Wentworth Miller Magazine Madness

The scans of Korea’s Cosmopolitan May issue, Ecole’s May issue and Ceci’s May issue are in, thanks to ring for posting (original source: pilyuki from dcinside). And now for some pic spam.

I can’t breathe let alone comment. I am going to need some time alone with these…

*having multiple, simultaneous, explosive orgasms* I. think. I. might. die.

UPDATE: Kor in the comments section posted this link. Some of the pics are new! Check it out! My favorite from the new batch:


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72 responses to “Wentworth Miller Magazine Madness

  1. VanS

    OMG wfw….he looks soo gorgeous!!
    Thank you so much for these hot pics.
    We have another CROTCH WATCH thanks to WFW..LMAO
    Now I have to go and have myself a heart atack…

    *hard to breath…

    *falls to the floor….


  2. Anonymous

    For once…I’m totally speechless!!! I. AM. LOST. FOR. WORDS.

    The Man is Pure Sex……Let me lick you all over!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    OMG..I think I died and have drifted to heaven…and saw the face of an angel…I want this man!!!!!

  4. AJ

    I just stared at pic #10 for too long, and now I’m pregnant. Don’t ask how I know, I just do. I knew I should have listened to people when they said, “Never look DIRECTLY at the Pretty.”

    Well, I guess THIS will teach me!!! :o/

  5. shortstuff

    oh god. OH GOD. *dies*

  6. Geisha

    My vagina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. linds

    I’m fainting!!! I’m fainting!!! *hits the floor and flails as if being electrocuted*

  8. Anonymous

    These pics of that shoot are so f*ing HOT….it’s freakin’ scary how hotttt they are!

    I’m in love…with him.

  9. pandacakes

    My god… there.are.no.words

    My faves:

    Pic #6: Wentbaby! Stop looking so concerned/vulnerable, I’ll come and make it all better!!

    Pic #9: Holy.moses.

    Pic #11: Yes, you can take me right there up against this fence.. I’m all yours

    WFW: thank you for making my day

    ring: thank you for this gift from the heavens

  10. A Sprinkled Life

    Oh my lord………….It is amazing how happy I get when I see that glorious face and everything else! Thanks WFW! & Great feature of pics.

  11. Krissie

    Wentworth Miller, get your fine ass over here and finish the job you have started with eye-fucking me in #10!
    I want to kneel in front of you in #11, unleash the Precious and let my tongue play until you beg me to stop! And then some more…

  12. keiko

    Oh my F*** God! He’s so….. I can’t even find the words! lol thanks WFW for these scans!

  13. linds

    Oh, a sex rubik’s cube! How fun!

  14. britbird

    Can this man get any better looking]?
    THANKYOU MR AND MRS MILLER FOR MEETING AND PRODUCING SUCH A FINE LOOKING SON…… right now i have to go and change my undies…….

  15. emily

    He’s essentially asking to be stalked/sexually assaulted. In fact if I look at some of those close-ups long enough, I can hear him say my name and expressly ask me to rip his clothes off and have my way with him. I’m not entirely sure how this logic works, but I think I would buy Bean Pole clothing because I want to see Went naked……well, it makes sense to me, anyway. screw the logistics. So, come on already, Went, I don’t have money to burn on ugly clothes. Just do a movie with a nude scene. Just do it; get it over with. It’ll win you an oscar and everyone’s happy. Either that or fly out here and give me a private show. I mean, either/or. Up to you.

  16. notthedoctor

    The eyes, the poses, the fuck-me looks, the behind-the-scene smiles as he looks at gorgeous self on screen… *swoon*THUD*FUCK!

  17. Krissie

    *half an hour later*
    Oh hell, just FUCK ME, WENT!

  18. nicbeast


  19. Belgian

    The black shirt and the naughty half smile…
    Oh, yes, you look smug! Now, come over here and whip me. See these shackles baby, I’m your slave…
    Sheesh, I wish I were a guy and had somethin’ to put into you! ‘Cause you are asking for it baby!I want to fuck you into the floor!

    *screams on the inside*
    *is SO going to cum with that image in mind tonight*


  20. Anonymous

    I was an atheist up until now but I just had to change my mind because Wentworth Miller truly is God’s biggest piss-take on the women of the world. This is wrong, very wrong. No straight woman in their right mind could be expected to have the mental resources to survive this.

  21. emily

    LMFAO, BEL!!!!!!

  22. evelyn

    I’M CUMMING………


    AND NOW…

  23. Crazy Rants

    3 simple letters W.O.W

  24. miz brisvegas


    You know you’ve got it bad when you’re simply jealous of the people surrounding him, being in the same room as him, smelling him, hearing his voice for real and touching him!!!

    … so, once again [this time with LUST to the power of 100], FUCK. ME. DEAD. PLEASE. W. MILLER!

  25. Wentasy_baybi

    Holy Geez!!!! Those pics are sooooooooo Wentylicious!!!! OMG! Those eyes!! He’s totally eye fucking me hardcore and he so knows it.LOL! He’s staring like right into me. Oh Miller!!! I want you X-rated right here right now! So cum n fuck me already, u sexy beeyotch!LOL! I heart u Went!

  26. Steph

    Wow, those are some great pics. Anyone have a translation of the article? I’d love to know what it says!

  27. Anonymous

    You want the translation: Ok.

    well it says: WENT IS ONE HOT MuhTHA-F*CKR!

    great article!!

  28. niknak

    Oh my, oh my, oh my! I need a super cold shower now. I think both of my ovaries have exploded! He cannot even fathom the impact he has on us!!! It should be a crime against women for him to be unleashed like that on us without a serious warning. He needs a disclaimer: “Warning: May induce ovary explosions and nuns throwing their panties.”

  29. miz brisvegas

    Have just come back after a fag, and man, who would’ve thunk puffing on a cigarette after just staring at these pics can be soooooooooooo motherfucking good? Ooh, yeah!

    Lol anon 10.13! I knew it! I just knew it!!!

  30. Kor

    It would seem that he wears contact lenses at these pictures.

    Anyway, Thanks so much Bean Pole for sharing all the pictures of Wentworth Miller !!


  31. shortstuff

    not contacts… fuckers love to photoshop his pics. but tell me: how the hell do u photoshop perfection?? that is like blasphemy. on another note, sweet jesus #10 is making me insane… if i stare at it long enough i swear i see his lips move, calling my name. yes went im here!! ooh #11.. the things i would do to him up against that fence… oh god. *dies again*

  32. KATJUS

    Still, bloody floored by them piccies… *fanning herself*
    Beautiful, beautiful boy!

  33. KATJUS

    Ok, so just noticed; he wears gizillion different pieces of jewelry during that shot but where, oh where, is the super cool Finnish flag necklace from the earlier ad? Come on Wentworth, give me this and i will forever shut up about ur skinny thighs…!

  34. Dani


    I’ll go ape shit, I’ll cut those lips off and stab your eyes with a fork !

    ..excuse me while I take my insanity pills.

  35. Dalia

    Oh my God!!!!!

    Where in the Earth I can find the went’s flash?

  36. Wet For Went

    Thanks so much kor for the link and I believe they change the color of his eyes after he takes the picture.

  37. gravitygirl

    yeah, what belgian said, i’ll take the shackles, whip, the whole package, with a lil justin in the background, cuz the sexy is back (not that he ever left) and oh he is back with a vengeance…yes I can distinctly feel the vengeance here and here, and especially there….

  38. Anonymous

    well all i can say is HOT!!!!! and check out his feet in those flip flops!!!! god i hope its true what they say about men with big feet!!!!MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM im not sure i can take much more of pictures like this, they just taunt me!!!!! how can one man be sooooooooooooooooo beautiful! i thank god for putting him on our planet

  39. pandacakes

    WFW: gigantic HQ pictures of all the magazine goodies

    if you needed some time with these, you should definitely be sitting down for the magnitude of the HQ batch

  40. redlightmind

    It is unholy…the things he makes me want to do to him.

  41. the.red.head

    Oh my fucking god!

  42. redlightmind

    In the last pic of him with the leather jacket on…are we to believe he drank all that milk?

    Milk. It DOES do a body good!!!

  43. emily

    i like the pictures that move. it’s kind of like the coolest thing ever combined with the hottest thing ever. It’s psychedellic and it turns me on.

  44. Hannah

    Oh.My.Fucking.God… How can anyone look so… awww..Pure.Sexyness.

  45. jeanjeanie

    wentworth still rocks my world! and obviously i’m not the only one. Wow WFW your site is mighty popular now. Well done!

  46. cocot13

    God, he makes my vagina weep cause it knows they will never meet

  47. nicbeast

    So with the discovery of this new planet, I have decided this must be where Went is from. Because, clearly, he is not human. So with that in mind, I say we petition to have the name of the planet changed to Wentwearth. Who’s with me?

  48. emily

    I’m with you, Nic!!!!! *gathering things to make buttons, bumper stickers, petitiions, brochures*

  49. Belgian

    These pics warrant another round of wailing… So here I go, put your hands over you ears!

    If theres something that needs fixing
    Im the WOMAN to see
    Look me up, Im listed
    Just check under b
    If youre ever on the spot
    Well, Im good with my hands
    24-7 Im your handyGIRL

    Odd jobs, hard jobs, anything under the sun
    Big jobs, small jobs, baby

    Id be a rich WOMAN, its true
    If I could make a living out of lovin you
    These two hands know what to do
    If I could make a living out of lovin you
    I could make a living out of lovin you

    Until the work is finished
    Well, I dont get paid
    I dont mind getting dirty
    Thats my middle name
    Im in the service business
    So I understand
    Call me 24-7, Im your handyGIRL

    Odd jobs, hard jobs, anything under the sun
    Big jobs, small jobs, baby

    Bon Jovi–If I could make a living out of loving you

  50. A Sprinkled Life

    He is the most beautiful man *sigh*

  51. Anonymous

    “cocot13 said…
    God, he makes my vagina weep cause it knows they will never meet “

    ROFLMAO!!! THAT IS BEST LINE EVER!…put that on a T-shirt underneathe a pic of him! You’ll sell millions.

  52. AJ

    “Wentwearth”….BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAA! Love it, Nic.

    Wait….do you think there are more of him?

  53. nicbeast

    AJ said…

    “Wentwearth”….BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAA! Love it, Nic.

    Wait….do you think there are more of him?

    AJ…Sweet Jeebus, I hope so. Just imagine the possibilities…

  54. Mama Bear

    I’m with you, Nic! Planet Wentwearth all the way!

    Looking at these FINE shots takes me back to my girl crush years when I would’ve surely plastered Went’s face all over my Trapper Keeper and daydreamed to the thought of him serenading Force MD’s “Tender Love” to me. Sigh…

    P.S. – To those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the YouTube link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=RvXr1TIvl7g

    Yes, I’m that old.

  55. Anonymous

    doesn´t he looks just a little bit… fat?

  56. Isabel

    Wentworth looks fat in these photos and he not look so sexy

  57. AJ

    anonymous said:”doesn´t he looks just a little bit… fat?”


    isabel said: “Wentworth looks fat in these photos and he not look so sexy”

    ….What in the blue hell are you two looking at? Fat? I don’t think so. I’d personally like to give him a cookie or two…and a doubledecker sandwich to go with it.

    And as for him not being sexy…. well that’s just sacrilige. Lucky you’re not at the Church, cuz you’d probably be getting excommunicated right about now. Ha!

  58. Anonymous

    he’s, maybe, sexy but… i still think he looks a bit fat. shouldn’t he just be more selective with the work he does? when will we see again something like L’officiel homme? those pics are to die for (him included)

  59. KATJUS

    FAT !?!?!?!?!?!

    U two; go get ur eyes checked out!

    The guy is painfully skinny! He has lost weight if anything and needs some homecooked food and a muffin to go from Starbucks everytime he goes to get his coffee for the next two months.

  60. Mink

    “And as for him not being sexy…. well that’s just sacrilige. Lucky you’re not at the Church, cuz you’d probably be getting excommunicated right about now. Ha!”

    LMAO! Too damn right! That would be because we have a little rule forbidding the posting of idiotic remarks. Any kind of inference that these photos of nothing less than total masculine perfection show someone who is either “fat” (seriously, WTF???) or “not sexy” would definitey be violating that rule.

    Anyway, me thinks I spot a couple of people who are just stirring it for effect. But least here the responses to such activity can be guaranteed to amuse me no end. 😀

  61. Anonymous

    it’s not stirring, but preocupation for the his image. and went is the first to admit that he gain some weight. sexy or not, he’s fat. compare with olders pics, you can’t see his bones. but if you like them like that….

  62. Krissie

    Went is NOT fat!
    That being said… Even if he did gain a few pounds, it just means there’s more Went to love. I’d personally be very happy to get the opportunity to love… to adore every ounce and every inch of that man.

  63. Anonymous

    Wentworth is very hot but white trousers and neckless are a bit too gay. When will we see a pic of him naked;)!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Anonymous

    Frankly speaking…He looks plump.. sorry!!
    I’m worried about his fitness and weight.

  65. Wet For Went

    I. am. going. to. scream. OK so I go have a life for a couple days and I come back to “He’s fat” comments? He is not fucking fat! You people don’t know from fat. Season one he was skin and fucking bones. Meat is GOOD. If you think he’s fat, go jump on someone else’s dick.

  66. emily

    okay tell the truth people: are you blind? I mean for real. Because I’m having trouble coming up with any other explaination as to why you would think he was fat in those photos. If someone looked at them for you and TOLD you he looked fat, I’m very sorry but they were blowing smoke up your ass all in the hopes of knocking out a few members of the competition. Lo siento pero son locos.

  67. Anonymous

    denial, you are in denial… don’t get me wrong, i love the guy and
    i don’t mine to jump on his dick, as long as i’m on top. he’s too heavy for me.

  68. AJ

    I hate shit stirring trolls.

    anon 9:42 said: “i don’t mine to jump on his dick, as long as i’m on top. he’s too heavy for me.”

    *sharp intake of air*

    UN-FUCKING-REAL. Please tell me you don’t actually believe the shit coming out of your mouth. You’d honestly kick this man out of bed if he wanted to be on top?

    I’m going to assume that was a joke.

  69. A Sprinkled Life

    Although I do think that these Anon’s are trying to stir it up a little I have to say that Season One of PB he was a skeleton with skin. I like my meatpuppet extra meaty preferably with a Badunkadunk booty!

  70. cocot13

    first we had to deal with all the gay trolls and now we have to deal with all the fat trolls

    see this is what happens WFW we you become infamous

  71. Mama Bear

    Yes, Went is PHAT (pretty hot and tempting)! Never forget it!

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