Wentworth Miller Opens Up

It looks like Went has finally answered some questions we wanted to know the answers to; Went, that is so unlike you!

On his past:
Back in college, I didn’t have a reputation for dating the prettiest girls, which my friends often made fun of.

On his ideal first date:
A romantic dinner is fine, as long as it’s not at my place because I’m a helpless cook!

On being approached:
How do you react to a pretty girl smiling at you on the street?
I smile back! I’ve never been snobbish or standoffish and fame hasn’t changed that about me.

What if said girl then slips you her phone number…?
I’ve been in these situations every now and again since PB. Beautiful strangers coming up to me and making passes at me. But I’m really not comfortable with this level of up-frontness, so I don’t take them up on their offers. I’m kind of old-fashioned when it comes to dating.


Sorry Went but if you don’t cook, this relationship may not work out after all. One of us needs to be able to whip up a meal! Maybe we can just go out to eat constantly…Yeah that sounds good.


OK that’s the end of my comment. There is no more. Nope, not one more thing.

*deep breath*

*staring at the ceiling*

*closing eyes*

I. will. block. out. my. thoughts. about. men. that. still. insist. on. being. the. aggressors. in. the. year. 2007. because. that. way. I. still. get. to. love. him.

*biting tongue, rolling eyes, cussing, throwing things, banging head on desk, silently screaming*

I have a headache. I think I need to lay down.

Thanks tigertone!

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31 responses to “Wentworth Miller Opens Up

  1. cocot13

    Ok so back in college he didn’t date the prettiest girls,the hell you say I just don’t believe no way is that true, Wentworth Miller not dating pretty girls, oh come on now

    *snickering uncontrolably*

  2. emily

    his friends probably thought he was an idiot. here they were horny little college boys all trying to get laid and Wentworth looks like…..well, like he does and he was CHOOSING to pass up dates with the hotties. Of course it just makes me want to fuck him more…..but still.

  3. miz brisvegas

    Back in college, I didn’t have a reputation for dating the prettiest girls, which my friends often made fun of.

    W. Miller, since you’re already tugging my leg, how about I tug your third one back? [Wink! wink!]

    *gets back to tinkering with the ole’ time machine*

  4. fishy

    Oh WFW, don’t be upset, I think you’re reading him wrong! Remember how he always says he likes confident, aggressive girls? I think he was just trying to sound like he’s not taking advantage of girls throwing themselves at him now that he’s famous. *hopes*

  5. Krissie

    “I’m kind of old-fashioned when it comes to dating.”

    Aaaah, but did he say anything about good old fucking?
    I think you’re good, WFW. You’re not into classic dating anyway.

  6. Anonymous

    sorry…but HOW OLD is this interview?? I recalled reading these responses way back last year!!!

    Anyway…this interview sounds a bit prepped…like to give answers that are benign and silly enough for fangirls to hang on every word. The comment about not dating pretty girls in college is the absolute dumbest…think those girls if they read it now would appreciate hearing that! LOL! Of course you really don’t believe that nonsense…although I’ve heard that the least prettiest girls on campus are also are the easiest to lay!!

    For a man who has been to Princeton..I’ve yet to read a single deep intellectual comment from him…nothing serious at all from him ever.

  7. Wet For Went

    Thanks Kor! A possible Wentkorea part duex WOULD cheer me up!

    anon 11:11, some parts of the answers (such as the past bits) are not new but the
    But I’m really not comfortable with this level of up-frontness,
    especially phrased in that way, is new, as far as I know. I’ve never seen him say that before so it’s new to me!

    Good point about saying that the girls he dated might not appreciate that statement but I’m thinking what he meant to imply is that he is into what is inside (yes I realize that sounds cliche) which some might say explains his dating choices even now (although for the record neither Beigette nor Scarfy are bad looking IMO). It’s why we probably won’t see him with a Supermodel that’s dumb as fuck eventhough he could probably pull one without even trying. Oh and the pretty girls were easy lays too (speaking from experience).

    As for the intellectual comment, what do you expect in this business, a thesis? LOL First of all, no one asks him any intelligent questions and you have to start there but in a world of sound bites and ADD, we will always get the watered down version of whatever he says, no matter how brilliant it may have been coming out of his mouth.

  8. shortstuff

    so to recap:
    -dont get too pretty (already done, haha)
    -cook for him (can be arranged)
    -smile if i see him on the street (well maybe if u ever came to toronto..!)
    -dont slip him my number.. (then how are u supposed to call me??)

    went… you are one interesting creature..

  9. brit bird

    Thanks WFW – Great tips for my new book ‘how to stalk went successfully. And went didnt date pretty girls in high school? No shit sherlock

  10. AJ

    Why did I think this post was gonna be about slash when I read the title?

    Anycrap, I don’t see Miller dating “textbook ugly” girls. Perhaps he was dating “cutesy” but not “gorgeous” girls back in the day, and his friends just thought he could do better?

  11. Wentasy_baybi

    Holy!!! Where did u get these facts WFW?

    But anyway, maybe he didn’t date the prettiest girls back in college, cuz he relied on the saying “Never date someone who’s prettier then you.”lol. I don’t know. But Went, you should try to date a pretty girl, pretty girls are beautiful on the inside too, and if you take this into consideration… I’m available hun.lol. But it’s so mean that his friends made fun of him, cuz his girlfriends weren’t the prettiest.

    And for his ideal first date… it would not be at my place either, cuz I can’t cook shit!lol. Seriously, a few times I made spaghetti and all those times I did, it always turned out tasting like fuckin’ shit.

    Awwwww… and it’s so cute that he smiles back at women when they smile at him first. He’s such a gentleman. Everytime I smile at a guy, they think I’m horny and they expect me to blow ’em.lol. It’s like fuck off! Oh how I wish more men were like Wentworth.

    And on the old fashioned when it comes to dating. So am I. I will not sleep with a guy on the first date and I won’t even kiss a guy on the first date. You want me, you gotta work your ass off to get wit’ me.

    And that’s how it goes. Love you all. Peace.

  12. emily

    I can’t cook, either. and if it were any other guy I’d be a little upset about the prospect of starving to death but in this case, the sexual gratification is enough to put all those worries on the back burner (get it???). Besides, I can make a killer bowl of oatmeal. Finest micro-wave east of the mississippi, thankyou very much.

  13. Wentalicious

    How come no one knows how to cook anymore? I love a man who can throw it down in the kitchen, but lucky for Went, I am a mean cook. Maybe I can be “old fashioned” and win him through his stomach. I’ve heard him mention Sizzlers (which we don’t have in Canada), but if he’s only dining on chain restaurant food, then “I can’t lose!” < -- said Went-style. Advantage: Wentalicious.

  14. niknak

    I can cook! And, I am willing to call myself modest looking if it gets me a date with Went!

    Now, for the old-school dating thing… Cannot say there are too many strong, confident women who are going to sit meekly aside batting their eyelashes at a man until he trots on over. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be crushed with a greater onslaught of women throwing their panties and phone numbers at him.

    What if I throw my panties with my phone number on them at him?

  15. cocot13

    *imagining Went being hit in the head by women’s panties* LMFAO!!

  16. fishy

    A different translation I just read a translation of the whole interview, made by joshartnettfan from the Went forum on Fanhost (http://forums.fanhost.com/showthread.php?t=165951)
    This is her version of the dating question:

    When I was studying in college, I didn’t have a reputation for dating the prettiest girls, which my buddies used to poke fun at me quite often about that. As usual they would fantasize on well developed blondes. That has never been my case I’ve always preferred a girl with temper*, preferably with brown hair.
    * the French word is “caractere”, so maybe he originally said “character”? Anyway, I like this version better 😉

  17. Mama Bear

    Thanks for the translation, Fishy!

    There’s a French proverb I read somewhere that I’ll never forget – Went, you should take heed because it’s absolutely true:

    “A woman chooses the man who will choose her.”

  18. miz brisvegas

    I wonder what his college exes think if they ever come across that bit about them ‘not being pretty’?

    I imagine the break up conversion would go something like this:

    W. Miller [speaking in a rich, deep baritone]: I’m so sorry we have to part ways. Please know I want us to still be friends.

    College Ex [screehes]: What?! You’re breaking up with me? But, why?

    W. Miller [still speaking in a rich, deep baritone]: Because after college, I’m moving to LA to become an actor.

    College Ex [incredulous and begins to rant with rage]: Oh, I see. Well, if that’s what you really want, then fine, go ahead. But would you do me a favour? One day, if you ever become famous and they start asking you those insipid questions during interviews and you have to answer one about college girlfriends, would you please tell them that you dated the non-pretty ones? That way, no one can associate me with you, you jerk!

    Foolish woman. I meant me in this instance, of course. I heard that Went related fevers can cause hallucination. Now I know it’s true!!!

  19. SavMed

    That is right! Brunettes with character!

    See Went, there is a little thing called order in the Universe. You, being handsome and bright, need just the opposite! ME!

    See, you may be walking around with a tall, georgeous blonde, but you know, as well as I do, that you need a short, (probably) brunette weirdo.

    You are beautiful, go out there and find me! For the sake of the equilibrium.

  20. Anonymous

    So Went, you’re old fashioned when it comes to dating eh? You do realize this is 2007 not 1807 right? Okay Went, so you would NOT accept me throwing myself at your feet in the middle of some busy L.A. street? No? How about if I stuff some C-Note’s in your tight fitting jeans (and the bills just HAPPEN to have my digits on them), you would toss them aside? No need to be prudish now Went. Time to come out of your shell a little bit….I can help you with that.

  21. Wentasy_baybi

    Ummmmm… Rhea.

    I’m sorry, but I’m against ur comment. It seems like Went is a private person and that’s just him, and I too am old fashioned when it comes to dating… and I’m out of my shell. It has nothing to do with being in a shell. I like to keep it classy when it comes to the first few dates and I’m sure Went does too. And not throwing yourself at men, and stuffing C-notes in the guys pants shows that you have respect for yourself and by doing that, you will not gain any respect whatsoever from men. I know for sure that Wentworth would want a woman who won’t jump at him and go through extremes just to sleep with him. It’s a turn off. Now playing hard to get on the other hand just might work for Wentworth, cuz all men like a chase. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

  22. emily

    not to stir up trouble or anything (because I don’t do that) but Wentasy_baybi, i think it’s safe to say that Rhea may have been embellishing for comic effect. We do that here from time to time 😉

  23. Mama Bear

    Wait just a damn minute, Emily…you mean the posts and the comments on this site are not to be taken seriously?!? Since when?! I come here for REAL news and REAL in-depth analysis of all things Went-related, and you burst my bubble like this?! *wailing*

    But yeah, we’re all a bunch of comedians in here showing off for the Peanut Gallery. 😉

    Sardonic humor is a lethal cocktail if it goes down the wrong pipe, so here’s to chasing it down with a good ole shot of “let’s not take ourselves too seriously.” 😉

  24. miz brisvegas

    LMAO, rhea 8.16! Especially about the c-note bit. Had visions of W. Miller at some strip joint, writhing seductively against a pole! Ooh, yeah! Ladies, who’s with me?!? I’ve fired up my car & I’m rarin’ to go!

    Hey, wentasy_babyi 11.14, I’m sure rhea was kidding. In fact, I’d even bet one of my c-notes on it.

    *plucks a hundred from my bra*

  25. AJ

    Miller? Writhing? Seductively?? Pole???

    *hops in miz brisvegas’s car*

    Oooooh wentasy, what are we gonna do with you? Rhea was kidding. It was funny. Laugh. ;o)

  26. shortstuff

    OMG WFW… WHERE did u get that picture?? HAHAHAHAHA thats priceless! ive also seen a prison break village people pic and its pretty funny… maybe ill post it later…

  27. Wet For Went

    Catsbycat made that pic. She’s very good with the ‘shopping.

  28. rachhh

    omg is that amuary?

  29. Mama Bear

    Went as Darcy and Amaury as Bingley in Pride and Prejudice?!? I just know that somewhere in Croatia Krissie is having a raging orgasm…LMFAO!!!

  30. Krissie

    Uhm, Mama Bear, you think I’m having A raging orgasm? As in ONE?
    Oh you know so little of me…

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