Wentworth Miller inspiring the world to get inked

I know that you’re aching for anything Wentworth and it’s only been one damn week. Jared has thrown you a bone. Go fetch.


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10 responses to “Wentworth Miller inspiring the world to get inked

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you WFW. I am desperate for any Went activity… Argh, it’s going to be a loooong Summer.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, I posted the comment above and I have something to add. Pressed the publish button too soon. There is just no comparison between Went and Becks. Becks is just way too self absorbed for my taste. I am British and all I see day in and day out is Becks with Victoria on his arm trying to look cool. I know they are supposed to be our second royal family and all. But I will gladly hand over my passport for just one perfect day with Wentworth. You guys have the sexiest man on this planet walking on your soil…

  3. Krissie

    Funny, I immediately thought of that manip with Went’s head on Beckham’s body. I suppose we’re getting the exact opposite now.

  4. Krissie

    Thanks for the illustration, WFW. 😉

  5. emily

    Who wears the tattoos better? Oh, let’s think…….reaaaalllllllyyy hard. Um, oh yeah, WENTWORTH MILLER! I’m sorry but it’s not even a contest.

  6. Anonymous

    I pray that we get some Went sightings this summer, or otherwise i won’t make it through the summer. But you know, even if we don’t see a glimpse of him at all, that’ll make us miss him more, which will make the premiere of season three that much sweeter. Other celebs should pay attention to Went: stay away, and we will miss you. Went doesn’t need to stay away though, all the other ones could do.

  7. Mama Bear

    Sometimes I just want to shake Went when he makes comments that make him appear oblivious to his own celebrity appeal! If I looked like Went, I would be would be fondling myself all day, every day. Went, WAKE UP MAN!!! YOU.DA.BOMB!

  8. emily

    no kidding. WENT! DID YOU KNOW THAT THE GAP DESTROYS YOUR POSTERS INSTEAD OF GIVING THEM TO ME BECAUSE OF SOME STUPID CELEBRITY COPYRIGHT THING? This is ME asking YOU to hook me up with one of those posters of you fingering yourself. you know the one I mean. don’t act like you don’t. I see right through you, Miller! Now if I could only see through your clothes….

  9. Anonymous

    Emily, it’s okay because at this very moment I am working on Wenworth Miller x-ray goggles. I’m eating the cost as a benefit to all Went fangirls across the globe. And uh, yeah…hmpfh, Beckham you’re hot for a Brit, I’ll give that to you. But Went wears it like NOBODY can…hear me? No-BOD-EEE!

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