Wentworth Miller’s Bean Pole Jeans Brochure

This post makes even less sense with no photos; You can thank Bean Pole for that.

The 2007 edition of Wentworth Miller is now on display in a showroom near you. For those of you that can’t make it into your dealership, here is a handy brochure that will highlight all of the great features of each model.


Let’s start with the Extreme model (our most popular and expensive) in white (it also comes in black). As you can see, the killing green eyes and perfect jawline handle very well and will make those long rides to the country all the more enjoyable. (Wentworth Miller Extreme available to qualified buyers only; Limit one per customer).


The Assless model features double the leg room and two extra cup holders. ($5000 rebate, All must go).


The Official Homies model is one of a kind as you start with a blank stare and add all of the amenities yourself! (Features gold hood ornament, Not available to U.S. residents).


The Wentworth Miller Sport comes with a cargo rack on the roof and fold down rear seats. (Balls included).


This one is a special treat: The Premium Blue Steel model. It features chrome wheels, gear shift and accents. (Limited Edition, certain restrictions apply)


The Utility hatch back model comes with more trunk room, seat position memory and extra wide arm rests. (See dealer for financing).


The Unfluffed model (our most economical, save for the Assless), is a perfect choice for your very first vehicle. (Air conditioning available).

Thanks ring!


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31 responses to “Wentworth Miller’s Bean Pole Jeans Brochure

  1. nicbeast

    Please consider my order placed…I will have one of each…two if you will let me…Awwww fuck I will take the entire inventory.

    AMEX work for you?

    *taking out card*

  2. brit bird


  3. In Kwerty's Humble Opinion

    No ass in that 2nd pic! None at all! He needs to gain some LBs!

  4. brit bird

    you still look hot though

  5. Mama Bear

    From this vantage point, it looks like Went’s ass stayed in LA.

  6. Krissie

    No ass. That sucks.
    Mole is still here.
    *grateful for small miracles*
    And I think I’d be most comfortable riding (in) the Extreme Model.
    Wrap me one of those, please!

  7. brit bird

    i will try the official hommies model as i am interested in the gold hood……. could i try the hatch model as the extra trunk room interests me…… do you do test rides?

  8. linds

    Why is Wenty mean muggin’ in all fo these pictures?? I like the unfluffed model just so I can get a grin out of him!

  9. linds

    GAWD – as I study pic #2 he reminds me of one of those poor little Ethiopian boys – I just want to cradle him! I guess they like ’em skinny in Korea. Personally I like LA Went walking past crazy ass couches looking tall and broad and strong! (‘Scuse me – fangirl moment)

  10. notthedoctor

    *wipping tears*
    OH FUCK! I want one of each model displayed, even the ASSLESS. It’s so cheap it would be a sin NOT to buy it and I’m a collector.

  11. AJ

    Don’t fret, ladies. I’m sure the “asslessness” is just a temporary thing. It seems as though our boy is just suffering from a temporary condition called gluteae nonexistae…more commonly known as noassatol (or n’ass for short). Look it up. It’s quite common in men ages 30 and over.

    But don’t worry, there is an effective treatment. All he has to do are some lunges……..
    or he could just change his pants.

  12. miz brisvegas

    Aww, poo! Assless Went? I take it this part’s optional? Lucky for him I’m not an ass kinda gal, the bit I’m interested with is on the other side.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Man, this catalogue’s too, TOO funny for words!

    WFW, you’ve outdone yourself … again! I’m sold, here’s all my [AU] dollars! I’ll take double, no, triple of each, please.

  13. EmmA...er...Pamela

    I went to Bean Pole yesterday in hopes of seeing giant pics of Went but they only had one up :(… and where’s all the subway pics? I am still seeing Bean Pole ads with Ms. Paltrow lining the underground… boooo…

  14. EmmA...er...Pamela

    p.s. yep, koreans (and most asians for that matter) like ’em skinny.

  15. Anonymous

    what the fuck? they photoshop away his gorgeous ass? anyone who has seen went knows that he has a typical, sexy black man’s ass! shame on you, bean pole!!

  16. The Gilded Moose

    seriously, what is going ON over here at this site? I mean, slash, fanfic, pictures and shit with red writing… its like the internet equivilant of Japan!

  17. jeanjeanie

    ass or no ass – still hot!!!

  18. Anonymous

    As I said earlier, there is NO ass problem! It’s just badly cut jeans: so much for Bean Pole!
    WFW, you showed us lovely photos of his round butt in your archives and we can all refer to some episodes of PB…And he’s not too thin at all, as he put on weight since the first series, now that he can afford to feed himself properly!
    Hope he doesn’t burn too many calories with Scarfaletta..

    P.S.: Killed myself with your hilarious comments!

  19. Belgian

    Unfluffed model SOLD for all I’ve got. Which is not much at all, but I promise to take rrreeeaaaallllyyy good care of him… *smiles ravishingly, bats eyelashes*


  20. Mink

    I’m assuming I am a ‘Qualifed’ buyer, and thus can put the Extreme model on order. That will do me, though. I’m pretty sure just giving my proper, completely undivided attention to that model (and getting same in return, natch) will keep me fully occupied. I’m not greedy.

    Actually, who the fuck am I kidding? I need the Sports model as well. Holy crap! do I need it!

    Re. the assless pic, I don’t believe that’s shopping. That gorgeous, perfect Ass of Perfection is still in there, he’s just standing with his hips tilted forward and his ass pulled in (maybe doing some ass crunches to keep things ‘fresh’). This was just a temporary anomaly (thank God!)

    Oh, and linds, I am so with you re. Tall Broad Strong LA Went. *quiver*

  21. Anonymous

    Did you notice?
    In the 3rd picture they gave wenty an armpit photoshop shave…

  22. S.Kor

    Poor Bean Pole…

  23. Anonymous

    They photoshop shaved his armpit hair in the official hommes model!

    Wrap me up one of those Premium blue steels would ya?
    Actually.. Could i get a testrun?

  24. Anonymous

    What the hell would we do without you WFW? Seriously, I would purchase a Wentworth Miller Sport in a goddamn New York Minute. Side note, is this man above men virtually hairless? I’ve come across a Bean Pole pick where a little tuft of arm pit chia is sprouting, and lemmie tell ya, arm pit hair has NEVER looked so sexy. To have that hairless arm wrapped around my neck with the tuft of Went arm pit hair grazing my flesh…Whoah! had to put the breaks on my imagination! Back to my Sporty Went…I wouldn’t take him any other way but WITH balls. Okay, you’re right, I would take him ball-less. 😉 My palpatating heart thanks you for this WFW! *sighing contentedly*

  25. Anonymous

    Crikey,is there some Korean taboo forbidding them to show armpit hair and nicely molded butts in jeans? These people are weird!!!!

  26. Anonymous

    “ass crunches” hehehehehehehe

  27. Niknak

    I’ll take one of each since I think they all come in my size. As for the extra trunk space, I am going to assume that all pictures in the showroom are actually larger than they appear.

    I am not sure how to respond to the hairless armpits or flattened ass. Once again some random photog felt the need to improve on perfection and fucked it up. Good thing WM is so beautiful not even crazy ‘shoppers can hinder his hotness (say that five times fast!)

  28. Dani

    Just pure SEX IN JEANS

    Fucking HOT as ALWAYS

  29. Dani

    Looks like T-BAG had his way and screwed his ass off…

    Poor pretty…

  30. emily

    KOREEEAAAAAAA!!! STOOOOOOP IT!!!!! Why would you do that to the Pretty?

  31. KATJUS

    Awwwwww… Poor assless lad!

    This is what i was saying few weeks back when these pic started to flood in; lost weight must be gained back!
    Honey, while u r at the Starbucks anyway, who don´t u just grab a muffin to go with them huge coffees u drink? Hmmm? We´d like an ass on u… Also the thinner thighs than arms -look is so out of date. Heroine chick isnt the ticket anymore lovey…
    Still, i´d do u. Anytime! Call me! 😉

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