Wentworth Miller, You’ve been Slashed Yet Again

Well actually this time it’s Michael Scofield but since Went has told us before that we don’t know the difference between the two, why bother with clarification! It’s MiSu time baby and it is hot!

NC-17 kiddies, Blasphemy (I have warned you about the blasphemy. Do not, under any circumstances, leave stupid ass religious rants in my comments section. I’ll laugh and then I’ll delete your ass. If you can’t handle it, don’t read it.) Now go have fun; I know I did.

Sometimes Coming is Harder than Going


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14 responses to “Wentworth Miller, You’ve been Slashed Yet Again

  1. BB

    Amaurey…that wink…. then went’s half smile, it took me a while to first stop drooling then to actually take my eyes away and click on the picture.. wfw you must put a warning in future i nearly threw my laptop…. god what i wouldnt do to be sucre hugging went!! oh no the drool is starting again. Sucre sure is stepping up as a hottie, but went you are on top.(I wish)Lol.
    And Went if you were wondering what the answer would be just in case you were thinking of asking but you were too shy….. YES YES YES I WILL MARRY YOU!!!

  2. bb

    Wow Velvetine that is one hot story girl!!! Please pretty please could you write one where I get to fuck Went/ Michael im not fussy which!! **flutters eyelashes at Vel and adds and ass shimmy …just in case…

  3. Mama Bear

    WFW, please don’t misconstrue this as a “religious” comment, but I am going to Hell for reading this story.

    *stepping into hand basket in dazed stupor*

  4. Bel

    I fully agree with this choice!

    Vel is a wonderful writer… and my two favorite men getting it on? I’m with MB when I say that the fire of hell is lashing it’s tongues at me!


  5. silvia

    Totally agree with the 2 comments above! xP
    I’m not a slash fan but this one was pretty good!

    (WFW u’r my herO! LMAO this is a so-fantastic-that-i-came-here-everyday kind of site! i luv it – of course went has a lot to do with this love for the site, but your posts just kick ass!- LOL)

    cheers from portugal =P

  6. AJ

    Jeebus, Larry, and MosDef!!!

    Vel!!! You’re my new favorite pornographer.;o)
    Might I trouble you to write some Michael/T-bag slash in the future???…I know…I’m nasty.

    *steps into Mama‘s handbasket and takes a seat* Mmmmm….comfy! :o)

  7. Wentasy_baybi

    Yeahhhhhhhhh! Michael and Sucre get it onnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Wut a story… if I wasn’t feelin’ bitchy, I would definetly masturbate.LMAO!

    And what a coincidence, I took this quiz for fun the other day called “Who’s Your Prison Break Man?” And guess what I got… that’s right… frakin’ Michael and Sucre. Oh yeah. I’ll have a Michael and Sucre sandwich with lots of mayonnaise… wait a minute… that ain’t mayonnaise.LOL! Awwwww…wtf!

    (Michael painstakingly emits a rich, rumbling sound from the back of his throat that only becomes a comprehensible “Fuck! You’re so tight”)

    Aren’t all assholes tight? Aren’t they?

  8. niknak

    I tried, but I just can’t. I am going to go with all of you lovies and assume it was a good as you say. No religious rants, no religious thoughts, no handbasket, nada. I just can’t go there. I am an open minded gal who says to each their own, but Michael and Sucre? Really?

    P.S. What’s with my random word verification containing KKK?

  9. Nicole

    Only three words: Oh My God!

  10. shortstuff

    oh sweet jesus (no pun intended). that was much better than the other went/jared/jensen slash.. i guess i jus wasnt into the finger fucking that time. but damn this girl can write porn and still make it meaningful and angsty. i like.

    excuse me while i go clean my chair…

  11. sanjanjanja

    Hey WFW, i’ve been coming for quite a while and secretly enjoying the pics and words of wisdom from the great Went guru. So, finally I’ve come up with a little homework for you and I’m really interested in what you and the other Wentlovers will say. I was thinking about movie roles for our dear Pretty, and wondering what he would say to an offer for an action movie. Beeing a sucker as I am for gorgeous men in black tie, I would’n mind seeing him as the next Bond, especially if we get to see him coming out of the ocean in his trunks as in Casino Royale. But since Dear Wentie is well packed as we all very well know, what do you say about a latex costume, along the lines of Spiderman or Superman? Can you imagine the ripe and ripped Mr Miller saving the world and coming to our rescue? Mmm… That would be a whole new dimension of Went-crazed lust.

  12. bb

    velvetine – thought of a good part of the story for you… Micheal bends BB over the railings at fox river and takes her roughly from behind, he grabs hold of the back of her hair BB yells with delight…. you can make up the rest ***wink wink

  13. notthedoctor

    *discreetly* hey… pssst… pssst… wfw… *looking left and right*… euh, do you have some? so? do you? do you?
    *whispering* you know… some Mahone/Michael slash…*/whispering*

    The weather is moody, isn’t it?

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