More Wentworth Miller Bean Pole Jeans Ads

Pics removed at Bean Pole’s request…Maybe cuz the ads were awful.

is BACK baby with new pics! Mmmmm sleeveless…

[really hot photo of Went in a sleeveless shirt holding a ball, in my Imageshack]

Let’s see that bigger…Mmmm mmmm good.

Thanks ring!

UPDATE: We have Ads! But, what’s with the designs? Me no likee.

[ad in white shirt]

The last Wenticorn.

[ad in sleevless shirt]

Hey flying man! You’re not slick. Step away from the Precious, slowly now, and no one gets hurt. I’m seeing a theme here…What’s with the wedding rings?

[ad in polo shirt]

Is Zeus there holding a flaccid penis? Love the skull. Someone should really put that on a silk scarf.

[ad in striped shirt with pink on the sleeves]

A Went by any other name would look as sweet. And look! MORE skulls!

[ad with ass shot]

Mmmm an old favorite with the added bonus of a dragon and ass-worshipping cherubs. Fabulous.


Ads with the designs removed.

Thanks baaca and angelicus!

UPDATE #2: TV Ad alert! TV Ad alert! Squeeee! Word is the man in the TV ad with his back to the camera is NOT Wentworth Miller. Damn fine stand-in I’d say!

Thanks Anon 10:44!

UPDATE #3: Go to Bean Pole’s Site and click jeans…Guess who pops up? Heeeeeee! Click on Go Event to see the ads and your cursor actually makes him move (and unfortunately, all of the crap floating around him as well but what’re gonna do)! The event, so to speak, is actually a contest. You enter the name of the jeans that Went is advertising, your name, address, and phone number and a winner will be chosen at random and sent a pair of the jeans and a Prison Break DVD.

Thanks pandacakes!


[ad from bean pole’s site]

And a close up…

[close up of that hot ass, in my Imageshack]


Thanks brookeonline and FleshCartoon!

UPDATE #5: Oops, I never posted this next one did I? Well here you go.

[pic of Went in plaid shirt]

UPDATE #6: Wentworth Miller is on the cover of the Korean Cosmopolitan Magazine’s May 2007 Issue.

cover source

inside page source

Thanks geniass and Joey!

UPDATE #7: Holy Shit look at him…

[smoking fucking hot pic of Went in white shirt, seated]

Mmmmmm Wentworth….

[pic of Went in awful shirt that in this pic doesn’t look so awful]

You know, from this angle, the shirt actually looks better. Or is it that Went is so fine?

Thanks again ring!


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51 responses to “More Wentworth Miller Bean Pole Jeans Ads


    His model fluffers, the ones tighing his shoes, have missed a spot…! It´s a scandal! Diva fit time Wentworth; u just can´t work like this!
    On a different note; sexysexysexysexy! I want to play ball with you hon´… Come on, I´m free…!


    I love having the comments section just for me… *evil laugh*

    Now ladies, tell me r my old eyes decieving me or is that another great CROTCH SHOT? *shivering*
    My oh my, how hot it suddenly got… *fanning herself*

  3. BB

    lol kat CROTCHWATCH!!!!! This picture is perfect for it!!
    I agree sack the fluffers although maybe it ties in with wents wrinkled shirt look…………

  4. Belgian

    Went, baby, you should eat some more… like ice cream maybe… yeah… ice cream served on me.


  5. Anonymous

    1st photo…
    This is not AD photo!!

  6. Wet For Went

    Yes but since I knew the ads were coming, I figured I’d put it all together.

  7. Anonymous

    Seriuosly…if these truly are the advertsiement pics and this is the last result…the design iis awful.


    The man is like totally kitched- up in these pics.
    How do you manage to take a man who is easily capable selling of Sexy Suave Debonair and come out with a campaign ad that suurounds him with that hideous overpowering design!

  8. Anonymous

    Top Pic is the loveliest out of the bunch….I love the underarm tuffs hair peeking out…that would tickle my nose were I to snuggle up with him in a warm fluffy bed! yum yum.

  9. AJ

    LMAO. Skulls on a silk scarf! I just peed myself at work. How embarrassing. Thanks WFW!

    But, no, seriously…all that floaty cartoon looking shit is just distracting. And WHOEVER made him wear that striped shirt with the pink cuffs needs a nice, swift kick to the ass.

  10. Wet For Went

    Thank you so much anon 10:44!

  11. Anonymous

    uhhh…saw the commercial clips..looks like they are spinning the theme of the jeans off PRISON BREAK?….not very imaginative.

  12. emily

    dear Wentworth Miller’s ass,
    you are so fine. and I think we should get married. the end.

  13. Dani

    That Korean TV ad? DAMN hot!

    Graphically shot in line with PB, and appropriate.

  14. pandacakes

    Hey WFW, on the official Bean Pole site at, on the Korean site, if you click “jeans”, and scroll to the bottom, there’s a window that opens up for Wentworth’s featured “break jeans”. I was wondering if you knew what the “event” was.. or if you knew any Korean?? All for the sake of WentKorea.. =)

  15. linds

    WFW – your comment regarding the skulls and scarf make me love you til it hurts!

  16. Wet For Went

    Unfortunately my Korean friend isn’t online at the moment. I might know something later. Thanks for letting me know he was on the site though!

  17. Krissie

    Dear Mr Miller,
    since we are (painfully) aware of your owning of the Lumber Jack Shirt, could you please work on your Lumber Jack Skills and cut down the forest under your arms?
    Just a suggestion.
    I still love you.

    P.S. I don’t appreciate the ornaments or whatever they are called that are covering even the tinniest parts of his body.
    Advertising people, when will you learn not to mess with his body in any way??!

  18. Mink

    That top unmessed-about-with sleeveless hoodie pic is insanely hot. Not only does he have the most beautiful ass I have ever seen (nekkid in my mind only, sadly *sniff*), he has the most beautiful arms I have ever seen. I really want to see him in more sleeveless tops. *quiver* Oh, and I love his arm pits. They look so inviting. (Yeah, yeah, I know I need help.)

  19. keikoooo, a french fan

    Oh deaaar god he looks so…. YUMMY :p this man is awesome, perfect everything you want! and the tv-ad…. *no coment*

  20. Anonymous

    yowsa! yeah I wanna chain him up and have my way with him! mmmm sexybeast!

  21. redlightmind

    WFW, you kill me!!!

    Where do I send my letters to his crotch?

  22. tee tee

    that was the queerest fucking thing I have ever seen

  23. cocot13

    OH HELL TO THE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But he does look good, like I really needed to point that out

  24. tia

    so are the people running BeanPole 12 year old girls?

  25. miz brisvegas

    Grr! I know this stupid shirt’s already been ragged on, but for the love of God! Why, oh, why did they use that fucking black & white stripped shirt with those fucking pink bits on the sleeve?!? No! No! No! *rips hair out in chunks!*

    Can’t help feeling mildly disappointed the creative team at BPJ didn’t do W. Miller justice. Oh, well, good thing Went can sell just about anything!

    All I can say is he better make up for this by heaps of “Went Candids”, preferably alone or with nothing but a cheeky smile on. I’m not too hard to please.

    tia LOL! Yeah, I can see why you’d come to that conclusion.

  26. KATJUS

    I´m sorry but i think the stripey shirt with them peach cuffs is cute on him. It´s the sort of thing u´ll see all the “cool & trendy” guys wearing all over europe this summer.
    Darling Wentworth, is this you now? 😉 *giggle*

    And may i just laugh my ass off at the randomness of having the Finnish flag in the Bean Pole jewelry in the add ??!! I mean huraa for Finland to be in the same add as Wentworth (cuz that´s as close we r ever likely to get to him… *weep*) but may i point out to the advertising people that the market for the Finnish flag jewelry is kinda small… 😉 But thanks anyway, made my morning that! lol

  27. Anonymous

    You may think I ‘m fussy, but I find the back shots don’t do any justice to his butt!! The jeans look EMPTY! We’ve admired his round firm buttocks in PB and on this vey site (WFW, thank you so much!). But Bean Pole Jeans, bad fitting at the rear!
    He should have signed with one of our French brands…


  28. Anonymous

    just letting you all know – mr miller was pictured in Cleo (australian magazine) as one of the hottest 30 men on the planet 😀
    i mean *obviously*!

  29. fishy

    WFW, nice touch mentioning the scarf :D.
    emily, sweet of you to propose to Went’s ass, but alas, it’s promised to another (=me).
    krissie, you silly girl, armpit hair is manly!

  30. Anonymous

    Nothing to do with Went for once, but I want to tell you how much the French students here in my Uni are sharing your pain and sadness for the Virginia Tech tragedy: we are having a vigil tonight in memory of our fellow American students who have been killed.
    Love to you all.


  31. Mama Bear

    Is it wrong that I want Went to put me in a head lock and give me a noogie with his sleeveless, hairy armpit-bearing shirt?

    *holding out hands to put into straight jacket*

  32. Wet For Went

    Thank you Elise. I’m still trying not to think about it but failing miserably and crying whenever it comes to mind. I’m sure the friends and family of those lost and the community appreciate your good thoughts and kind wishes. Thank you for thinking of us.

  33. Mink

    The Virginia Tech tragedy is so terrible there are no words.

    Anyway, what I’m popping in with isn’t a joke anyway. Just wanted to point out – it’s not actually Wentworth in that Korean TV ad (hence all the quick cuts and no sight of his face). If in doubt, take a look at the caps at JJ. When the quick cuts flashing past our eyes are taken out of the equation, it’s reasonably obvious. I hope he’s okay with them using a body double for him in the ads, particularly as the guy’s ass isn’t up to the luciousness of his own.

  34. Anonymous

    these pics have been posted on Perez Hilton’s botttom of the barrel site if any one cares.

  35. Tatiana

    on the last photo…hm…very pink lips…

  36. Wentasy_baybi

    He is such a masterpiece,isn’t he??? WOW! Beautiful pics!!! And the last pic…Went, you can use my lipsticks anytime.LOL! Just Playin’. I heart you Wentworth!!!

  37. twyla

    i agree with aj, the skull comment was priceless. people at work thought i was seriously unbalanced as i was falling out of my chair laughing!

    and since we are on the subject of said skull scarf, i dropped by the dollar store today and they actually had a scarf just like Scarfalotta’s! the good news is it was only $3.00. i’m sure she paid wayyyyyyyyyy more for hers! and it looks just as awful hanging on the rack in the dollar store as it did on her. but i digress. . .(i just can’t pass up an opportunity to make fun of ol’ Scarffy!).

    this comment should be focused on the deliciousness that is Wentworth Miller’s ass! ummmmmm good!

    WFW–keep the one-liners coming, they make my day!

  38. Wentasy_baybi

    And my heart goes out to all the lives lost and their loved ones at Virginia Tech. I don’t know how somebody could do something so disturbing and cruel. It makes me sick.

  39. Dani

    God I wanna lick those armpits.

    Those moving ads on the Bean Pole site were flaming hot..

  40. Dani

    I take that back – I really want to taste his back, crack & sack – so all y’all ladies line up behind ME

  41. Patty

    Who put Babyboy in those awful tight white heans? They are crushing his ball sack!

    I too like the pit hair.

  42. AJ

    It’s bad enough they made him wear that queer striped shirt. Now they’ve gone and given him camel toe.


    He really can’t say no, can he??
    *shakes head at Wentworth*

  43. emily

    Oh God. Oh God. ohhhhh GOD. OHHHHHHHHHHH WENTWORTH!!!!!!!!

  44. Wentasy_baybi

    emily…. I know how you feel. I’m having the best orgasm right now too.LOL!

    God! That pic where he’s sitting down like he’s havin’ a crap and wearing that white t-shirt is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! PANT PANT!!! Oh my lord! It’s like he’s staring right through me. He’s so beautiful!!! VA VA VOOM!!! LMAO!

  45. Mama Bear

    WFW, don’t tell me that you now have love for the striped shirt! Don’t do it, woman, don’t do it!

    And LAWD, these new pics are HAWT!!!
    All I have to say for the here and now is: Dom who?!

    And Went in Zories (or flip flops as he likes to call them)…mmmm…long, luscious toes! Yes, yes, yes!

  46. Mama Bear

    HOLD THE PHOCKING PHONE!!! The Koreans bedazzled Went’s white jeans?! Exhibit A: The last pic in this post…specifically, the pocket trim. Somehow, somewhere, I bet Went’s sucking his thumb and crying at this travesty. I know I am…

  47. Krissie

    Well paint me black and white striped with a touch of pink and let Went wear me!
    I could cling to him just as tight!
    You don’t believe me, Went?! TRY ME!

  48. Krissie

    Hating double posting (I was trained well by you-know-who) but gotta ask: What the hell did they do to his arms in the white-tee-picture??!
    *maniac voice* Photoshoppers…

  49. Marleen

    Where on the Bean Pole site can I see Went? I looked everywhere, but I don’t see him. Can anybode explain it to me, please?

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