Is Wentworth Miller going to China?


BEIJING, April 30 — Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller has been invited to visit China in June, media reports have recently revealed.

The Shanghai-based News Times reported Wentworth Miller as having been invited by Zhongbo Media Group, who have bought the rights from Fox to shoot an online video adaptation of the American hit TV drama.

In an interview with the paper, an official of Zhongbo said that Miller is coming to promote the Chinese version of Prison Break, and will take part in some commercial activities.

Miller is also invited to act as a final judge to select actors for the Chinese Prison Break.

The official said Beijing is likely to be the first leg of Miller’s China tour that might also includes Shanghai.


Those Asians sure do love them some Wentworth!

Thanks Kor!


Fox: Read My Tattoos, No Prison Break In China
Fox Television, Media, NWS.A, Prison Break, SINA, Xiang Ming, Zonbo Media
Posted by: Riki Hsu on May 14, 2007 | 19:05
Editorial Summary

News Corporation’s (NYSE: NWS.A) Fox Television denied that it has licensed Beijing based media company Zonbo Media to remake American TV series Prison Break or any related online activities in China, reports Beijing Youth Daily. Fox Television China director Xiang Ming also denied any knowledge of a cooperation contract with Zonbo worth US$1.2 million. Zonbo Media recently partnered with Sina (Nasdaq: SINA) to host open auditions on Sina’s video blog channel to cast a Chinese movie based on the popular Fox TV series.



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17 responses to “Is Wentworth Miller going to China?

  1. Krissie

    Mr Miller, are you going to visit every Asian country now? How about some European ones? Perhaps… I don’t know… from the top of my head… Croatia?!

  2. fishy

    Israel is in Asia too, Went. Come on, get in touch with your Jewish heritage!

  3. Krissie

    And I forgot to add: I promise no Croatian would ever photoshop your perfect ass. Caress, rub, spank even, but never photoshop.
    Think about it.

  4. delphine

    wenty and the asians countries: again and again and again?!?! a long, long story!
    and France, it was too short when you came in october 2006: I want to see you in Paris(remember: the most beautiful town in the world and the lovers town: so romantic!)
    but come in my country once more, please!!!

  5. Anonymous

    I believe Japan is the next!
    But you can stop by Tokyo unofficially, if you want…
    We always give you a hearty welcome as much as other Asians, anyway!!!

  6. shortstuff

    dammit went! im happy and annoyed all at the same time. and i think you know why.. *evil glare.. but not too evil cuz its went* πŸ˜›

  7. Anonymous

    one mopre vote for Croatia πŸ™‚

  8. brit bird

    China – CHINA!!!! Went britain is your place of birth come home honey and I will cook you a lovely sunday roast with yorkshire pud and everything – No? Jellied eels? No? Bread and butter pudding spread all over my body – yes!!! Come to me pretty you just add the sauce……

  9. tia

    Those Asians sure do love them some Wentworth!

    I think the feeling is mutual seeing as how the last time he was with them he had a hard on!

  10. fishy

    tia What??? How could I have missed this?

  11. Wentasy_baybi

    Hong tong wing wong!!!

    What’s next??? He’s going to marry a harajuku girl!!!

  12. Emmanuela

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I invited him to my school for graduation in June he can’t do this to me, us. *crying in a little corner*

  13. tia

    fishy, just go and closely inspect the pictures of him up on stage, you’ll see, LOL

  14. fishy

    Thanks tia, I will :D.

  15. Mama Bear

    Went, would you please kung pao me?


    ah… well it looks like the asians don’t love him that much if China is making their own version rather than dubbing it…

    the other day my twelve y.o. korean student said, “teacher do you know michael scofield? my older sister looooooooves him!”

    hehe…i’m pretty sure your sister loves wenty and not michael…. πŸ˜‰

  17. Anonymous

    He is not going to China, this is a false rumor folks.

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