Bean Poled?

This post had photos but thanks to Bean Pole, now there are none.

I think this chick has, or at least she’s trying to…

[photo of woman holding on to Went’s shirt]

[photo of woman holding on to Went’s shoulder]

[photo of woman giving Went a massage]

What exactly do you think you’re doing little Missy? BACK. UP.

For more behind the scenes Bean Pole shots (every pun imaginable is very much intended), Go see Jared. (Jared had to take his photos down. Thanks Bean Pole!) Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go grab some lunch.

[photo of Went eating with chopsticks]


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27 responses to “Bean Poled?

  1. soiled undies

    I think some of you know EXACTLY how HANDY I am with a POLE!!!


    ‘Nuff said.

  2. notthedoctor

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah SU we very well know you are!

    OH! That Korean girl is my new hero, yeah, she is! Come on the woman is smart, she played it super cool, doing her “I am his dresser” thing, being all professional while all I can see is her hands all over him, ALL OVER HIM!!

    And WFW how on Earth could you not post the photo with the other smart Korean girl, who has litterally her head between Went’s thighs!?!

  3. Mama Bear

    Look at those Wellingnesque arms!

    And question…why is Went eating sandwiches with chopsticks?


    SU, you’re back!!! Let the pole-action begin! 🙂

  4. shortstuff

    whoa whoa whoa lady, you are old enough to be my mother, but i have no problem knocking you out for touching went like that. dont even pretend like ure just doing your job… who do u think you are massaging wents shoulders?? huh? HUH? sneaky little whore..

  5. twyla

    Oh, ya’ll–forget about the old lady giving him a massage, I am too distracted by that look on his face–it is probably the same look he would get if i were able to properly “service” his pole!

    *closing eyes, daydreaming of putting that look on his beautiful face*


  6. Krissie

    Eat me, Went!
    What was that? Why yes, you may use the chopsticks in any way you like!

  7. Parsnip

    Check out Old Lady’s hand in the first pic. She’s pulling his shirt down..or try to put her hand down his pants!!!

    Move. Away. Slowly. Woman.

  8. CeruleanBlew

    lol, notthedoctor: I just saw that photo for myself — it is greatness! 🙂 And not even for thinking gutterrific thoughts, either; the way he’s inspecting what’s going on below seriously makes him look like a docile little tyke getting his outfit straightened. How much more ‘that’s right; I am just this goddamn adorable’ can one human being look??

    Plus I’m all about the way his ass looks in that shot. OK, so that one there is kinda gutterrific…

  9. niknak

    OK, Mama Bear, I am SO glad and I not the only one who had the “sandwiches and chopsticks” thought. I thought I would be on that train all by myself.

    As for granny giving the massage, I cannot say that I blame her. I know my 80yo granny would have her hands all over him too if she could. I think Wentlust is something that is genetic…

  10. emily

    nuh uh is that woman wearing a scarf??!?!?!

  11. niknak

    emily, LMAO!!!

    I have a new theory on the scarves… the women are all transvestites hiding their adam’s apples. That is the only reason there are SO many scarves present. I think the men found out WM wasn’t gay, so now they are in cloak and drag.

  12. Charlie Brown

    Just when i think i couldn’t love this guy anymore, WFW goes and posts these pics? How f****** gorgeous is this man?! I can’t even repeat the things i would like to do to him!

  13. AJ

    What? You mean you guys don’t eat sandwiches with chopsticks???

    I crack the eff up at the “massage picture” every time I look at it, cuz that’s woman’s face is just priceless. It’s like she can’t believe what she’s doing. Hell, I can’t blame her. I’d have a cheesetastic look on my face too, if I was massaging the Pretty. Mmmm…rubbing Went… *shiver*

    Shit…what was I talking about?

  14. CeruleanBlew

    haha, in all fairness Went does look to be finishing up something other than a sandwich — I mean cell phones are in the foreground as well, and I think it’s a safe bet those babies were passed over by the lovely chopstick-wielding fingers…

  15. Wentasy_baybi

    Whatevz!!! I can give Went a much better massage then old cougar over there. If I were her, I’d be like, “I’m sorry, but if you want me to massage you, you’ll have to get fully naked.” LMFAO! As if. Haha. Went… can I massage your butt cheeks? I wanna jiggle ’em around and give you sooo much pleasure. I may also have to massage your sack. It’s mandatory, but I’ll have to use my chin for that, and don’t mind the tongue pokin’ out once in a while. It’s uhhhh… the way the massage is supposed to be done…. it’s called the “makemecumchin” massage. I would be the best massuse ever, now wouldn’t I?

  16. Wentasy_baybi

    Oh, I forgot! Now we know what Went would like going down on us girls!!!!(referring to the last pic of him eatin’ with chopsticks) Mmmmmmm… Fuck yeah!!! Eat my tight sweet 20 yr old pussy Wentworth!LOL! Holy geez! That man brings out my inner nawty slut.hehe. I swear… I’m not usually like this. It’s Mr. Miller’s fault and his hardcore sexy looks. Why Miller, Why! lol!

  17. Anonymous

    eating sandwiches with chopsticks
    dating girls instead of guys
    sigh he’s seriously confused
    it’s starting to affect other areas of his sexy life

    Even though she looks sweet that unassuming lady of his… I think she has a major chance to hook up with him…she’s gorgeous by his standards
    good on her

  18. Katjus

    all else aside, as i can not simply concentrate on anything but the… WentTongue!!! *puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

    sidenote: poor lady! what is she doing each on of us wouldn´t kill to do?! *giggle* Crappy shoulder massage? Owwwwwwww, bless her… Girl´s got to try, right? 😉

  19. Mama Bear

    Krissie, I have one word for you: SPLINTERS. OUCH!

  20. miz brisvegas

    See on the second pic where Ms Korea’s holding on to Went’s left arm? The one where she’s leaning on him for support? See it? See it?

    That’s because her knees were about to give and she started feeling light headed from hanging around W. Miller ALL MOTHER-FUCKITY-FUCKING DAY! Can y’all just imagine the feel of the skin on skin contact?

    *hyperventilates and begins shaking, three … two … one … MULTIPLE ORGASMS!!!*

    Who’s a lucky girl, then? Man, why wasn’t I born Korean in this lifetime?

    LMAO, niknak 8.43! Trannies?!? Good one! I’ll pass on the ‘scarves’ theory to my gay mates.

  21. SavMed

    finally i can post comments


    So Went, did you like the massage or the granny? Cos if you liked the granny, I could introduce you to my nana and if you’d marry her you’d be my nono.

    yeah, I’m sick like that….

  22. Anonymous

    “Assless” my ass!

  23. Krissie

    Mama Bear, I’m pretty sure he would use some fine, fancy, smooth chopsticks. Possibly engraved, for extra pleasure.
    OK, this stops NOW.

  24. Anonymous

    LOL! Krissie, chopsticks…ouch, but a possible fun and exciting ouch with Went on the other side of them. ;)Now onto the Went arm musculature…HELLO muscle, where HAVE you been all my life? Cometh and wrapth me in your strong warm embrace. Seriously, I’ve hit the backspace button so frikken many times b/c I can’t even concentrate.

  25. Emmanuela

    I love the way he stands he’s so….erect, lol. I really want to loosen him up.

  26. A Sprinkled Life

    I love all these photos…but I especially love his arm in the first photo. He is so frikkin HOT!

  27. BB


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