Wet For Went has lost her damn mind

I feel a meltdown coming…FANGIRL EXPLOSION! I have fucking had it with this god damn blonde and her overdoing the ‘I’m out with Wentworth Miller’ thing. Look you twirly hand, hip holding, waist grabbing, “accidental” head leaning wench, doesn’t his body language scream BACK THE FUCK OFF to you? Yeah he had his arm around you, to lead you, not feel you up! If he won’t say it, I will. STEP THE FUCK OFF @#$%*!

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my trailer.


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53 responses to “Wet For Went has lost her damn mind

  1. nicbeast

    *Standing behind WFW with armourment*

  2. britbird

    preach the truth wfw

  3. Mama Bear

    Scarfalotta, I hope you have your rain coat on because you’re going to get doused with ape shit! LMFAO!

    *running for cover…again!*

  4. AJ

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH JESUS, MY EYES! Yeah, I just now saw the video. I’ve decided I no longer like this broad, and am now ready to come over to the dark side. So boo on her ass!!!

  5. Krissie

    *wipes dust off torch*
    *lights torch up*
    L Y N C H T H E B I T C H !!!!!

  6. Wet For Went

    doc, we need the torch! Where are you with the fucking torch! *gathering angry mob*

  7. Krissie

    Excuse me, torch is my weapon. Doc has stones. Just saying.

  8. Wet For Went

    Stones then, stones! doc, we need stones! su we need your whip. Weapons dammit!

  9. PrimulaBlue

    *oblivious to impending Mob Death*

    I like her.

    *notices torches are being lit*


  10. Mama Bear

    primulablue, you must be a man because you’d have to have some serious CAJONES to say that in here!


  11. emily

    YES! There’s the WFW I know and love! TEAR THE BITCH DOWN! oops. I’m sorry that was far to harsh. What I meant to say was well done giving her a lesson in went-associated etiquette. we all know those alabamians have no idea what’s appropriate in social situations, right? *snicker*

  12. the.red.head

    hell yes wfw! let it all out!

  13. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for Went. No wonder he hasn’t had anyone for so long. I mean poor guy, if he’s so much as seen with a girl we get a media circus-which will proberly scare her off anyway.

  14. Mama Bear

    anon 5:03, you have a point, however, if Went’s love interests truly care for him, they would buck up and deal with the media glare. If Scarfalotta is truly his woman, then she MUST put on her armor and fend off the blitz! I know I would if I were in her shoes. I’d be like “Bring it on, beotches, whatchu got?!” Of course, I’m a bear and that’s what bears do.

  15. Mink

    *clutching sides*

    Now this is some funny shit! Yep, enough already with the ‘being understanding’ and ‘adult’ and ‘accepting’. Bring on the hell fires of suitable WFW ire!

    And Mama Bear, I am so with you. If this (or any other) girl can be scared away from a chance at a relationship with the hottest man on the planet by a bit of fangirl wrath and a spot of cyberstalking, she doesn’t deserve him. If it were me, they could bring it all they liked; I’d have to be pried off of him by the forceful uncurling of my cold, dead hands.

  16. silvia

    i just saw the video 8|
    kill the bitch now! where is my father’s shotgun?? *looking around*
    i’m so fucking jealous…! LoOL

    Mink said…
    “If it were me, they could bring it all they liked; I’d have to be pried off of him by the forceful uncurling of my cold, dead hands.” Β» I just agree with every letter!

    WFW the site is awesome =)I love the site, love went, love the comments, the jokes… everything =)

  17. Anonymous

    The sounds of Taps plays in the background….a lone soldier with tears streaming down her face. The battle is over.
    we lost our Went to Scarf-face.

  18. Anonymous

    A Wentworth Miller sighting is always fabulous, but reading what this site has to say about it is….. priceless! Thank you sooo much for ALL the laughter, tears, joy, and heartaches!

  19. AJ

    Big fat…..FUCKING….WORD to what Mink said. If I was his girlfriend, you couldn’t tell me SHIT! Bring it the fuck on! In fact, I’d welcome the hating. I’d sit there and take it with a big fat friggin’ smile on my face, if it meant I was tappin’ THAT everynight. Ungrateful wench.

  20. steph

    Well I think since all of this has now been put on the net we won’t see them out together anymore at all. So if they truly are together we may not get anymore confirmation b/c they may not want to go out to be stalked. The video is a little creepy. Why would you tape them like that? Gives me the heebee jeebees.

  21. Wentasy_baybi

    Okay… I know that I’ve been a little bitchy toward them, but that’s just women… we r crazy!LMAO! I know it’s unfortunate that people are posting her pics pretty much all over the internet, which I find extremely obsessive and scary, but that’s the way the world is. The world is cruel and if you are going to walk beside a fresh famous celebrity, you just gotta know that there is a chance that you’ll be photographed and even filmed(strange). You just gotta be prepared for the papparazzi!!! I know if I would be walking beside Wentworth, I would definetly have the knowledge that I might be on the internet the next day and get a whole bunch of negative comments, but I wouldn’t care, cuz if I’m really into the guy, it’s worth it. So if she can’t handle it, then she really doesn’t care about him. To me, I personally think they are just friends, but ppl immediatley assume that they’re dating. I have guy friends that I flirt with and they are just friends. At this moment… there is a chance that Went is feeling bad for what happened. I know he’s a good guy and this is what happens when ur a celebrity, but this case went a little overboard. And for the ppl who r threatning her, like come on!!! It’s not normal to be doing that at all. It’s way past obsession when you start threatning someone. So can y’all just plz calm it down.

  22. Wet For Went

    Well I think since all of this has now been put on the net we won’t see them out together anymore at all.

    I bet I don’t see one complaint about this but that’s just a guess.

  23. Wet For Went

    No calming is needed wentasy_baybi, it’s an inside joke. The post label is Humor afterall. This has happened and will happen every single time he is seen with someone. There’s just no avoiding it, but yes, if she wants him she will have to suck it up.

  24. cocot13

    you know when I first saw her from those unflattering angles that made her look 45 I was convinced that he was closeted and she was his beard, but now with all the other photos and evidence(thnks JJ) that they have been friends for some time and the way she is all over him and shamelessly flirting with him,I’m now convinced that he is straight because wouldn’t an old friend know his sexual orientation and not flirt with him no matter how fine he is and HE IS FINE, which leads me to the unfortunate conclusion that they are dating and that Scarfaletta is actually fucking Wentworth Miller

    Oh and I’m also convinced that he was dating and fucking Beigette, but I guess she just didn’t knock him on his ass like blondie did, God I think I’m going to vomit

  25. tee tee

    see girls he’s not perfect because he has horrible taste in women

  26. Wentasy_baybi

    Thanks WFW!!! And yeah… she will have to suck it up if she wants the man… I know I would “suck it up!”LOL!

  27. niknak

    AJ said…
    Big fat…..FUCKING….WORD to what Mink said. If I was his girlfriend, you couldn’t tell me SHIT! Bring it the fuck on! In fact, I’d welcome the hating. I’d sit there and take it with a big fat friggin’ smile on my face, if it meant I was tappin’ THAT everynight. Ungrateful wench.

    LMFAO! Damn skippy is all I have to say. Any woman who is worth her salt, supposedly confident enough to date Wentworth, shouldn’t run and hide at the face of a little contention.

    She needs to throw her arms around him, stick her tounge down his throat while grabbing his ass with one hand and flipping off the paps with the other. If it were me, I would be walking around wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m fucking Wentworth Miller” on the front, and “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” on the back.

  28. Mama Bear

    Ooh, I got minked! πŸ˜‰ Love the CSI imagery cuz I’m a dork like that. πŸ˜‰

    And preach it, Sister niknak, preach it! Where can I get this t-shirt? Of course, I’d have to add “…in my delusional, hopeful mind!” to that statement. πŸ˜‰

  29. Anonymous

    How will we get through this weekend…..Ohhhhh
    the agggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggony!
    the paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain
    and the teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars!

  30. fishy

    LMAO on the t shirt idea, niknak (you too, mama bear πŸ™‚ BTW, I actually saw a “mama bear” on Scarfallotta’s friends list on my Space – that’s not you, is it? πŸ˜‰
    Also, don’t hate me, WFW, but the arm around her thing? I think he might actually be touching her ass there *runs away and hides*

  31. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m Elise (French girl) and I haven’t seen the video yet (and I’m told it is in French!)
    Need translation? And how can I see it?

  32. Anonymous

    Still Elise.
    O.K. I have seen IT. Basically,nothing new is said in the video that we ignored, except that the thing with Scarfalleta has been going on for TWO MONTHS!!!
    I really feel sick! The girl damn knows which side her bread is buttered! She knew him for years and SUDDENLY, as he becomes famous…Poor gullible Went!

  33. Anonymous

    I think that the vid explains a lot. They’re just friends!!!


  34. Anonymous

    Ok, I hate myself for having looked closely enough to have noticed this, but the photo of them with his arm around her is clearly a photoshop job, and a bad one at that. The sidewalk and backgrounds on either half of the photo are clearly different, which explains why the video only showed it for a milisecond.

    That said, I am horrified at the vitriol that has been spewed in this poor girl’s direction ever since this story broke, and am really sad for both her and Went. Can you imagine what it must be like for both of them right now? I wouldn’t blame him for disappearing into seclusion until the start of S3 filming, and my heart just goes out to Amie. I hope she’s a stronger person than I am, because I would be absolutely devastated to read most of the things that have been written in the last few days.

    I am choosing to leave this comment here, as this site seems to be mostly populated by kinder, funnier folks (with better grammer) than over at JJ. WFW I think you are hilarious. Thanks for trying to keep the dialogue free of personal attacks while letting all of the broken hearts out there vent a bit (me included, obviously).

    *ducking out of the way of those tomatoes*

  35. KATJUS

    niknak – lmao! ThatΒ΄s precisely what one should do!

    anon 5:25 AM – love u for noticing the photoshop job thingie and pointing it out!
    I still need more proof for my suspicions of a complete set up, so anyone who has any, can find me in Denialville sipping on a drink and watching the clear blue sky!

  36. Mama Bear

    Fishy, I saw that too, but alas, there can only be just one Mama Bear, and I am she. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    WFW, can you please back me up here? πŸ™‚

  37. evelyn

    *dresses like blond girl: brown shoes, jeans, white t-shirt, red jacket and red skulled scarf. runs outside to find boyfriend*

    *returns: no boyfriend found. no Wentworth Miller in Naxos. only Miller likes women with “rainbow outfit.*

  38. AJ

    This comment is strictly to place an order for one of those t-shirts niknak was talking about. I’ll take one in small, please, thank you.

  39. Anonymous

    Day 2. The heart is still breaking. Imagine! How did one woman get so lucky…what does she have that I don’t…and then it hits me..she’s got WENT.

  40. Anonymous

    I posted some not so nice comments when I saw the pictures of Went and Amie, but now I do feel bad for her. Poor girl, all the nasty comments on her appearance and I admit some of them came from me. She needs to know that we’re not totally seriouse,no one seriously wants to harm her and that we are all saying these things because we have a teeny tiny obsession with Went.

  41. notthedoctor

    *wipping tears*
    I can only hand you all the stones, rocks, and pebbles you need to LYNCH Sarfalota ’cause I’m busy holding my belly!
    I’m laughing too hard to LYNCH anyone right now, even scarfed bitches!

  42. niknak

    *starting make-shift t-shirt printing press in living room*

    I know no one is really a fan of this woman or the way she dresses, but I must say, she does seem like a nice person, albeit meek and totally clueless of the awesome luck she has to be friends with one of the world’s hottest men. I am not fond of her looks, but honestly, I wasn’t looking at her. I am looking at him.

    My only issue with her is that she doesn’t seem to get how good she has it, even if they are just friends. I don’t have a MySpace page, but if I was in her position, I wouldn’t delete shit! Hell, I would start my own website! Take out a commercial ad during every major season finale from now until June! Like I said before, I would own the fact that I am the lucky bitch all the rest of the world wishes they could be. I could get reemed left and right for my appearance, hair, clothes, face, and not give one iota of a damn because I’m the one who’s friends with/fucking/hanging out with/touching him.

    I am sure she did not sign up for the “pick on me” parade, but I think the pros far outweigh the cons. She needs to suck it up and move on! As for the lynching, she was wearing the scarf, two even, so she must have known to come prepared…

  43. AJ

    ^100% agree niknak. Here’s the thing: I didn’t have a problem with Blondie till she started whining (i.e. deleting myspace accounts, friendster accounts, screennames, etc.). And yes, I consider that whining.

    I don’t care if they’re friends, lovers, or boyfriend/girlfriend. Bitch, you are standing next to Wentworth Miller. That may not seem like a privelige to you, but to most of us here, it is. Why? Cuz it’ll never be us! So suck it up and fucking deal. She must not value her friendship/relationship with Went if she’s gonna whine and disappear into oblivion over some haters. Having said that, I think some wise words from Katt Williams are in order. Blondie, pay attention:

    “Why the fuck are you complaining cuz bitches are hating on you? What do you think a hater’s job is? To fucking hate. So, stop whining and let them motherfuckers do their gotdamn job. If you have 14 haters, you need to figure out how the fuck to get to 16 before the summer gets here!”

    I realize the “hating” going on here is all in jest (for the most part), but there are people on other websites saying some fairly rude things about this girl. So what? Why should she care that a bunch of fangirls think she’s ugly, as long as HE disagrees? Again, if I were in her position, you could say whatever you want about me. Shit, CALL me a nappy-headed ho. I wouldn’t give a FLYING fuck!

    At least Marianna had a backbone. She didn’t let a little fangirl freakout keep her from making not only a second, but a THIRD public appearance with Went. Yet, I get the feeling we’ll never see this girl out in public with him ever again.

    Ladies, you need to be “the shit” to YOU. Not in a way that brings other people down, but in a way that doesn’t allow other people to bring YOU down. DAMN, I’m long winded.

  44. Anonymous

    I think I might be choking on my own saliva. Choking on my utter dismay and surprise that our Pretty is out galavanting around with….I can’t – I can’t even SAY it! I can’t BREATHE!! I may possibly collapse…inhaler, where are you!

  45. Anonymous

    LMAO! with thunderous applause!

  46. Anonymous

    I don’t get it girls…clearly we’re missing something here. If she can be with Wenty…then we ALL have a chance!!! I’m not blonde (but I can dye my hair if that’s what he fancies…ummm, will do anything ya? LMHO)…but I think I can score better than her all around (looks, talent, brains, personality, etc.)!!

    We should start ‘applying’ as prospective gfs, lol!!!

  47. Anonymous

    True, dear 10:30 Anonymous, we ALL seem to have a chance (if you are in L.A,that is -I am in France, and I MISSED his appearance in Cannes last year, I hadn’t fallen in love with him at the time!)
    But somehow the fact that he dates next-door girls makes him, well, less awesome to me! Isn’t he just a plain Joe who happens to be too pretty for his own shoes?? Didn’t he himself say that he was “a dork”? Aren’t we confusing him with Michael Scofield??
    Am I the only one who feels that way???

  48. Krissie

    Anon 12:23, I can assure you than NO ONE here confuses Went with Michael Scofield. Just saying.

  49. Beigette

    *nods in agreement with WFW.

  50. miz brisvegas

    What in the name of fuckity-fuck just happened here? I go away for the weekend and come back at my desk on Monday to work [read: net surf, drink my body weight in caffeine and goof off] to find this video?!?

    Somebody better slap me hard plenty quick cos’ am in desperate need to wake up from this nightmare!

    All seriousness aside, ladies [and maybe some gents] I’m luvving all your posts! You guys are so faaaaaa-neeeeeeeee!!! Do it again! Do it again! Make me laugh some more!!!

  51. Anonymous

    Nope…definitely not confusing Went with his small screen persona! He’s an A-lister so no matter if he confesses to be a dork he has access to loads of beautiful women…like US!!! What I’m saying is…sure he becomes wary that women might like him only because he’s a star…but it does not mean that he has to settle for whatever her face is (ok, she’s cute…but he can do much better, ya?) just to be on the safe side!

    You take risks in this life…even if you fall flat on your face, albeit publicly for him, you still have to take the risks. Otherwise, what joy do you get?

    So Wenty darling…LOOK FAR AND WIDE AND PICK (as the girl in that French vid said “pick me! pick me!”, LOL!


  52. BB

    thanks anon 5.25 for pointing out the photo shop of went with his arm round scarfalotta. I was living happily in denialville with krissie and kat (who have been a great support in this uneasy time), however, I could deny why he was with her and deal with it, but the arm….. the explanation that he was helping her accross the street just didnt seem to wash……… now i know some evil people are trying to destroy my love for went….. they must die!

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