New Wentworth Miller Bean Pole Jeans Ad

[Bean Pole Jeans Ad]


Thanks Baaca!


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18 responses to “New Wentworth Miller Bean Pole Jeans Ad

  1. Anonymous

    He looks so gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous

    He has a great profile(both top and bottom), so he looks sexy posing like that.

  3. emily

    HAHAHA. WFW, OH. MY. GOD. was EXACTLY what i said when i laid eyes on that ass. now i just have to figure out a way to get my hands there. mmmmmm mmmmmmm goooooooood.

  4. Krissie

    That ad would sell even the grey background.
    “Buy this grey panel for your wall!”
    OK, Went, if YOU say I should have it…

  5. Belgian

    Haha, Krissie… I’d even buy those jeans and I don’t really need room in the crotch area if you catch my drift…


  6. cocot13

    I like it but I don’t like what its doing to his ass it looks kinda flat,but I’d still hit that LOL, well if he’d let me

  7. Anonymous

    dayum…they flattened out his ass somehow.
    what happened to baby boy’s ass?

  8. Wet For Went

    Oh yeah they fucked with the ass. The consensus is, they photoshopped it. Korea will pay for this…And the fact that Went seems to love them more than the rest of the world. Yeah, I’m bitter. Aren’t I usually in these the days after the Paley non-appearance? *goes to take shots again*

  9. Anonymous

    Cheer up hun…I’m sure Wenty loves you/us equally. Just so unfortunate we don’t have that opportunity in the US!!!

  10. Anonymous

    omg that cute ass…..

  11. Anonymous

    what’s that you’re looking at went?
    oh you’ve seen me… stalking you…

  12. tee tee

    I’m sorry but they FUCKED that picture up by flattening his ass I mean WHATTHEFUCK!!!!!

  13. Mama Bear

    Apparently Korea can’t handle the junk that’s in Went’s trunk. *shaking head* But I will forgive this misstep since Bean Pole jeans favors his bulge.

  14. Anonymous

    You got your wish WFW. All I can say is OH MY ACTUAL GOD!

  15. shortstuff

    true say MB, true say..

  16. notthedoctor

    shunk in his trunk
    Oh Korea, I liked you very much until now. Don’t you know better than photoshop the BUTT??
    tsk tsk tsk *shaking head*
    Some Empires have fallen for less than that.

  17. AJ

    Ya know, it’s one thing to photoshop “the kennys” but his ASS??! Just… Korea, you and TV Guide need to take some lessons from The Gap on how to photograph the Pretty. Jeebus.

  18. Anonymous

    Goddamn the cultural divide! Squeeing Korean fangirls is one thing but this is taking it too fucking far.
    The Koreans take one of the world’s marvels—the much-celebrated “map of Africa” a.k.a as the bountiful, delectable, high booty that most people of African heritage have, which Went has in abundance (God bless his father’s genes!) and photoshop it into oblivion??
    OH HELL NAW!!!!

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