Wentworth Miller Candids!

Thanks Went…


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45 responses to “Wentworth Miller Candids!

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I suppose he read your hiatus checklist, got photographed, got laid… what next?

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, and I hope this is a movie script in his hand!!!!!!

  3. Wet For Went

    So far he’s done:

    2. Rest (I’m guessing)
    4. Read scripts (If that’s a script in his hand)
    5. Get laid (I meant with me Went or was that not clear?)
    6. Call up some friends and go have a good time (She’s only a friend. She’s only a friend. She’s only a friend.)
    7. Be photographed (ALONE, WENTWORTH! ALONE!)

  4. Anonymous

    He so looks like he got laid in that white t shirt photo (look @ his face). I wonder if this was taken b4 or after he’s photographed with her. (who btw is rather plain!!!)


    Ow. Sweet pea…
    If indeed that is a script, i hope u have taken the hint on the indie flicks we r hoping for??! Go on Wentworth, if just for the nudity…

  6. Wet For Went

    Please stop tainting my new post. If you want to talk about Scarfaletta, go to the post where she is. *lump in throat* My heart can’t take it. This post is fresh and new and has a pic of Went only; The way it should always be.
    *cool facade breaking down, tears falling, holding heart, wailing, throwing things, screaming, pulling at hair, banging head on desk*

  7. AJ

    GOD, FINALLY!!! Wentworth sans “new, not so sparkly” arm accessory. This is how all Wentworth candids should be….SOLO.

    What a fucking day!

  8. Anonymous

    I agreed, Wentworth Miller should never be photographed with any other person(especially girls)! It just ruins the pictures. But..as long as we get to see what he’s up to then I guess it’s a teeny-tiny ok.

  9. Anonymous

    they should blur everyone in the pic except Went at all times!!

  10. Anonymous

    Yeah, WFW, you should have made your list more clear, cause he has misunderstood a little. But oh well, at least he’s following it… And I’m with you in your pain. So let’s just take a deep breath together and focus on the photo where he is alone. Totally solo. Mmmm. Beautiful arm. Michael’s stare. Sexy jeans. Everything is fine. Went is just walking, ALONE.

  11. linds

    He looks so beautiful and delicious and SKINNY!!! Is it wrong that I want to force feed him copious amounts of pasta???

  12. Anonymous

    He said he has a sweet tooth, he needs to eat more cookies. I think he always looks great but a little more meat on his bones wouldn’t hurt.

  13. steph

    WFW, love the name Scarfaletta, I think I just peed my pants laughing at that one! So, girlfriend or not? If it is he at least could have held her hand, dammit boy!

  14. Wet For Went

    I have to give props to mama bear for the name. We simply can not use real names for these women cuz then it makes it real…*blowing nose and wiping eyes*

  15. linds

    Upon further examination, I think Went looks a little teensy weensy bit hungover.

  16. Anonymous

    He’s wearing the same clothes! That’s the same white tee and the same jeans… but where’s the button up? WHERE’S THE BUTTON UP! OMG…

  17. Steph

    I was trying to figure out the same thing! When did this “date” start and when did it end?? First he’s all in a white T and then he’s in a button down, what the ***??? What did they have lunch and dinner together?

  18. Emmanuela

    I’m sad. he looks good, but hungover. he should be having fun with us!!

  19. Wentasy_baybi

    Okay…. He looks fucking pist in this pic! He so didn’t get layed in a while!!! I could so make that man REALLY happy!!!lol. I am so not kidding. I would be the best fuck he would ever have… so good, that he would propose to me the next morning.lol! Went… I’m really tight and I have strong ass PC muscles if ya know wut I mean.HAHA! Ok… that’s enuff!

  20. KATJUS

    Oh my gawd, i´m so happy i´m not the only one who wants to force feed him to the size he was during late S1…!
    Skinny boy, have u noone to cook for u?! I´ll learn just to get u a bit more fuller cheeked again! *nodding eagerly*
    But i think u r sex on legs even if u r a bit on the stick insect side right now… I know u´ll find a reason to eat soon! 😉

    And yes, same shoes and all… But i truly hope he isnt thinking about buy one of them hideous animal print couch thingies there on one of the pics?! *groan* Could it be that his taste in clothes goes hand in hand with his taste in home decor… *gasp in horror*
    I volunteer to help u pick out a couch too Sweet Pea! And few other essistentals for ur bedroom perhaps?! *giggle*

  21. Anonymous

    Weeeee, more candids! That’s how I imagined the hiatus, thanks Went;)

  22. steph

    How many starbucks can one drink in one day??

  23. Miz Brisvegas

    Hey, hey WFW!

    Kudos to the fantastic site! I’m a long time lurker, first time poster here and I must say your humour and intelligence is much appreciated. Keep up the good work, girl! Especially love the “Went Candids” section. Am always waiting with baited breath for these pics! Who’re your contacts cos’ I wanna double whatever you’re paying ‘em! Gotta luv the ole’ white shirt with stone wash denims combo. Mmmm! Noice one, Went!

    Hopefully this site will never, ever, ever, turn into something like IMDB where scary, delusional posters in serious need of special meds go on and on about what they’d to do Wentworth in the hopes that he’d actually get in touch with them.

    *rolled eyes so fucking hard they detached and flipped inside my sockets!*

  24. linds

    Oh my GOD!!! POic #3 = Long. Tall. Drink of water!!! Lovely. Absolutely lovely. I take the hangover thing back.

  25. Mama Bear

    Dear Mis Brisvegas

    I want to thank you for the much-needed hearty guffaw I let out when I read what you wrote:

    “Hopefully this site will never, ever, ever, turn into something like IMDB where scary, delusional posters in serious need of special meds go on and on about what they’d to do Wentworth in the hopes that he’d actually get in touch with them.”

    If you feel so strongly about this, I suggest you stay far, far away from the chat box where delusional dames abound. IT’S.WHAT.WE.DO.

    In any case, kudos to you for coming out of lurkdom – trust me, I know how scary it can be, so in the words of Axl Rose:

    Welcome to the jungle
    We got fun ‘n’ games
    We got everything you want
    Honey we know the name: WENTWORTH MILLER

  26. Mama Bear

    LAWD, Went can rock a white tee and jeans! And did you get a look at his BIG…wallet? That thing is HUGE! No wonder he can afford a bajillion Frappaccinos a day! *snicker*

  27. Wet For Went

    Thanks for the shoutout Miz Brisvegas and yeah mb, we do that but we are JOKING, lol, well those of us who are left…

  28. Wet For Went

    Oh and Went looks totally hot. GOD HE LOOKS HOT! Thank you for the jeans and boots you beautiful man. *sigh*

  29. Mama Bear

    I know, WFW, isn’t humor refreshing? Taking oneself so seriously is such a drag. I think Went is FINE (classic middle school term), however, I have my own Big Daddy to satisfy my every need, and what’s great is that BD is totally o.k. with my Went fascination because he knows that The Pretty could never handle his Mama Bear…gggggggggggroooooooowl 😉

  30. Krissie

    Pic #3
    I need. That three fingers. In me. NOW.
    That is all.

  31. Silvia

    its just me or went really uses those shoes a lot?? LOL

    this is how went candids are meant to be: JUST HIM (or him with me, i’ll acept that too!) LoOL

    (and yeah.. it seems to be a hungover!)

    FANTASTIC SITE (i mean… any site hot photos of went is great.. but this one is HOT!)


  32. Anonymous

    I agree with all of you, why does he have to be so private, and why wont he visit Engand? lol, Dont worry he doesnt go for blondes 😀

  33. Mama Bear

    I’ve been thinking (a scary prospect, I know)…Went must be like the Faust of our generation. I mean, the man smokes, but yet doesn’t age. He drinks gallons of Frappaccinos, yet doesn’t gain an ounce. Went, please tell me you didn’t make a deal with Lucifer.

  34. Anonymous

    he’s coming to london in may,didn’t you know??

  35. Anonymous

    This is a note to WFW. You are the first shot on a Friday night after along week. You are the hot bubble bath after a long day. You are the vicadon when stress levels hit the red zone. Thanks for your site its like a cool breeze on a hot humid day. (Even with the pics of Went with another woman…;-))
    Don’t ever stop this blog. I’ll be devastated.
    Your biggest fan

  36. Emmanuela

    I really hope he stops going to starbucks, there are so many calories in some of those drinks. He should go to a health food store in nyc, i will be waiting wentworth…lol i think he will soon age if he keeps on having that twice or more everyday.

  37. miz brisvegas

    Hey, hey Mama Bear,

    Thanks for the welcome! Must say I couldn’t help feeling chuffed when I saw you replied to my post. Oh, and the Gunners lyrics? I choked on my coffee [but of course it’s from Starbucks, luvvie … but a soy latte. I have no idea how Went can down so many of those creamy fuckers down and not gain any fucking weight! Oh, well, as long he’s getting some oral satisfaction, huh?] so hard I dribbled some on my top. Good one, mate!!!

    Also, cheers for the heads up about the chat box … Aha! Now I know where the naughty kids go!

    WFW: I definitely will be posting here again and again cos’ I luv! luv! luv! it here! So be warned, darl: I see your lewd humour and I’m gonna raise it with my own brand of depravity!

    *bracing myself for the onslaught of degenerate funnies that’ll sure be posted soon by WFW, which will only lead to more coffee dribbling down my already drenched top!* Hmm, what was that, Went? A wet t-shirt competition, did you say?

    Thanks again ladies for the welcome, warnings and Went related articles / pics!

  38. Mink

    Anon 4.23 Any chance of more info re. his forthcoming visit to London in May? Where did you hear about this?

  39. Wentasy_baybi

    He has a high metabolism prolly!!! I have a high metabolism too, so basically I can eat whatever I want, when I want and I won’t gain a pound. It runs in my family! And I think Went is sexy just the way he is!!!!

  40. Mama Bear

    Miz Brisvegas, since I’m not too familiar with the Queen’s English (sad, I know), I had to look up the word “chuffed,” which at first came up in Google as “fart.” Upon seeing this, I spewed forth my much-cheaper McDonald’s Iced coffee-like concoction since I never in my wildest dreams thought I could make someone fart by addressing them in a forum. Compliment or insult, I just didn’t know. Then, I scrolled down to read that “chuff” is fart and “chuffed” means ecstatically happy.
    I’m sure that some people feel really chuffed when they chuff…LMFAO!!! I can just hear Nic scolding me now…*snicker*

    WFW, I know the rules about being a chatty Cathy in the comments section, so Miz, if you want to write more, here’s MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mamabearslair

  41. Wentasy_baybi

    I take it back!!! I said in a previous post above that he looks pist, but he looks smokin’hott! Oh Went… Be Mine!!!

  42. Anonymous

    Dam I really love the black & white sofa in the background. It’s exactly what I’m looking for to decorate my new apartment.

    Ahhh!! Went your so helpful, now call me so I know where to find that sofa.

  43. Anonymous

    Wentasy_baybi, I think it’s going to take more than a tight coochie to get him. Babyboy has probably had his share of women with skills in the boudoir.

  44. Wentasy_baybi

    LMAO anon! Have you not tried me out yet? I guess you might be the only one who hasn’t then.LOL! I am extremely skillful in the “boudoir” as u call it and I too had my share of men.LMAO! I’m 20 and I had men older then Went!LMFAO! I just like older men, what can I say!tee hee! So Fuck me Went! Fuck me! God, that man brings out my inner devil!lol! Speaking of Devil… I saw a youtube vid of Went in Popular the other day and it was soooo hilarious! I love his dance routines!HAHA! He was sooooo gay in that episode!!! Oh Went… u crack me up!!!

  45. Anonymous

    MB & Miz Brisvegas –
    Oh my ever-lovin Christ!!!! I’m all done coffee, caffeine was done and gone a long time ago. It’s vino now, and sure enough, I’ve spewed it as far as my lungs could carry it. I’m laughing my stinkin’ arshole off!!!
    MB, Ya know, I’ve always wondered if that was a pack of smokes that Went was carrying around in his right front pocket. But no-no, it’s much too big for that. So my question to you Went is, What IS that in your pocket? More importantly, does it have my name on it? If it doesn’t it should. Cuz damn baby – you are one good lookin’ piece of wool all candid-like. Grrrr baby!

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