Wentkorea: It Ain’t Over

You thought it was, but it is NOT my friends. Click Here and then click on the blue TV at the bottom of the picture to watch! Why is he so cute? Why?

Thanks Joey!

Click Here to download the video above.

Thanks mickeydrewme!


UPDATE: ANOTHER VIDEO! Click Here to watch Went work it some more! This link only works in IE and yes it hurt me physically to say those words.

Thanks baaca!

Click Here to download the video above.

Once again, Thanks mickeydrewme!


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22 responses to “Wentkorea: It Ain’t Over

  1. niknak

    WFW, Pobresita! (I working the espanol for a bit after tonight’s ep). You seemed all wentfuddled from the video, and now I see why. OMG!!! Its amazing that his clothes just don’t melt off of his body, he’s so fucking HOT!!! I want more of the really good pics to come out… soon!

  2. Mama Bear

    I wish his clothes would melt off his body because BPJ apparel is just plain goofy. It’s goofy on a return to the mid-to-late 80s sorta way where no one looked cool wearing tight, tapered, high wasted jeans and Member’s Only jackets with all sorts of snaps and zippers.

    Oh Went! What were you thinking?! I understand though…you are fashion-challenged in real life (and self-admittedly so) – I guess this lapse in judgment is forgivable, however, the moment you sign-up with a company that’s trying to revive neon fat laces and MC Hammer balloon pants, I will circulate a petition to get you into a 12-step fashion faux pas program! You can avoid all this unpleasantness by just becoming a nudist…clothes are highly over-rated anyway! 😉

  3. emily

    i’m going to have to agree that BPJ has some unusual ideas as to what would be flattering to someone’s ass. but, as long as they get me pics and video of Wentworth Miller, I love them. i’m kind of thinking that maybe god was sitting at his control panel one day thinking about sex and perfection and accidently pushed the “MAKE A HUMAN” button (or maybe he did it on purpose) and that’s how wentworth miller came to be. I really don’t see that there is any other explanation. i haven’t really thought about what i’ll do every monday once season two ends. I guess I’ll just have to essentially marry this blog and live off the posts to keep the suicidal thoughts at bay. HE SHALL RETURN, HE SHALL RETURN!

  4. shortstuff

    omfg, the brood! THE BROOD! *dies* es tuyo, wfw.

  5. redlightmind

    Thieves! Thieves!
    Those images of him up against the wall are mine! Stolen from my daily fantasy rotation.

    WFW, you obviously didn’t like me because I think you’re trying to kill me!

  6. cocot13

    OMG those poses those poses!!!!!!!
    I keep hearing Prince’a song “You Sexy Motherfucka” WFW you should put that on your jukebox

  7. Anonymous

    It’s been a while now, for me, since I’ve followed Went’s everymove. But my God, what a comeback!!

    He looks smoking in that leather jacket!!And the blue steel like for five really long seconds!Thankyou Lord!

    Oh and those two poses in that plaited shirt, NO FUCKING WORDS!!

    Although the clothes are horrible, Went fills them well, really well!!
    Like, D-U-H!


  8. AJ

    My brain feels mushy. That is all.

  9. Krissie

    Clothes bad.
    Went pretty.
    Photographers… blah.
    Then again, Went pretty.
    Me happy.

  10. stasha

    *THUD* He’s just plain awesome. It should be illegal for a man to be so hot, smart and eloquent in one person. 🙂 Although… for someone who is so ‘proud’ of being shy and introvert that he never forgets to mention it in any interview, he’s pretty relaxed at posing. In fact, it looks like he’s even enjoying it a little. 😛 But that’s just Went, giving it a 150% at everything he does. ^_^

    And thank YOU, WFW, for keeping us up to date with the Pretty’s whereabouts. Too bad there’ll be less of that from now on, now that he’s back in the States… :/

  11. Anonymous

    Wish he would stop wearing clothes fit for a teenager…would love to see him promoting Armani or Calvin Klein or anyother tailor made high end design clothing… instead of threads my nephew would sport around. Nevertheless he is drop dead gorgeous!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  12. tee tee

    I cannot believe that this man is about to turn 35!!

  13. Emmanuela

    i couldn’t open it i’m so mad

  14. Orange

    found these on one of Wenty’s fans sites! PICS OF W E N T W O R T H S E X G I R L F R I E N D ! Could it be a Princeton pic?

  15. Anonymous

    “webpage cannot be displayed”. I’m dying not to be able to see the pics!!

  16. Anonymous

    which site was this orange?

    he’s just dreamy!!!!

  17. Jessica

    Went is losing to Kiefer Sutherland! THIS CANNOT BE. Vote here: http://www.tifaux.com/2007/03/25/tifaux-madness-men-round-one/

  18. Anonymous

    I love the overhead cam shot with the casual O’, ha! Hello there. Wave…with those beautifully, outrageously long suck-tious fingers.
    The background music developed an undertone of what future porn soundtracks will sound like now that WentKorea has stormed…nay, pounced upon our ‘verse.
    And that angry, I’m gonna eat ya scowl that Wentworth has perfected……………………………………………………………………………………………oh Christ, where DID I just go?
    Sorry, all I heard was, “The Michael Scoffield Stare” and I was thrust, yes I said THRUST into my own village dubbed: WentHaven.
    On a serious note please, someone….any fuckin’ body tell me when those other Wentgasmic photo’s will be hitting the net or magazines?

    Yeah. Jeans, Kaki’s, T-Shirts and sneakers *cough* a slight interruption if I may Went. All I see you in honey, is your beautiful nakedness. Sorry love, but….what casual clothes are you talking about exactly?

    10 weeks of relaxing and recharging your batteries? Oh Went, you know nothing, NOTHING of recharging batteries sweet thing.
    Thank you as always to Miss WFW!

  19. tia

    Orange WTF you cant just post something like that and leave us hanging,where are the pics!!!!!

  20. cocot13

    its probably the picture of him and Kelly Fenney from The Human Stain premiere

  21. nicbeast

    *raising hand* voting for nudist Wentworth.

  22. Anonymous

    Dear WFW
    Oh for the studio photos in Korea!

    Please,try to get them! It’s a matter of life and death….

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