Prison Break: Cheers!

CeruleanBlew made a Prison Break video using the Cheers theme and it is hilarious. Watch it over and over and over again and laugh your ass off like I did.

Thanks AJ!


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16 responses to “Prison Break: Cheers!

  1. A Sprinkled Life

    Adorable! Is it wrong that I love when went/michael cries??

  2. emily

    it’s not wrong, sprinkled. It’s the opposite of wrong. it’s RIGHT. I LOVE it when the pretty sheds some tears. ahahahahahahahaaha. now if you’ll all excuse me, I’m going to go take a shot to see if it’s possible to laugh any harder than I am right now. I think I can do it if I just watch it once more and add a little alcohol.

  3. Wentasy_baybi

    It was pretty funny, not LOL funny, but it’ll do. I did like the beginning when the song began and Michael and Lincoln were walking like they were going to I also liked when Abruzzi and C-Note were eatin’ chicken 2gether. It was cute. Throw me some chicken!lol!

  4. nicbeast


    Pure. Unadulterated. Genius.

  5. Anonymous

    AJ, you’ve officially made prison break look like a lighthearted family comedy.


  6. CeruleanBlew

    Hey guys! Wow, I’m so honored that somebody (AJ?) posted this over here — I knew something was up when I saw the views jump this morning, haha… Anyway, glad you all enjoyed; it was definitely a fun little project to undertake. Wish the quality on some of the clips was better, but just narrowing those fuckers down was a challenge in itself.

    OK, well that’s enough of me geeking out on everyone for now — just wanted to say hey… and cheers 😉

  7. Wet For Went

    I was JUST about to come in here and correct the people who were thanking AJ. She showed me the link but Ceruleanblew here is the one who MADE the vid so thank HER! Anyway, yeah I watched it like 3 times in a row and couldn’t stop laughing, lol. Nice vid!

  8. Mama Bear

    Mahalo nui loa, Ceruleanblew! Any video montage that doesn’t make me want to rip Reggie Lee’s lips off for being so damn irritating is a piece of art. You rock!

  9. AJ

    Wentasy_Baybi said: “It was pretty funny, not LOL funny, but it’ll do.”


    But no, seriously, it may not be the funniest PB vid ever, but dammit, I laughed my tits off. So, thanks for that masterpiece. As much as I’d love to take credit for that awesome video, I am neither creative nor talented. So, again, thank Ceruleanblew,, not me.

  10. CeruleanBlew

    Oh it’s all good, I’m just glad you liked it enough to bring it here! The only part that really made me laugh out loud myself when I was putting it together was the clip of Mahone going apeshit over Sara’s donut request (especially once I saw it in slow mo), haha… I had a great one of Haywire, too (from that episode opener of him breaking into the burger joint), but ultimately had to cut it for time, along with any appearance from Tweener 😦

    In any case thanks again to everyone for the feedback — it’s nice to know my slacking off at work has made some kind of impression!

  11. Anonymous

    Hey ceruleanblew…can you create a video using the “FRIENDS” them???? ROFLMAO

  12. Wentasy_baybi

    OMG! I wuz wrong! Sorry! I was PMSing…u know how it But yeah, it is a really funny vid. I liked it a lot. It’s cute.

    Haha! aj…. Whatevs!LMAO!

  13. Crazy Rants

    That was the best!!!

  14. shortstuff

    haha i love it! lol the best is sucre running thru the corn field… and “kimmy”… and the bros laughing and drinking at the end.. and the pics of the cons at the very end.. lol ok i love it all! off to watch again…

  15. Danusia

    oh yessssssssssss!!!

    he’s HOT, fuckingchrist, so HOT!!!


  16. Danusia

    oh, i’m gonna link you on my hipermoderna, babe! you have such a good taste! ;D


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