Wentcrazy Goes to Korea

You know, after the high of Wentkorea wore off I asked myself, self, who was that man in Korea? That wasn’t Wentworth Miller! Singing? Tears? Flirting? Kisses? Hugs? I love you? Picture snapping at the airport? Welcomed stalking? A plethory of ass shots? Surely you jest! I mean, the Went I know wants to be left alone right? He wants to be like Edward Norton and Billy Crudup where you never hear about them unless they have a project coming up. So why in the world would a man who normally seems so uncomfortable with attention suddenly seem to be so absolutely giddy about it? Because my friends, that was NOT Wentworth Miller at all, oh no, THAT was Wentcrazy. I haven’t been keeping up with the news so I totally missed it but apparently we were warned of Wentcrazy’s return. Obviously, the authorities were not able to hold him and he is the one who went to Korea and was so happy to be out of the psych ward, that he did all the things that the Wentworth Miller we know would never do for the rest of us. Why didn’t I see this before? More on this developing story later. I’ll see if I can’t get Went on the horn again for an explanation…

Thanks SavMed for helping me see the light!


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25 responses to “Wentcrazy Goes to Korea

  1. Mama Bear

    Egad! That’s it!!! The REAL Went wouldn’t wear goofy dragon screened jeans. The REAL Went’s ass would be SO much fuller. The REAL Went would never leave brown sugar in LA for a newer pair of kicks.

    All points bulletin…Wentcrazy must be caught before he enters Hotel California again and propositions one if not all of Went’s lust-crazed fans. Of course, as long as he looks like Went, I could pretend he’s the real thing…*snicker*.

  2. savmed

    omg and it was in front of us all the time! long sleeved shirt was WHITE – psych ward colour (or non-colour, whatever)!!!!

    and mama! stop commenting and go write porn! begging here!

  3. In Kwerty's Humble Opinion

    WFW you’re forgetting the huge paycheck he is receiving from those lovely Koreans. The guilt made him be so damned charming!

  4. emily

    okay, I know you’re probably right. I mean, I’d still tap wentcrazy but I don’t want him out there acting like he’s the authentic Wentworth Miller. He must be stopped. just tell me what we need to do to fix this and I’ll be there. by the way, if we need any more info I happen to be REALLY good at espionage.

  5. shortstuff

    MB you write porn? is it went-related porn? where is it and why didnt i know about this sooner?!

    anyways, yes.. wentcrazy must be stopped.. unless he’s on his way to my house..

  6. Anonymous

    Oh my friggin Gawd! That explains it! WFW, you saw through the façade that the Wentcrazy tried to pull off. And THIS is why you are our leader…well that and the fact that you simply ROCK! 😉 *banging my head against a wall* I-should-have-known-better. Stupid, stupid!
    Now that I’ve thoroughly beaten myself up, Wentcrazy you’re looking good my man – you seem to have pulled it off and fooled many, but not all….no, no, not all. WFW and crew are onto you sneaky little man. Will the AUTHENTIC Wentworth Miller please stand up?
    Hugs and Kisses,

  7. Anonymous

    WFW…you’re just hilarious girl!!! Thanks for making me smile and laugh like mad!!!

    You always make my day…awwww!!!


  8. tia

    Wentcrazy is kinda fun though!!

  9. Anonymous

    The real test for all to see if Went was a total Faker in Korea will be when he is interviewed here in America or in other non Asian countries.I am not saying he will act like he did in Korea but will he start suddendly acting all lively and look like he loves all the attention.Maybe now he will even start going out with different women all around for all to see.Hmm maybe from this trip a new different Wentworth was born.I really hope not alot of us liked or like that mysterious shy man non typical Hollywood actor.In that Zoe interview when she asked him to sing something for her he said no way sister.But in Korea my,my he looked like Mr.America waving throwing kisses saying I love you Korea i wonder if he even had a hard on lol….it was kind of funny though.

  10. emily

    was that really a hard on? or just tight pants? i mean i’m not complaining either way, but still. I kind of like aloof wentworth. crazy korean wentworth made me jealous of korea, which was an entirely new experience for me. but it does make me mad he won’t sing for americans. maybe he was on some kind of weird jet lag high that made him love everyone. i mean, it’s be the first i’ve heard of jet lag doing that to someone. but it could happen.

  11. Anonymous

    maybe he was told he’s very popular in korea but i bet he never knew he was ‘that’ popular. koreans greated him the way he never expected and gave him gifts with their best wishes(did you see their present? postcard book? )

    and you need to understand he never had a fan meeting like that. all the chances that he can meet his fans were kind of pb promotion or so.

    if he had a chance to have a fan meeting in usa or some other countries, he would have done the same thing.

  12. Anonymous

    ok anon 5:04 am does your name happen to be wentworth, Leigh, Gillian, Pam or anything like that. Stop being a coward and write your name!


  13. Anonymous

    And let’s be honest- real Went would NEVER wear anything not beige. But of course, the fact that he actually SANG- Wentcrazy, that was a grievous mistake!!!!!!!! Cause that’s one of the things Went NEVEREVER does, no matter how kind he is.

    Oh, PLEASE get Went on the horn!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been missing that!!!!

  14. 5:04 am

    dear anonymous 6:50 am,

    i am sure that you already know what i am going to tell you. still i want to tell you.

    you are acting ridiculous.

  15. Anonymous

    Could it be Went doesn’t …(*shock) have love for us here!?! The difference between what I saw from the Korean love is: it was sweet and girly ..They gave him Teddy Bears!!! In contrast to us here…he knows we want to give him more than a stuff bear…we want to give him something in the lines of thongs-sex toys and handcuffs…Perhaps he’s won’t do a big promo for us becuse we’ll tell him all kinds of dirty naughty things we want to do with him!

  16. notthedoctor

    Wentcrazy is baaaaaack!
    Is it wrong to be happy to see our ever entertaining Wentcrazy do his come-back in such a glorious media covered way! He’s getting better and better. Gotta give the man some credits. And Look at him! Isn’t he cute with his fans, he truly loves them, even if he’s tricking them. The boy wants some LOVE too!

  17. Anonymous

    hehe its good to be crazy sometimes. esp when its someone who usually isn’t crazy. good times, good times.

  18. AJ

    Well, the good new is, at least we now have a definitive way to differentiate Wentworth from Wentcrazy.

    As is evident in the BPJ ads, Wentcrazy has no ass.

    So, uh…now we know.

  19. shortstuff

    argh my computer is being retarded and the cbox is not working. boo.

  20. emily

    this comment is merely to say that AJ’s comment totally made me laugh my ass off. and I was really really pissed that i’d missed PB up until that point, so thanks!

  21. Anonymous

    Face it, some guys just really like the whole exotic Asian thing. I’d put my money on Went ending up with an Asian girl. And I know Thailand isn’t Korea but remember, “One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.”

  22. Anonymous

    Anon 8:35….he’ll probably go for aa Exotic Asian girl from Thailand who also happens to be a high fashion model!!! HA! HA!

  23. Mama Bear

    Mmmmmm…I’m an exotic Asian thing and I sure know how to “Bang Kok,” so Went/Wentcrazy: CALL ME!

  24. AJ

    ^AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh God. I think I just peed a little.

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