Wentworth Miller needs your vote again

So give it to him…Yeah, give it to him.


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14 responses to “Wentworth Miller needs your vote again

  1. Anonymous

    I voted against him..as a protest vote for the handling of the leak of him and his new gal pal into the gossip wave. He can’t expect my love when I wake up to shocking news of him laughing with his latest conquest! Uh uh! No Way!!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, you previous anon!!! You silly girl! You do not vote against Wentworth Miller! NEVER. Not even if he has ripped your heart into million pieces. You just do not abandon him. If you’re angry then talk trash about him, call him names, send him a hate mail, put a curse on his girlfriend, throw things against wall, whatever, CRY!!! But DO NOT VOTE AGAINST HIM!!!!!

  3. Wet For Went

    Amen anon 3:07, Amen.

  4. Anonymous

    No..I have principles…after all the love and devotion that was given to him..he has the nerve to upset my day by parading Grandma Whitsler about for the world see…Nope! I may just keep voting numerous times against him.
    It’s my stand!

  5. SavMed

    Give it to him? I have been begging to give it to him for the past six months and this is what he does to me!! First Beigette and now Scarfaletta!

    No! No! NO! Way to angry to give him anything!!!!

  6. SavMed

    Ok, so I voted. I have no principles…


    Agh, my backbone has been MIA for years. i voted like an hour after i found out about this Scarfarella fiasco. Still very suspicious of the shots though… Is that what he wears to a date and is that fast food joint really the “romantic restaurant” they went to? Hmmm…
    But yes, u still have my vote. And my heart. And my soul. And my… (could go on)


    Uups, i´m renaming the Woman already. Scarfarella, Scarfaletta… who cares!?

  9. emily

    okay, obviously I’m voting for the pretty because……well, it’s just what you fucking do, okay? you VOTE for the PRETTY! On the other hand, I’m deeply troubled that these recent ahhhh……developments, let’s call them, have me actually seeking comfort in the gay rumors. why is this happening??? When I saw the PB pilot, I kind of went “well, okay, he’s cute, I guess. but I’m not about to start stalking him.” yeah, I know, I know, I sinned. but the point is all that’s out the window now that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with this man. I’m going to need therapy…..and i think went should have to pay for it.

  10. Anonymous

    Hello to you all from France!
    I don’t know how it is for you girls, but since the Scarfarella Incident, my feelings towards Went have taken a bashing… She is SO PLAIN!!! What, a man like him with a woman that looks like a shop assistant in a cheap second rate store? And Him with his delicious physique? Picture them in bed if you can!! Gruesome vision!!
    Is this man insane? And please, don’t mention her “brains”!! We Wentwatchers, are not all illiterate here….

  11. Anonymous

    Take it easy, France. Would you be happier if he went out with a supermodel?

  12. Anonymous

    Yes, dear US anonymous, I’d rather see him with a supermodel! At least I could have fantasies about them both doing it..But that Scarfarella, God, I’m a better looker than her !!! I’m a dancer and my body doesn’t look flabby like hers…It enrages me, because I feel I COULD have him!!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    Oh for the love of….it’s all really quite pointless ladies don’t you see? This bickering amongst ourselves? Please, simmer down now. We all know that the woman in question was a blow up doll animated by puppeteers (out of our line of sight) all to throw off the papprazzi…cuz they’re just numb and don’t know any better.
    So it’s all okay. There IS no other woman.
    ……………………………it sounded good in my head

  14. Noksie

    Im all for him ladies but would love to see him with a woman of color since he is so proud of his heritage. Just to see if can do it loke Halle Berry.

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