Favorite Comment(s) of the (over a) Month

OK so it’s been over a month this time, That’s a record! So I’m lazy, sue me. Here it is and man is it ever long.

jeanjeanie said…

WFW is the best, better than all the rest!

*singing into fake microphone* Better than anyone!

the.red.head said…

Haha, I don’t know about y’all, but I like to see Went all bloody. It gives me something to “nurse” besides his…..

DICK? Oh wait, you were trying not to say that. My bad!


emily said…

ahhhhh how will sara EVER tap that if he gets captured and beaten?! damn prison break writers!!!

Ummm, she won’t. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What can I say? I was on the MiSa ship for like a week. I’m over it now.

shortstuff said…

i hear ya wfw..even as a devout MiSa fan, i was not feeling the hand holding. if u havent seen one of the preview clips for ‘sweet caroline’, looks like we’ll get even less emotion from the ice princess in tommorows ep.

Ice Princess…*snicker*

linds said…

Ewwwww. I did not see that one coming. Gross! I love how Michael was all calm, whispery, and bossy – I would’ve been screaming “You crazy bitch! You fuck your brother!!!”



redlightmind said…

His bossy orders to the Prez were re-translated by my brain, so all I heard was “Al.Bed.Naked.Now!!!”

great episode!

Oddly enough, I heard that too.

Mama Bear said…

Like I said in Hotel California, the three of them put together are weapons of mas-turbation.

Mmmm, yes indeed.


Anonymous said…

uh….any links to fic where went is riding some pussy?

3/9/07 7:14 PM

Tell you what, you find any that’s any good and you send it to me. Until then, Slash it is.

Anonymous said…

You are the luckiest bitch ever! HAVE FUN, GIRL!!!

3/7/07 3:11 PM

I would have been even luckier if Went had shown up! OK I’m gonna say it like 5 more times in life and then I will stop…probably.


Krissie said…

WFW, Nic, Sammie…
We’ve heard that The Pretty didn’t come.
There are no words to say at this sad moment.
Oh wait! There are!

*sigh* It was The Cry Heard Round the World. I even told the him goodbye. And now I have to re-live my pain through the comments. *cries*

Belgian said…

He sent you a letter expressing his admiration for your eloquent blog and thanking you for an excellent PR-job. He’s offered you Pam’s position. He told you the job would be partly paid in kind. He has described that very thoroughly. Something with naked, oil, slithering, tongue, down, hard, deep, wet, voice, dirty, open, up, for, me.
Am I right?


If only…*sigh*


the.red.head said…

A big fat fucking apology letter. That rat bastard should be ashamed of himself for standing everyone up at Paley!

*tearing up* This is why I love you.

maichan said…

Wait, Wentworth was a NO-SHOW?!!!!
I don’t think you mentioned that enough 😉

You don’t say?


emily said…

ummm…..i feel bad for went. he had to make out with someone who’d been puking all morning, which is gross. and someone who was someone else’s pregnant wife, which makes it weird. poor went. if they ever need me to be a stand in for those scenes, i’m available. I didn’t really like Amaury at the beginning of prison break. but i feel like he keeps getting hotter and hotter. and put him in a suit? DAMN.

Em, if anyone is going to stand in, it’s going to be me. Went owes me dinner, a trip to Starbucks, a strip tease, a set visit, a phone call, an email, SOMETHING! Oh and Amaury, Call me baby. Went has my number.


savmed said…

O.k., I have to say this (as if it isn’t obvious):
You, ladies, are smokin’ hot (yeah, yeah I know you know)!!! But does Wentworth know?

I bet he is reading your posts, Wet For Went, biting his nails and saying:”Goddammit, why wasn’t I there!”

Empire State Building Wentworth. Meet me there.


nicbeast said…


And you’ll get yours…

Krissie said…

It’s the bruise. Who could possibly be mad at bruised Went?
All I wanna do is be his love-puppy and lick his wounds

You know you’re a ho right?

nicbeast said…

You freaking kill me. How do you come up with this shit. Hysterical! Classic!! “Hit it from the back Wentworth” I will be laughing at that for hours.

I’m an equal opportunity exploiter. Hit it from the back could be him hitting you or you hitting him. Yes, I spend too much time thinking of these things.


Mama Bear said…

And “Hark, who goes there Wentworth”?! – you slay me, WFW!

You know, I never noticed this, but Went’s shoulders are broader than Dom’s…mmmm…broad shoulders, the better to place legs upon. 😉

*biting lip* I’m going to need a minute alone now…


niknak said…

Is it bad that I just cannot get enough of this particular pic spam?

It would actually be bad if you could.

Belgian said…

Still, id love to taste the difference between that tattooed skin and his virgin skin…



*holding head in hands* Wouldn’t we all Belladonna, wouldn’t we all…*weeping softly*


Mama Bear said…

“Rumbling” brothers…mmmm…ok, back to the topic at hand.

Yes, I agree…WTF is going with the barely-there forearm tat shot?! I mean, c’mon, that was just silly.

Also, I just figured out why Mahone really needs to be drugged up all the time. It’s not all about dulling his guilty conscious; it’s about being whacked enough to find and read the clues that would make even Sherlock Holmes scratch his head.

But I ask you this, Mahone. If you can find the brothers so easily, where’s Waldo?

Waldo is riiiiiight there! *pointing* Oh no, fuck, that’s a candy cane. Screw this.


emily said…

by the way. WFW, i’ve decided that you’re probably a genius so i’m going to be referring to you from here on out as Dr. WFW


Geisha said…

How does he do it? How does he stay so damn gorgeous ALL THE TIME?
He probably looks like that when he wakes up.
Mmmmmmm…..Morning-Wood Went *drool*

*is dead*

Mama Bear said…

Mmmm…pole…I’m convinced he’s trying to send us a subliminal message, ladies. When I read his shirt, I see something along the lines of “Bean Poled?” you know, like the “Got Milk?” campaign…*snickering*

To which I replied:

Bean Poled? Why no Went; Go right ahead.


Rhea said…

I…uh…well…*slurp* I seem to have lost all brain and body function. Hee-hee Jo, indeed how big IS his pole? I like how the word ‘pole’ on the shirt is placed inline and directly above the real thing. My uterus is quavering.

Is the word Pole really in line with his pole?

*swallowing hard* I believe you are correct.

Anonymous said…

Purrrrrfect 🙂 How is it that every other country can score so big and the US is denied him soooooo much!
Thank God for the Aussies and now the Koreans….or we could have never ever been on Crotch Watch. I also must say only because it washes over me everysingletime…I mean really!
Went is so friggin’ HOT…I mean people come on now…give it up for The Hotness that is Mr Wentworth Miller…
(backing away…tearing up…moaning softly)

3/23/07 2:37 AM

Beautifully stated. *clapping*


Anonymous said…

I can’t take this anymore.I’m done,I can’t take him anymore,he is just too too much for me.It is way too painful knowing that I will never have him ever.It was much easier when I thought maybe he didn’t like vagina but since he says he does,well not in those words exactly,I’m through with him…

3/23/07 6:43 AM

Anon, I think I love you.


emily said…

i’m ummmm…..I have nothing witty to say at all. the fact that I’m not sleeping with him would be a little easier to stomach if he was maybe just a little bit of a dick. But no. Instead, he HAS a perfect dick and cries for Koreans. Does he HAVE an imperfection? I’m seriously asking….
(thanks yet again, dr. WFW. I won’t be leaving my bedroom for days. wink wink)

LOL An imperfection? Not from where I’m sitting.


tia said…

he keeps saying he likes a woman with style, so I can guess that Beigette is definitely not his girl

To Went, it’s probably style for your shirt to match your shoes. Last I checked, The bows on Beigette’s shoes matched her shirt beautifully. What?


Anonymous said…

The reason GAP won’t do something like that is because he’s not the only celebrity featured in the campaign…and in Korea they’ve got loads of money to pay this new kid on the block actor to appear like a pop star. Here in the states I think all this sort of boy toy campaign might not be something a “serious actor” wants to associated with unless it’s about promoting a film….not for a pair of jeans.

3/23/07 10:30 PM

Well Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me! Side note: You sound as if you know what you’re talking about. Maybe you’re in the industry? Can you tell Went to call me? Thanks.

emily said…

so, i don’t know why I didn’t think of this before but to find went, we just need to do a one week stake out. station people at a bunch of starbucks around LA and a couple of gap stores. he’s bound to either go looking for coffee or boxers. then when he shows up, who ever is staked out at that spot just has to radio the rest of us and delay him until we get there. The plan is so clear to me now. It’s flawless. I should work for the government. But not the EVIL PB government. The awesome kind of government. like the one in wentiville millertown.

What can I say to this emily? I’ve already proposed to you. What more can I do?


Cosine said…

Deadbeatnymph, thanks for the secret spectacular Slash. Say that three times fast.

Secret spectacular slash – secret spectacular slash – secret spectacular slash!

You’re welcome!

So, should Our Boy commit another classic blunder?

Oh yes! Yes please! *begging for more Went Slash on hands and knees*


tee tee said…

maybe he got some Korean pussy while he was there I mean he did have a hard on in some of those pics

THANK YOU! So I’m not the only one that thought that. I feel better now.


Anonymous said…

okaaaayyy..I don’t get why we can’t have a little Went Love here….what about his American fans, huh huh…the ones who keep tuning in every Monday night..why isn’t he sharing the love with US!!!???

3/25/07 1:36 AM



linds said…

godDAMMIT!!! Why can’t I be Korean???? I saw the teary eye picture and my heart and cheeks just exploded – heart from being so full, cheeks from smiling.

*whispering* I cried with him.

cocot13 said…

I like it but I don’t like what its doing to his ass it looks kinda flat, but I’d still hit that LOL, well if he’d let me

To which notthedoctor replied

Oh Korea, I liked you very much until now. Don’t you know better than photoshop the BUTT??
tsk tsk tsk *shaking head*
Some Empires have fallen for less than that.

If you’re going to fuck with Wentworth Miller’s ass, you main as well just blow up the Sistine Chapel or a god damn pyramid. Same thing. You have been schooled. Don’t EVER do that again.

AJ said…

Well, the good news is, at least we now have a definitive way to differentiate Wentworth from Wentcrazy.

As is evident in the BPJ ads, Wentcrazy has no ass.

So, uh…now we know.



Anonymous said…

Face it, some guys just really like the whole exotic Asian thing. I’d put my money on Went ending up with an Asian girl. And I know Thailand isn’t Korea but remember, “One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.”

3/27/07 9:35 AM

To which mama bear replied

Mmmmmm…I’m an exotic Asian thing and I sure know how to “Bang Kok,” so Went/Wentcrazy: CALL ME!

AHA *deep breath* AHA *deep breath* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *stomach cramp*

tia said…

I laughed my ass off when T-bag threatened to rape Michael that I didn’t hear what Michael said after that,can someone tell me what his response was?

I’m still laughing as I type this!!

Aside from the Wentspanol and the bottle breaking and getting all stabby and just the absolutely SPECTACULAR chemistry that Wentworth Miller and Robert Knepper have, this was the hottest fucking thing…Good GOD. How. The. Fuck. does Robert Knepper do it? How? Yes I am “Kneeling for Knepper” at the moment. I am a FANGIRL FANGIRL FANGIRL! That is all.

cocot13 said…

OMG those poses those poses!!!!!!!
I keep hearing Prince’a song “You Sexy Motherfucka” WFW you should put that on your jukebox


Belgian said…

First! Yay!

Gay bar and lapdances… the only way to get through the night after Went not showing up. WFW, you got a girl and a boy lapdance? And still you’re upset about Went not showing? You love the man more than I do, that’s for sure 😀


Oh yes Bel. I love Wentworth Miller more than words can say…*crying in a corner*


Krissie said…

*tearing up*
WFW and Nic were there but Went wasn’t…
Still bloody sad.
And I wish we had bars with cute gay men giving us lap-dances. *sigh*

No, Went wasn’t there, but we found him! Coming soon in Part 3…


nicbeast said…

That was hysterical! It was like I was there! Oh wait, I was!!

Tee Hee.

Yes. And then there were 2: Heinous and Lipgloss in all their glory.

Geisha said…

I am in mourning for my Kellerman. *sniff*

He was so brave.
*Crying uncontrollably*


*crying with you, again*


emily said…
okay, I’m going to give sara one episode next season to bring the chemistry back. if she can do, I blame this seasons complete lack of sexual tension on her hormones. if not, then they can kill her and find someone else for Michael to fuck. excuse me, I meant make love to. Actually, I meant fuck. just do it already. And I won’t even complain. seriously, I won’t. ONE episode, do you hear me SWC???????? ONE!!!!!


WENTWORTH MILLER came back to the comments section! That hasn’t happened since December!


10. Happy Birthday…..deaaarrr


ahhh….I need more clue’s

4/4/07 1:20 PM

To which I replied

Went, if I tell you the next letter that will totally give it away so no can do baby.


Well you can’t blame me for asking! I will sing what ever you want and when ever you want.

What a man…


Belgian called him a lurker to which he replied

Mmmmhhh….I never LURK, I observe.

Oh Went, call it whatever you want. You’re welcome here anytime. Oh and when his presence was known

AJ said…

Dear Wentworth,

I’d like to go down on you.

Love, AJ

You speak for us all…


Dani said…



There is no release from La Douleur Exquise and in the words of Carrie Bradshaw *ahem* “Or was I addicted to the pain, the exquisite pain, of wanting someone so unattainable.” *shedding a tear*

Christine said…

WFW, I’m pretty much in love with your site, this post is absolutely wentgasmic.. thank you so much!

Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE Christine and thanks for reading!


jans said…

Holy shit! I am hot!

that’s so hilarious!!
although, yes, he’s hot!

love you!!

Love you too!


cocot13 said…

Oh my GOD look at his package in those white jeans,dayum!!,I know they say white makes you look bigger but dayum look at it!!



Dani said…

Why WHY?? Can’t I position that man over my mouth so that I can taste that belly fluff #$!?!!

I’ll show him angles – DAMN HIM

Oh Dani…I love you.

As always, thank you for your comments. I read each and every one of them…Even when it keeps me up til 3 am picking my favorites. Yes, yes…


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3 responses to “Favorite Comment(s) of the (over a) Month

  1. Krissie

    Thank you, I love those!
    But I gotta say, I’d be a ho had I said I wanted to be his love-bitch as was my original intention… lol
    And Mama Bear – you’re the comment-queen!

  2. Mama Bear

    WFW, I know how long this must have taken you to do, so I will comment on the comments by commenting how much I enjoy reading the comments. 😉

  3. shortstuff

    my first quote of the week/month/whatever ! thanks wfw! i know it must have taken forever to put it together, but i jus love reading them all at once! u are awesome!

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