How Much is Wentworth Miller Worth?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the piece of lint shaped like Wentworth Miller that sold for over $570 on ebay. Look, it’s even on the run! Somebody with a fantastic sense of humor and money to burn now owns this lovely piece of shit. It got me to thinking…How much is the real Wentworth Miller worth? Since google is my friend, I typed in “How much are you worth” and the first entry was this one. Now I took a few liberties and made quite a few things up (unfortunately I don’t know his penis size so I gave him 9 inches b/c I’m just nice like that) but by my calculations, Wentworth Miller is worth exactly $2,642,890.

Worth every penny…


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20 responses to “How Much is Wentworth Miller Worth?

  1. emily

    I haven’t yet figured out how that piece of lint looks like Wentworth Miller since I usually want to have sex with things that look like Wentworth Miller. If this was a piece OF Wentworth Miller’s lint, I’d definitely have a sexual reaction to it. Who paid $570 for this? Haven’t they heard that age old saying “a picture is worth a thousand pieces of lint”? …………or something like that.

  2. nicbeast

    I am the stupidest person on the planet. I got this email from Ebay weeks ago. I should have bought it when it was like a penny.

    Instead my dumb ass sent her an email:

    Does it smell like him too?

    You might be the funniest person on the planet, right now!

    To which she responded:

    I’ve never personally smelled Wentworth before, so I really can’t offer you any info on that one. Sorry.

    I am SOOO embarrassed to post this under my name, but WFW threatened to out me if I didn’t.

    BITCH! WFW I HATE YOU!…with love.

  3. Mama Bear

    LMFAO…with love, Nic!!!

    As far as being worth every penny, I have the $2,642,890 in rolled coins, so Went, you are MINE. All mine! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Wentasy_baybi

    LMAO! Oh Lord!!! Who buys a piece of lint for $570???haha! It’s not even close to looking like Went. Who in their right mind would think that? But anyway,

  5. The Pretty

    Nic, I have some belly fuzz to sniff if you’re interested…it also happens to lead to the place I like to call my “Nine Inch Nail.”

  6. brit bird

    the person that paid for that makes us look sane!!!!! LMAO

  7. Krissie

    Dammit, I lost it by a dollar!!!!!
    And I figured it was the closest to the real thing I’d ever get…

  8. keiko

    After “The Six Million Dollar Man” , here is The Two Million Dollar Man…

  9. Belgian

    $1,367,070 is what I am worth. So if I sell my sself to two people I will be able to buy Went!


    White black haired female with big boobs and junk in the trunk looking for two pimps. Qualities: sexually wanton and very smart. Skills: Teacher and over twelve years of sexual experience. Offers: will do anything. Price: $1,367,070.


  10. VanS


    Well I guess I don’t know who is more stupid: the person who sold or the one who bought it!
    Perhaps the one who bought…LMAO

    Kiss everyone!

  11. Anonymous

    Is it me or is that black and white pic designed so that my eyes are drawn not to his face but zero in on his package and his foot is a subtle remind of just how long his d*ck is??? I need my my coffee.
    Who ever gets to sleep with this man owes it to us mortal beings to just describe what it feels like to be with him..Consider it charity work to let us in on that phenonmenon!

  12. brit bird

    i’ll buy you bel…. no wait… im supposed to save my money to buy went… hard choice….

  13. Cosine

    Dude, I don’t know what I did wrong, but by my calculations, he’s worth $2,493,878.

    He lost $50,000 because of the smoking. And apparently you get no cash for lots of things that I thought were definitely cash-worthy.

    I marked his race as “other” – I thought it was for stats purposes, not something they were actually going to use in determining “worth”.

    I’m going back to investigate. I am poised to be REALLY FUCKING DISGUSTED.

    Will report back.

  14. shortstuff

    lol WTF? can someone explain to me exactly how that pice of lint looks like went? no. *shaking head in disgust*

  15. Cosine

    Okay, so I tried a bunch of different things, and here are the results:

    I’m happy to report that changing the race did not have an effect on worth. (I tried white, black and other – all the same.)

    When I changed porn usage from “seldom” to “never,” there was no change.

    When I changed “smoker” to “non-smoker,” $65,000 should have been added to his worth, but for some reason $130,000 was added.

    When I changed “green eyes” to “blue eyes” (there was no option for “hazel”), his worth reduced by $8,000.

    When I changed “a little bit hairy” to “no hair” (re: body hair), his value increased by $10,000.

    When I bumped up his IQ one point, his worth increased by $5,000.

    When I changed his build from “athletic” to “slim,” his value dropped by $30,000.

    There you go, Went.

    Don’t change a thing.

  16. notthedoctor

    well i’ll see his $2,642,890 worth and raise my $2,642,900 worth… so that leaves us $10. Perfect, we’ll take two coffee and run to bed!

  17. Tracy

    This is for you, Wentworth Miller if he read this commnet-The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart

  18. Kassie

    Have you seen the new Mastercard ad?

    A piece of lint shaped like Wentworth Miller: $570

    Bel’s ass: $1,367,070

    One night with the most perfect man on Earth: priceless.

  19. merve

    � love you miller l from turkey and you Very very handsome ❤

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