WentKorea just goes on and on and on

Joey has sent me yet another video, this time from Style Magazine.

Holy Shit Went! When did you sleep? You can download it here. It’s almost 10 minutes long and oh man is it ever good. This video includes lots of pics (photo shoots and candids) and even clips from The Human Stain, Ghost Whisperer and of course Prison Break. My thoughts:

1. The squeeing is starting to get to me and not in the way that one might think. I am starting to see why Went was so darned happy over there. Did I just say darned?

2. Went gives an undeniable Church shout out. We thought he might have been getting at it in the last interview and he totally was. He says the words Blue Steel. I fucking squeed.

3. He admits his love of hoodies and flip flops. Tee hee!

4. Ever the diplomat, Went likes it when you dress to please yourself, not him. It will show in the way you carry yourself. God I love this man.

5. OK now I JUST said that I was thinking at the end of Sona that they should have thrown Wentworth Miller the ball right? Well there’s more of the Bean Pole Jeans photo shoot in here and he is holding a ball.

At one point he even starts throwing it up in the air and catching it and that is not even the best part. LOOK. AT. THAT. SHIRT. It’s sleeveless! *biting fist* LOOK AT HIS ARMS! MY GOD!

6. The friendship bracelets he’s wearing are explained. He got them from someone at the photo shoot.

7. He mentions wanting to work with Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon. I could see Drew. That would work.

Oh and, he winks. *trying to breathe* He actually said the words Blue Steel, OUT LOUD and Did I make a big enough deal out of the sleeveless shirt b/c it deserves its own post…

I’m going to go die now.

UPDATE: Someone youtubed it so I didn’t have to! Yay! Enjoy!

Thanks lelucaqui!

UPDATE #2: More of the shoot in two separate clips. You will need this player to view them. Here is Clip 1 and Clip 2. *shivering* I’m all tingly…

Thanks ring2222!


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35 responses to “WentKorea just goes on and on and on

  1. emily

    i’m sorry, I can’t really say anything right now I’m too busy having teeny tiny orgasms and wondering if my clothing reflects me well. Will post later.

  2. shortstuff

    DOWNLOAD?? i need a youtube link nowwww!! thanks for the recap tho. pics of went in a sleeveless shirt will have to tide me over for now…

  3. Nicole

    Haha…me too…

  4. Mink

    Jesus Christ! So fucking sexy! I just find it totally unreasonable that this man exists and is not mine! Damn!

    Re. the ‘Blue Steel’, to be fair the term originated at TWoP and is still used there all the time (and we know he lurks there, as he has been photographed doing so). But if you want to say it’s a Church shoutout, WFW, I won’t argue with you. šŸ˜‰

  5. Anonymous

    Can someone put it on youtube? I keep losing server connection when trying to download it and I NEED to see this!

  6. Anonymous

    as always nice posts WFW. Cheers 2 ya!!!
    but plz a youtube link???
    gonna take me hrs to download it, connection speed not great here…
    thanx n keep up the good work!

  7. Anonymous

    Yes, youtube would be great. It’s also taking my forever! Must see now!

  8. Wet For Went

    Sorry, I’m not at home right now so I can’t youtube it. It’s a big file and I don’t have the programs here to break it up and/or shrink it etc. If I can get someone to do it for me, I will definitely post the links later.

  9. Anonymous

    Couldnt download it. ARGH!!!!! I need my Went fix badly! Those arms…those arms!

  10. Wet For Went

    OK try this one and after it finishes downloading add the extension .asf to the file name.

  11. jeanear

    Ok, WFW… this site is the best thing that ever happened to me (why do I feel sooo looser right now?)

    Went is oh so… I don’t even have the words to say it… I just know that he is the only man I could cheat on my fiance (sorry baby, I still lov ya! But take a look at his arms, eyes, everything… how can I say no?!)

    Sorry for the english (I’m brazillian)… BTW girls, if you ever see Went somehow, you’re all free to invite him formally to come to Brazil… he would be a very happy man here! I guarantee that!! Trust me…

  12. cocot13

    WTF!! I downloaded it but I have no picture or sound HELP ME PLEASE!!

  13. Anonymous

    ..sorry but the file downloading isn’t working here either…?? Anyway it’s absolutely tortuous to know there’s new video on the most gorgeous man alive and not to be able to GET TO IT!!!!! bah humbug

  14. Anonymous

    Didnt have any sound or picture either!!

  15. Anonymous

    Same troubles with the video!!! *crying*….. Please, get it into Youtube. Pretty please…?:)

  16. Anonymous

    Hooray I got it! It took about 35 minutes..and it was pretty cool. A montage of many past pics of went and of course the full photoshoot of him in the Bean Pole threads…I sort of feel for him..He knows he’s like fresh meat on the market yet he’s responds to all the questions sooooo politely and carefully. His persona is quite restrained. He’s quite pretty but for my taste his arms are a tad teenage puny…Wonder if there’s going to be a Bean Pole catalogue with him in of course!?!

  17. Anonymous

    Thanks for all of the goodies WFW. Went looks amazing. Lean and long and with just the right amount of toned muscles pulling taunt beneath his beautiful skin. Somehow vulnerable and hard all at once. And he makes holding a ball look…like an introspective moment, like he’s contemplating something I want to know. I want to know what is going on inside of that gorgeous head of his. Just…eh, I’m useless right now.

  18. Fevah

    I want to be the Q-tip. Just blot me all over the Pretty’s lips and I shall die a happy girl.

  19. tee tee

    OK he so he knows about “Blue Steel” he is such a fucking lurker!

    trust me WFW he knows about you and he’s been here,he’s been to the Church, and he’s probably been to PH’s trash site as well

  20. Anonymous

    wow he seemed so natural with that football because I never got an athlete type vibe from him

  21. Mama Bear

    I agree, Tee Tee, to hear Went acknowledge his “Blue Steel” verbally in an interview is hard evidence that he, or at least people in his camp, lurk here, there, and everywhere he’s mentioned.

    And lurking is good because now I feel confident that putting in my request for him to sing the following song will be heard and hopefully carried out *crossing fingers and toes*:

    Bobos, they make your feet feel fine. Bobos, they cost a dollar and a dime!

    *snickering and crying at the realization that I even remember that song – damn, I’m old*

  22. emily

    went, I personally would like you to sing the following:

    “shove it in shove it out, move it in, move it out….”

    okay, you don’t HAVE to. but i think you should.

    also, after watching the video, I’m going to say that the jeans and hoodie he wears in panama are probably not a costume. I bet he showed up for work one day and was like “I really don’t feel like wearing ugly crap.” and the whole crew was like “okay, God. You don’t have to change, just wear your own clothes.” and then the Gap crushed my dreams. Oh wait, that’s the ending to a different story. But it’s still incrdibly relevant, I think.

  23. tia

    so he chose Reese and Drew, I would have figured he’d choose Nicole Kidman or Cate Blanchett,and I’m sorry but I cant nor do I really want to see him in a romantic comedy although we all know he can do comedy thanks to that now legendary episode of “Popular”

  24. shortstuff

    OMG that shot of him up against the fence… i need a picture of that NOW. i think i jus creamed myself a little…

  25. Anonymous

    “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned”. I have had lustful thoughts of the one called Bluuuuue Steeeel! aka:
    Went-Sentinel. This is partly due to WFW’s corruptive and seductive influence, I place no blame upon her…it is my own depravity that I must address and condone for. Will 12 hail Mary’s release me from my shame? I hope not. Personally Went, I dress very comfortably in my birthday suit. I find it….liberating. I think you might appreciate it too.
    I, dear Went, I could be that someone who is, and I quote, “Fresh and New”. Have a contest looking for that “someone”…I’m on it babe, like a fly on shit…oh yeah, I’m on it.

  26. Wentasy_baybi

    Holy wet panties!!! This was an awesome vid of Wentworth! He makes me melt everytime I look at him! When I saw him up against that fence, I instlantly creamed up my panties. I’m not joking!lol! And u know those Asian gurlz fixing up his clothes and tying his shoes, If I were them I would’ve “accidentaly” touched his package and then I’d be like “Ooops, I’m so sorry!!!”heehee! Then I’d give him this seductive wink like he gave us in the end!!! I luv it when he winks!!! Oh, and that Blue Steel stare. Help me! My goodness! He did that on purpose! He totally came on this site! Plus he said he would like to star in films with new actors. I’m a model, and a lot of times, models get into acting, and if that happens to me and I star in a film with Wentworth, I hope to god there will be a hott steamy sex scene between me and him! Oh my!!!lol. That would be so hard to be ontop of Went not being able to take off those boxers. I wouldn’t be able to handle it, so I would sneakingly ride him for real under the covers while everyone else thinks we have underwear on and it’s fake.HAHA! No, I’m just kidding! I’m not that freaky.lol. Don’t worry Wentworth! ur safe with me! Ok, somebody shut me up! Anyway WFW! U r awesome and this is an awesome site!!!

  27. Belgian


    Seeing as you’re a lurker, let me just say this:

    I write. I can paint you pictures you will be panting over for weeks.

    And: no strings attached. I’m spoken for.

    So when can I expect that e-mail inviting me to get you off? I’ll deliver the story on paper or in kind. Your choice.


  28. Belgian

    And don’t worry about my preconceived notions of you — I don’t have any. Except you’re hot and I want you.


  29. Anonymous

    Mmmmhhh….I never LURK, I observe.

  30. Wet For Went

    LMAO Hey Went, is that you? Stop typing to me and call me you wicked man.

  31. AJ

    Dear Wentworth,

    I’d like to go down on you.

    Love, AJ

  32. Wentasy_baybi

    Went…Fuck! Wuz that really u?LMAO! Ur a little weasel.lol. Now call WFW already!!! And we all know that you cum on here everyday and get off! This site is the reason behind your daily masturbation routine thanks to WFW! Oh lord! How I wish I can see you whack urself off!!!lol!GOD, I’m so horny right now!!!

  33. redlightmind

    I love watching you play with your ball. Can I play too?

    : )

  34. Dani



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