Wentworth Miller is a Ladies Man

It’s a new day so I guess it’s time for a different chick! Oh Wentworth, when will it be my turn huh? When?

Is that a scarf I see?

Thanks FleshCartoon and ring!

UPDATE: Jared has bigger pics!


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69 responses to “Wentworth Miller is a Ladies Man

  1. Krissie

    Wentworth Miller, please, hear this:
    Can I date you now? Can I?

  2. VanS

    Outch Went….Another one?!

    UAU this is too much for us all here…right girls?
    I don’t mind u goin out with your bitchy friends and all….but u are going to far…damn!

    WFW is right: when is her turn?
    She is devoted to you!

    LORD help us ALL….

    *makes a voodo doll for that date girl in the vid….LMAO

  3. Mama Bear

    And the bucket hat makes a reappearance. I was wondering where that went (ha! pun SO intended). Now are you ladies sure this woman isn’t his sister?

  4. Anonymous

    OH PLEASE! A stage scenario to take away from the Amie hype. Did you notice that no one anywhere around Went even knows who he is….there’s no screeching fansgirls fainting, but these two photograhers clearly know who Went is underneathe a bucket hat? A hat that sticks out like a sore thumb! Then you hear the cameraman go too the photog “Did ya get him?” Sad to say…seems like he’s becoming the male version of Lindsay Lohnan….and Brit..the fake candid shots!

  5. Anonymous

    I think that´s his sister. I´ve seen her picture.

  6. Anonymous

    The video is so unclear and the other pic is so small. can’t see any face of the gal. His sister? I always though his family pics were never exposed?

  7. whimsy

    OMG. I just died. Again.

    How many times is he gonna keep doing this? Haha.

    I’m a big fan now WFW, I have to say. You rock. =P

  8. linds

    I’m sitting here humming “Unbreak My Heart” under my breath (no slapping me down for that, WFW) and thinking it’s really ironic how when all the gay rumors were flying around I wanted to see nothing but these kinds of pics of Went with women just to prove to my friend Johnny that Went plays for team str8. Now, I wish I could take it all back!!!

  9. Anonymous

    The word is wack and the word is for your Went. What the hell was that? That video looked ridiculous. If it ain’t staged, I’d be surprised. What the hell is going on with my WENT?!

  10. brit bird

    hey lidsey keeps getting her um… ‘lady garden’ out… so went if your being lindsey LETS SEE IT!!
    right im now off to buy the biggest most hideous scarf known to exist maybe with sumo wrestlers on it….. hey if you cant beat them join them!!

  11. tia

    he’s turning into a man whore i see

  12. cocot13

    let the mass hysteria commence

  13. AJ

    Damn, he’s freakishly tall. Or maybe she’s just 4’11. *shrug*

    Meh, Another week, another broad. Can’t wait to see what NEXT week’ll bring! *massive eyeroll* A male friend, perhaps?

  14. CB

    are you guys sure this isn’t old? I’ve seen a pic of him with that same hat and shirt on at the same time…. well i know his fashion sense is questionable, so i wouldn’t be surprised that he would wear this again….

  15. notyourtypicalfangirl

    he’s got a lot of lady friends how can i be one?

  16. Krissie

    cb, he wears the same clothes all the time. That doesn’t mean this is old stuff. I’m not saying it isn’t, just that you cannot draw that conclusion from the clothes that he is wearing.

  17. shortstuff

    lol, are you fucking kidding me? i have nothing to say. except for that he need to get rid of that bucket hat IMMEDIATELY.

  18. Anonymous

    Sort of weird how they just split up even if the pap was taking their pic…and whomever that female he was with…he doesn’t come off as …very gentleman-ly like sort of guy. All his interaction with the females seem so…lacks a certain suaveness with women.

  19. Anonymous

    he is inot bondage
    I knew it!
    he’s not fooling anybody but himself

  20. fishy

    Poor Went. Being a celebrity sucks (my empathy will not keep me from watching the video though :D). I like this girl, but they’re not giving the dating vibes he and Scarfalotta were.

  21. Anonymous

    Can you see her face..is it Mariana?

  22. emily

    oh god. I actually want to fuck a man in a bucket hat? It must be love.

  23. notthedoctor

    I’m not sure if this is supposed to give us hope, as in “we’ll get our turn” or grief as in “he’ll dump us too after a fuck”… Well at least we’d have FUCKED him good!

  24. redlightmind

    Being from L.A. I must add that those pap guys are always around, especially where he was. There are certain areas where they hang out AND often get tips from employees for a little $$.

    And Anon 12:36, he’s walking to the parking garage, whats he suppose to do, stop and pose?

    I believe he is catching up with old friends and maybe on some of those dates/outings it was the women who did the asking?

    And finally…Went, call me! Have scarves will fuck! 😉

  25. AJ

    Is THIS one his mother? They have the same nose.

  26. Anonymous

    I thought the same thing about it being his mum (based on the nose) when I saw it . . . she appears to be the right age for it too

  27. Anonymous

    Oh my God that’s so evil, lol. Don’t you think she’s dressed a little “youthful” to be his mother?

    And, what is he doing with his hand there? Very awkward indeed.

  28. cocot13

    if this is his mother which to me kind of looks like please fangirls take it easy and show some respect!!

    you know what show some respect whether thats his mother or not !!

  29. Anonymous

    His mom? I don’t see any family resemblance…well who here is a super sleutth, That should be easy to find out!

  30. Emmanuela

    i don’t even know if i care anymore. i think it would be better if he had no friends. I think he lies b/c my high school teacher who taught him said he was really popular and all the girls were around him and that he became arrogant as he got older. So he wasn’t a dork, at least not to the outside world.

  31. In Kwerty's Humble Opinion

    I think this is great news. He is simply hanging out with all his friends that he can’t see 10 months out of the year! Whew! That was close!

  32. Wentasy_baybi

    OMG! Leave the man alone!!! The paps r so obnoxious! It must really be annoying to have them up in ur face taking pics. Wentworth should beat the shit out of them.lol!They look like midgets anyway compared to him anyway, so I’m sure he can take em. And I could understand why he’s not smiling!!! They r always after him. For god sake, he’s a person like everyone else. Leave him alone. And why isn’t he ever photographed walking with his guy friends???

  33. tee tee

    he’s never photographed with any of his guy friends because then the perezzers and gaysayers will claim that’s his boyfriend just like every chick he’s seen with is supposed to be his girlfriend and that would be worst

  34. steph

    I just want to know one thing, what’s in the backpack??? Hey since he went to the movies maybe he snuck in his own snacks in the pack!

  35. Anonymous

    You guys must be kiddin’ bemoaning how awful it is for the paparazzi’s snapping pics of him…Admit it! This is fun stuff. Other wise, if we got no pics of him what would we be speculating over for hours on end??? This is GREAT for him and it’s GREAT for us to pic over every chica he hangs out with.

  36. Anonymous

    Nothing to worry about with this woman. We know he’s got bad taste in clothes and ladies, but he can’t be dating senior citizens…. She’s obviously an OLD friend of his family or a nice friendly lady he works with….
    Keep cool everybody!!!!

  37. whimsy

    OMG. I didn’t get to see the big picture last night! The woman IS old! What is up?! I keep dying over and over again whenever I see him with “these” women. Haha. But at least he’s not seen with men. That’d be worse. I agree with teetee. =P

  38. Anonymous

    May I said something? I think that woman is his mother.

  39. AJ

    Someone over at the WMO forums has posted that when she met Went a year ago, this woman was with him, and they were at the same theater. She thought that it was his mother (at the time) based on how they interacted, and still seems to think so. But she isn’t 100% sure.

  40. Anonymous

    Are you kidding??? This woman is not 60!!! Well, Went said he come from a conservative background… I don’t think that his mother wears converse and jeans like that!

  41. Mama Bear

    Anon 9:35, since when did frayed jeans and Converse tennies become risque? My mom (bless her heart) wears polka dot capris and lime green tank-tops in public…what does that make her? A walking fashion crime, yes, but risque, oh how I wish!

    Whoever this mystery lady is, she’s lucky to be breathing the same air as Went.

  42. AJ

    Anon 9:35, does Wentworth look 34 to you? My mom’s 52 (also doesn’t look it), and she has a rather “hip” sense of style. She’s on the conservative side as well. But what she wears to work and what she wears on the weekend are completely different styles. So, this woman being his mother isn’t out of the question, IMO.

  43. Anonymous

    mama bear, aj, maybe you’re right… anyway to me this woman is no more than 45 years old

  44. britbird

    now you can accuse me of going to denialville but look at their faces they look kind of alike……………….

  45. Anonymous

    his taste is women is like kaka

  46. Anonymous

    i’ve seen his sister’s pic. that ain’t his sister.
    i’m thinking it might be mom though…

  47. emily

    okay how the hell has everyone seen pictures of his sister? LINKS PLEASE!!!!

  48. Mink

    Nope, definitely not his sister. (They’re both younger than him by a good way, anyway.)

    I think this is a relative, and I think there is a reasonable chance this is an extremely young-for-her-age looking Mamma Miller. It’s in his genes to look much younger than his age – he got that from someone. And to me this woman could be anything from late 40s to early 60s – you just can’t see her well enough.

    And the little smile on her face indicates she is fully in on the joke of him being photographed (purposefully here) by the paps. I don’t think a friend would be as amused (or at least would be trying to look cool about it). Just my 2 cents.

  49. Mink

    LMAO, shortstuff! I hope you’re kidding on purpose. That isn’t Went’s sister in that pic. That’s Kelly Feeny, his date for one of the THS premieres.

    His sister (or the one I have seen anyway), doesn’t look anything like that. She actually has a very strong resemblance to her brother, although darker.

  50. emily

    wait….shorty, I thought that was an old girlfriend. isn’t her name kelly feeny?

  51. Anonymous

    At the risk or insulting her by misjuding her age….it’s a bit hard to tell by the photo, I’m part of the ‘it’s his youthful, hip looking mother’ vote. It makes sense to me that someone who looks like him would have a young looking attractive mother. Well I like to think so anyway. It’s all in the genes. And she does give the impression of appearing to be in on the joke and used to dodging out of the way when cameras appear.

    And sorry WFW but I think Amie’s for real and he’s trying to divert attention away from the relationship by showing up in a public place with another person.

  52. Anonymous

    the woman pictured with him is his mother. her name is not roxane, however, it’s joy.

  53. emily

    am I the only one hoping this ISN’T his mother for fear she was flown out to meet a CERTAIN SOMEONE for the first time? *becoming Abruzzi* Anon, is this information any good?

  54. Mink

    emily, not saying if this means he is ‘with’ Amie or not, but if this is Mamma Miller she’s not out there specifically to meet Amie. WM’s mom was spotted a few times with her son in LA at around this time last year. I think she just flies out to spend some time with him during his filming break.

  55. Krissie

    “I think she just flies out to spend some time with him during his filming break.”

    *wondering if he’d be willing to spend some time with me if I flew there*

  56. felix

    is she Kyra Sedgwick ?

  57. Prisonbreak

    wow you people are beyond insane!!! Leave the man alone! So what if one of you were his girlfirend, people are going to be saying alot of shit about you guys too. God let the man live in peace! Although he is the sexiest man earth he still needs his privacy wow! The things I’ve read wow some girls really need to control themselves and their hormones!



    I’m quite new to Wentlust and I don’t know the story before PB2.

    Have you really seen his sister?

    More details, please!

    P.S.: Keep up the good work, WFW and you! You’re both a ray of sunshine in our dreary working life….

  59. Mink

    KELLEYMARY, I’ve seen a photo of one of his sisters which was posted on a public website a considerable while ago now (to do with some kind of job or volunteer work she was doing). I’m sure it’s no longer there.

    I can’t add much to the description I gave above, that she looks a lot like her brother, only slightly darker. But I do remember she had a gorgeous, wide smile in the photo.


    Thank you MINK!

    Pity we can’t see his family!

    With such a fantastic gene pool, it would be great to see who looks like who…

    He’s got his mum’s skin colour and his dad’s black bone structure and smile, I suppose.

  61. jenny

    i believe he isn’t gay!he is so cute so handsome!!!!!!!

  62. natalia

    oh my god, this men is his creation no doubt of this, this chik is horrible, don´t you think…..
    i am from argentina a hug for all

  63. emz

    she looks old for you went…please…its my turn now…date me..or maybe sleep with me. =)

  64. mimi

    jst hope he is not gay

  65. dilay

    Considering the girls he’s said to “date”, HE MUST BE GAY! The only hottness I’ve seen around him was that actor guy?!?! So, no need to take a number 😦

  66. nila

    come on u got to be kidding………she looks like his mother

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