Wentworth Miller who in the hell is this?

Wentworth Miller’s new girlfriend!

The actor, known from the extremely popular series “Prison Break”, has a new girlfriend.
East News, JoB

Miller has always been very discreet and reserved with regard to his personal life. Rumours have even appeared of him being gay. The actor, however, denied it. He does stress all the time that his private life should not concern anyone other than him and his nearest and dearest.

Hence, it was a big sensation when Miller appeared in the company of Amie Brice. The couple went on a date last Friday in west Hollywood. They had a romantic dinner first, then they went for a walk which ended at the actor’s house. Amie Brice only left in the early morning.



Thanks msmez!

UPDATE: More pics!

Blondie, are you touching him?

They’re walking, with coffee, AT NIGHT!


Thanks dinamite!

Is this payback for me flirting with Amaury, Went? Is it? Say it ain’t so!

Update #2: Her name is Amie Bice (not Brice); The article got it wrong and if you can possibly take any more of this, here are even more pics. *sigh*

Thanks gravitygirl!

Update #3: New post at Jared with Amie’s Myspace pics (one of which has Wentworth’s ear in it and is from 2005).

Update #4: Thanks to Paris in the comments on Just Jared, There is now a video. Would someone please just go ahead and put me out of my misery?


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176 responses to “Wentworth Miller who in the hell is this?

  1. Wentalicious

    I told myself not to check this site this morning. I told myself this fixation isn’t healthy. But I couldn’t resist. And, now I’ve seen this? My world is crashing around me!!!

    I only take solace in these 3 things:

    1. She’s cute, but not gorgeous and somehow that makes me feel better. Hell, even Mariana was better looking. And, is that a lucky number 8 scarf around her neck??? Damn right you’re lucky!

    2. One date does not a wife make. Ok, the man had a date, that’s all, how are they stamping this a giflfriend already. Man’s gotta get laid. Nuff said.

    3. I’ve already googled her and came up with jack sh*t, so for some reason that’s also comforting. Major gossip sites haven’t reported on it yet, so until her life is invaded by the media frenzy I will file her under: non-threatening… for now.

    Whew… now I can go to work happy.

  2. Belgian

    What’s that sound?

    It’s my heart breaking.

    *singing (wailing actually)*:

    Say it isn’t so
    Tell me you’re not leaving
    Say you changed your mind now
    That I am only dreaming
    That this is not goodbye
    This is starting over
    If you wanna know
    I don’t wanna let go
    So say it isn’t so

    Sobbing Bel



    Don´t quite know what to say.
    Of course this was bound to happen one of these days, poor lad must have had balls the size of melons by now, but still… *sigh*
    I so didn´t want to become a homewrecker, but if u twist my arm like this Wentworth…

  4. Belgian

    *still balling her eyes out*:

    Tear down the mountains
    Yell, scream, and shout like you can say what you want
    Im not walking out
    Stop all the rivers, push, strike, and kill
    Im not gonna leave you
    There’s no way I will

    And I am telling you
    Im not going
    You’re the best man I’ll ever know
    There’s no way I can ever, ever go
    No, no, no, no way
    No, no, no, no way Im living without you
    Oh, Im not living without you, not living without you
    I dont wanna be free
    Im staying, Im staying
    And you, and you, and you
    You’re gonna love me


  5. linds

    WHY?!?!? The guy says he likes brunettes and winds up with a blonde. OK, time to ‘fess up:I say I want him to be happy but I really mean I selfishly want him to be happy only with me. It does make me feel good that this girl doesn’t look like your typical designer glamazon from LA with no soul. I think this article is BS (yes, the denial machine hard at work ladies and gentlemen). This is probably some random chick he walked behind in a grocery store or something. But a walk that ends at his house??!! Do you hear that? Yeah, it’s the sound of my heart breaking. Thanks WFW!! Good talk!:)

  6. linds

    Is he holding a 40? I’m going to pretend he is. (it’s wine)

  7. Wet For Went

    LMAO Bel. Sing it girl!

    Linds, you know I’m with you on the ‘this probably BS’ tip if only for the she didn’t leave until the morning bit. That is suspect and is he just holding the door for her or is he WITH her? Denial Machine indeed. However, all he has to do to dispell the rumors is fuck my brains out. I’ll report back, post all the details and all will be well. What do you say Went? Are we on?

  8. Anonymous

    well i guess in the hiatus checklist, when u said “be photographed” this is not what u really had in mind WFW, hmmm?!
    hell i much prefer beigette 2 this chick- even i am better looking than her!!! who knows maybe it’s just 1 of his sisters or something, he’s suppose to b a private guy n nobody knows what the gene pool has produced beside him, so…yeah i know – wishful thinking…

  9. linds

    WFW – See, this is why I love you – your innate generosity and thirst for the truth! Hearts and flowers, baby.

  10. Steph

    I agree, he has said how many times that he likes brunettes!! I am going to believe that she’s an old college friend in town on business and they met for dinner. As far as reports of her leaving in the “early morning” did someone actually sit out and watch his place?

  11. KATJUS

    steph, i asked the same question in the cbox. Who and how spotted them in the restaurant and who sat outside his apartment waiting for her to come out? And ps. is this person getting paid enough?

  12. Steph

    Ok, so I was just looking at the pic again, cause I have nothing better to do with my time. She has a set of keys in her hand, perhaps they didn’t go “together?” Plus look, she has like a box or something in her hand. Looks a bit Asian?? Maybe a gift he got this chick in Asia, but she’s just a friend. Right?? Do my theories make sense?

  13. emily

    WHAT THE FUCK?! a BLONDE???????

  14. Geisha

    Ok…I can’t be mad at the man if he got laid. I’m just hoping when it’s my turn with him I get to leave not the next morning but at least two days after.

  15. KATJUS

    I love it!
    The cbox is crashing! LMAO.
    Over heating over Wentworth! He really gave us something to talk about while we wait for the next season… *giggle*

  16. Jann

    “they went for a walk which ended at the actor’s house”

    Why weren’t there more pics of them during the stroll? Esp. if they ended up at his house–wouldn’t the photogs just snap away? The news broke out from Poland…why not the US where the papz are ruthless. I’m thinking she’s a friend of his (yup, that box looks like a present from Korea). Pleaseeeee god say it ain’t so!!!!!!!!

  17. steph

    Hey if they “went for a walk which ended at the actor’s house” then why does she have her keys in her hand? And like you said Jann, why did the Polish report it and not the US? If we all say it together then it will be true, “SHE’S JUST A FRIEND, SHE’S JUST A FRIEND, SHE’S JUST A FRIEND.”

  18. Anonymous

    Hey now I see, she’s a minor so he just took the wine, held the door open and told her to keep the fuck away from him

    crazy stalking little bitch

  19. Belgian

    To say it with The Stones:

    Time is on my side, yes it is
    Time is on my side, yes it is

    Go ahead, go ahead and light up the town
    And baby, do everything your heart desires
    Remember, Ill always be around
    And I know, I know
    Like I told you so many times before
    Youre gonna come back, baby
    cause I know

    cause I got the real love
    The kind that you need
    Youll come running back (said you would, baby)
    Youll come running back (I always said you would)

  20. NooNoo

    she’s just a condom,
    for one use only 😛

  21. emily

    I’d like to revise my statement for kat’s sake: I love blondes. I used to be a blonde. But since I’m not anymore, I was taking great pride in the fact that he liked brunettes. So thanks a fucking lot, wentworth miller. You’ve shot my pride to hell. and you have a funny name.

  22. emily

    okay. I’m sorry. I like your name. I was just upset.

  23. Anonymous

    This is payback to those who had poo pooed Mariana!!
    Ok gals sharpen the claws and tear every bit of info of her apart.
    Who is she? Is she in the industry? Is her hair really blonde? LOL!!!!
    Is He in LOVE?
    hmmmm, I notice he never dates women of color.
    That answers tha question on brunettes.

  24. KATJUS

    LMAO Emmy!
    Oh sweetie… Thank you! *Flicks her blonde mane yet again, despite the shooting pain in her neck after much flicking today*
    Still Miller, if u want to know what blondes can really do – contct me! 😉

  25. Wet For Went

    anon 9:14, you’re right, lol, this is not the kind of photograph I was hoping for but then I wasn’t specific. Wentworth wins again!

    LMFAO noonoo and em!

    anon 10:25, Let’s not start the color debate as we have no proof either way. Guessing what his type is however, is totally allowed and if we’re just guessing, you are probably right about that.

  26. Anonymous

    Can I be nasty for a minute? Thanks. This is WENTWORTH MILLER, ladies and gentlemen. I know that he’s down to earth and normal and blah blah blah but if he’s going to have a romantic date with someone – can he please make it a Victoria’s Secret model?? My reasoning is that I already know I can’t compete with a VS model, but I got this bitch beat hands down!!

  27. Anonymous

    Hey WFW,
    Anon 10:25 here.
    I was just making an observation for myself..I didn’t pose it in a question form so with all due respect I didn’t think I was starting a debate.
    As a woman of color (me) I feel odd that the subject is considered a negative(?) thing….to bring up. I mean I don’t see it as any different than all the girls here who are brunette and express sadness (though of course in good humour) that he is out with a blonde?

  28. Mama Bear

    HOLY MOLY! STOP THE PRESSES! Wentworth Miller is getting hedonistic on his hiatus?! A bottle of wine, a cute and scarf-bedecked blonde, and her early morning “Walk of Shame”? *GASP!*

    WFW, apparently Went really does read your blog since he followed #5 on your hiatus check list to a “T”.

    Now, here’s the big question: If he asked to you menage, would you? Could you really share Went with another? 😉

  29. Anonymous

    Hi. I am Marta from Poland – the country the gossip come from;((( I hope she is his cousin who came to see him on Easter;) (Ok! Even I don’t believe in that what I wrote). My God is she ugly. (Luckily – otherwise I would cry whole day and night). As Wentalicious wrote: one date don’t make a relationship.I hate her. Marianna is not beautiful but I liked her more. I am really shocked.;(((

  30. Anonymous

    that scarf may be covering up a big red hickey! arrgghh!!

  31. Wet For Went

    Anon 11:00, you misunderstand me and you know I’m black too right? I just meant that we hardly see him with anyone so making the observation that he never dates women of color based on his being seen with exactly two women (three if you count his date at THS premiere) just seems a little premature. It’s not a negative topic by any means, I just didn’t want to see it go in that direction (it has before). So my let’s not start a debate was more general than it sounded.

    mb, no to the menage unless I get to pick the girl. That one is not my type.

    Anon 11:03, can we please not call the girl ugly?

  32. Anonymous

    Who is Amie Brice anyway? If she’s not in showbizz, how did the Polish website find out her name? Good on Went for getting laid anyway. I’d be suprised if she turned out to be the love of his life.

  33. Anonymous

    Ok…we know her name because this info was leaked to the press by a publicist. If Went is able to keep his private life private, info that we get i.e. has got to be provided for by publicists. Could they be dating? Maybe- maybe not, but if they are it’s better to drop into a little article and let the news take off like wildfire. He and his handlers, managers publicist knows this will create big buzzz with his fans.

  34. Anonymous

    It was a nice sunny day and there I was, peacefully checking out what’s new in justjared and it hit me unexpectedly like a fucking ton of bricks!!!!!!!!!! WENT, GIRLFRIEND, WHAAAAT???? THERE SHOULD BE A WARNING WHEN NEWS LIKE THIS COMES IN!!!!!

    PS: something’s not right, he is into brunettes, isn’t he?! :S

  35. Mama Bear

    Amie Brice is the newest action hero, Scarfaletta. And she should be our hero too since she’s managed to get Went out in public with a bottle of wine in hand no less! I guess blonds really do have more fun…with Went, that is! 😉

    *Running for cover as rotten tomatoes are thrown at me by livid fans*

  36. Anonymous

    OK if she is an actress then I go back to the fact that he could be gay and this is just a beard who needs publicity for her movie.

  37. linds

    Poor Wentworth. Granted, seeing this pic in the morning put me ina FOUL mood, but you know, he is lovely and we should be good fans and support him and his pursuit of happiness, if this is that. I feel bad about myself for being upset when I saw this, so I take it back. Go forth Wentworth, and make yourself a happy boy!!!

  38. AJ

    Well…..at least he’s dating someone with a VAGINA.
    *sigh* I wish he was dating my vagina. But whatever. I, for one, hope she’s fucking his brains out. Or are we no longer in agreement that he needs to get laid?

    By the way, em, FYI, your “funny name” comment made me spew tea all over the project I was working on. HI-larious. So, uh, thanks for setting me back about 2 hours today. Ha!

  39. Krissie

    I heard he sang a lullaby
    I heard he sang it from his heart
    When I found out thought I would die…

    I heard he sealed it with a kiss
    He gently kissed her cherry lips
    I found that so hard to believe…

    How could an angel break my heart?

    I heard here face was white as rain
    Soft as a rose that blooms in may
    He keeps her picture in a frame
    And when he sleeps he calls her name
    I wonder if she makes him smile…

    Oh my soul is dying, its crying
    I’m trying to understand
    How could an angel break my heart…

    (LOL,whatever… Good for you, Went!)

  40. Anonymous

    The thing that bugs me the most is this tiny solo shot of him and his lady-friend! Ok…it’s like wtf!! now another endless hours of search on who she is..and if it’s true!! Damn! Why can’t he just come out put his hands on the girl, let’s have some shots of him kissing her and then it will all be put to rest!

  41. Anonymous

    I thought he likes brunettes..*thinks of dying hair..and wearing red tablecloth on neck*

    *sigh* Lucky whore…

  42. Anonymous

    NEW PICS!! Yikes!!!! Oh damn!!!! How does anyone explain this away?

  43. Anonymous

    Another lady without any sense of style… Perfect, Went…
    Hate the pic where she’s laughing and TOUCHING him… UHHHH. I’M JEALOUS!!!!!

  44. cocot13

    ok if this “woman of a certain age” ends up being his girlfriend then I will be absolutely conviced that he is gay because if this chick doesn’t look like a fag hag then I don’t know who does!!! I mean I can see him doing Beigette before I can see him doing

  45. Wet For Went

    The Beigette love in here is hilarious, lol.

  46. Wentalicious

    Ok, can we scrutinize her yet? Is that allowed? Sorry, I’m a new fan of the site (long time listener, first time caller as they say). Ok, so, I’m not going to put her down, but I need to break this stuff down into digestible pieces so I can get on with my work day (I’ve been waiting ALL morning for the people in my cubicle to vacate so I can check the site). Ok, number one: in some angles she looks older or maybe not older but just a little “hard” like she’s been around. Number two: yes, they’re on a date, and I accept it, but there’s still something fishy about this. If he’s so unconcerned about being seen, why not some hand holding or something of the ilk? Why does everything feel so staged, like he just “happened” to have a bottle of wine in his hands? Come on! Even someone who hits the sauce as hard as myself puts it in a bag or something. Is this a PR set up as someone above suggested? Me thinks it’s a possibility. And, I’m falling for it, hook, line and sinker! And, finally number three: is that the way he dresses for dates! I know, I know, he’s not into clothes etc., but even he knows you gotta iron your shirt before a booty call! So that’s my preliminary dissection. Thoughts?

  47. Anonymous

    OK Gals..I was just reading on Just Jared that she may very well be his…MOTHER!
    Somebody from his camp PLEASE contact Just Jared and straighten this rumour out!

  48. Anonymous

    That makes sense! She looks old.

  49. Wet For Went

    Nothing wrong with your comment anon 1:43 and welcome! Just don’t call the chick ugly is all I ask. She is something to him and that just isn’t nice. *moving on*
    Yes she looks significantly older than he is. I noticed there is no touching. She makes a point to touch him but not the other way around. I think it may be work related. The wine may not necessarily be for her. I’m not buying it. I don’t iron either; Went and I have that in common. Oh and I wear pajamas to my booty calls.

  50. Wet For Went

    His mother? Interesting theory…That means he has completed 9. Go see the family. Good boy Went. You do listen.

  51. Anonymous

    The mom theory has been shot down because his mom goes by a different name….
    BUT we should all remember Went is 34 and he does find older women attractive….

  52. Wet For Went

    Interesting theory but I don’t think so that should have read.

  53. shortstuff

    OMG. i am seriously gunna have a breakdown… she’s TOUCHING him! shes FUCKING TOUCHING HIM! WENT! MY WENT! no. just…no. i cant do this. SHE BLONDE! you said u liked brunnettes! you LIED! why went!WHY??

    *sobbing uncontrollably* someone hold me.. 😦

  54. Anonymous

    hmmm was confused by that last sentence WFW?

    ..anyway…what’s the going rate for group therapy?

  55. Anonymous

    Hi everyone, I’m new here and having trouble posting so sorry if I make a double post…
    I’ve been a fan of Went for (literally) two days and already he gets a girlfriend?! In the words of Stephanie Tanner, how rude! Oh alright, I’m happy for him, he deserves to get laid. Can I snark at the scarf though? 😉 (heh, at least their fashion sense matches).

  56. Anonymous

    I really do hope the meeting was work-related?! That would really make more sense. I’ll be sitting here waiting for his next project!

  57. Anonymous

    I just hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Anonymous

    gee she gets to touch him, gets to be this close to him, she gets to her his voice, she gets to look into his eyes..she gets to smell him (and I bet he smells damn sexy…ooooooooo) and we get to torture ourselves but pouring over these pics.

    life is cruel.

  59. Wentalicious

    WFW, I think you may be the sister I always deserved. You’re writing is awesome by the way, absolutely hilarious.

    I have a meeting in 10 minutes, but trust me, I’ll be back monitoring this page. Anywho, work-related? I say it’s a big possibility. However, no one leaves an apartment in the wee hours because of work. Unless you’re actually a “working girl” nudge, nudge, wink, wink. And, my mistake that’s a skull scarf… in the first itty bitty pic early this morning, it looked like an 8!

  60. tia

    if this turns out to be his mother all of you are gonna burn in hell
    Hi Ms. Miller your HOT!!!!e

  61. Anonymous

    I don’t think she’s attractive at all, and that makes me feel much better.She looks old too, I’m 2yrw older than went & I look much younger than her. It makes me wonder, he would probably find me attractive. I don’t think “I’m all that”, but I do think I look better than her.

    Sandy (from Canada)

  62. Anonymous

    Do you see how he’s looking at her with such intensity! Damn that’s lust in his eyes…that’s way too hot!

  63. linds

    WFW – holy CRAP Super Sleuth!! Check you out! Way to fetter out the info baby – keep it coming!

  64. Anonymous

    Went once said in an interview that he hasn’t yet found a girl that has knocked him off his feet, that’s why he’s single. Does this girl look like she could knock a guy off his feet, I think not. Why am I being so mean, it’s not like me. Bad, Bad obsession


  65. Anonymous

    Wow…I’m in shock. And so what about poor Mariana..she’s not the one. I can’t wait to see more pics of these two together..
    Sure it’s not his mom?

  66. Anonymous

    I wear pajamas to my booty calls!!! LMAO, WFW!!!! OUCH, that hurts!!!

  67. Anonymous

    Calm down people. Look at her hands. Don`t you see similarity? By the way, Amie Brice? Who knows her?
    Beata (from Poland)

  68. Anonymous

    What about her hands ? I don’t get it. Please explain.

  69. Mama Bear

    Went, if Scarfaletta is in fact your mother, PLEASE, PLEASE forgive me for ever envisioning you and her and in various compromising positions. It was just my way of dealing with this blow in a healthy manner. *channeling Dr. Phil*

    Why do I now feel like Jocasta in “Oedipus Rex”? Where’s the needle to stab out my eyes?! *wailing*

    And Mama Miller, if you are really the wonderful woman that brought forth Went into this world…THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Oh, and by the way, love your shoes! The scarf on the other hand…honey, let’s talk about that…

  70. Anonymous

    Yeah her hands don’t resemble anything to his. We are now in the second phase of shock…grasping at straws to prevent facing unpleasant news for us.

    The real question is who is she..Amie Brice???? Actress. Business person. How was it that no one has spotted them before…if this is his gf?

  71. Anonymous

    She has long fingers (picture with coffee). Like Went.

  72. Anonymous

    Sister? No.. It looks like he’s carrying a bottle of wine on the first picture. Hmmm. It’s probably a girlfriend..

  73. Anonymous

    Sisters also like wines.

  74. Anonymous

    Alot of women have long fingers, including myself..that doesn’t mean we’re relate. And this woman looks nothing like him. sorry…..

  75. Mama Bear

    It’s her, it’s her! *wailing in horror at things thought and spoken before*

    I’ve now officially spent more time looking at this group of pictures than I have at my own children’s birth pictures. Apart from the long fingers, which anyone can have in common, it’s in their eyes and in her laugh. It’s also in his body language. He’s completely at ease with her – look at how he looks at her in the Nescafe scene…like a son who’s completely happy walking and talking with his Mom. I have a son, I know this look.

    *Running off to confessional to plead forgiveness*

  76. Anonymous

    she’s not attractive enough to be related to him in any way.

  77. Anonymous

    Mama Bear-THANK YOU! You are my angel.

  78. Anonymous

    wait… his mother’s name is Amie Brice?

  79. emily

    On what planet is this woman old enough to be his mother? Ouch……..it hurts. it hurts a lot. I mean, I know I said I wanted to see went out and about while PB was on hiatus but I was kind of thinking out and about as in maybe he accidentally goes out and about without, if you know what I mean. not out and about with a blond whore. I’m sorry. no I’m not. mother fucker. I need to drink. Went, hand over the damn booze.

  80. Anonymous

    Someone PLEASE explain why her? Please! How does his mind work. This makes me wonder about him. I mean surely he knows he the hottest beast known to man and this is who he decides to hook up with??? Hell I could understand any slutty hot starlet trying to jump his bones…but this woman looks plain tired. Hey even Demi Moore is older than Ashton Kuscher..but she don’t look tired especially before sex.

  81. AJ

    You guys DO realize that in the eyes of his fans, Wentworth will never EVER have a beautiful girlfriend, right? And not because we’re haters. The problem isn’t that these girls are ugly. The problem is, they’re standing next to Wentworth Miller. And Wentworth Miller is too.fucking.pretty! Seriously, Angelina Jolie would look like a hag standing next to him.

    Take Beigette, for example. If you look at the pictures on her IMDB page, she’s actually very pretty. She has a great body, pretty face, soft features….generally, a nice looking girl. Drop-dead gorgeous? No. Pretty? Yes. Then you see her standing next to Wentworth, and alllll that “pretty” goes away. Why? Because his looks are overpowering. No woman (or man) will ever look “good enough” for him. Not only does he look better than everyone around him, but he actually has the ability to make those around him appear unattractive….a rare gift, indeed. Bravo, Miller. Bravo.

    As for this newest lady-friend being his mother…not so sure. However, if it turns out she is, I would like to retract my previous “I hope she’s fucking his brains out” statement. Cuz that would just be gross. However, the “I wish he was dating my vagina” comment still stands.

  82. tee tee

    well if he is hitting that maybe she can show he some new tricks because older women do know how to put it down in the bedroom so maybe he’s taking lessons from her for his future real girlfriend

  83. Wentalicious

    Ok, so, let’s say this is his new girl. First, she’s not ugly, she’s not gorgeous, but no one’s going to be repulsed by this chick. Ok, fine. Second, she’s a trendy dresser (scarf’s all wrong as we’ve established, but overall trendy), however, I don’t see any obvious labels or an It bag on her arm. Ok. Third, she’s got a fairly average body, toned, but nothing to stop traffic over. So, what does this tell me?

    That even I could feasibly have a shot with Wentworth Miller. Seriously.

  84. Anonymous

    ok, i’m at a loss. I don’t know what to say ; where to begin. All i know is that i would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, for him to look at me the way he’s looking at her. And WFW is right; no need to call her names or anything. Who knows what’s really going on there, but whatever it is; it’s his business ( all the while praying it’s not true). But honestly, if it is true, i don’t get it.

    – Anon 10:25, i have noticed the same thing. I will not say that he doesn’t date women of color, but i have wondered about that myself. I am also a woman of color, and i admit that i feel a little odd by saying what i just said. I know i shouldn’t but i really don’t want to offend anyone by anything i say. I just wonder….

  85. Anonymous

    The “box” she’s carrying out of the restaurant is her purse . . . I have one like it in green. So, no presents from Korea. I don’t hate her outfit, but it would help if she lost the scarf (even though all the LA hipsters seem to be sporting the skulls lately).

  86. Mama Bear

    May I add that just because “LA hipsters” sport skull scarfs does not a wise fashion choice make. If anyone thinks so, I suggest they read the ‘ol morality tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Someone, somewhere is making a lot of money and getting a good laugh from convincing people that they look cool wearing silky skulls.

    Speaking of which, I would love for Went to play the part of the Emperor since he would have to play it in the buff. *swoon*

  87. Anonymous

    It appears to me that if I could figure out how to dress much tackier, I’d honestly have a chance with Went.
    How does he find these wacky fashion chicks? She got laid!!!!
    What was the comment… “I like a woman who feels confident in her clothes.” Personally, I think he must go for insane women… how the heck could you feel confident in that outfit!
    I guess when you get back to his place you could honestly say…”We have got to get out of these tacky clothes RIGHT AWAY!” Which obviously leads to nudity and sex!

  88. Fevah

    I just… could ya’…what the – DAMMMMN!!!!! Sugarmama. Yes, Wetly my dearest, that’s YOU! How is this possible? I am looking and just can’t believe what I see. I am disturbed and yet, I cannot look away. Darling, bring back the Package O’Peen pics… and make me a happy Fever again. Seeing *gulp*, dare I say it? “Her”, is making me dry. Bring. Back. The Wetness!!! 😉 Luv Ya, my favorite little W, only second to one. 😉 Feve

  89. Anonymous

    You know what guys… we keep saying that this girl on the picture in not that pretty and so on and so on. But may be Went is just looking for somebody he can have intelligent conversation with ( and everything else of course).

    I mean just listen to his interviews…do you really think he is going to go in the date with hot chick who is brainless…
    Man needs the whole package…

  90. Wentasy_baybi

    To be honest… I don’t think that’s his gf unless he likes women who r 50! She looks so old and I’m not saying all this, cuz I’m jealous, cuz I’m so not! It’s the truth. It just can’t be his gf! He says he’s attracted to brunettes… she’s a blonde… blondes r dumb as shit and she looks dumb!Everytime ppl see him with a woman, they assume right away that it’s his gf, just like that Emmy gurl, but it turned out that she wasn’t his gf, so it’s prolly not his gf. I have guy friends that I go out with for dinner and walk with at night, but anyway I picture him with a brown haired gorgeous slender model… like me. And like you could see in his eyes and the way he positions his body that it’s just a friend. He’s not even holding hands with her and there’s a distance between them. It’s so not his gf.

  91. Anonymous

    Uh… hot chicks have brains too..and quite frankly if he were seen with a Playmate centerfold model..that would create alot of reaction too. That being said…having now seen the pics fully blown up meaning looking at their close-up.

    it makes me wonder about him.

  92. niknak

    OK, not sure where my post disappeared to, but if its out there in cyberland, I wish it the best.

    My two cents… again:
    They are too far apart to be anything more than friends. There is not much touching, and it looks like a friendship. Nothing more. She can be a relative, friend, agent, publicist, obligatory entertainment, rodeo clown, circus freak, whatever, but she is not his girlfriend. There was more romance between him and Beigette, and there was NOTHING there. Who cares what she looks like, she’s no one to worry about.

  93. Emmanuela

    I’m smart, but I doubt he would go for me. I think I have a good body, but I don’t have a fashion sense/style right now, plus he might think I’m too young. 😦 I’m 18. Also if I was even in his presence I would faint, or blabber about nothing and he would dismiss me as just a friend.
    *cries* Went…why?….I’m heart broken. i don’t even know if i can do my hw now.

    I also want him to be seen with people of color. My real reason is b/c I want to see what type of black woman he likes so I can either continue with my obsession or let it go. I still love Went though regardless.
    still crying (inside). After my last bf I don’t cry outwardly anymore.

  94. Anonymous

    Why do people asume that because he’s not hanging off a woman he can’t be intimately involved with her. Perhaps he knows they are being photgraphed so they both want to remain cool..they’re not horny rabbits or teenagers. It serves him well image wise to remain discreet and gentleman like. I’ve seen pics of George Clooney and hs gf’s..and I don’t recall him hanging off his companions. That may not be Went’s style. The same explanations were used for Mariana. I highly doubt Went is going to be doing PDA just to convince his fans he’s dating someone. Anyway just look at the pic and how he’s gazing into her this old woman’s eyes. He’s only looking at her. That speaks volumes. Also..maybe Went broke up the relationship didn’t go anywhere with Mariana it doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a “thing” or hooked up together.

  95. Anonymous

    I apologize… I definitely did not mean to say that hot chicks are brainless…

    I just think for a guy like Went personality,character, intelligence in a woman might mean more than appearance.

    So, while we all expect him to find super hot girl … he might just keep suprizing us with women like the one in the picture.

    And I do wish him to find somebody who can match his looks and brains…yamee

  96. Wentasy_baybi

    BTW! It doesn’t look like he’s staring at her. It looks like he’s staring out in the distance.lol! Went is prolly on this site right now laughing his ass off!lol!

  97. Mónica

    I hope tee tee is right, that he’s taking lessons from her for his future real girlfriend.
    Whats wrong with this, every time I want to post a comment it takes forever, I just end up giving up lool

    *wishful thinking*

  98. SavMed

    “Hot and heavy. Those are the best kind.” I think that’s the quote.

    Now, I’m foreign so help me understand, does that mean he’s not for long-term relationships?

    Maybe I just shouldn’t trust anything that man says or is written in his interwievs.

    Maybe I should go out and start living my life. Reality – sounds interesting.

    Verification: ICUMX – words of prophecy!? He came with the enigma woman!!!??? *pulling hair*

  99. polishgirl

    Hi!Im from Poland!this is from onet.pl,this is not true!:)

  100. Anonymous

    LOL man if these are the types of ladies wentworth goes for THEN HE IS EASY!!! IM WAY BETTER LOOKING THAN this chick and the last one he was seeing!!!!

  101. Anonymous

    come on girls..whats the big deal?while i’m finding some of the comments funny…i think the poor man can’t win!if she was traditional pretty you all be saying he’s shallow,she’s not,so you say not good enough for him,just because he’s cute?..maybe you ever thought he’s not good enough for her!

  102. notyourtypicalfangirl

    I hope he’s wearing a condom cause this woman looks like her biological clock is ticking

  103. Anonymous

    hey WFW why no more comments of the week?

  104. jeanjeanie

    *takes gun to head and shoots herself* *sob* *sniff* *moan*

  105. Anonymous

    you know from the some in those new pics she’s kinda cute and not that old looking but full on woah!

  106. Anonymous

    I don’t think she’s attractive at all, but I’d rather see him with an ordinary looking women than a super model type women. From what I see in the photos, she’s really into him,with all the touching, but he’s not into her. He’s not gazing into her eyes, he’s just looking at her. He’s going to be in a relationship some day and we are going to have to deal with it. Not with her though, I’m sure.

  107. Anonymous

    this is frome MORE magazine that I found at wentworthmiller.net

    question: Finish this sentence, I love it when girls…

    answer:”Are sure of themselves.I find confident women incredibly sexy.I’ve known girls who my male friends don’t fancy at all because they’re not physically attractive, but I do because of the way they hold themselves”

    so this explains,
    Kelly Fenney aka “THS girl” (no offense)
    Marianna Klaveno aka “Beigette” (no offense)
    Amie Brice aka “Scarfaletta” (no offense)

  108. Mama Bear

    OK ladies, I’ve said this before…Went says he likes women with confidence, however, confidence does not mean proving ones self-assurance by putting others down.

    Come now…if Scarfaletta is older than him, can she really help that?

    If she chooses to wear questionable neck attire, is that really such a horrible crime? Fashion anon, don’t answer that…hehe. 🙂 The real crime is that “LA Hipsters” apparently think this is a fashionable look *shaking head*

    And finally, if she can hold Went’s rapt gaze, shouldn’t we be happy that the man is at least having a good time on his much-deserved break? I, for one, am glad that he’s getting out and being photographed for our viewing pleasure.

    And Anon 9:11, thank you for reminding us what Went looks for in women. I’m not going to get into the whole “Can hot chicks be smart?” debate that seems to swirling above because what I really think Went appreciates in a woman is kindness and class.

    Physical appearance is a matter of luck and/or an appointment with a talented plastic surgeon. Intelligence can be cultivated with a mixture of opportunity and drive. But kindness and class are things you either inherently have, or you don’t.

    I’m not talking about class as defined by what you do with your pinky finger when you drink a spot of tea or even if you can refrain from talking dirty in Hotel California because that’s just good ‘ol randy fun. Class is just an extension of kindness, and putting another woman down – whether she’s Went’s woman or not – is neither classy nor kind.

    I don’t know why you’re all getting yourselves in a tizzy anyway…SHE.IS.HIS.MOM. 🙂

    *Ducking for cover as ape shit is thrown at me…snicker*

  109. Anonymous

    Without a Doubt that was a Hook-Up Date…
    whether she’s his long term girlfriend remains to be seen..but she somehow managed to get closer to him than ANY of us here writing about him so that old dog had some new tricks and looks like she got to practice on him!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ughhhhhhhhhhh! I’m soooooooo jealous. I can’t believe it! It’s hurts..but that’s reality
    …Someone eventually has to taste the sweet juices of Went!

  110. Anonymous

    I love our Went for loving confident women. It just goes to show that he really is as special as we think he is, a mature, intelligent and totally hot grown man. Sigh. I don’t usually like anal sex that much but I would let this guy butt fuck me anytime.

  111. Anonymous

    Why do people keep saying she is his Mom. Have you taken a look at the pics. The additonal pics. I mean granted if she were his mom.

    A) Wouldn’t that have been revealed correctly along side her name? Plus his publicists by now would have clarified that up by releasing a statement saying it’s his mon.

    B) His mom’s name is not Amie Brice

    C) As a son he’s not hugging his mom back?

    D) The looks she’s giving him are flirtateous. Are they incestuous him and his mom???

  112. Wet For Went

    It’s a joke anon 10:25, lol. Maybe she didn’t make that clear. About Scarfaletta looking old: In a couple of the new pics she looks younger so maybe she’s not as old as we thought. Anyone can take a bad pic…Well except for Went that is. The newer pics in the second update are more flattering. Now, Which stage is acceptance again? Am I almost over this yet?

  113. Mama Bear

    *Standing in ovation for anon 10:20 – woman, you need to come play with us in Hotel California!

    WFW, doesn’t her comment deserve a place in CoTW?

    “I don’t usually like anal sex that much but I would let this guy butt fuck me anytime.


  114. Anonymous

    Forget it…My week has been ruined! Eh…

    Ok..she’s 33, she’s a political science major and she got to sleep with Went.
    Next Level of Torture:
    How did she meet him…That’s what I’d like to know. How does one garner a date with Wentworth? Is there a Wentworth Loterry somewhere?

  115. Wet For Went

    mb, I could have sworn I typed up a post expressing that very sentiment. anon 10:20, that is a winner right there.

    anon 10:42, I feel your pain.

  116. AJ

    My God, it’s the neverending date from Hell! The pictures just keep on coming. Pretty soon we’ll have pictures of them humping in some side alley. *ducks flying rocks*

    But seriously, let’s just put down the haterade and be happy our boy’s havin’ a good time. He’s a grown ass man. He can hang out with, date, or have wild monkey sex with whomever he pleases.

    [small voice]I think she’s kind of pretty[end sv]

    and LMFAO at the anal sex comment. Superb, indeed.

  117. Anonymous

    Political Science major? 33? Hoooooooooooow do you know this? Please, please, share!

  118. Wet For Went

    Some poster is making the rounds at all of the gossip sites saying they got the name wrong, It’s Amie Bice (not Brice) and that she and Went have been friends for a long time and the pictures don’t do her justice and the poster knows her personally, etc etc.

  119. steph

    Do we believe that poster that is correcting her name and saying how old she is and that she’s a political science major? If the person was really a friend why would they go on line and reveal personal info on them?

  120. Mama Bear

    *Wiping ape shit off my face*

    Anon 10:25, here’s a thought…what do we really know about the Polish magazine/website that “scooped” this story? It could be the equivalent of one the U.S. rags like Star or The Enquirer, which are not known for their compelling accuracy. For all we know, Scarfaletta’s real name could be Martha Plimpton…*snicker*

    Having looked through the additional photos carefully with my high-powered monocle, I must deduce that Scarfaletta is not Went’s mom – she’s much too young. But she could be his sister…*LMAO*

    Oh, and I am henceforth calling the mysterious blond woman “Scafalotta” since she’s wearing alotta scarf!

    And WFW, you know I couldn’t have possibly been inspired to write that anti-hatorade speech on my own…I merely surfed on your wave of greatness.;)

  121. Anonymous

    Why did I click to see even more pics???? I knew I couldn’t take any more!!! I don’t want to know that she’s as a matter of fact not old and that she’s smart and pretty in real life etc…. I DID NOT NEED THAT INFORMATION!!!!! Somebody, please, blow my brains out!!!!

  122. Wet For Went

    LOL mb, wave of greatness? Did it show? Was I fair this time? I tried to be a good girl. It’s so hard to be good. That lucky bitch. That lucky fucking bitch! *storms out in tears*

  123. Anonymous

    WFW ..come back please…don’t storm out…
    We can pull ourselves out from this well of HELL we’ve been tosed into.

    Ok. The info on AB is mentioned under Just Jared’s info. So I suspect JJ corrected and updated his info too pass onto us.
    Here’s something I need to be clear on…SHE HAD SEX WITH HIM ON HER FIRST DATE WITH HIM ????? WTF???????

  124. Wet For Went

    I don’t believe the article said that it was a first date. They actually look comfortable with each other. It’s just the first time we’ve seen them. So…OK I’m going to go cry again. In fact, I’ll cry into some Apple Martinis later tonight. Mmmm Apple Martinis…

  125. Mama Bear

    Yes, WFW, you were a good girl. 🙂 I appreciate how you don’t let your blog go to shit with hate and all its ugly vices.

    And Anon 11:27, I would SO fuck Went on a first date! Lord, that’s a total given! That’s like about as given as
    1 + 1 = 2! Of course, I’m a total slut, so maybe that sort of equation just works for me. *snicker*

    Yep, WFW, Went and Scarfalotta look very comfortable with each other…almost as if they were related. *refraining from typing the words D-I-S-T-A-N-T C-O-U-S-I-N-S*

  126. Anonymous

    So far..no one is helping in HOW TO RECOVER from this shock!!!!
    I can’t get over the idea: He was inside this potaoto’s body..getting all sweaty on top of her..moaning an orgasmic moan in this potatoe’s ear! ????!!

  127. Wentalicious

    Keep in mind that a) he hasn’t announced her as his girlfriend and b) I don’t see no ring on her finger! Mmmhmm (sassy finger snaps).

    He can have his little summer fling, but he best be coming home once the fall season starts up again. Ya heard me Went! Don’t make me go ballistic on a brutha!

  128. Anonymous

    Ring Schming…we’re still waiting for Brad and Angelina to admit they’re a couple. But obviously they are…adopting baby #10.

    Look I’ll be one of the few to admit…seeing him with this one is annoying. now we’ve got to pretend to be nice and say nice things about her…and hide our true inner bitches….he rubs this under our noses and we have to make nice. We’re such adoring fangirls!

  129. Anonymous

    O.k. I took a little time to think about all this and seeing Went with this simple looking women (she’s not that ugly, but not so pretty either) confirms the fact that Went is a great guy. Look at the women we see him with, they are all regular looking women which means that he’s attractive to all the important things, personality etc… I love that about him… He’s such a good guy….

  130. Krissie

    Y’know, I was wondering who would wear THAT on a date with Went but then it hit me: those scarves probably came handy later, after they went TO HIS HOUSE…

  131. Wet For Went

    Krissie, unless you want to die, don’t you ever, EVER, say anything like that again. *locked and loaded*

  132. Anonymous

    Suggesting a group suicide, who wants to join…?

  133. NooNoo

    please keep all guns, knives, sticks and any other pointy things away from me. oh yeah and the plane ticket to where ever the hell she is..

  134. NooNoo

    oo noo hon, lets not kill ourselves
    lets kill ”she who can not be named”

  135. Anonymous

    By the way i doubt it is his girlfriend look at the way he interacts with her and there isnt much eye contact also notice she touches him when she laughs, showing this is most likely a friend relationship. However it does look like he got some last night lol, hope not. Also Went said he doesnt go on appearances when choosing to date someone 😛

  136. Mama Bear


    “lets not kill ourselves
    lets kill ‘she who cannot be named’

    ok that was funny…in a hating-with-love sorta way, of course. 🙂

  137. Anonymous

    this place is a riot!..it’s like beatlemania!!…girls,it dosen’t matter either way..you can’t have him!
    they are probably both laughing at the hysteria as we speak…;)

  138. Steph

    I hate to say it but maybe they are seeing each other. Look at the pic at Starbucks where she has her hand on her shoulder. The other one is around his waist, you can see her fingers. Believe me, I looked to see if it could have been his hand but it can’t be. This just makes me feel sad.

  139. Anonymous

    ok so she’s a 35 year old student/waitress who’s not much in the looks department and she gets to fuck Wentworth Miller, God does have sense of humor

  140. tia

    Even though I hate her something awful I will say I am happy that he is fucking someone who has a vagina

  141. Sway

    “I’m a leading man, and the lies I weave are oh so intricate, oh so intricate…”

  142. Anonymous

    I’ve finally left the denial stage and am in the acceptance stage (I guess). I was bummed for a while, but after shedding a few tears and having a couple of glasses of wine (wine, oh the irony, wine alone… with… out… Went…) I’m feeling much better now, thank you for asking. I am happy for him, hope she makes him happy. HOWEVER, I will never give up hope. Love you Went. We’ll always have last season.

  143. Anonymous

    Interesting…I am polisci major and P/T waitress and 10 years younger than that Amie girl. It sounds like I may have pretty good chance with Went. What do you think, guys?

  144. Mama Bear

    I’d say we’d all have a snowball’s chance in Hell with Went…*snickering*

  145. Anonymous

    Well, for Went I’m willing to take even that kind of chance…

  146. Anonymous

    I clicked on that myspace link of AB..and it’s closed.

    Damn she must have been bombarded with messages after all the went date exposure…probably freaked her out!
    Warning future gal pals…make sure you stay hidden under a heavy veil otherwise your life will become a tornado seen with him.

    Now I undertsand why stars tend to hang out with stars..they know how out of control all the attention can get!

  147. Krissie

    I have tried to handle this with grace. I have tried to hate with love. I have even tried to accept this.
    Well, FUCK THAT!
    I need help packing cuz I’m moving to Denialville!

  148. nicbeast

    *handing kriss her packing tape*

    Here, I am done with it, what is your new address? I am at 666 Denial Court. Wanna have lunch?

  149. Wet For Went

    FANGIRL EXPLOSION! I have fucking had it with this god damn blond and her overdoing the I’m out with Wentworth thing. Look you twirly hand, hip holding, waist grabbing, “accidental” head leaning wench, doesn’t his body language scream BACK THE FUCK OFF to you? Yeah he had his arm around you, to lead you, not feel you up! If he won’t say it, I will. STEP OFF @#$%*!

  150. nicbeast

    *Grabs WFW in a huge teary bear hug*
    In between sniffles, “Thank you. Thank you so much. I needed that.”

  151. Krissie

    Well said!
    May I hate withOUT love now, please?!

  152. Anonymous

    Whatsoever I’ve feared has
    Come to life
    Whatsoever I’ve fought off
    Became my life
    Just when everyday
    Seemed to greet
    Me with a smile
    Sunspots have faded
    And now I’m doing time
    Cause I fell on
    Black days

    I sure don’t
    Mind a change
    But I fell on black
    How would I know
    That this could be
    My fate

  153. Mama Bear

    Am I the only one on God’s green earth that thinks the big red “FAUX” across the tag-line “Wentworth is Homosexual” is hilarious?! I guess the French have accepted their truth…LMAO!

    Oh, and, WFW, I think Scarfalotta may have been telling Went her blog story about that asshole “chef” when she was doing her little jig. It just cries out, “Yeah, I’m a bad ass!”

    *Now going to dig a trench to hide from all the fallout this video will surely produce*

  154. AJ

    Jesus Harold Christ! I effing love this place. WFW, I love your brand of snark. Or perhaps you were being 100% serious. Either way…awesome fucking rant! Let the REAL hatefest begin!

  155. Wet For Went

    And let it begin here

  156. Anonymous

    I saw this video…Are WE viewing the same thing??? It’s in french. Uh it’s actually just him and her walking and laughing…but basically the same as what we saw in the pics. I can’t say this puts us anymore clearer to saying they are officially a “thing.”

  157. Mónica

    Amazingly I didn´t quite understand the beginning and the end LOOl, and I do understand french (with the exception of some words) but they speak damn fast.
    Still doesn´t alot, say.. weren´t they college buddies!? Maybe im just making this stuff up lool.

  158. Anonymous

    Darn it…my post disappeared into never Never land.
    Ok..can someone please PLEASE explain to me a minor detail in this WentAmie sage!
    If this woman is indeed his love interest why on earth would he NOT be proud to admit to the world that she is the one. Since they are going out in PUBLIC and already not maintaining secrecy what is the big deal?
    What is he protecting or guarding since he of all people knows he is being watched all the time? Even these few pics have cause a frenzy so why would holding her hand or kissing her be any less chaos?

  159. Wentalicious

    Mama Bear – I thought the exact same thing! That video was the funniest sh*t I have seen in a damn long time!


    Ah, mon dieu, mon dieu, c’est tres, tres drole mes amies…

    (Ahem) Anyway, a few lines from dear old Wentalicious: 1. This won’t last longer than a few months, I swear, it can’t. I saw the myspace pics and half her friends are better looking than her, I’m sorry, but it’s true. 2. In the video, towards the end where he’s standing in the street and she’s up on the sidewalk and he’s looking up at her and that light is behind them in the distance… as much as I hate this chick, is that not one of the most romantic Went moments evah? 3. I said before and I’ll say it again…


  160. Emmanuela

    wouldn’t it be great if one us made friends with one of went’s friends and through manipulation, persuasion, actually met him and became friends with him. I would love it. if that was me it would be great too but i can deal with all the deception! and lies, lol

  161. Wentasy_baybi

    LOL! emmanuela… I thought the same thing as you did, although it would be mean and devious, but whatever.lol.

  162. notyourtypicalfangirl

    hey wouldn’t it be funny if he was laying in bed next to his boyfriend laughing his ass off at the crazy fangirls, not that would be some irony for you

  163. shortstuff

    fuck fuck double fuck! i cant see the newer pictures, i cant see the video and i came too late to see the myspace which was deleted! this is what happens when i leave went fandom for one day to work on my fucking essay! argh! ps: went im still mad at you for cheating on me. good day.

  164. Wet For Went

    notyourtypicalfangirl, I’ve thought of that and it makes me roar with laughter.

    shortstuff, thanks for the heads up about the link. I fixed it and if they take that one down I have it saved so I will just upload the page at some point. Oh, and I still have the Myspace just meet me in the cbox!

  165. Dani

    I know I’d leave him paralized if it were me coming out of his apartment in the morning

    (from screwing his brains out)

  166. Dani

    and having said that, the bitch had GOLD in the palm of her hands…

    f*cking MOLE

  167. Dani

    I just wanna stab someone.

    Any blondes in the house?

  168. shortstuff

    thans wfw! after seeing the vid i feel so much better.. that body language to me says “just friends”.. anyways im off to not study! *tra la la la*

  169. Melody

    Okay, so I know I’m late, but I just had a total breakthrough on my way to school this morning. Amie Bice is from Birmingham, Alabama, right? Guess what other famous Bice is from Helena, a suburb right outside of Birmingham (I promise I only know this because I just bought a house there myself)? Why, it’s none other than Bo Bice, the American Idol dude!

    Now, Birmingham is a pretty sizeable town. But Bice is an uncommon name, and I would be willing to bet money that every Bice in Birmingham, including Amie and Bo, is somehow related. Okay, that’s my newsflash for the day. Completely unimportant to most of the world’s population, I’m sure. But I’m a Southerner, so I think about people in terms of their entire families. That’s all.

  170. Julie

    Wentworth Miller you can go out with whoever you want to its your love life!!!! 🙂

  171. Anonymous

    Hi u all.If she is his girlfriend good for him .I doubt he’d date a fan though if i met him i would just act normal but pass a hint that if he wanted some hot steamy sex i’ll be there to sort him out.Hes a bad boy really u naughty boy x

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  174. otkm

    Somebody, quick! Perform the Heimlich maneuver on the poor Rytdfjfggvkh, he’s chocking!!!

  175. otkm

    Oh, well. Too late.

  176. Bellaxx

    ew shes so effing ugly. i want to vomit. these pictures make me feel sick. but he just looks so pretty. im so jealous at the same time. however….. the one plus side is that it DOES give some hope to blondes like meeee!! hahaha i wish….

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