Wentworth Miller is beautiful

As if there was any doubt! People has named Wentworth Miller one of the Most Beautiful People. How about THE most beautiful person? I wonder if he cups everything the way he does his head…Mmmmm head.

Thanks Jared!

Oh and totally unrelated but this is also my 300th post! Holy Shit!


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35 responses to “Wentworth Miller is beautiful

  1. Anonymous

    WTF!! He looks so skinny in this pic. Still hot, though I prefer the more bulked up Went. Those eyes….that mole…. He’s dreamy!

  2. emily

    One of the most beautiful people? For real? what a shocker! good job, people magazine. your editors obviously have eyes.

  3. Charlie Brown

    O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m speechless.. i can’t breathe! There are no words….

  4. AJ


    And I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you, WFW, for using the “unshopped” photo in your post. The people at “People” should be ashamed of themselves for messing with perfection, yet again!!! Ugh.

  5. A Sprinkled Life

    I actually do not like this picture..but we know he is the most beautiful..mmmm yummmy.

  6. Wentasy_baybi

    I find this pic to be really sexy. Went is beautiful. The only problem I have with this photo is the fact that it looks like someone reached into the photo and pet Went’s head.LOL! It deosn’t look like his own arm, although it is, but yeah, he’s hott!

  7. miz brisvegas

    Wentworth Miller is one of the most beautiful people

    Like … duh, People Magazine!

    But thanks for the affirmation. I dunno about the rest of the peeps here, but chanting this mantra is part of my everyday routine:
    Wentworth Miller is beautiful
    Wentworth Miller is beautiful
    Wentworth Miller is beautiful

    … and, viola!, instantly I’m a better and happier person!

    *reaches for prescribed meds with the child safety lids*

  8. Anonymous

    went is the most beautiful person alive on that list -man or woman. last year he was voted on people as one of the most eligible bachelors alive. taylor hicks won first place but from all indications went is taking it this year.how can you be that old and still be so beautiful. he definitely needs more exposure(movie roles and modelling contracts) and a hot girlfriend. we are behind you went. we love you.

  9. Mink

    LOL I see you used the same, less ‘shopped’ version of this pic, like the one I posted at Church, babe. Extremely good call. Fucking ‘People’ mag should be seriously taken to task for the bleaching they did to that pic on their site. It had better not be the same in the print mag! Grrrrr!!!!

  10. Belgian

    I can’t believe what they did to him on that picture at the People site. WTF? Is Went a plastic action figure now? And his eyes? We call them blue steel, but not because they are made of steel, right?


  11. Jan

    i love this pic!! those eyes! i agree with you WFW, he should be named as THE most beautiful person!

  12. notthedoctor

    So PEOPLE magazine has named Wentworth one of the most beautiful people in the world. Big WOOP!
    Well, ALIEN magazine, the most read mag in the galaxy has named him THE Most Beautiful Multicelluar Organism in the Universe. THAT my friends is a serious thing!

  13. linds

    Lovely, lovely boy. Please marry me.

  14. Krissie

    *singing and clapping to Stevie Wonder*
    Isn’t he lovely…
    Isn’t he wonderful…
    Isn’t he precious…

  15. the.red.head.

    Mmm head?

    Bwahahahah wfw you crack me up!

  16. CeruleanBlew

    Yes, very appropriate he’s finally made it in — especially since I often find myself shaking my head in wonder and going “Mmm. He’s beautiful” (totally out loud, BTW) whenever I randomly think of something associated with him/Prison Break 😉

    hehe, sorry, Wentworth: I know you’re already objectified way too much as it is. But you ask for it, man, running around looking like that… good lord.

  17. Anonymous

    why did People Mag whitewash like that?

  18. shortstuff

    wentasy_baby said: it looks like someone reached into the photo and pet Went’s head

    HAHA i was thinking the same thing!! but he still looks beautiful as always. and seriously? seriously. they NEED to stop photoshopping him! that pic on people make his eyes look a little scary and went is not supposed to look scary!!

  19. Anonymous

    I’m at the University and I can comment lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

    and my first comment in a long long long time had to be on a post with The beautiful face in the center of it.

    What should I say, hmmmmm dunno…

    You are beautiful, fuck me.


  20. Anonymous

    and a bright one, as well


  21. CeruleanBlew

    I like the photo but do prefer Went’s overall look in the Gap ad (hair, pose, expression, etc.) — that’s been my desktop wallpaper for quite some time now; damn thing just can’t seem to find its way off… 😉

  22. notthedoctor

    HAPPY 300TH POST WFW! And a great one it is, couldn’t have been better than Wentworth Miller is Beautiful… maybe WFW Is Went New Scarf Friend… MY BAD!

  23. Mama Bear

    Mink, Bel, I agree with you 100%. Went’s image should remain untouched since it’s already absolute perfection.

    You know, brightening a person’s eye color is one thing, but changing a person’s skin tone is clearly another. What century is this again?

    Happy 300th, WFW!!! You are a posting machine!

  24. emily

    ceruleanblew, THANK YOU! The ad photo is absolute perfection which makes what the Gap did ten million times more wrong. (DIE GAP DIE).

    Happy 300th, WFW! and since you’re not here for the little happy 300th party I’m throwing for you, I’ll go ahead and take your celebratory shot of tequila for you.

  25. Anonymous

    Oh my God! He is soooooooooooo beautiful! THE most beautiful indeed!

    Concerning the clip on youtube, pity the love scene does not last longer!!!!

  26. Anonymous

    they ‘whitewashed’ him to make him appear less ethnic looking….

  27. Anonymous

    Now c’mon, Anonymous 1:32, you know they can’t have it be known that the little white girls out in Middle America are creaming their panties over a half-black guy!! As enlightened as we like to think we all are, that still doesn’t play too well in most parts of the good ole USA…

  28. niknak

    Anon 2:43, I have to disagree. I think WM is so magnificent that there is probably a passel of Klan members somewhere scratching their heads in confusion. He could be half-flamingo and even the most bird hating bigot would want to fuck him… New slogan “Wentworth Miller: The Band-Aid Healing Bigots Everywhere!”

  29. bb

    finally recognition for what we already know…… wenty is not just beautiful he is also sexy, hot,intelligent…. I could go on but we would be here all night

  30. nicbeast

    In this day and age, I can not believe we are having the same old discussion on race. What do people mean by not being black enough? It makes no sense to me. The only thing that needs to be black enough about him, I PRAY, is the stereotype about the size of his dick.

    I also feel that if we stop feeding this line of conversation it will die, as well it should. Being the same “Bi-racial” make up as Mr. Miller, my opinion is WHO GIVES A FUCK? It is their problem, not mine or his. As I have said before, it is really all about that fabulously educated brain of his, his dick and the things I would like for him to do to me with them.

  31. niknak

    LMAO nicbeast! I am thrilled how you can take the idiocy of discussion on WM’s race and turn it around to the size and talents of his penis!

    While I am one who would like the topic to die off, I do have to say that the problem is that ‘in this day in age’ we are having the same old discussion, and magazines feel the need to do things like this in order to make someone ‘more beautiful.’

    Maybe they should just let me take pics of WM and then I can control what he does to me before, how he poses during, and what mags to do them after.

  32. CeruleanBlew

    Dag, I finally picked this up today… not so good 😦 The photo, which itself defies the laws of nature by not being all that spectacular, takes up maybe a sixth of a page — I seriously couldn’t find it for about five minutes when I went to go back + look at it just now. And people like Patrick Dempsey have a whole page devoted to them (and Jennifer Garner a full spread)!

    People Magzine, listen up: it’s true you can capture the beauty of Wentworth Miller III in some very small real estate, but come on now — does that make it wise?

    (yeah, that would be a “NO“…)

  33. ana

    wentworth miller you are beautiful man. i love you verry much. please come in georgia. I am from georgia. I watch your serial prison break. I love this serial verry much. i love you!!!

  34. bkbelly

    i knew he was black…no wonder he always has his hair shaved with his “permanent tan”!…but damn he is fine, i knew he was a piece of chocolate. I love him he is so sweet. Sistas I think we got another Denzel!….I can’t wait to see him on the cover of Ebony, Jet, or Essence magazine with his fine ass. I think black people will love to see that.

  35. fuushi

    I think everyone will love to see him on any cover.
    I even bought a men´s style magazine and a teenager´s rock&Pop magazine, just because he was in them.
    he´s so gorgious!!

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