Because He Needed the Money

I will be away for the weekend and I probably won’t be near my laptop much. If Went news breaks and I don’t post about it, I hope to have a very very good excuse. In the meantime, I leave you with yet another one of Went’s early roles that I never got around to posting. CAMP!

Be good


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17 responses to “Because He Needed the Money

  1. Anonymous

    Can he REALLY stand on a soap box and get testy that the gay rumour surrounding his name is out there! LMAO!

  2. AJ

    *chewing orbitz gum*

    One of my favorite awesomely bad Went performances. He plays “gay” so well….perhaps a little too well…:/

    Ah well…

    Gaaaay boyfriend, gaaaay boyfriend,
    I don’t really care that you are queer!
    Gaaaay boyfriend, gaaaay boyfriend,
    I never feel lonely when you are near. LA.LA.LA.LA!
    It’ll be a great romance!
    We’ll go shopping and buy tight pants.
    You don’t care how big my ass is, just how fabulous my dress is.
    Gaaaay boyfriend, gaaaay boyfriend,
    I don’t really care that you are queer!
    Gaaaay boyfriend, gaaaay boyfriend,
    I never feel lonely when you are near. LA…LA….LA…LA!!!

  3. A Sprinkled Life

    Boo, you whore! You will be missed. I love this clip. Went is trying way too hard but the boy is HAWT!

  4. shortstuff

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! omg WHERE is this from and WHY havent i seen it before??

    have fun wherever you’re going! we’ll miss ya! *muah!*

  5. miz brisvegas

    Ooh, a vintage Wentworth clip! That’s gold! Luv it! Luv it! Luv it!

    “You ahh-rrr, by fahh-rrr, the most IN-teresting person I know,” Tee hee!!!

    Oh, W. Miller, if only I could say the same to you.

    *Stage whisper: Hey, uh … Nelson, do you do wax jobs?*

    WFW: have a fun dirty weekend away! Come back soon!

  6. nicbeast

    First about the clip:



    *gets down on one knee*…AJ will you marry me?

  7. Karen

    This clip proves it:

    Like a fine wine, Wentworth Miller gets better with age…


    Have a wonderful weekend WFW!

  8. VanS

    I luv him just the way he is!
    Gay or Not Gay!
    Beigette or scarfy!
    Blonds or Brunettes!
    In Prison or Prison Break!

    Bye WFW! Don’t go on WhereIsWentTrips without saying anything to me ok?! LMFAO

    Have a nice Weekend WFW!

  9. Martelka


    I like the clip very much!!! I think him so sexy also playing a gay!!!
    He looks great there.

    WFW Have a greatand sunny weekend.

    Martelka from Poland

  10. linds

    I feel like a bad fan asking, but where is this from?

  11. velvetine

    HAHAHAHAHAH! *agrees with anon*

    oh lord, went, what were you thinking?!?!
    “oh, how so many do wish!”
    *tears hair out*

    where the hell did you find this?!?

  12. AJ

    linds it’s from a (short lived?) show called Time of Your Life. I think it was on in the late 90’s. I’m not really sure, since I never watched it before in my life, though. Ha!

    And nic…OF COURSE I’LL MARRY YOU!!!!

    *whispering* But won’t emily be mad?

    *looking over my shoulder as I write “Nic + AJ 4EVA!!!” on nearest tree*

  13. bb

    WFW surely you cannot leave your loyal followers for a whhholllle weekend what will we do? I hope you have a fabbbbuuulous time.

    ps how did the inspection go?

    PPs is it wrong that camp went totally turns me on?

  14. Wentasy_baybi

    What a smart ass he plays!!!lol.Loving it! Isn’t that the 2nd role of playing a gay man? Anyway, he’s a really good actor, cuz he is so convincing! Wow! Amazing work there Wentworth!

  15. rach

    gosh he was seriously playing one too many gay roles. if i wasnt in love with him i wouldnt be in love with him. lol~ but the tone of his voice is just oozing sexiness~ went darl, stick to serious heterosexual roles!

  16. SavMed



    Baby, no wonder people think you’re gay; totally convincing.

    Now, go make a movie or something mooning us like mad.

    Be good hon!

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