Awwwwwww Shit! Is Wentworth Miller kissing Amie Bice?

French Gossip Rag Public says so!

Oh no you didn’t bitch! THAT IS IT!


Over the past week I have had to watch you saunter down the street with Went (in both daylight and moonlight no less), get coffee with Went and put your motherfucking arm around his waist with a disturbing familiarity. I’ve seen video of you trying your best to entertain him, doing an “Oh Went that was so funny” accidental head-lean and now…this. Please. Go. Away. I despise you and everything you stand for. Get fucked (and not by Went).

P.S. Beigette is kicking your ass

With Hate,

Thanks tellyfan and tigertone!


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58 responses to “Awwwwwww Shit! Is Wentworth Miller kissing Amie Bice?

  1. cb

    I hate to say it, but they are totally kissing… His eyes are closed….

  2. linds

    That’s it!! WFW – you need to put a *Depends warning* before you post this kind of shit. Kind of like a spoiler alert. I am laughing so hard in my cubicle that my co-workers officially think I have Teret’s. They’re not kissing, the angle’s all wrong. The photographer caught him on a blink.

  3. Anonymous

    I think that he’s licking her eye… you know her mouth should be a bit below… but you never know, his boy is surprising!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Wet For Went

    Oh damn linds, my bad.

    This post may induce heart attacks…Like the one I’d be having if they were really kissing. Brace yo self fool!

    How’s that?

  5. VanS

    I think they are not kissing…
    Cuz Went is not even holding her.
    I guess Scarfy whished for that kiss but it never happened, at least I hope so!
    GET LOST SCARFY…we’ve had enough about you!

  6. Anonymous

    They’re not kissing.. That would be a weird angle..
    And he’s not holding his arm around her waist in the other pic either..
    Blondie better back off though..

  7. Anonymous

    nah…definitely not a kiss there. Camera angles does make a difference in how the picture would turn out. i wonder if the magazine have alternative pics

  8. Wet For Went

    Even if they are not kissing, SHE IS TOO FUCKING CLOSE TO HIS FACE GOD DAMMIT! *spitting fire*

  9. brit bird

    DIE scarfy DIE…….

  10. Anonymous

    They’re not having a “bisou” (little kiss in french), it’s obvious and it’s total crap!! It’s a PR trick and I beginning to fear it’s meant to HIDE SOMETHING and put us off the real scent( could it be that Perezhilton was right about a gay Went? Horrible thought!!)
    Good evening to you, girls (If it’s the evening where you are, of course) I will have nightmares tonight…

  11. Mama Bear

    A man who doesn’t kiss and tell is kissing in public? I say it isn’t a kiss; it’s a rag shot stretching to look like one.

  12. AJ

    What the friggity fuck is goin’ on here! Blondie, you’d better back away before Beigette gets wind of this. Cuz she will kick your goddamn ass for even trying.

    You know, she probably went in for the kiss, and he backed away like, “hell to the naw, bitch!”

  13. shortstuff

    omg wfw… i was in the worst fucking mood cuz i have an exam today and im surely going to fail.. but this post(or rather your commentary, cuz the picture makes me want to throw up)just made my day! HAHAHAHA u fucking kill me!

    ps: they are so not kissing.. its jus the angle the pic was taken from.. but damn is she close to his face… back off bitch!

  14. Anonymous

    Where does it look like they are kissing? First this tabloid picture if undoctored does not give the single appearance of him kissing her..and Second are you really going to be suckered into the age old classic technique of how tabloids manipulate pictures! Photoshopping and cropping pics?!! Don’t allow all this bogus publicity to convince you of fake gossip!

  15. Anonymous

    That makes me wanna sing/cry out a song:

    “Somebody said they saw you
    The person you were kissing wasn’t me”
    “I don’t wanna know
    If you’re playin’ me, keep it on the low
    Cause my heart can’t take it anymore
    And if your creepin, please don’t let it show
    Oh baby, I don’t wanna know”…..

    MARIO WINANS (f/ P. Diddy)
    “I Don’t Wanna Know”

  16. Anonymous

    no words.


  17. In Kwerty's Humble Opinion

    WHY? WHY WFW? Do you want to depress us????? *sniffle* I don’t need to see these things! *crawling in a hole and dying a slow death*

  18. Krissie

    If he’s kissing her (AND HE’S FUCKING NOT!!!), he’s kissing her forehead. People kiss the dead on the forehead. Ergo, he wants her dead.
    Or is that just us..?

  19. Anonymous

    Public has no credibility at all. there’s a perezhilton version called Magloire as editor I guess.
    The Amie-Friend video is from Public site, so it tries to rentabilize the gossip.
    The only fiable french people magazine is VOICI! Funny, intelligent, cult and cheap!

    BTW… Ladies, it is not a kiss.


  20. linds

    WFW – thankx girl. Much better. Luv u loooong time.

  21. fishy

    Oh please, they are so not kissing. BTW, the headline is hilarious : “Wentworth Miller: finally a girl in his life!” what are they, his mother? πŸ˜€

  22. keiko

    I think they’re not kissing…. they have a weird position, but who knows, maybe he’s licking her eye ( like an anonymous fan said before) ! :p

  23. notthedoctor

    LMAO @ Went wants her dead!!!!
    OH KRISSIE! You made me spill my coke!
    Unfortunately that’s just US Kris.
    Anyway, her hair don’t look so good in the pic, and the shape of her cranium too… You think she’s actually an alien? And she wants to make clones out of Him, and sell them on ebay?

  24. britbird

    oh guys he is saying ‘Amie honey you need to get some breath mints because your breath smells like ass’ went is caring that way.

  25. Anonymous

    That’s not a kiss. He is fixing her scarf (making it tighter and tighter until she passes out)!!!! Oh…..sorry, my thought anyway. BTW, what’s with these girls and their scarfs? My sister-in-law’s friend flew in from San Diego today to visit and guess what she had around her neck?……a scarf!!! It must be a California thing. I am so sick of seeing Scarfolotta…..At least Beigette was not as annoying….
    Jo (I had trouble logging in)

  26. Anonymous

    I hope his not think of reproducing with her!! =O LOL.

  27. tee tee

    whatever I’m sooooooooo over this chick

  28. Emmanuela

    I still love him. He needs to get with the younger women, he needs me!! lol. I make scarfs and mine are not as ugly as theirs. anyone want a beautiful scarf contact me. lol.

  29. Crazy Rants

    I am so glad I found your blog WFW! Your one heck of a gal! You crack me up totally!

    I personally do not think its a kiss, great camera angle for that shot though!!
    You know the cameraman was like OHH YES THIS IS THE MONEY SHOT!

  30. miz brisvegas

    Umm, from where I’m sitting, it looks like he’s checking if she has bad breath!

    But, WFW, you’re right: kissing, checking for bad breath or whatever; she’s too fucking close to him for my liking! Back off, Scarffy!!! If W. Miller should ever need to check anyone’s breath, it should be mine!

    *sucks on a breath mint*

  31. Anonymous

    LOL!!! *chuckle, chuckle*

    C’mon peeps…girls, girls!!!

    You’ve kissed guys who are taller than you, right? My boyfriends are all 6′ and above and I’m 5’6″. I have kissing photos and just by looking at this photo I can already see that there’s NO WAY they are kissing!! Unless of course he is kissing her FOREHEAD!!! To kiss someone’s lips with their height differences he needs to ANGLE his head, TILT it to one side and then KISS her on the lips!!! You CANNOT, I want to stress that enough, just CANNOT kiss with your face/head as straight as Wenty’s in this photo. Scarfalotta’s head is not even thrown back (and is as straight as Went’s).

    So….imagine what that is like, eh? He must be kissing her MASSIVE forehead or eyebrows (from this photo his lips will probably not even reach her eyes, darlings, LOL!).

    But then again, Scarfalotta the ‘alien’ might just have lips on her forehead, LOL!!!

  32. Anonymous

    who gives a shit about kissing? she’s close enough up on him that she can feel if he has a hard-on!! back the fuck up, scarfy!!!

  33. Karen

    Oh, WFW, since when is a pat on the shoulder putting one’s arm around The Waist?

    No, they’re just good, dear, old friends. … Of course, so were Harry and Sally, so perhaps we should be concerned.

    But, really what pisses me off with this whole Scarfalotta/Beigette/Mystery-Brunette thing is that if he has time to pass with these women, then he’s not working on the film/album/Mapplethorpesque spread that his deserving fans expect.

    Come on Went! When’s the Vamp flick coming out? If you’re worth what WFW guestimates, then pull a Richard Rodriguez and get the film rolling!

    Pretty please.

    Save the Beigette/Scarfalotto/Mystery-Brunette action until AFTER you have distracted your Wentphiles with your brilliant cinematic feats (and don’t give me that crap about “hiatus”). Is that so much to ask?!

    Correct answer: NO!


  34. Mink

    If he is kissing her, he is kissing her on the eye! (And no, he’s not even doing that.)

    Karen – she did grab him round the waist in this little interlude. You need to watch the ‘Public’ vid not just look at the pap pics (or I posted caps of the Waist Grab at Church).

  35. Anonymous

    Face it ladies….he probabaly screwed those two hags senseless and silly! And considering how tall he and big he is…he probably left them completely unable to move…which is why we haven’t either of them anymore!

  36. Karen

    Mink – pap pics? That just makes me think of the annual Poke-N-Prod… πŸ˜‰ But thanks for reminding me about the vid; I’ll check it out.

  37. Dani

    Bahahahaaaa!! Naaah there not kissing.. But I’d put my life on the fact that she’s tried ALL DAMN WEEK!!!

    Hands orfff bitch!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous

    I have been to your site many times and found it rather funny, but now, not
    so much. Correct me if I am wrong but saying I am plotting your death. I
    want you dead. Is a death threat. In light of the world today and the
    death of many in VA, what possessed you to say such a thing? None of us know
    this girl, and now you are threatening to kill her? I hope someone she knows
    does see what you wrote and reports you. You took it too far. I know you
    will say,’I was only kidding.’ but I now find you rather scary. i can’t get
    over that you said I want you dead. What kind of person are you? Because
    some else is with your crush? A crush you don’t know and will more than
    likely NEVER know. And after saying that you want his girlfriend dead do you
    think he would ever want to know you? (and yes i live out in LA and the word
    is she is his girlfriend) You need to do more than grow-up you need to see a

  39. Wet For Went

    Dear anon who takes things too seriously aka anon 5:39,

    It’s unfortunate that you no longer find me amusing but, it happens. Consider this your correction: You are wrong; I am not threatening anyone’s life. Perhaps the sentence “I want you dead” was a tad too much so I changed it but how dare you mention me and what happened in VA in the same sentence? Are you trying to get a rise out of me? If you think I have any more than a passing interest in anyone that Wentworth Miller is seeing, I think it’s you that may need to see someone.

    P.S. Amie, is that you?

    P.P.S. *sneaking up behind you* Boo! How’s that for scary?

  40. Anonymous

    OMG!!!!!! WFW it was soooooo obvious you were joking i cant believe anyone would actually take that comment seriously!! everyone who does visit this site knows that just about everything WFW says is all about having fun and taking the piss out of herself and everyone else who has a scary obsession with WM (me included)!!! ANON who ever u are i think you need to take a chill pill, relax and see those comments for they are!!!! A JOKE!!! WFW dont ever stop i think you are hillareous!!!

  41. Anonymous

    I think anon 5:39 is Scarfalotta lurking again!!!!!!! She was just here a while back you know!

    And yes, I’m in LA too (fashion industry) but nahhhh…no one’s saying she IS the girlfriend so get your facts right! Remember we are in lalaland…any celeb walking next to anyone, even a DOG, will find her/him already in POSSESSION of them!!!

  42. Karen

    And frankly, anon 5:39, it’s not the vocal and sassy types we need to worry about going postal; it’s the quiet, seething types who cower behind anonymity only to explode into notoriety later.

    WFW I totally appreciate your sense of humor. In fact, I think I actually missed reading your witticisms during my fast, more than I missed Our Beloved. You have a wicked wit that I think channels Jonathan Swift (mistakenly maligned by simpletons as an apologist for cannabalism) and Mark Twain.

    So, keep up the Sass!

  43. AJ

    Ooooooooh, somebody forgot to take her “happy pills” this morning *coughanon5:39cough*

    Listen lady (and I’m assuming you’re a lady, cuz that was a total PMS rant you posted above),

    Clearly you’ve missed the point of this entire blog. Maybe it’s just me, but I see this blog as a spoof, if you will, of other blogs *coughIMDBcough* with “seriously twisted” WM fans who take themselves and their obsession way too seriously. THEY….are being 100% serious. WE….are just fuckin’ around. I can’t speak for anyone else here, but I already have a significant other. So for me, crushing on Wentworth is a HOBBY! That’s it!
    Look, no one here actually wishes any type of harm (physical or otherwise) on Amie. If she’s his girlfriend, and he’s HAPPY WITH HER, then we are HAPPY FOR HIM. And for you to compare anyone here to that selfish FUCK who killed all those people at VA Tech, based on comments made in jest (at a humor/entertainment site, no less), is completely ridiculous and uncalled for.

    Just sayin’!

  44. emily

    Amen, AJ. The fact that you would even SAY something like that is completely horrifying, anon. I don’t want to get into it, so let me just say that WFW handled your comment with a level of class that far surpasses anything I could have managed had someone said something like that about me. We have all been devistated and humbled by what happened at Virginia Tech. I would hope you would realize that finger pointing and verbal attacks are the last thing anyone needs in the wake of an unspeakable tragedy like this one. Please be kind and consider how rude and inappropriate your comments towards WFW really were. I, for one, was completely appalled by them.

  45. cocot13

    Dear anon 5:39,
    Why don’t you take that stick that you have shoved up your ass, pull it out and shove it up your pussy, because maybe then you wouldn’t be such an uptight BITCH that takes what is obviously a fucking joke so seriously!!


  46. NooNoo

    she better hope and pray we don’t find out where she lives…

    Ps. If anyone finds out, please let us know so we can kill that fuckin bitch!!

  47. niknak

    Anon 5:39 has lost her damn mind. WFW is just as funny as ever, and anyone who truly had a sense of humor would know the difference between jesting and some fucked-up looney at VT.

    WFW, I still find you HILARIOUS, and don’t know how I functioned before I found your site. You are killing me… with humor, which short of a marathon sex session with Wentworth, is a more than acceptable way to die.

    As for the photo, HE IS NOT KISSING HER!!! Someone just took that shot because they wanted to start shit. They are too far apart for a kiss, but WAY to close for good taste IMHO. Besides, we all know WM is a face-grabbing kisser, and his hands are clearly at his sides. Why would he kiss her since they are just friends?

    *Singing: Wasted away again in Denialville*

  48. Dani

    Fuck it – I’d SLAUGHTER the blonde bitch just for putting her hands on Miller.

    ANON 5:39 – and what are YOU gonna do about it??

  49. Dani

    (chanting & taunting Anon)


  50. Wet For Went

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dani, Have I told you lately that I love you?

  51. Anonymous

    Anon 5:39, the “whiny asses” blog is 2 doors to the left. Please dont let the door hit your big forehead…er ass…on the way out.

  52. Mama Bear

    I know I’m late with this response, but I just wanted to say that anon 5:39 doesn’t sound very anonymous to me. Just saying.

  53. zee

    No way.
    Their faces are too far from each other to be kissing.
    And also, the angle of her head just makes it a little impossible.
    At least, for an intimate kiss.

  54. Anonymous

    (3 months late but i don’t give a rats ass… who cares anyway?) This is good shit! All the drama, humor & emotional stuff. LMFAO! I think scriptwriter need to visit this blog for some ideas. No come-back from anon5:39? COWARD!!!

  55. Anonymous

    no no no

  56. Linda

    ok it is 2008 now but what ever!!!!!come on he is not kissing her!!!!their faces are to far away so they are not kissing!!!!i think he is to shy to kiss a girl in front off paparazziz!!!!that totally sucks when some off u are calling her bitch!!!! u are just fucking jealous !!!!yeah she got lucky & thats all!!!i think she is lesbian come on if i would be in her place i would do anything to get went into my bed 4 the rest off my life!!!!do something amie dont miss the chance off your life!!!!!went is every girls dream!!!

  57. justme

    NewsFlash for stupid people – Wentford Miller is gay.

  58. my turn

    are u jealous he doesnt spend tym with u.let him be with his heart desire stop being haters coz some ov u taking it on her cursing her to death are not even close to the goodies God gave her!just let them b!!!!

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