Prison Break Season 2 Finale Spoilers

They’re here and they are oh so spoilery so only click if you REALLY want to know.

UPDATE: Since this is already at the top, let’s discuss Sona here. I’ll go first:

I have to say I didn’t really like this episode though Went did well. After he bargained with the dealer my girl called me and said “Uh oh! Went got Gangsta!” LOL, She and her mom were impressed with him so good on you Went, you’re converting them all, one at a time. And now a moment of silence.



Kim finally went down, yes!

I’m not getting the whole experiment aspect. “That’s exactly what we want him to do.” Huh?

Last week was so much better than the finale but I’m glad they’re back in jail.

That new prison looks FUCKED and I love it. Bellick shivering on the floor? Trannies gawking? Mike walking out onto what looks like a football field at the end? (In my head I was yelling “Throw him the ball!”) This new place looks promising. Now just bring me T-bag and I’ll be happy.

UPDATE #2: Go see Jared for some awesome screencaps!


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38 responses to “Prison Break Season 2 Finale Spoilers

  1. Geisha

    Holy spolierificness!!!! I can’t wait!!!

  2. emily

    YES!!! the writers aren’t complete douchebags!!! MiSa together! but if there isn’t so much as a quick lip lock, heads are going to roll. and it’s not going to be pretty. I hear the clicks of my ladies in the chat box so I shall go join them.

  3. Belgian

    Arm over her chest gun pointing Michael takes Sara hostage? I’ve never wanted to be her THIS bad…
    Come get me, baby!


  4. Belgian



  5. Mama Bear

    I, for one, can wait until tonight. In fact, I hope tonight doesn’t come because I don’t want to wait until August or God-knows-when before PB starts again. I don’t want to go through another half of a season before I get to see Mike kiss Sara. I don’t want to even think about the possibility of Linc not making it until the end of the next season. And I’m especially not looking forward to the fact that we will probably not see Went again until he goes to another Asian country where his fans know how to greet him properly. *wailing*

    Went, I’ll go to “Build-a-Bear” and make you a PB-themed bear. If you like action figures, I’ll do a makeover on my daughter’s Ken doll. I’m not much of an artist, but I can do a real snappy collage of all your promo pics. Whatever it takes, dear God, just SHOW yourself during hiatus…PLEASE!

    This night will henceforth be called “Black Monday”…let us all take a moment of silence. *chanting “Went, Dommmmmmm”

  6. Anonymous

    Here, here! It is a bitter sweet day. I want to see how it all plays out, but then what will we do until August? The horror, the horror!!!!

  7. emily

    i don’t want to talk about. I’m going to go look for alcohol. NyQuil. close enough.

  8. Belgian

    A new PRISON?

    I don’t know if I want to cry or do a happy dance now…

    Fuck! I wish I hadn’t read this!


    P.S.: And yes, if it’s a prison, T-Bad HAS to be there 🙂

  9. Geisha

    I am in mourning for my Kellerman. *sniff*

    He was so brave.
    *Crying uncontrollably*


  10. Anonymous

    Did Kellerman really died?! Why didn’t we see the actually body? We saw Kim’s. Maybe the writers are hoping that the new show Paul will be on will be cancel?

  11. Wet For Went

    It’s true. We didn’t see a body; It was implied but I would think one wouldn’t need two guys with machine guns to kill one guard. The writers could do whatever they want with it though. I have to say that Kellerman REALLY shined this season and I am sorry to see him go. PA is truly amazing. He nailed every scene. I liked the interaction with the sister. I liked that he went out like a soldier would. I think he did great and I wish him future success. RIP Kellerman. We love you. *cries*

  12. AJ

    Well, let’s not get all sappy over Kellerman just yet. PA is going on to do that Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. So, if that goes bust, I think it’ll be safe to assume that Kellerman will be back. *fingers crossed*

    Also, how fucking awesome would it be if Michael and T-Bag end up being cell mates next season? (That is, if this place even has cells…WTF?)

    All of my favorite scenes from this series have been the ones where Wentworth and Knepper are onscreen together. They’ve got this ridiculous chemistry between them that’s twisted and hot at the same time. I don’t know how to describe it. But I do love Michael/T-Bag scenes so very much.

    Can’t wait to see what next season brings!

  13. Anonymous

    I have only one word about the ending: WTF????? What kind of scary ass place was that??? Is Michael just going crazy or what? Ok, suppose not, but this place was really fucked. Can’t wait what comes out of that.

  14. Anonymous

    God, I was so busy trying to figure out the ending I almost forgot- NO WEEKLY WENT FOR MONTHS!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Am i the only person that doesn’t see chemistry b/t Mike and Sara? There is 0 chemistry b/t them. He has more with T bag. I don’t even know what to say about that! All and all, it was good, but i did like last week’s ep better.

  16. Wet For Went

    Yeah the Mike/Sara chemistry seems to be lost. I don’t know where it went but…Mike and T-bag? Fucking fireworks! They should definitely have those two together as much as possible next season. No Weekly Went til August…I’m not ready to accept it yet. The weather in Denial is sunny today. Won’t you join me?

  17. tee tee

    All I can to Michael is don’t drop the soap that new prison is fucked up I mean they got Bellick already and were supposed to believe they will leave Michael alone yeah the fuck right,I’m terrified for him

  18. AJ

    I don’t care if he has chemistry with SWC or not.
    I’d watch Wentworth make out with a wall!!!

  19. Mama Bear

    I think I know why MiSa lacks romantic chemistry (aside from the fact that SWC probably feels like crap due to morning sickness).

    From the tender, almost sibling- like cupping of Sarah’s head when he sees that she’s safe and sound, to the self-sacrificial move on his part to go to jail for the killing of the “well-dressed Asian man” (LMFAO), I think we’re getting a strong running theme from PB that Michael is into martyrdom.

    One could even say that he may be an angel. I mean, doesn’t he have a special psychological condition that makes him “save” people? And don’t those creepy scientists want to run tests on his blood work? I think we’re going to find out in Season Three that Michael Scofield is in fact an angel, but not just any angel…THE archangel Michael.

    After seeing him in that second to final scene where he stands in front of the wall bearing that carefully painted cross with wings bursting out of the sides, what else can it be?

    MiSa can’t go any further than a couple of awkward kisses because angels don’t get freaky with mortals! HELLO?!

    By making PB into a sci-fi/supernatural series, it can run forever in syndication on the Sci-Fi channel and reap mucho dinero for Fox.

    OK – mystery solved. I hope The Company doesn’t kill me.

    Yeah, I know…I’m popping way too many M & Ms. I’ll lay off the sugar now.

  20. Anonymous

    i agree with you aj. I wouuld watch him regardless of what he was doing (unless he was making out with baguette (i’m bullshitting. i’d watch that too…) anyway, i just don’t see any sparks between the two of them. Oh yeah, and i hope that he’s not in that prison too long, b/c he is way too pretty, and it would be extremely unrealistic for him to remain “unharmed”. I know this is just a show, but i have no life, so my tv shows need to be a realistic as possible! LOL!

  21. Anonymous

    mama bear; good observation

  22. Anonymous

    How freakin’ scary was that last – almost three fucking minutes long- scene??My heart is still racing (after half an hour has gone by!)

    What the hell’s gonna happen now?? 😮
    I’m in pure shock

    Okay, WFW, I have to disagree with you, this episode Rocked!!(In a scary/freaky kind of way)

    I have so much to say I don’t know where to begin …
    I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut ’cause it would take all your comment space!!

    Mama bear … You’re a genius!!(how could anyone come up with something so … Fucked up??)

    Oh yeah, I don’t care about Kellerman, T-Bag or Mahone at this moment. All I want is for The Pretty to be ‘alright’!God those PB writers are gooood.
    (Poor Bellick though, and I never had any compation with him before)
    And Sucre???????WTF??????
    Woot woot for Mister Kim’s death, You go Sarah!!

    P.S. Are Linc and Sarah actually free??

    Julie (Sorry for this long ass comment, got all worked up there!)

  23. emily

    okay, I’m going to give sara one episode next season to bring the chemistry back. if she can do, I blame this seasons complete lack of sexual tension on her hormones. if not, then they can kill her and find someone else for Michael to fuck. excuse me, I meant make love to. Actually, I meant fuck. just do it already. And I won’t even complain. seriously, I won’t. ONE episode, do you hear me SWC???????? ONE!!!!!

  24. Anonymous

    i feel like the story doesn’t match the how Michael and Sara act towards each other. Think about it: She’s a doc at a prison and he’s an inmate. The develop feelings for each other, which i;m is now supposed to be love. It has to be, b/c way else would she put herself through all that to reunute/be with him. Granted, some of it was out of her control, but meeting him after the break out, and then attempting to go back ( until sexy ass Kellerman interjects)after all that had happened, is a tell tell sign that she’s in love with Michael. And, you would think Michael would love her so much, b/c of the fact that should stuck with his ass after all that. So what was up with that lame ass hug he gave her when he saw that she was free?! You’d think that he’d be all over her! I was confused by that. Plus, that kiss they shared right before he surrended for “killing” the ” well dressed Asian man” was lame too.Hopefully next season will be better for them. Honestly I really don’t want them together, but anything would be better than what happened b/t them last night. Sorry for the extra long post, but i had to vent.

  25. Anonymous

    First of all what happen to that hottie Sucre they just left it like that he fell to the ground did he die or not?I am so glad Went finally looks like he doesn’t even want to get close to that Callies woman she clearly is into him still.Stupid writers making him touch her.Her performance terrific who the heck cries with no tears bravo.New people will be added this season more females good even Dominc said that the show needed new females he’s right!

  26. Anonymous

    Anonymous 8:36 clearly Went i feel is tired of this show this is just a feeling.It’s showing in his work he’s lacking in emotions.The Michael/Sara crap i am glad he is not all over her, he is very lukewarm towards her gooood!!!!!

  27. Anonymous

    I’m a huge MiSa shipper(please don’t hurt me)and I agree that the kiss could have been better but give them a break. Michael’s mind was not on the kiss, he was trying to save their lives. Beside maybe he is trying to distant himself from ever loving Sara(notice the look on his face after the “I love you too, Sara”). All they need is TIME! That’s why season 1 was soo intense. They had time to look at each other! All in all, my little shipper heart was happy. I just had to say something on behalf of MiSa(running away to hide in corner now).

  28. Anonymous

    anon 1021: I never thought of that, but you have a point. He was good in the finale, but his peformance was somewhat “lacking”, as far as his interaction with Sara was concerned. You know what, i’m fine with that, b/c they don’t need to be together anyway. On another note: do you think he’s ever been on this site before?

  29. emily

    i personally think he’s been on before because there have been pictures of him reading about himself on the internet and you don’t have to google around too hard to find the blog. By the way, I’ve officially decided that the best part of the whole episode was when they saw sara on the boat and she and michael are all like “oh, thank god, thank god, thank god” and then she finally goes “michael, lincoln is free” and then Linc is somewhere on deck and is like “…..what?” Like maybe you could have led with that, dumb ass!

  30. *J*

    I agree with WFW.. I think this episode wasn’t as good as past episodes.. I was left a little dissapointed I must say! I think there is a chance Kellerman is still alive, slim, but it’s there… and the lack of chemistry with MiSa was dissapointing.. if something is happening behind the scenes its taking too long to develop the story.. and its starting to bore me, at the same time I still get excited when I see them together… August Cannot Come Soon Enough!

  31. Wet For Went

    LOL anon 11:25, MiSalovers are more than welcome here. My anit-MiSaness is mostly a joke. I will admit that the Season 1 chemistry was good and I enjoyed Chicago and a lot of that had to do with MiSa…More Mi than Sa but I squeed with y’all none the less. On the whole however I’m not on the ship. I think Went does his best everytime. I don’t think anything about his performance was lacking (or ever is really). I think the chemistry is just off and if I don’t blame Went, then I blame…the rain. Yes, I’ll blame it on the rain, yeah yeah!

  32. Anonymous

    WFW:LOL…You always crack me up!

  33. Gina

    woohooo bye ButtfaceKim!!
    mike & sara on a boat… (yeah i realize that sounds MUCH better than it really was) that reunion was waaaaay too cold!! where did my jumping-into-each-other’s-arms-necking-stripping-off-clothes-and-yeeeeeey scene go?? i mean we’ve waited many light years, man!! we DESERVED it!! as for the finale i think s3 looks veeeery promising (though i agree 100% T-Bag has to be at Sona too). cant wait. “Sona Break”? Bring it on!!

  34. nicbeast

    Ok if Michael is the Archangel Michael, I am going back to church.

    *Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus plays in background*

  35. Belgian

    I know I’m waaaay late with my comment here, and I didn’t see the episode yet, but I just read above here somewhere they’re killing off Sucre? My honey and caramel coated man with the sunshine smile and the panties creaming Spanish? Really? Seriously?
    Tell me, PB writers, what is to become of my threesome fantasy now, hey? I really do NOT want to replace anyone with T-Bag. I’m not THAT fucked up.


  36. Anonymous

    omg give michael/sara a break u people!! their relationship is probably the most mixed up relationship! their relationship has had to go through so much shit can u blam them for wanting to take it “slow”, although i would rather it go a lliittlleee bit quicker!! anyway i think we can expect 100000 bucket loads of chemistry between those too in season 3!!

  37. sílvia

    i don’t think kellerman died…

  38. Chi-Chi

    I don’t think Kellerman is dead. It’s possible that the gunmen were working for him and killed the least I hope thats how it went down. Prison Break wouldn’t be the same without my kellerman.

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