Beigette vs. Scarfalotta: Smackdown

All of the Beigette (Mariana Klaveno) love in the comments of the post about Scarfalotta (Amie Bice) got me to thinking…If you absolutely HAD to choose, which one would you rather see him with?

The polls close at 3 a.m. on 4/22. VOTE NOW!

They both look too fucking happy if you ask me…


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61 responses to “Beigette vs. Scarfalotta: Smackdown

  1. Wentasy_baybi

    LMFAO!!! Awwwwwwwwwwww shit!!! This is HILARIOUS!!! Beigette VS Scarfalotta!!! And they’re mud wrestling naked for Went!!! Holy WetforWent…. u r extremely funny!!! How do u come up with these things??? Ur frakin’ awesome!!! HEHEHE!!!

  2. Keiko, a french fan of Went

    I think that as long as he isn’t with a top model, I’m quite happy for him… :p but I prefered the time when he was alone đŸ˜„ WENTYYYY WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?????????

  3. Mama Bear

    I chose Scarfalotta because she has better tatas (as evidenced above) and because she can dance a jig.

  4. steph

    I’d have to say neither. He was dating beigette and I really don’t think he is dating Scarfy. Or am I just in denialville? No, I really don’t think they are dating. Look at the pic with his arm around her, I think it really is photoshopped. But love the pics here!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi, Keiko, ou plutĂŽt, salut Ă  toi! I’m Elise from Marseille, and wild about Went, like everyone here!
    I don’t agree with you: at least a supermodel would make us dream, instead of that Plain Scarfaletta! Imagine them in bed *violent pain in chest*: what a waste! Dear WFW is right to be mad at him, it’s a crime against us all here..

  6. Neila

    Okay, I voted for Scarfalotta, mainly because she has given us blondes everywhere a little hope!

    As a sidenote, I just nominated WFW for a Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Entertainment Blog and Best Gossip Blog. Everyone go vote, vote, vote for our fearless leader!

  7. Anonymous

    Okay, I really despise both women (in a completely friendly Went-jealous way, that is), but I have to vote for Scarfalotta, because at least she has good posture.

    P.S. I don’t think he’s dating either one of them.

    ~ Melody

  8. Krissie

    All that mud squirting all over and not a single spot on their faces! And Went’s T-shirt, white yet spotless! Amazing!

  9. Wentalicious

    Beigette, because she at least made some sense. Scarfalotta makes no sense, no way, no how. He sure likes some plain-ass chicks!

  10. AJ

    Earlier in the week I would’ve said Scarfalotta. But due to Blondie’s apparent lack of a spine, I’m gonna have to switch over to Team Beigette. Boring as she may be, at least she wasn’t a whiner.

  11. Mink

    Holy shit! How is “Beigette” winning over “I’d rather he die alone” (which was my vote, obviously)? If I had to choose between the women I’d be TAC (That Amie Chick) all the way. At least she’s got a bit of spunk and doesn’t look totally vapid. I’m rather disappointed people are choosing based purely on who seems to suit him best physically. I would despise him forever if he chose some vapid, empty-headed pretty chick. At least TAC seems to have a sense of humour and be trying to have fun and amuse him (I think she’s trying a tad too hard, but that’s another issue). Vote TAC!

  12. Beigette


  13. Cosine

    I agree with Mink completely. Well, er, except for the dying alone part.

    I never like to comment on his lady friends, but I feel the need to do so now because I am stunned that so many people voted for Beigette. The plainness of her personality is significantly greater than the plainness of Amie’s physical appearance. Actually, I don’t find Amie plain – I think she’s pretty enough and I like her jeans. (While I agree that there were some issues with Amie’s outfit overall, Beigette was always 100% fashion disaster.) And I don’t find Marianna better looking than Amie at all.

    Did you guys actually read Amie’s blog entries? She’s got backbone, ethics, a sense of humour and a job. And she’s going to school for something real.

    I think Amie’s a much better match for Went based on what we’ve seen. Marianna is a better match for, oh, I don’t know, Channing Tatum.

    I just don’t get where y’all are coming from on this one.

  14. Anonymous

    My votes for Amie although personally I wish he’d ditch the whitebread hos and get him a sista.

  15. Anonymous

    i agree with anon 451 completely! however, the world would completely come to an end if that ever happened. I would be in total shock if he ever dated a woman that didn’t fit the mold of what we have seen him with thus far. He’s missing out, too! Poor thing! But, I disagree with calling any woman a ” ho”, though.

  16. cocot13

    even though I’d choose Beigette over Old Spice(thats what I call her)I say fuck both those bitches and he sholud die alone and inpotent!!!!!!!

    Hey, WFW its time for round 3 of choosing a date for Went don’t you think cause Babyboy has once again LOST IT !!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous

    A fortune teller told me that I was going to have a love affaire with a celebrity with the initials W.M. Who know, it just might happen…

  18. Anonymous

    Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind seeing him a striking woman..even if it turned out to be a model!

    I’d much rather see Went with a pretty top model or the likes of..because beautiful people are simply gorgeous to look at!
    Sorry but simply wanting him to be with a plain jane feels oddly more out of a jealous motivation.

  19. Wentasy_baybi

    Thanks anon… cuz I’m a model although I’m fresh! I think Went and I would make a gorgeous couple. He is so hott and I don’t wanna sound conceited, cuz I’m not, but I’m beautiful as well. I am also not a super obsessed fan. Celebrities to me are just ppl and I know Went is a celebrity, but to me he’s a person like everyone else. I don’t worship them and I don’t worship Went. I find him attractive and I like the way he carries himself. He seems like my type of man… and yes.., I like older men. They gave me experience… yes…experience!!!LOL!

  20. niknak

    If those two are the choices, I am voting he die alone. Its like trying to choose between stale bread or stale crackers… neither are appetizing. Both are dry, need something to help choke them down, and would be better thrown out and replaced.

  21. Anonymous

    You’re welcome wentasy_baybi!
    I mean it..I want to see the Pretty stroll down the red carpet with a beautiful woman on his arms. Please yall don’t get angry ….because I am not a model at all. Attractive yes. But I am no where being called a model. But god bless the likes of Angelina, or models like the ones of Victoria Secret etc. (Leonardo knows the deal) Damn real that would be worth burning the boards up…And I don’t believe that silly saying Went cares more about intelligence than beauty…baloney! First off..models are smart and savvy. A beautiful woman would have Went wrapped around her pinky. + A beautiful woman would on his arm would attract more attention and land him on every magazine cover…I mean these so called friends with benefits look are well bland.
    Hmmm…Maybe Went is only confident when chicks are less hot than himself.

  22. emily

    okay, I voted for went to die alone. I’m sorry! But we all know he won’t so get over it. And if my only two choices were scarfy or marianna (that’s right, I went there) then I choose beigette (yeah I couldn’t bring myself to do it twice…)
    basically all I want right now if for him to go back to work and get more some more PB. okay? went? okay?

  23. Anonymous

    Dear Wentasy Baybi,
    please, please, please shut up. We’re all very happy for you that you’re confident in your appearance—actually, I really don’t care—but all the same, your self worth seems wrapped up in something very superficial and I’m sick of hearing about it. You’re not a fangirl? really???? could have fooled me. but hey, I’ll believe you. you’re not a fangirl. okay. so then……what the hell are you doing here? do you know? or did I just blow your mind? and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Wentworth Miller probably wouldn’t date a self indulgent, self proclaimed celeb-friendly, loud mouthed “model” who can’t spell. But what do I know? Maybe you should try to get in touch with him and see. Let us know what he says!

  24. Anonymous

    After reading the anon1204 post, and in the interest of giving you a fair chance as potential dating material for Went, I thought I would check out your blog profile to learn more about you. And well, the part that struck me the most is this:
    Favorite Books:
    I’m not much of a book reader but I like reading magazines especially Cosmopolitan. I believe that you can learn more from a magazine then from a single book.

    First of all, I think you meant “than” and not “then.”

    But let me get to the bigger picture:

    My dear, if you were to truly think about who Wentworth Miller the man, the Princeton graduate, the well-read and well-rounded and extremely cultured individual is, and if you were to realize that his name itself came from a character in a classic NOVEL, then I would think you would know that based on the above comment I am not sure the two of you would be much of a match on an intellectual level, or have the same sort of appreciation for the arts, which I think are factors that we can all agree would be important in connecting with a man as deep and complex as our Went.

    But I digress. Let me add, though, that it is totally fine that you love to read Cosmopolitan and think that you can learn more from such in-depth articles as “99 Ways to Blow Your Man’s Mind” (and by those tips, I assure you that such magazines are not really talking about intellectual stimulation) than you can from classic literature, but honey, please consider that a relationship and being a “couple,” especially when Went is involved, is about much more than just the two of you looking gorgeous on the outside. He needs a woman who can truly blow his mind…not just figuratively but also literally.

  25. Anonymous

    Thank you, Anonymous 12:48! I thought I was the only one tiring of wentasy_baybi’s b.s. It takes more than pussy to hold a man, particularly a man like Wentworth Miller.

  26. Anonymous

    Anon 12:04


    *holding up torch and gathering up townfolk to join in your cause*


  27. Anonymous

    Anon 12:48

    I think I love you.

  28. Anonymous

    WFW, you couldn`t help it, could you?

  29. Anonymous

    wentworth miller has been named one of the six sexiest guys on the tv according to the may us edition of cosmo on page 57.he stated there he was single but i don’t when cosmo gather their it he is so fine there and he claims he will be writing a screenplay over summer. maybe amie has something to do with that.

  30. Anonymous

    i think i would not choose either. i would love to see him with april scott. i heard she was asked in an interview who she had a crush on and she said the dude on prison break wenworth miller. well she a brunette and a sexy model actress and she pushed over jessica simpson for the role of daisy duke on the upcoming movie dukes of hazzard. she is so pretty but if she dared to come near went i’m sure she won’t have any fans at all

  31. krejzi

    I voted for gay – I’m so in denial I’m in the closet and I don’t want to come out

  32. Wet For Went

    Anonymous said…

    WFW, you couldn`t help it, could you?

    4/16/07 2:29 AM

    Since when have I been known to resist ANYTHING? LOL

  33. Mama Bear

    I guess I’m easy-on-the-eyes, I read novels, I can even write a decent haiku or two, but I don’t think Went would really go for me since I was raised by circus carnies and I have webbed feet. Dammit all to Hell!

  34. notthedoctor

    LMAO @ Beigette vs Scarfalotta.
    I wish we had the video of the fight, and the look on Went’s face is hilarious!
    I wish WFW you were in the poll, ’cause you would soooo kick their fucking bitches’ asses!!!

  35. Zöe

    Lucky B I t C h E……..

    [Congrats and LOL from Spain.]

  36. Wentasy_baybi

    WOW! To the anons who criticized me… you don’t even know me, so don’t tell me that I’m superficial and I’m not intellectual. First of all, I’m working on my Masters in Science and I’m 20. So yeah, and second of all, y’all can just shut up, cuz I ain’t as superficial as y’all think I am. Sure, I believe looking good is important, but not as important as being smart and being beautiful on the inside. Personally, I think ur being sterotypical, cuz models tend to be known as being “dumb” and “self-absorbed.” So, I don’t need to explain myself any further. Anyway, just to let you know… ppl who criticize others are insecure of who they are, so they try to bring ppl down, just to feel better about themselves. Maybe you should take that into cosideration. It’ll help you!!!

  37. Wentasy_baybi

    Oh yeah… and I never said I wasn’t a fan of Wentworth. I said I didn’t worship him. It’s totally different!!! I’m not obsessed like some of you here and yeah… about the grammar, I made a tiny mistake. I’m not perfect… you must be obviously since you don’t make any BTW, I can so kick ur ass in a Spelling B competition. I’m really good at spelling and in English. Do you not wanna try? Thought so. Well, C ya l8a h8a!!!Mwah!

  38. Anonymous

    Am I that transparent? I’m oh so insecure! I cry myself to sleep everynight because I don’t know how to be happy with myself! Oh wait….no I don’t. But keep watching Dr. Phil. Maybe if you record your hours, you can get credit toward that masters! And I appreciate the challenge–by the way, it’s a spelling BEE–but I think I’m going to pass since I’ve already counted 6 grammatical errors in your response and I’m not sure a spelling BEE has a wide enough scope for what we would need to cover.
    For your notes, here is the definition of worship:

    wor·ship (wûrshp)
    a. The reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object.
    b. The ceremonies, prayers, or other religious forms by which this love is expressed.
    2. Ardent devotion; adoration.
    3. often Worship Chiefly British Used as a form of address for magistrates, mayors, and certain other dignitaries: Your Worship.
    v. wor·shiped or wor·shipped, wor·ship·ing or wor·ship·ping, wor·ships
    1. To honor and love as a deity.
    2. To regard with ardent or adoring esteem or devotion. See Synonyms at revere1.
    1. To participate in religious rites of worship.
    2. To perform an act of worship.

    As a noun, I think you (and yes, others) qualify for definitions 1a. and 2 as well as definition 2 when regarded as a verb. At least, I THINK dedicating your blog to him counts as regarding him with adoring esteem. I could be wrong….but I don’t think so. You’re right, it’s wrong to stereotype models. However, it’s also irrelevant here because every perception we had of you was made before you announced your modeling career.
    But thanks a bunch for the psychological insight! Take care!

  39. Anonymous

    Anon 12:20

    *Picking self up off of floor. Reaching for oxygen*

    I haven’t laughed this hard in YEARS!!

    I think I love you! Can I call you later?

  40. "The Pretty"

    Now, now ladies…there’s no need to bring out the claws. I happen to like mind fucking, coochie fucking, eye fucking, and everything else in between. Call 1-800-MAN-MILK to schedule your Blue Steel special.

  41. Wentasy_baybi

    Omigosh! Like shut the fuck up!!!lol! What are you? an English Professor or somethin’? I could careless about my motherfucking grammar. Does this look like a damn Spelling quiz to you?Holy geez! Who do you think you are? BTW I know it’s written as “Spelling Bee” idiot, I just wrote spelling b as slang, just like you would write “because” as “cuz” and “you are” as “u r”. This ain’t an English essay FYI! So like get over it!!! And what, you couldn’t write the definition of “worship” in ur own words? you had to copy and paste it from an online dictionary.LMFAO!!! Hilarious! Not to mention, you brought up Dr.Phil, like wtf does that have to do with anything. My gosh… you don’t make any sense whatsoever. I don’t even watch Dr.Phil u moron, but anyway whatevz! And yes I say whatevz, are you going to correct me with that too???LOL! Anyway, if ur not an English Professor… you should think about it. Atleast you’ll be complaining about Grammar for a reason. Oh and ur welcome to the psychologist insight remark, although it’s not enough, cuz you obviously need professional psychiatric help!!! Next!!!

  42. Wentasy_baybi

    Went??? Is that you???

  43. Anonymous

    I would have to agree with you, your comments are NOT English essays (thank God). Slang is attractive only in moderation, by the way. “u r” used as a substitute for “you are”? It’s not that I don’t understand the slang it’s just that I’m trying to give you the heads up; it makes you sound…….oh what is the word I’m looking for here???? Oh right! RETARDED! How to make you understand….hmmmm. oh, okay, this might help: It makes you sound like totally RE to the ARDED! LOL LOL LOL LOL!
    Did that help? Just trying to speak your language, Wentasy_Baybi. Am I going to correct you on “whatevz”? Honestly, that ridiculous expression is the least of my worries for you. Say “whatevz”. Scream it from the rooftops. All I (and by “I”, I mean EVERYONE who frequents this blog AND the c-box) ask is that you refrain–as MUCH as you can–from torturing us with your incredibly unfortunate wide vocabulary of internet slang and anything else you write that might leave us dumber for having read it. As far as taking a definition from a dictionary. If the definitions you give (that you expect people to regard as truth) when trying to make a point about the true meaning of a word are ones you’ve pulled from your head, you might want to reconsider that tactic. Especially given your track record.

    Just to make sure this gets across: the main point of this whole thing is a desperate plea from all of us to please AT LEAST read through your comments before you post them. Ask yourself a few simple questions. You know, “what about my comment as it stands now might make me sound like an idiot?” or “What about my comment might make someone else want to throw up?” or “what can I do to make my comment less superficial and inane?” I honestly think my brain is allergic to the studpidity.
    Thanks a million from ALL of us!

  44. Anonymous

    *kneeling in prayer*

    Dear Jeebus,
    Please, please, please for the love of all that is good and holy, do not let me piss off Anon 1:01.


  45. Anonymous

    to anonymous #1,

    I know wentasy_baby by the way, she is a good person and she is really intelligent. I was in her class and she always has high marks in english and she also has a good vocabulary. I have no clue why you are practically attacking her, becuz u don’t know her. You can also have a stimulating and intelligent conversation with her as well. I think you are the one who’s retarted and knowing her, she can careless about what you say, becuz that’s her. This chick has brains and she’s talented. So speak for yourself.

  46. miz brisvegas

    Bloody hell!?! I thought this was a Beigette vs Scarfalotta smackdown, not Anonymous [Various] vs wentasy_baybi smackdown? Can I still get tickets? I wanna get front row seats! $10 on Anonymous [Various]!!!

    *lines up and munches on popcorn*

  47. Anonymous

    I’ll take that bet! I’m in for $10 on Anon!

    Miz brisvegas, I’ll go get the beer!

  48. Wentasy_baybi

    Anon, You are a fucking insane bitch!LMAO! You’re actually screaming and getting totally pissed off just because of the way I write? Give me a break! Not to mention, you’re even criticizing me for it. This is the internet, look around, everyone makes typos and writes “cuz”, “ur”, “u” and “l8er”, and the list goes on. If this were to be an essay, I would not write like that. I always get excellent marks on my essays and I am also an intellectual and accelerated reader. Just to let you know, I began reading at the age of 5 in kindergarten while the rest of my classmates were learning their ABC’s. I also won many competitions when it came to spelling. I even have poems published. Do you? I highly doubt it. So, DO NOT tell me that I cannot write or spell, because you don’t even know me and you never read any of my essays. The people who know me know that I’m an intellectual and astute young woman. It’s a free world, so I can write the way I WANT to right. I am a grown woman, so don’t tell me what to do. This is a site about Wentworth Miller, so if you want to talk about grammar, then I suggest you take you’re grammar ass elsewhere.PERIOD! Thankyou and have a nice day.

  49. Wet For Went

    OK this is the end of this. Where do you people think you are IMDB? Oh and I will point out that the anons managed to express their displeasure without resorting to namecalling and I’m not having that shit here. Furthermore, no one tells anyone, to leave this site but me. Now lets all hate on the people who really deserve it; Any female not related to Went that comes within 50 feet of him.

  50. Anonymous

    OK. First, I would like to offer up my most sincere apology. While I am not the sharp witted Anon who has been engaging in what I thought was a little fun banter (and only a slightly derisive) with Wentasy, I did egg it on some. So, for that, I am very sorry. WFW, if in any way I have offended you, I am sorry for that as well.

    Second, in the spirit of forgiveness, I offer up an olive branch in the form of a Spelling B (Bee).

    Please choose the correct spelling for the object found around Blondie’s neck:

    1.) Skarf
    2.) Scarff
    3.) Scarf
    4.) Unbe-fucking-lievable

  51. Anonymous

    I am the guilty anon. I, too, apologize for letting this get out of hand. Wentasy, I’m sure you can spell but I guess as long as you can spell “Wentworth” and “I hat that bitch”, that’s all you really need, especially lately. Cheers to peace.

  52. Anonymous

    You know what’s awesome? I totally made a spelling error in the previous comment. Karma’s a bitch.

  53. Anonymous

    I am the author of one of the original anon posts (4/16 12:48), and for that I apologize as well.

    Can’t you feel the love in here right about now?!

  54. emily

    Caaaaan you feeeeel the loooooove tonight??????
    (can you feel it, Went? Can you????)

  55. nicbeast



  56. notthedoctor

    True Dat Nicky!
    Fucking Asylum!

  57. Wentasy_baybi

    Dear WFW,

    I apologize for misbehaving and being mean to anon. Forgive me WFW! Forgive me!

    Sincelerely yours,


  58. Anonymous

    Hey there,
    I understand we all think that Went is brilliant but I just don’t understand this hostile Mind-set for his lady friends. Once you get to know people they often start to shine.

    We should be glad that he is atleast spending his time with regular girls.

  59. soiled undies

    I have missed some good shit!

  60. soiled undies

    Oh and I think one of the anons was an English teacher not a professor….just a hunch….*grin*

    oh and may I just add to stir up some trouble and in the hope that no one will read this…

    the comment at 2:16 on the 18th….!!!!

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