i mean if i did i’d probably be arrested for stalking and at this point i’m considering my options: )
    1. get arrested for stalking the pretty Atleast he’ll look at me maybe grab me and tell me get out of his trailer or house whichever i can locate.
    2. Become an actor maybe star along side the pretty in a love scene.(i hate actors)
    I’m head over heels for Went he is the most perfect looking guy i have ever came across sorry i’m going to my room. P.S What if we were supposed to go to jail for our thoughts on Wenty, i know i’d get multiple life sentences. and You?

  26. Lori

    Just in: The pretty have departed Korea. He should be back on American soil in hours. what a relieve.

  27. AJ

    Jesus GOD!!! He’s just…he’s just so….gaaaaaah.
    Dammit, Miller. Why can’t I quit you?

  28. Krissie

    HE SANG! HE SANG! He opened his mouth and heavenly music poured over me.
    My birthday is in December. That’s plenty of time to change my name into “Korea”…

  29. Anonymous

    and why doesn’t The Gap do something like this I bet most people here in America don’t even know he is in the new Gap campaign,while I bet everyone in South Korea know about his BeanPole ads!!

  30. stephy

    I can’t get the video to work. Is anyone else having problems? I can get up to the part where he gets the gifts from his fans and he takes off his jacket and then it just stops. HELP!!! I really want to see the rest!

  31. Anonymous

    The reason GAP won’t do something like that is because he’s not the only celebrity featured in the campaign…and in Korea they’ve got loads of money to pay this new kid on the block actor to appear like a pop star. Here in the states I think all this sort of boy toy campaign might not be something a “serious actor” wants to associated with unless it’s about promoting a film….not for a pair of jeans.

  32. Wentasy_baybi

    Speaking of Went holding the teddy bears in the pic above. Just to let u know Wentworth, I had this huge teddy bear that resembles the one ur holding when I was like 4 and I used to hump it everyday. Yes, honestly, I humped at the age of 4.lol. But now that I’m older and all grown up at the age of 20, I wanna hump you, yes you, you sexy sweetheart you.lol. Kay, I’m done.

  33. Wentasy_baybi

    Oh and yes, he is pitching a tent in the teddy bear pic and not just that pic, a lot of em too.Oooooooooo… Went.lol! But you know, I was backstage and I finished him off, so now, he’s as limp as a feather. Oh Went.

  34. cocot13

    thanks wentasy_baybi I thought it was just the freak in me seeing that, LOL

    I wonder what made that happen???

  35. tia

    WFW I just saw the pic of the thumbcuffs, thanks I thought you forgot I asked, they look different from other thumbcuffs I’ve seen and used before LOL, I hope you get some usage out of them and I wonder if Mr. I’m too busy to date has a pair,and most importantly who is he using them on??

  36. shortstuff

    wfw: i have nothing to say. *dies*

  37. Kate

    Does anyone know where i can find that article in English?

  38. Fevah

    Hold it! Stop the motherf*cking presses. He said… Bad girl! And he said it like THAT! Holy Wetly Goddess of Wet… one more time, people. BAD. GIRL. Aw, damn. Now the lips are fluttering.

  39. Wentasy_baybi

    Awwwwwww! Went is so adorable. He’s so sweet and I wanna love him. Be mine Went! Be Mine! I’m so glad that he was appreciated. He deserves it. He’s too good to be true.Sighs!Oh Went, what do u do to me? And that “Bad Girl!” Oh my! LOL! I guess he likes bad girls.haha. I’m a good girl, but a bad girl in the bedroom. Ya! U know wut I mean.tee hee. Anyway, I’m uber glad that Went got the appreciation he deserves. He’s wonderful.

  40. Anonymous

    Haha, I LIVE in Seoul, Korea (I’m not Korean though, I’m here teaching English) and I WISH I knew where he was staying! I totally would have wandered around the area. 😀 I even live in Gangnam, the area Koreans consider their “Beverly Hills” because it’s so damn expensive, I wish I would have seen him out eating or shopping or something! Believe me, I would have noticed him walking around… I don’t see foreign men very often and when I do they are ugly bald 40-year-olds. Maybe Went will like it so much he will convince the show to do the 3rd season in Seoul! Hahaha.

  41. Anonymous

    LOL! Dramatic Bel! I can’t lie. I’m laughing but I’m being torn up inside. (Capital) I, want to be held like that by him. I want the top of my head to reach his nipples as I’m providing him with THE most embarassing bear hug imaginable. I want to enhale the musk that is HIM.
    Oh Went, you complete me.

  42. *J*

    You think he looks hot there…. let me just say, I just found this shot and oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… check it out, well worth it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… Perhaps something WFW could add to the ‘WMMW'(Wentworth Miller Masturbation Workout)!!!


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  44. dalagang pilipina

    pleae visit our country,, philippines,, i’ll give you a free tour..

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