Dear Wentworth Miller

Today, it is with sadness that I realize that my love for you is fading. It’s so bad Went, that I felt the need to say it. That’s right, the party is almost over. Where the hell are you? Did you forget about the Upfronts?

Maybe it’s the powers that be and not you. Maybe your heart is no longer with Prison Break (which we would all understand as Season 2 wasn’t exactly good). Maybe you’re no longer obligated to promote it. Or maybe you just don’t want to be bothered and to that I say, BIG MISTAKE! Get your shit together or there will be no fans left! Who will be there to tell you that we know the difference between you and Michael Scofield? Who will be there to promote your ass even when you won’t do it yourself? Who will be there to send you thoughtful questions when everyone else asks you about the tattoo? Who will send you gifts and then bitch about never receiving any acknowledgement? And yes, I plan to bitch from now until the end of the blog… and that time might be nearer than anyone thinks.

But I continue, and do you know why? I do it for YOUR fans, yes YOURS. These people are here for YOU. Look at all of the people all over the world that you have brought together. They are all here because of their love and admiration for you. Have you any idea how many cool people I’ve met, how many lasting friendships I’ve made, all because of you? Do you know that someone who has never heard of you, but walked the streets of NYC with us anyway, was impressed with the diversity and intelligence of your fandom? How many other actors are as lucky?

Paley was unfortunate and I know you had to work. Yes I bitched but it was mostly for comedic value. And I know you were not slated to appear at the Upfronts, we all just assumed… But what the hell were you doing that you couldn’t come, Wentworth? Getting something at Borders? Dude, Harry Potter doesn’t come out until July.

It’s not the lack of appearances in and of themselves – or rather, it’s not that the disappointment of missing you in person is affecting my judgement. It’s everything. You win the “Catch me if you can” battle; I’m done with trying to meet you. But is an interview where you don’t give prepared answers too much to ask? I mean, what are you, running for office? When you’re asked how you feel about fan attention, instead of acting like you have no idea why people are so interested all of a sudden and saying “I’ve looked the same for 10 years,” how about “It’s flattering that so many people want to know so much about me and I appreciate their enthusiasm?” Seriously Went, you can do better, and if I can come up with that shit off the top of my head, you can too. I mean you DO realize that in those interviews you are speaking directly to your fans, right? Who do you think is reading and listening to this stuff? If you can manage to answer the tattoo question over and over, you CAN muster up something that does not resemble contempt for your fans. In the beginning, we thought you were just trying to retain an air of mystery and yeah, I understand your philosophy on how having people know too much about your personal life may affect the kind of roles you can pull off, but you have to give SOMETHING, Went. You can be a bit more accessible without inviting everyone to camp out on your lawn.

I know I’m just a girl with a blog and I won’t pretend that your world will stop turning if I (or others) no longer hang on your every word. Shit, for all I know that might be exactly what you want. But if it isn’t and you’re not careful, you may lose the people you couldn’t be bothered to give a shit about. Yeah, yeah, in the scheme of things, we mean nothing to you, but maybe we should. Maybe if you appeared more accepting of fan attention than turned off by it or even resentful of it, and you appreciated your position as Our Lord Pretty, the fandom would be fun again. Right now, It. Is. Not. Fun.

Maybe it’s not fun for you running all over the place doing promotion, although for a fan, all they have is their moment, the moment they meet you and their perception of you (and yes, we know we don’t know you). Maybe it’s not fun having your gal pals ripped apart, but you do realize we are kidding right? I mean, we know how special one must be to even be in your company. After all, you are The Perfect One. And maybe it’s no fun losing your anonymity, although you did sign up for this. I know it sucks that there are people like Billy Crudup and Edward Norton who can just disappear when they are not promoting something, but that’s just not the kind of profile you have right now, and that’s just tough shit. Part of being an actor on a hit show IS promotion; that’s just the way it is. You can’t expect to have the same street cred Billy or Edward have until you get enough roles under your belt and, let’s be real, most people have only seen you in Prison Break. And don’t even get me started on the fact that I have seen you in absolutely nothing else since or I may throw things at your head. What about promoting YOURSELF? You could use an interview on your hiatus to promote Wentworth Miller the man instead of Wentworth Miller of Prison Break. Why weren’t you at any of the film festivals? Do you need new representation? I’m available. I’ll even help you out with another interview answer: Rather than “I don’t owe the fans any part of my personal life,” how about saying “I understand that fans want to know more about me but I’m hoping that one day my body of work will speak for me?” And let me tell you something: We, your fans, are rooting for you. We are hoping that comes true for you. We want to see you go on to do great things because we CARE. We’re not just in it because you’re the Pretty of the Month. We want to see someone as intelligent, articulate, and funny as you in movies and shows because that is what they’re missing, but you need to understand that that’s where we’re coming from.

You have great fans, so act like it. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who has ever met you in person has had glowing things to say about you so you do great when you actually come out of your shell. Have fun with it for Goddess’s sake or it could all be gone tomorrow. We all devote a significant amount of time to this fandom because we WANT to. Make us want to. I know you’re probably blue steeling the computer screen right now but you needed to be told (and we haven’t forgotten how you actually mentioned Blue Steel in Korea and I am clinging to that one moment like my life depends on it where fan love is concerned). I’m straying but you can fix it. I won’t tell you how; you’re a smart man, figure it out. Until then, I will be on hiatus too as I don’t have much to say unless you pop your pretty little head out. You know where to find me.


P.S. Say hi to Amaury for me.

P.P.S. You always miss all the fun…

P.P.P.S. Omar hugged me. Jealous?


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162 responses to “Dear Wentworth Miller

  1. WFW

    It was lovely to meet you geniass, geisha, m8, orchidday, and Jared and it was great to see you again maichan (and mr. maichan).

  2. WFW

    Oh and you too John!

  3. Krissie

    *trying to sound angry*
    Yeah, Miller, did you get that?
    We miss you, that’s all. We miss you.*wiping tears*

    And WFW… Well, you know…

  4. YKM

    WFW, you said it. I honestly can’t say there’s anything in there I disagree with. And that’s a long-ass letter lol

    Also, I think I want a picture with Amaury like that…Can you imagine Wentworth posing like that, ever? Nope…

  5. AJ

    Wow! *tearing up* That was deep, WFW. Real deep. Hit me right here. *hand to chest*

    Wentworth, I hope you read every word of that post and took it to heart. Cuz I’m pretty sure this one’s not a joke. (Notice the lack of a “humor” label under the post). You’d better get your shit together, dude…quickly.

    And WFW, regarding your P.P.P.S., I can’t speak for Went, but I’m fucking jealous!!! *pout* OMAAAAH!

  6. A Sprinkled Life

    WOW! WFW I feel badly that your feeling badly but just try to remember that he is just “recharging his batteries” as he always says on hiatus and he will be back to work in no time! I feel what you’re saying completely! We would all miss you terribly if you lost your love for him. I don’t even know you but I would be verrrrry SAD! I love checking in here to see the latest and the greatest! I promise.. as soon as we start seeing him again it will be *happy* *happy* *joy* *joy*

  7. Bel

    The word verification word I’m getting is BOFFEN. In Dutch, that is an actual verb meaning ‘to be lucky’. Now, tell me, if t is WFW holding Amaury, does that make ME in any way lucky?

    Do you hear that sound?

    It is my heart breaking.

    *wails uncontrollably*
    *feels excruciating pain in chest area*


  8. shortstuff

    wow. i have nothing to say after that letter.. mainly cuz i agree pretty much everything you said. my only consolation is that PB is set to start filming in the next week or so, so im PRAYING for some went news in the weeks to come.

    ps: amaury looks fucking HOT with that scruff.. (went take note: there is a problem when we start talking about amaury instead of you…jus saying)

  9. miz brisvegas

    Darling WFW! You wrote every single word [down to the last freaking consonant and vowel] I was feeling about W. Miller. Wow, girl! You don’t happen to read palms too, do you?

    Look, seriously, I would be simply devastated if you’re to discontinue with this blog, but I understand it would be pointless to keep going if a certain someone [WENTWORTH EARL MILLER III, I am talking about you, so prick up your ears and listen up, boy!] doesn’t do much by way of keeping his fans interested.

    *C’mon, Went, do something! Aaa-aanything *

    But take heart, darl. When season three kicks up, he’ll be back for the publicity circus. So, although we all know he’s bound to be asked about those fucking tatts [side note to the dickheads who aren’t clued in yet: IT’S FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! And it takes about 5 hours to apply and it’s a bitch to scrub off!] during interviews, at least we can all look forward to W. Miller being back in the spotlight.

    And who knows? Maybe right now he’s cutting a deal to star in his first major film! Wowee! W. Miller on the big screen. I can just imagine the close ups …

    Mmmm, how I love me some Wentworth Miller!

    PS: Whaa-aat? Harry Potter 7 comes out in July?!? Kidding! I’m a nerd, I knew about this already.

    PPS: You & Amaury?!? Did it just get hot in here? I’m jeaaa-loussss

  10. Mink

    *sniff* What can I say, WFW? It’s all true. *lip wibble*

  11. Cin-D

    I am infatuated with the man, but I’m not sure if I really consider myself a fan fan, cuz I’m not obsessed or anything, but I think WFW is right. You need to give your fans something while on your hiatus, atleast a frakin’ interview or something.

    You will not gain much success by just playing Scofield on PB. You gotta step it up a notch . You are a very talented actor, you can definitely make it big on the big screen. I would love to see you in Spiderman 4 or anything, not just PB.

    I’m not being mean if you do read this hun, but do this for your fans and for yourself.


  12. Michelle

    WORD! Preach it WFW! However, I’m gonna keep the faith that he will be back soon in full effect.


    I totally agree WFW.
    Went needs to wake up and smell the depleting fans.

  14. emily

    I’m having trouble even remembering this guy’s name….what is it again? Oh right, Wentworth. So listen, WENTWORTH, the Gap no longer has ANY pictures of you AT ALL. I know the Gap and I have had our ups and downs but now that we’re back together and I bought a canvas tote at 30% the original price today, I realize that the Gap is representative of all women scorned by Wentworth Miller. First they took down your giant fingering banner in front of my very eyes but you still had a smaller picture inside in the men’s section. But, unfortunately for you, you’ve been replace entirely by a rainbow sign with a pair of jeans on it. No one is even wearing the jeans, which should probably tell you something. I don’t want to say that you’re becoming yesterday’s news but you’re becoming yesterday’s news. You need to DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOUR IMAGE NOW OR…….You know what? Just shit or get off the fucking pot. I’m sorry it has to be like this but my friend WFW is 100% right about everything in that letter and you brought this on yourself. I’m sorry I have to go drink now.

    do you still have a nice ass? because you CAN make a comeback.

  15. Anonymous

    amaury is hot

  16. Anonymous

    So sad, but so true! That’s why we love you WFW. You always so eloquently expresses what we all feel!

  17. Anonymous

    You met Mary Lynn Rajskub! Love, love her! She looks really pretty.

  18. Cin-D

    This is for the Prison Break fans, I was searching for the release date of the Prison Break Season 2 DVD and I came upon this site, it has the confirmed release date and what the Prison Break Season 2 DVD Cover box looks like:

    I really like the artwork.

  19. Anonymous

    Wentwortth is simply not a personality actor. He does his promotional pics..but doesn’t extend himself beyond that. He doesn’t attend festivals…he doesn’t do many interviews..he has no important causes he supports..he is painfully bland.

  20. rach

    awwwwww! the sadness but so true.. wfw dont shut down the blog! ur my only hope for my daily w.m. medication!! and ur rite about everything! btw, amaury is seriously starting to look hotter than went.. OMG WAD AM I SAYING!! WENT GET UR BUTT OUT HERE AND GIVE US SOMETHING TO STARE AT!!

    p/s: wer did u meet amaury? *envvyyy*

  21. Nicole

    WFW YOU ARE THE BEST!! That was so….OMG!!!!Hey Went did you notice that???Did you hear it???OH fuck…do it for us!! Love you WFW, you did it again and again. 😉

  22. Anonymous

    i really really really miss Went

  23. VanS

    I’m sorry Went but I’m with WFW!
    You just don’t give a fuck about us…we dedicate so much time to you and we hang on to each other here on this site that WFW has put for us, and you just don’t care about that.
    Shame on you Went!!!
    You have to come out of that shell of yours cuz the world is waiting for you…and so are we all here!
    So stop saying that you enjoy beeing at home instead of going out cuz i’m not buying that shit anymore!
    I’m not mad at you Went its just that we deserve more…and WFW deserves even MORE then us! She gave it all to you, she is devoted to you, she tried so hard to make it for you and you just don’t care about it…its sad that you act like that!
    Anyway I’m hopping that you will change this and make our lives happy again.
    Please think about what we are here for…and never forget that we may need you but you also need us!

    *cries a river!*
    *Hugs WFW so much cuz she said it right!*

  24. Anonymous

    WFW, I agree. You said it. Wentworth I know you want to keep your privacy but you really should acknowledge your fans and there are many of us from all round the world including Australia which is where I’m from. The first step is say thanks to WFW for the gifts! If you can’t attend Paley and the upfronts or whatever, and, I know that you know, your fans are hoping with great trepidation that you’ll be there, it would be so nice if you could send a message. An open letter, an email, anything would be good. Of course an appearance would be even better. Now is that too much to ask?

  25. Anonymous

    Amen, WFW. You always manage to say exactly what I’d want to say.

  26. WFW

    And WFW, regarding your P.P.P.S., I can’t speak for Went, but I’m fucking jealous!!! *pout* OMAAAAH!

    You would have been even more jealous then of the hug. That pic was at the end of the hug. He hadn’t let me go yet. Mmmmm Omar…I called him over and then I said “Can I have a hug” and stuck my arms out and he said “Sure.” and hugged me and I told him in his ear “You are SO fine.” and he said “Thank you (baby).” I THINK he said baby but I can’t remember exactly. I may be mixing him up with Amaury who DID call me baby. I love Amaury.

    You met Mary Lynn Rajskub! Love, love her! She looks really pretty.

    I did! She was really nice. I told her I “just love her” and she smiled and said “Thank you!” She seemed genuine. I liked her.

    p/s: wer did u meet amaury? *envvyyy*

    At the Afterparty in Central Park. He was great as usual. Click the “Say hi to Amaury for me” link for the details of the latest encounter.

  27. Juma

    wfw, I’m with you in every single word.
    Went, I begin to think that you dont deserve the fans, it seems like you dont care at all. But remember that part of your sucess is due to the fans and their support. So, just come out from wherever you hidding and come back to us!!
    And went, you should thank wfw, because she’s doing more for your image than yourself.
    THANK YOU WFW, you are the best!

  28. bb

    **sobbing OMG WFW im feelin your pain…. (however im sure Amaury eased it just a jot?) Im feeling all warm and fuzzy right now – you do the post for us!? YOU DO THE FUCKING POST FOR US!!!!?? THANK YOU I LOVE YOU!!! Can i just say to all my girls (you know who you are)whether or not we all turn our backs on went **turning and seeing if anyone is behind me* then i hope we all stay in touch i love you all………. **cry me a river, cry me a riiivveerrr OMG feelin the love right now **sobbs uncontrollablyand quite frankly its not pretty

  29. WFW

    I know he is probably somewhere chillin’ and I don’t begrudge him his downtime but this hiatus has been excrutiatingly painful and going over some of his past quotes coupled with the apparent retreat…I just wanted to say my piece. I wouldn’t have said anything if I didn’t care. We all know these things but does HE? He probably still doesn’t but I had to get it off my chest. I won’t say it again.

  30. Mama Bear

    WFW, your letter is a cautionary tale to all up-and-coming actors/actresses who think they can enjoy the fruits of professional success without acknowledging the fans who put them there and KEEP them there.

    If Went wants to be this generation’s Greta Garbo, so be it…it’s his right, but the world is not so big that he can’t acknowledge and thank WFW and Nic for the lovely, THOUGHTFUL gifts that they put together for the Paley Festival. For a man who deems himself “the nicest guy in Hollywood,” his neglect is simply not nice. Went, what would your Mama say? Tsk, tsk! I know what this Mama says, and it’s not something to be shared in polite company.

  31. Krissie

    I know what this Mama says, and it’s not something to be shared in polite company.
    Then by all means, MB, let US hear it!

  32. Anonymous

    Word, WFW!!Word, Man!!!
    I agree on every single word, and you put it soo … eloquently (is that a word?)!!

    What I kinda noticed about Mr.Miller is that he was fun in the beginning, he was fresh and new meat (very good looking meat, I might add) but as time passed he got kinda boring and ordinary (even if he seemed very smart, unlike other actors, polite, handsome, … you name it)
    This is mainly the reason I don’t take part in the whole obsession thing anymore (I used to, I was really ‘in love’ with him, but now I don’t anymore)

    So WFW, keep on going, just for your fans (yes you do have fans), and when Went news hits just talk about that, but in the mean time do what you do best and come up with something hilarious, even do it with old Went pics/news/vids/… WHATEVER!!But keep blogging!!
    Thanks 🙂

    XxX Julie!

  33. Mama Bear

    OK, Krissie, you asked for it…here goes:


  34. Anonymous

    Amaury oh mi he is sexy

  35. Anonymous

    buy the way Wentworth is visiting China right?
    so we’ll have pics of his ass in no time
    don’t worry he’ll be back (terminator)

  36. Anonymous

    WFW, my crush on Went is waning too for the very same reasons, and it must be 10 times more frustrating for someone like you who puts so much time and effort (and money, e.g. Paley) into this. That said, I’d rather he be true to himself than be all phony just to please us (sorry for being blunt, but that’s kind of the impression I got from his behavior in Korea).
    My point is – silly how it sounds like relatioship advice – this is apparently all he’s capable of giving, and it’s up to each of us to decide if she’s willing to settle for it. Seems you aren’t, and frankly, I don’t blame you.
    P.S. Mama Bear, I’m with you on the gift thing. Not acknowledging it was just plain rude.

  37. Anonymous

    …with the amount of gifts and fan letters he receives it is understandable that the dude didn’t reach out and personally thank ANYONE…maybe the constant expectation that he must be a certain way and PLEASE everyone is unrealistic.

  38. WFW

    If he can send autographed pics when he receives a letter, he can acknowledge a gift. It only takes a minute; Of course we know how to solve this problem in the future: No more gifts! No one expects him to be any way but the way he is but that seems to have changed over time which sucks and if it’s gonna be like that, well…Oh and I don’t care if he pleases everyone, I just want him to please me, or was that not clear? ME ME ME ME ME.

    Seriously though, I just wonder if the vibe he’s sending out is the one he WANTS to be sending and it wasn’t just about that, I’d like to see him capitalizing on his success while he still has it. He can branch out without over-exposing himself but why am I bothering with the rest of this answer when all I want is a thank you note? Back to what’s really important, the note. I want it Went; Now. Of course now that I’ve asked for it, I know I’ll never get it b/c that’s just how Went rolls.

  39. Anonymous

    Actors don’t have time for sending individual thank you notes…Autographed pictures! LOL! are you kidding..this is a job handed over to a personal assistant who pushes a glossy pic of Went in front of him and says to Went “sign your name here.” Come on did you ever wonder what happened to those big oversized teddy bears after his Korean Bean Pole promotional gig..I highly doubt they’re on his bed. think he wrote all those girls back in Kora a thank you for a teddy bear!

  40. Anonymous

    A very good letter. I feel disappointed because we fans in the US are the ones who made the show successful. We know how fast Fox pulls the plug on shows.I don’t think Mr. Miller will be making a show or movie in Korea. My opinion on the Bean Pole modeling – I would have much rather he be in a so so movie then modeling clothes teenagers would wear. But the money and time involved were probably a factor.

  41. WFW

    Anon 12:19, it’s a safe bet to always assume that I am kidding and Went didn’t have to send anyone in Korea any thank you notes b/c for them, he actually showed up.

  42. Anonymous

    WFW, I know everyone here is only kiddin’!!!! Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
    …you are right when you point out that he showed up in Korea for his fans there….BUT let’s keep this in mind….From the Bean Pole peeps he was probably paid more than a few million beans $$$ so his fine behind had better showed up sang and if the audience had requested TAP dance too…from Fox producers he’s probably still low end of tv salaries and here nobody is shelling out the dough to motivate him to appear anywhere for his fans.
    You know maybe the pretty does have a touch of a reclusive Diva…in his mind he doesn’t feel this need to exploit himself by over exposure to his fans…

  43. emily

    sharks have begun to reproduce asexually and my affection for wentworth miller is seriously threatened…..what is the world coming to?

  44. WFW

    Anon 1:32, I knew you’d bring up the money, lol! And you’re right, fair enough.

  45. AJ

    WFW said: “You would have been even more jealous then of the hug. That pic was at the end of the hug. He hadn’t let me go yet. Mmmmm Omar…I called him over and then I said “Can I have a hug” and stuck my arms out and he said “Sure.” and hugged me and I told him in his ear “You are SO fine.” and he said “Thank you (baby).” I THINK he said baby but I can’t remember exactly. I may be mixing him up with Amaury who DID call me baby. I love Amaury.”

    Wait, let me check something…….
    ……..Uuuuuh, YUP! STILL JEALOUS! *wails*

    and Emily, I heard a rumor that Wentworth Miller can reproduce asexually. How bout THAT??? No wonder he’s not looking for a mate….hmph

  46. Mama Bear

    Kidding or not, I still think Went should acknowledge and/or thank WFW and Nic for their thoughtful gifts. He knows they exist…one of his own reps approached them at Paley and received the gifts on his behalf!

    Among “Royal Watchers,” it’s common knowledge that the late, great Diana of Wales made sure that every gift she received was personally answered with a short, hand-written “thank you” note, and she was the most famous and photographed celebrity of her time. She was an extremely busy humanitarian, and she still managed to do this. Shit, my not-even-five year-old son writes out “thank you” notes for his gifts and he has a busy summer schedule of hitting every playground and pool in the city!

    I’m sure that Went doesn’t receive anywhere near the same amount of fan letters and gifts as Diana did especially since he’s hardly ever in the U.S. rags and/or on entertainment news shows, so there can be only two explanations for his neglect:

    (A) He’s received the gifts, but could care less about them and absolutely refuses to acknowledge them merely because it’s expected of him.

    (B) He hasn’t received the gifts because someone pilfered his gift stash (they were pretty nice gifts after all).

    I’m willing to concede that Went has an “assistant” managing the receipt of his fan mail and/or gifts and that he may not be aware of all this hullaballoo. That being the case, his “camp” is clearly slacking off. He should really make sure that his hard-earned money is being used to pay for proper support and representation in this most important of areas. Just saying.

  47. Anonymous

    I get what you are saying in terms of out of sheer politeness and manners he should have responded with a thank you in acknowledgement…but comparing him to Princess Di is well extremely funny..I mean she was a modern day Mother Teresa with a staff no less than the Popes at the Vatican. And part of her time was indeed dedicated to show her appreciation to those who adored her…but Wentworth Miller is a B rate actor hopefully with a staff of one (LOL!) he’s not representing a country, monarchy or a cause! I think he gets his gifts and is flattered but I simply don’t see him or any actor acknowledging every gift they receive. And I do think they receive loads!

    The thing about Gifts…you give them without expecting anything in return.

  48. Mama Bear

    Anon 9:22, you’ve missed my point entirely with my comparison to Diana. For me to suggest that Went is even in the same hemisphere of world importance or influence is asinine, and I didn’t do that. My point is that Diana was an extremely BUSY and productive person, who could’ve easily NOT answered nor addressed her fandom, but she didn’t. Despite her tireless schedule, she appreciated her supporters and acknowledged them as such, and that’s to be commended and used as an example to all celebrities whom fortune has seen fit to bless with wealth and fame.

    Yes, we should all give gifts without thinking of the return investment, however, a “thank you” note is not a lot to ask and in fact, in most cultures, it’s a perfectly acceptable practice. I wasn’t aware that celebrities are exempt from this practice of class and decorum just because they’re “busy.” PLEASE! I think more often than not it’s because they really don’t care enough to make the effort.

    But that’s the cynic in me talking. …the fact of the matter is that celebrities thank their fans ALL.THE.TIME. They do so by posing for pictures enthusiastically (ala Amaury and Omar at the Upfronts). They do so by participating happily in film festivals and promotional events (ala Robert Knepper and Sarah Wayne Callies at Paley). They do so by giving thoughtful, insightful interviews (ala Went from Season One).

    When we, as fans, accept shitty behavior as just something to be expected from PROFESSIONAL actors and actresses, it makes me wonder why we’re so enamored at all.

  49. Serendipity

    when u love somebody that much and actualy devote ur time and energy in him even through a blog the least he can do is say thank you…so wentworth miller…appreciate what you have ’cause it won’t happen to u twice and figure out a way to contact WFW! Not because “you have to” but because through this blog she has left footprints on our hearts with your name on…and she deserves it more than anyone else! that said…be well!

  50. azert

    American you summers of the children spoiled, you believe that you summers the only ones sent gifts and letters to him, prison station-wagon is to diffuse in more than 100 countries. YOU summers 1 fan among million other is what you believe that all the other actor singer worried more theirs fan they are done that for the businesses. wentworth miller begins in the trade on the most level left him to it time from carried out which is able to him to become a planetary star very of a blow its must be hard. AND the other actors were not

  51. azert

    you wentwoth miller criticizes whereas you as you does not answer the message as one sees you. IT y some days I addressed a message and you to you my never answered. AFFLICTED FOR MY ENGLISH I AM FRENCH

  52. WFW

    Holy Shit, fire your translater! Luckily I get the gist. I’m a spoiled brat for expecting to receive a thank you? Maybe, but the gifts weren’t only from me and why is that the ONLY part of the letter that anyone is addressing?

    Oh and I’m not sure I’ve heard of those people out of the country receiving anything back when they write him so being American would at least afford me the luxury of getting an autographed pic should I want another.

    Relax, I still love the man or I wouldn’t be here at all. When you can’t find me, then start fussing me out,lol.

  53. azert

    in France the fan cries the absence of wentworth .vie your life, likes wentworth looks at the series but does not await anything moreover, it is all which it can gives, like all people of the show business

  54. Anonymous

    WFW you hast just wrote something that
    Many people right know is feeling about Went.
    Thank you WFW so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Went: you are slowly getting out of our radar…Watch up buddy!!!!!!!!!
    Fans are so powerful to put you up and down when ever we want to.
    I think that you are just in time to change your attitude.

    Amaury: Latin lover boy keep that smile always baby you look
    So HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saludados desde Panamá!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Anonymous

    mama bear, I didn’t misunderstand you t’all in your reference to Princess Di. And how she found time despite her hectic schedule to send thank you’s..
    I’m just saying…he is an actor. And probably receives loads of gifts and naughty invitations (LOL!). And yes it would be the most polite thing in the world to do..simply write a thank you…I can imagine that in his life that is not top priority as it would have been with Princess Di.

    I am sure that as gracious as Angelina Jolie is (I like her alot as a humanitarian, actress..role model) If I were to send her a gift…it would not surprise me at all to think she did not respond with a thank you note.
    I think actors take certain things like that for granted…and occassionally in their early career when not floodgated with letters do they sit down and respond to each gift or letter.

  56. azert

    I understands that you would be sad. but IT must be occupied, it is nice and well. People of the show business his horrible, I life in France and it is the festival of canne, the actor present sound very malicious, it glance even not, it are right to be made show. Wentworth is not as that it prefers quiet being at only in the evening, is great actor. big kisses WFW of France. would not be sad any more LOL
    is good job

  57. WFW

    You are wise azert; Perhaps I expect too much. I hope Wentworth appreciates your support.

  58. Anonymous

    Okay, I’m gonna state my oppinion right now since everybody already did!

    WFW is totally right (and all the others who stand on her side)… Went isn’t THAT busy that he can’t
    make a little time just to sign a picture his assistant shoved infront of his gorgeous face!

    So people stop freakin’ out because WFW is expecting a little thank you note!
    After all she damn well should be!!

    She has put great present(s?) together and travelled places just to meet Went and Mr. didn’t bother to show up … twice, and God knows how many times more he didn’t bother.

    I just hope for his sake he realises that he’s gonna lose fans by not showing up time after time!

    Damn you Went, WFW, I’d be pissed off if I were you …


  59. AJ

    anon 12:29 said: “I think actors take certain things like that for granted…and occassionally in their early career when not floodgated with letters do they sit down and respond to each gift or letter.”

    This is a very true statement. And, may I just point out that Wentworth is still very much in his early career. “10 years in the making” or not, he JUST fucking got here! And he needs to remember that, if he plans to stay. And being as how he’s had 2 months off, with no projects lined up, I’d assume he’s had a moment or two to autograph some photos and ship ’em off. As far as I can see, there’s no excuse for the lack of response for the gifts.

  60. NotTheDoctor

    And just so you know, I first checked your blog because of Went, but I stayed because you, Queen of Wentlust, and I keep coming back because of you.
    You’re simply the best!

  61. NotTheDoctor

    Just because I LOVE BABELFISH so much:
    It can go to be made to foutre this idiot of Wentworth. Frankly, which shakes to see it and of him to speak. Does it him know which I am? It saw its beautiful life and made Prison Station-wagon, the remainder they is silly thing.

    All is said!

  62. Krissie

    All is indeed said.
    What that might be , I do not know, but I bet it sounds hella sexy in French!

  63. NotTheDoctor

    Actually Krissie, what I said is rude and vulgar in French.
    Why did Babelfish translate Prison Break into Prison Station-wagon is beyond my understanding.

  64. Anonymous

    Are you guys really trippin’ over this?..who is taking “takin sides” (?) over this Note-gate thing…OM Lord…this is called wiggin out over nada because bottom line… we ain’t got nothing new about Went to talk about. rotfl.

  65. Mama Bear

    “this is called wiggin out over nada because bottom line… we ain’t got nothing new about Went to talk about.”

    Anon 3:24, you’re like the Yoda of Anonymity. Teach me your wisdom, oh wise soothsayer. These days, when I think about Went, I feel like singing Air Supply’s “Making Love Outta Nothing At All” and accompanying it with a set of mournful bagpipes.

  66. azert

    I remember a history, with a fan of Celine dion. He does good work with a site, very well. But one disappointed days of the attitude of Celine DION it stops the site. It thinks that the star is not well with his work of the site. Me like the star, but never I write, never gifts, or photograph. I like but it makes its life and I make my life. they life on another planet “ENTERTAINMENT”, and one more money than me. LADY DI HAD 20 secretary to make her mail. WENTWORTH is ALONE.
    I know of the fan who one recus their photograph signed one years after.
    EXAMPLE in France wentworth is big star, the TV diffuses prison station-wagon cut down of the record difusion, similar in Belgium, Switzerland and everywhere in the world. One saw in Korea. GLANCE the NUMBER OF FAN whom it has in the world .imagine the mail that it has.

    TIME AFTER TIME big kiss
    I learns speake English please
    sorry my language

    en francais c’est beaucoup plus simple pour moi, ton blog est super garde espoire gros bisous de france.

  67. Cin-D

    Went! If you don’t peek that head out of yours sometime soon, the name of this site just might be changed to “” Do you want your cell mate to have more fame than you? I don’t think so! So step it up Mr.Miller, cuz Amaury is getting hotter by the minute.

  68. bluetoothfairy

    Loving the Babelfish comments 😀
    In other news, could it be that maybe, just maybe, we also got a little bored with Whatshisname? I mean, he’s still smokin’ and whatnot, but you know, Henry came along, Amaury is in the Transformers, and let’s face it, Miller, you’re not getting any younger, be nice to your fans or make a movie that will win you an Oscar or something*.
    I don’t know, just a thought.

    *by something I obviously mean leak that goddamn sex tape already!!!

  69. Anonymous

    Hi~ WFW. I like your blog a lot! You’re a very imaginative lady with lots of fun. I totally understand what you stated in the letter and I think you must not alone on this. There are tons of fans sending their gifts to Went without receiving any Thankyou note I believe. But I also heard there were some who actually got autographs (half year or so later, of course)as they asked. It is possible that Went’s agent, like other stars’ agents I heard, only asks him to sign the photoes for those who asked in their letters. But dear, the Thankyou note seems not popular in their dealings. And I doubt anyone actually asked for that.
    Sorry to say it, but maybe it’s just way how they, the agents mostly, deal with fans’s gifts and letters. I’m not saying it has nothing to do with Went, since I don’t really know what’s happening up there, but yesterday when I reread the encounters wrote by so many fans, I thought to myself how nice and kind he was to his fans and he would be so sorry if he knew his unintentional doings had broke one fine lady’s heart.

  70. Anonymous

    And the good news is next month, there are several upcoming events for us to expect. 1) Shooting of PB, 3rd season starts 2) The 2nd round of BPJ’s photo shooting takes place in LA around mid June.
    So, hopefully wentdrought would be ceased very soon.
    GOOD LUCK to everyone!!

  71. Bel

    Bluetoothfairy, I’m the first to admit you are right. I did get bored with Went. Still smokin’ and all, yeah, and new PB episodes will rock my world again and rekindle my lust and all, but you know, drooling over the same face every single day can get a bit tedious. I even *blasphemy* get bored with that other crush of mine (the dark one) because of the same reasons. But at least HE will be coming to Europe soon to sweep me off my feet (even if he doesn’t know that himself). At least HE gives me something to look forward to. The only reason I have not yet gotten bored with Amaury is, because I don’t see his face every single day as opposed to Went’s here on this blog.

    So, everyone, Went not showing his face during hiatus may just be the smartest marketing strategy ever.

    WFW, it is only normal that you too get bored eventually. One can use all the synonyms in the world to write about a hot guy, one day the synonyms are all used up. I couldn’t keep a blog about just one single guy going. How many times can one say a man is good-looking, a relatively good acctor who will become great one day, smart, and suave? In real life, a man also has to surprise you from time to time to keep your attention. The thing is, Went needs to keep the attention from not just one fan, but all his fans. The way he SHOULD do that, in my opinion, is do another acting job.

    This is not to say that your disappointment at him not being there, not doing interviews, or not acknowledging your gift is uncalled for. But maybe you misinterpret him — his assistant talking to you, receiving your gifts and saying thank you at Paley may very well have been his way to acknowledge you! He heard of you, couldn’t be there and told his assistant to look out for you. Or is this just me being a tad bit too optimistic?

    Anyway, I’m one of those people who really doesn’t care about actors (or other people;)) giving their fans attention. They’re there to entertain us, to provide us with an escape from this world. As long as Went keeps on acting, as long as Peter keeps on making music, as long as Serafina keeps on writing, as long as I can escape from the dreariness of every day life, I’m okay with being bored with them during hiatus/studio time /silent periods.


  72. Bel

    And, I forgot:

    WFW, one of the reasons why I am still here, even though my Wentlust is more temperate these days, is you. I like your style, I love your wit, I have become a fan of YOU. Now, keep me interested 🙂

    The other reason why I still come here, is because I like the community that has grown here. Katjus, Mamabear, Krissie, Nic, Doc, Fever, Van, Bluetoothfairy, WFW, Emily, AJ, YKM, and all the others, you are living proof that women can lust with style, can have a wicked sense of humor, and ARE as fun to hang around with as boys.

  73. noone

    Well, I am not bored with Wentworth.
    So in the words of a lovely, though somewhat big-boned boy, screw you, guys, I’m going home!
    And as the old saying goes, home is where the Wentlust is!

  74. Anonymous

    One of the things I loved about you WFW is that you always used your creative mind to invent stuff about Wentworth even when there was no news to report…that’s when I got hooked last year during the long PB running skills…funniee stuff)

    I get your point, your burned out. But actually the fans on this blog are here for you WFW …and secondary factor Wentworth Miller.

    Long time fan….#jailbird.

  75. niknak

    I’ve been out of it and there was a lot of reading to go through before I was able to respond. I have to say that while I would be overwhelmingly sad to see the blog go away, it would be your absolute right to do so.


    While I don’t give a flying fig if you come out and do interviews or not (OK, that’s a lie, but still), I think its only common courtesy to acknowledge and thank someone for flying across the country, traveling through the state, and bringing you a lovely, and pricey, gift… THAT YOU WERE NOT PRESENT TO RECEIVE IN PERSON!

    We all know that you come from a pretty conservative, proper family. I KNOW your mother must have taught you better. You better watch it, mister, or the only fan you’ll have will be your mother. You can’t get too big for your britches until you are actually wearing the big britches. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, hell, Tom Green, you are not.

    I am done talking to you for now. You get a major time out!


    You are an amazing person. I was put off by the title of your blog at first (I thought it was a bit crass), but now its bookmarked and one of my favorite stops since I know its not crass, its sass! I am kicking myself that I passed on the opportunity to meet and hang out with you and Nic and the others when you were in LA for Paley. I think your a great gal (we all are!!!) and our fanship should be reserved for someone who appreciates it.

    Amaury, watch out because here we come!

    (Went, you can redeem yourself with a decent interview and a thank you card or even a verbal thank you in the decent interview. We love you, but sometimes, love just ain’t enough!)

  76. Anonymous

    Dear WFW,

    please don’t consider it you duty to maintain this blog in its current form – you can rename it WetForAmauri, DryForWent, WentCameAndNowIsGone or whatever else that pleases you, or even ditch it. You’re an entertainer yourself and people will keep visiting your blog because of *you*.

    As for Mr. Miller, he’s a grown man who’s worked in this business for ten years and I’m quite certain knows how stardom works. Whatever he chooses to do – be a recluse who only comes out to play in substandard TV- shows, make a career as a singing model or become a director – it’s *his* business. Whether I like him is *my * business. Luckily his business and my business have precious little to do with each other, so we won’t be getting on each other’s nerves anytime soon . . .
    I admire your passion for the man – but you really need his physical presence in order to sustain that sort of intensity – no wonder you’re running dry. Look at it this way – he might be disappearing in the distance, but your new obsession might very well be lurking around the corner.

  77. Anonymous

    Amen, to all that! Cheers!, for speaking up for the little people. Perception rules over intent. Went may not mean to be coy, but the perception says otherwise, and speaks volumes. Don’t give up WFW, maybe He will hear the collective voice of us all!?!

  78. Anonymous

    Okay, here’s my take on this whole thing, with a couple of warnings: 1) I will be expressing an unpopular opinion about Went, so you’ve been warned if you’re going to read this and 2) this will be a very long post.

    I’d been reading about this both here and FCOWM for several weeks and at first I wasn’t sure what the beef with WM was about. As far as I was concerned, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He’s taking a break? He did that last year. He’s not doing a movie? He didn’t want to do any of the teenybopper crap roles he was offered.

    But the more I thought about it, the more I realized something was amiss – he didn’t appear at Paley even though just about the entire principal cast (including a pregnant SWC who needs her rest). He didn’t appear at upfronts even though he is arguably the STAR of the show, and all the cast of House were there for their show. And then there’s no appearances of him or sign of him at all.

    Now, I’m going to go to expressing my unpopular opinion: some of you will really hate it and hate me. Just so you’re warned. But I’ve literally thought about this for weeks and I’ll swear to you that this is what I think is going on: WM is a bit cheesed off (or perhaps even more than just a bit cheesed off) at his fans right now and wants nothing, or at least very little, to do with them. Why? It’s not something that happened overnight – it’s a series of events that’s led to him feeling pissed off with his fans. Yes, really. Consider the evidence:

    Back when he was a struggling actor and made Human Stain, he probably would’ve been thrilled for anyone to have a look at his work. When it got ignored, he probably resigned himself to the fact that his work wouldn’t get noticed for a while. So when he did the PB pilot, he wasn’t expecting much (he himself has said in interviews that he’s not in control of what America is in the mood to watch). But then PB took off. He got excited, of course. Initially he probably thought that it was great – fans approaching him, telling him they liked his work, etc. etc. But then the constant attention from fans wherever he goes started to get to him and he started feeling secretly irritated with being approached all the time. I don’t know where I read it, but I read somewhere once that he got approached by a fan of PB and denied who he was. Not that I can blame him because he’s so private, I’m just saying to prove a point.

    All that happened and he felt a little burned out by the attention. Okay. Now here’s where I think it got worse – the Amie/Scarfetta backlash. I’m not sure when exactly that was or if it was before or after Paley, but the response from the more insane fangirls probably made him even more irate with his fans, at least subconsciously. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it’s true. How can it be? Before I explain, I have to say that as hard as it is for some to accept, I thoroughly believe that while Marianna was probably a friend, Amie is definitely his girlfriend. I posted my explanations of the theory at JJ so I won’t repeat them all here but I do find it very telling from the pics of them together (I don’t believe the one with their arms around each other was photoshopped at all, I believe they had their arms around each other and removed them because they noticed the cameras and he didn’t want anyone to know about his relationship), the fact that she took down all her pictures from other websites and her myspace and friendster pages, and that there’s been no sign of them together ever since then. It got me to thinking: if they weren’t dating, why would Amie not just say so on her personal pages and the backlash would stop? She wouldn’t have to remove all her blogs, pics, etc. and undo all her hard work and the harassment from the crazy fangirls would have stopped? Probably because they ARE dating and she can’t admit it, so she deleted all her pages and they’ve made it a point not to appear in public ever since. My guess is that they are still dating as secretly as possible – they probably meet at times and places when they’re sure cameras aren’t around. Someone at JJ posted that she saw them together one time – she came out of a store first, then he joined her. They’re just being super-careful now not to get “caught” but I’ll bet they are definitely a couple.

    My point from all this being that because of the whole Amie debacle tied to his earlier frustrations of constantly being approached by fans for pics, and other such lack of privacy issues, he probably is very peeved at fans by now. So peeved that he’s utterly careful when he does go out in public, probably makes sure no paps are following him (hence no pics for quite a while). So peeved that the crazier fangirls attacked his girlfriend and are hindering his romantic relationships that he backed out of both Paley and Upfronts at the last minute. Perhaps even too peeved to do anything about fan letters, picture requests, gifts he’s received. Is he wrong to feel this way? Probably. I don’t know if he fully realizes that the older, mature fandom isn’t like the crazy fandom and isn’t the one that led his girlfriend to shut her pages down. But all these things together have led him to conclude, at least for now, that fans are much more of a nuisance than anything else.

    When you think about it, some of his absences have been understandable (not finding a movie he wants to do) but others have been very bizarrely inexplicable. For instance, the Paley thing: everything I had read and heard following the even sounded 100% sure he’d be there. Certainly, he’d have had to – he’s still the show’s major draw. But then we get some ludicrous explanation about how he was doing reshoots. Here’s my thought: who the frak was he doing reshoots with?? Both Dom and SWC, who has had a majority of scenes with, were at Paley, as was the other principal cast like Knepper. Rockmond was off the show. The whole excuse was so flimsy. My guess is he skipped out on the Paley at the last minute because he knew he’d have to mingle with the fans.

    When you think about how SWC, pregnant as she is, has been going all over doing press in England and radio interviews and sounding so lovely and warm and gracious doing it, Amaury and Dom and Fichtner have been doing movies, it just doesn’t sit right that Went isn’t doing anything and I don’t think it’s just because he can’t find a project he doesn’t like. If he didn’t want to do movies, why didn’t he try to find a guest on another tv show? A tv movie maybe? A Broadway play? An off-Broadway play? Something besides modeling clothes? And even more mysterious, if he isn’t working this summer, WHAT is he doing every day? I mean come on, I don’t think he’s gone home to visit his family – we’d have heard by now if he were traveling. And while he may veg completely for a week, he’s not going to spend almost 3 months not doing anything except sleeping, seeing his girlfriends or whatever they are, and getting those Starbucks drinks. Honestly, I swear that at this point he is completely going out of his way to avoid any fans anywhere he can.

    WFW, forgive me for admitting that I’m not a regular reader of this site so I don’t know what the story is behind the gifts/Paley thing. If someone can fill me in what happened, I’d appreciate it. I’m not trying to defend any of his actions; I thought your post was beautiful and eloquent and I agree with much of what you said. I do think, though, that for sure Went is as unhappy with his fans right now as we are with him (for different reasons) and that consciously or otherwise, at this point, he just wants to do his work and stay employed so he can keep collecting his paychecks and not go back to hocking cds for rent money. He was in the biz for years for breaking out so realistically he knows that he has to tout the fame line and appease the fans and do pr and all that – he knows it intellectually. But right now with all the fan ups and downs he’s had since his PB success, he’s feeling too resentful toward his fans to care about reaching out to them in any way. Honestly, in a way I can sympathize with him. If my theory about Amie is true, I can totally understand why he got so irate that he can’t even go out with his girlfriend (or any female really like that mysterious dark-haired woman some thought was his mom) and have a relationship without his companion being torn to a billion pieces.

    I also have to say that I wouldn’t be the least bit suprised at all if, sad as it may be, he gives up acting eventually. I think he’ll go on to things which make him even more recognizable instead of being a one-hit wonder, he’ll get even MORE unwanted (sorry) fan attention and the time will come when (no matter how much he claims acting is like air to him) that he realizes that it’s not worth it to him to keep acting if it means jeopardizing his relationships or not getting the privacy he wants anymore. He strikes me as the kind of person who is very private but also very, very cautious about what he says (hence the boilerplate interviews of late). He knows that all it takes is one little slip of his true feelings to rile up the fans, and then he can kiss them goodbye for good, so he’s too worried to let the real him come out in interviews and keeps with the same old same old. It’s funny – even when an interviewer directly asked him in a radio interview one time if he could go out now without being bothered, he sidestepped it with the usual “it’s flattering, it means they’re making time for your work” blah blah. He didn’t really answer the question, of course, because what would he say? “It’s annoying as hell to keep getting approached while I’m chilling at Chiles with margaritas”? Of course not. He knows he can’t even appear to sound like he doesn’t appreciate his fans, and yet, I swear that right now he’s feeling very antipathic at them (I hope that’s a word). There are times, very rare, when he has talked about disturbing fan encounters and such – when he said that he got approached by a swarm of fans at a mall and he was there to buy jeans not “hold a press conference”, when he mentioned that he was asked which myspace page was his and he said he hadn’t ever been on myspace and the thought of people impersonating him was profoundly disturbing to him on so many levels (not that I can blame him because I’ve seen those pages), etc. In a way I can’t fault him for wanting to take a vacation from his fame.

    Anyway…I’ve thought about this way too much now and have written a novel about it no one asked for and I need to get back to real life. Sorry my rant was so long. I want to end this by saying one more thing to WFW – it’s understandable if you want to shut down the blog, but from what I read, you rock, and I’d be very disappointed if you do. If that counts for anything at all.


  79. Anonymous

    Well said hun! Went needs to live a little and stop being so damned up his own arse, people arent stupid! wake up love! you are famous deal with it!

  80. WFW

    Anon 6:19,

    Thank you for reminding me to link the post that mentions the gift bag. I sometimes forget that some people are just joining us.

    The word at Paley was that he had to work and Fichtner wasn’t there either so it is possible they were shooting together. Although, I did not watch the end of the season closely for the super important scenes of the two of them alone together that were the reason for his absence. I suspected it may have been that he didn’t want to get bombarded but there were NOT that many people there JUST like the Upfronts. The Upfronts were basically dead and almost no one even knew where the Afterparty was anyway. Hugh Laurie and Kiefer Sutherland (stars of their shows) were missing from The Upfronts as well (all the rest of House was there though) although I believe Hugh is at home (on another continent) and Kiefer is filming. We all knew Knepper was filming also. Dom is probably with his family. SWC is pregnant somewhere. I don’t see where Went had an “excuse” per say for not being there, however, his personal time is his business and if it wasn’t mandatory, it is just like him to skip it.

    I fully understand how disappointed he was that THS was a flop. He was great in it, but the truth is the movie itself wasn’t good which was not his fault.

    I can understand how the attention was probably more flattering in the beginning than it is now. From what I’ve read, if it’s not a Churchie he’s meeting (which have all been polite encounters) a lot of them sound like little girls or whack jobs…That or he has absolutely no sense of humor that day. He sounded annoyed by the girl that sang “We belong together” to him; That would have cracked me up. Fake Myspace pages being profoundly disturbing? Dude, it’s the internet. Maybe if they had someone on his team to handle the internet side of things (yes I’m volunteering) he would get that. The internet is a free for all and look, all he had to do was say he doesn’t have a page. Speculation over (although I never speculated, lol, I figured they were fake). Seriously, an actual website where he could say things like “Sorry I missed Paley,” some little apologetic blurb (GOOD PR) would do wonders but I can see how something like that may not appeal to him. Sometimes he seems like a bit of an ass but then we all are sometimes. He appears to have a wicked sense of humor but he doesn’t seem to have it all the time. I can see how certain situations might annoy him, and it’s OK to be real about it and express that, but doing it often will make you look like a complainer and no fan wants to feel like a burden.

    Maybe he is with Amie. If so, well I can see how he might think what happened was fucked up but who leaked her name to the press? That had nothing to do with us. It sounded like a plant to me and things could have been worse for her. We found a lot more info than we posted. We’re not monsters.

    Went is starting to appear to be pathologically private which is up to him. If you look closely (which I have been doing lately) he has been dropping hints that he isn’t really into the whole fan thing all along. See Went, when you disappear, I have more time to go over your old quotes and let me tell you, it ain’t good. It also appears that sometimes he is deflecting attention from himself and downplaying his stardom. Perhaps this helps him remain grounded but to the fans, it feels like neglect. Perhaps that is his intention; I wouldn’t know.

    What I do know though is that celebrity is all about perception and the way he is perceived (and has been for a while) is NOT GOOD. I do all I can with what I have and make shit up but sometimes I wonder if he wouldn’t just rather we’d all go away. No one wants to feel unwanted. We have real life for that. My imaginary relationship with a public persona should not be this disappointing. It just sucks and other than my merciless teasing at times of him and everything associated with him (maybe I bring it on myself, lol), I don’t think it’s MY fault. I won’t say whose I think it is…I adore him and shutting down the blog would KILL me. I’m just playing the wait and see game right now. August will arrive eventually and we will see what’s what.

    And as a side note: The thank you I’d love to get wasn’t even (completely) for me. Nic put in for that gift bag too as did someone else who is no longer with us (the only casualty in the Fellowship may she R.I.P.) Sure I would have squeed my head off at some gesture from him but it also would have been good PR. A lot of people knew we were going. A lot of people knew we had gifts. That thank you would have been to everyone or am I the only one seeing it that way? I also, in all seriousness, do realize that as his fan letters now have damn near a year of turn around time, it is possible that though I gave it to someone directly, it may have to go through the same channels as a fan letter would which would be only fair I suppose. Also, he doesn’t have my address. I neglected to put it on the card so if I ever got anything, it wouldn’t be in the mail.

    I say all that to say…I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about anymore and I’m stopping…now.

  81. niknak

    “No one wants to feel unwanted. We have real life for that. My imaginary relationship with a public persona should not be this disappointing.”

    Amen to that one sister! If I wanted utter rejection on a constant basis, I could go to the local beach bar for that. I don’t need to invest time and money for it… especially from a man I have never met, and likely will never meet.

    The last two posts have been a great way of seeing both sides of the coin, but I don’t think the problem with his fans (not the fanatics, but the admirers of his work, intelligence, and, yes, looks)is the root cause of his disappearance. No one but WM himself knows the true reason he has disappeared from the public eye. He just needs to remember that the show next season will need ratings and the same people he is ignoring now will be the same ones not watching in August.

    Maybe he’s depressed that PB hasn’t taken him to the level he was hoping for in the manner he was hoping for. I am sure he wanted to be seen as serious actor who has enormous talent, not just the pretty boy from Mariah’s videos or a Buffy episode (which was on FX today and though he is gorgeous in it, his acting was painful to watch).

    Maybe he is just a normal guy who doesn’t know how to handle the attention he is getting. Maybe he and Aime have been having a marathon fuck fest. Maybe he is in Bora Bora working with the natives on new interpretive dances to incorporate into the 3rd season. Who knows? All I know, or at least believe, is that absence may make the heart grow fonder, but completely disappearing makes the heart forget.

    I have to go away now and find something potent to drink. This whole thing has upset more than I thought it would. I hate to see fans like WFW abused by the celebs who should be falling with gratitude at their feet.

    Keep your head up honey! If WM is too lame to get how great you are, know that you have your own fans nationwide who find you fabulous.

    Amorous for Amaury and Obsessed with Omar sound like great new names for your blog to me!

  82. Anonymous

    I’m the earlier poster who wrote the novel, just so you’ll know. 🙂

    Niknak, I agree with you that the fans aren’t solely the reason for his disappearance; however, I do think they are one big factor. It’s kind of like when people take vacations from real jobs – not only do they want to be away from their work, they also want to be away from their annoying colleagues and bosses. And to Went, the fans are probably those annoying people he wants to be away from while on hiatus.

    I’m sure that deep down, he is grateful for his fans (at least the ones with Nielsen boxes who have kept a Fox show alive for 2 seasons, no small feat for a show not titled American Idol). At the same time, fame is a mixed bag for him because while he wants PB to stay on the air, he does not want to stop his usual life or feel like his life is no longer his own property, which is pretty much what all celebrities go through at some point. I remember Muse Watson once saying on his Yahoo! group that he’s had reporters dig through his trash, and I don’t think most people even know who MW is! And in his defense about the myspace thing, I visited some of those pages (accidentally surfed in because one of the pages was in Nick Santora’s friends list) and some of them really are very inaccurate at best and totally creepy at worst, i.e., not only are those weirdos pretending to be WM, but they’re trying to meet people in real life under that guise AND adults, not naive teenage girls, are actually believing that those are really WM’s page(s). I could understand why WM would find disturbing. But maybe I’m too sensitive?

    As for the Amie thing, I’m wondering if maybe one of his or her or their friends leaked her name to the press for a price. But at this point, whether or not they are dating isn’t even the point. Even if she were just a friend, would he still be as upset at the backlash she got? I believe he would.

    I don’t think that he wasn’t doing reshoots at Paley time – I just think that it wasn’t the only reason he didn’t go. What struck me odd about him not showing was literally how last minute his cancellation was. If he was doing reshoots, why didn’t his cancellation get announced till the very last minute? Reshoots on locations take at least some advanced planning; it’s not like they’re thrown together within seconds. That’s why I find that excuse somewhat fishy. About the upfronts, if you’re a Fox head, you want the cast with the most press and the least effort and can only send one cast member, who do you call – the most buzzed about star of the show, or another actor? I can’t see them asking Amaury over Went to the upfronts, sorry but it makes no sense no matter how much I love Amaury. If they only wanted to send one actor, I think they would have to choose Went – but I’ll bet he refused to go, all the others were busy, hence Amaury ended up being the only PB person there.

    At the very least, I think Went is annoyed with his fans, at middle, frustrated, at worst, probably angry. The sad thing is that even the most fan-loving celebs in the universe sometimes let slip how hard it is to deal with fans. I remember my mother once told me that she heard when Sandra Bullock came to their town to film some movie, lots of locals complained that she was not the least bit nice (and from everything I’ve heard, she is one of the nicest slebs out there). Someone once posted on an Alias board that when she approached Jennifer Garner (another supposedly friendly celeb) for a picture, JG gave her the brush-off. Heck, even JK Rowling, the nicest woman to her fans I know of even though she’s richer than God now admitted in an interview once that fans always catch her at the most inopportune times. She never says it like she’s ungrateful but she does admit that constant microscopic attention is very tiring.

    My advice to Went, if he is lurking and actually cares what some weirdo anon thinks, is this:

    1. Get a personal assistant if he doesn’t have one already to delegate errands to. The assistant won’t be able to eat his meals or go clothes-shopping for him, but if he minimizes some fan contact that way, he can at least start to gain his fan appreciation back that way.

    2. I understand he doesn’t like myspace, but he needs to get and run an official website where he can have more control over his image and get messages out to fans. It wouldn’t even take much time, money or effort to do this, and he can debunk rumors, thank fans for their support, keep them up on his career moves, quash the particularly damaging rumors, etc. Not only will it give fans something to feel they’re more connected to him, but they’ll know this info comes from him and it’ll stop wild, damaging speculations that are not doing anything for his image right now.

    3. He needs to do some project, anything really in his next hiatus, even if it is crap. As long as he is good in it, it’ll be a paycheck and add to his resume. Most all actors have started out in crappy b-list movies at one time or another; it’s something to build on and he needs to get over himself or his thoughts of finding the perfect project and think about his career and suck it up. Again, something that will appease the fans AND hopefully help advance his career, too. Even if not a movie, do something – a play, a guest spot on another show (Paul Rudd was on Veronica Mars and I tuned in just to see him even though I don’t watch that show).

    4. Get new pr or management or whatever, because his current people are going about protecting his career and image in a totally worthless way, if they are indeed responsible for why he’s been so absent lately and for the Amie debacle. I definitely agree that he’s given off an air of not liking to deal with the fan thing all along – he wants his projects to be successful, but not to the point where he has to deal with random strangers approaching him all the time.

    WFW, sorry but I also don’t know what you’re referring to when you say he was annoyed at the person who sang “we belong together” to him – where was that from?

    Niknak, your titles for the blog change are hilarious, though the alliterations remind me of Lemony Snicket book titles. 😉

  83. Anonymous

    WFW, first, thanks very much for posting the link to the Fellowship. I just finished reading it all.

    To be perfectly honest, I’ll admit that at first, I thought you were overreacting a bit about the gifts thing, that you didn’t just give them to him to expect a response from him. However, after reading the link you posted, now I totally understand where you’re coming from. The gifts you all put together for him were truly very generous and thoughtful, not to mention time-consuming to make (being a novice knitter myself I know this), so I must say that if indeed Went has gotten and is enjoying them but hasn’t acknowledged the gifters in any way at all at least yet, it is sort of shitty of him to do that. Sorry to use that kind of language, but it’s true.

    Even if he doesn’t want to take the time to thank fans for each and every gift, he could send a blanket thanks to his fans somehow through his assistant, a website, a friend, Jack Sparrow’s talking parrot, whatever. It’s not that hard. Back when I was a diehard Xena fan (shut up, you know you watched it too), I remember how sweet Lucy Lawless was about the things fans sent her – she didn’t write each a note, but she said in an interview that she received the things and loved them, but perhaps they could send donations in her name to charities instead since she didn’t really need them. I thought that was very classy of her.

    Heck, Went doesn’t even need to ask his fans to donate anything – at least get his butt off his frapp-drinking chair and say or do something to acknowledge some gratefulness somehow! And btw, am I crazy, or has he also never acknowledged fans for the work they did for his birthday project last year? What in the flying frak is going on with him lately?

  84. Anonymous

    I see your point, WFW, and I know you have every right to write this letter, afterall, you have dedicated so much on Wentworth and on this blog, but I have to say I won’t blame him. Deep down in my
    heart, I believe that Wentworth
    cares so much for his fans.
    Remember he brought a bottle of
    wine to one of his fans in
    Australia? How sweet is that! Just
    give him some time, and please
    don’t let go of him. I’m praying

  85. mink

    The last – what is it? – six posts (from Anon 2.59 upwards in case someone posts again before I have the chance to post this) have been so great, I just wanted to thank the people concerned, particularly the ‘novel writing’ Anon (LOL), WFW and niknak, for such an interesting discussion. I’ll just add my two cents if I may. (Sorry, this is also long.)

    Just a ‘quick’ point re. the comment on the “last minute” cancellations of Paley (which was prior to Amiegate BTW) and the NYC Upfronts. Neither of these were actually last minute cancellations as far as we are aware. An ‘insider’ advised that the Paley cancellation was actually decided on at least a week before the date; it’s just the Paley organizers failed to advise this to ticket holders (I’m sure we can all guess why). As WFW pointed out, he was apparently filming with Fichtner, who also didn’t attend Paley, and indeed there is a scene with them both in the ep “Sona”, right at the end. Re. the Upfronts, apparently it wasn’t a case of a cancellation so much as that the decision that he wouldn’t attend was also made weeks ahead of time. Of course as the Upfront ‘talent’ attendees are not announced, no one knew this. It was assumed (or possibly more accurately, devoutly hoped) that he would attend this year as he had done last year, but that was not to be.

    Re. WM being pissed off at his fans, whilst I’m not sure it goes that far (at least in his more generous moments), I think it’s likely he’s very tired of the attention and the sapping of his energy that dealing with that consumes. I suspect he did make a conscious decision to do absolutely nothing “PB” or celeb-related this hiatus in order to mentally recharge. I just hope that this has had the really beneficial effect he was presumably hoping for. I guess one of the downsides to the sensitivity many of us see in him and find so appealing, is that he is also more sensitive than others might be to every comment and encounter with which he has to deal. If this is the case, I can see this must be completely exhausting. It didn’t really occur to me until recently that this “constant microscopic attention” thing some of us do (and I’m very guilty of it), would be so bothersome. I’ve done it because 1) it amuses and entertains me, 2) I’m attempting to be funny much of the time, and 3) I didn’t really think about it being a burden. I mean, he doesn’t read shit posted on the internet, right? So why would it bother him? But I can see that it probably does seep into his consciousness and he possibly finds it irksome.

    I will however venture the suggestion that possibly he takes the internet stuff a little too seriously. I can see that people posing as him on MySpace (seriously? I thought it was all obviously joking. I mean…wow!) would be annoying, but it really should be only mildly so. No one sane takes that shit seriously. And as has been argued before at Church and here above, if he really does think stuff on the internet has enough importance to bother him, he really does need to get his shit together and get an official website. The arguments posted by Anon 2.09 on this just say it all – I really couldn’t have said it better myself. And if he has been resisting this because he doesn’t want to set himself up for more invasion into his privacy, I think he’s missing a trick. An OWS would give him the opportunity to control the dissemination of information about him and his image – and I get the impression control is something pretty dear to his heart. It would also, as has been argued, stop much of the speculation that he presumably finds bothersome. Unless…this is actually all part of his plan: to keep us all in the dark and thus talking and speculating wildly about him. If so, I venture the plan has somewhat backfired, as I’d suspect he wasn’t planning on a substantial backlash factoring into the equation.

    And can I just say how much I agree with Anon 2.09’s 4 bullet point suggestions. The website issue I’ve covered, but I also think that at this point he should just do some project, any project in addition to “PB”. I agree, as long as he’s good in it, it will be helpful. And yes, from what I’ve seen, his representation pretty much sucks. Unless he is the hardest to manage client ever and won’t take any of their advice. But then their not managing to manage him is part of their suckage.

    Re. the issue of him possibly hiding his relationship with Amie (or any girlfriend for that matter), I think his pathological need for privacy is leading him astray here. I would say that his best tactic to stop the obsessive interest would just be to get out there and be in people’s faces with it. Can you imagine if he was just seen strolling around with Amie (or whomever) every other day bold as you like? How quickly would everyone get bored with talking about it and wanting to know about it? Pretty damned fast, I think (although maybe I’m being naïve here – but I still think an ‘in your face’ approach would get him respect). Hiding must just make him miserable and resentful of his fame. And if he wants to hide because he doesn’t want anyone to know what’s going on with his private life (to be honest, even his fellow PB cast members continually mention how “private” he is, even with them), then that’s just kind of strange. It’s not like he has anything to be ashamed of.

    Anyway, overall message of all this: Went, honey, lighten up! (And get yourself a fucking official website).

  86. Anonymous

    I think if he would have just showed up at Paley, things would be so different. I feel like The head honchos of prison break manipulate the fans. We all know the show is successful because of Wentworth Miller. The season 2 episodes sucked whenever they lacked Mr. Miller. And then you have Paul Scheuring commenting that one brother may be killed at the start of season 3. Which leads to speculation and rumors that Mr. Miller is unhappy. You wonder if that is a threat to help with negotiations of a contract or what, but it pisses me off. As a loyal viewer, you kill off Wentworth, you kill the show. And as far as the fans go I’m sure the majority want to see him happy in his personal life. The backlash of Aime was not right, but alot of the comments were probably made by the same immature person with way to much time on their hands.

  87. emily

    we have some opinionated anons roaming this blog! very interesting reading, I must say. I have to agree that Went needs to make a change in his public image and I do have a sneaking suspician that PB is in some trouble. I don’t just mean it sucks (which is kind of does) since they broke out, I mean behind the scenes with either Went or other cast members. I feel like if you’re going to go out with an adored celeb, you’re going to get the wrath of the jealous fangirls. And as long as it’s all in good fun (which I think it was for the most part) that’s fine. but I do think there were some who really went after her with menacing comments about her appearance, etc. and I really feel for her on that. That should not have happened. I just hope someone told her not to read about it.
    That’s really all I have to say about it.
    *sits down with some trashy magazines to play the wait and see game with WFW*

  88. emily

    i should mention I was talking about Amie there. in case you some how didn’t get that…

  89. Anonymous

    Wow, this has been some amazing insightful reading over our celebrity boy toy Wentworth. On the one hand it’s thoughtful and heartfelt and completely full of empathy for him…over why he may have reasons for going on the Down Low..and then it made me feel… well irritated by him. If just 10% of some of explanations are true…my feeling about his “plight” is SO WHAT???
    Are you kidding me?!!!
    Dear Mr. Miller. You’re possibly peeved because fans are over zealous about you? And want to see you and catch a glimpse of you? Wow! Imagine that is sooo traumatic to have that going on in your career? Despite the fact you’re fame comes from being on a so so popular two steps above a sitom show. Come on dude. It’s not like there’s a whack jpb fan threatening your life or a stalker following your every move…fangirls are just that enthusiatic! And they get to see you because paps take your pics…Oh the horror!!! Go through celebrity history books. You’re not the first male celebrity whose gal-pals got shredded in the press or over the internet. Did not your manager, agent or publicist explain that to you. Go have a sit down talk with Brad and Angelina about how to deal with it!!!
    If you want fans not to treat you like the beef cake boy toy that you play up to ..uh perhaps modeling skintight hoochie pants for Bean Pole might not be helping you get that ‘serious actor’ image you want to be taken for. Perhaps thrusting your butt in some gritty film project might do. Of course that would risk you being exposed as being another mediocre talent since serious critics don’t give a hoot about your hot booty.. They will call you out if your acting sucks. So my final thoughts are…show some gratitude and lap up the attention because when you are old and wrinkle..there ain’t gonna be that many blogsites caring about your whereabouts…Hmmm…go ask Harrison Ford or Michael Douglas or Paul Newman about that!

  90. miz brisvegas

    • Right on, anon 2.09
    • Agreed, mink 7.59
    • LMAO, anon 3.23.

    Skin tight, Bean Pole hoochie pants?

    You’re killing me!

  91. Anonymous

    It’s the novelwriter again. Just wanted to comment on a few things – I’ll try to keep it shorter this time, I promise!

    Paley and upfronts – Mink, if the Paley people did know about the cancellations in advance, it was incredibly inconsiderate of them not to let the fans know, too. I’m sure they were worried about the disappointment, but come on. The underhanded way in which they didn’t even address it was so much more rude to the fans, particularly the ones like WFW who came from such long distances to see Went.

    I definitely agree that he’s exhausted from all the in-person attention he gets. He’s said once (and I don’t think he was exaggerating) that no matter where he goes now, he runs into fans and yes, that must be exhausting. In regards to the internet thing, I posted the myspace quote to prove a point but I don’t think that bothers him nearly as much as some of the other more disturbing things about him online – nasty comments from IMDB, the Amie debacle, the overanalyzing by fans as to who the other dark-haired woman he was with that day (who I strongly suspect was a relative, which might be why he was so put off). While he’s said he doesn’t himself read what online groups say about him, he’s also said that he has people who do read it (probably his sisters) and let him know what’s going on so he’s not out of the loop, so I doubt he’s completely clueless about what’s being said about him. I definitely think that even if he never read any of it, that he knew exactly what kinds of nastiness Amie experienced. If it went so far for her to shut down all her internet spaces, I highly doubt she didn’t let him know what happened. Even if they are just friends, I’ll bet she told him. Not that I’d blame her for that.

    But ITA with what you said about Amie, Mink: if indeed he does have a girlfriend, the least painless way for him to deal with it is to acknowledge it once officially and then shut up about it. Not saying anything but then the inevitable photos and fan encounters leaking out only adds more fuel to the fire. It would be much smarter to “confess,” and then let it become old news till no one will care anymore, instead of, as Mink said, letting his resentment seethe by trying to hide it all the time. How long can he hide this anyway? It’s ridiculous. What if he gets serious with a girl and is contemplating marriage? (We all know it will happen eventually.) What’s he going to do, pretend nothing is up when pap pics of him and said fiance wearing formals leak out? Puh-lease. I admire and respect that he’s attempting to protect his non-celeb loved ones, but he needs to be realistic about the way he presents himself. Certainly, most fans are irrationally jealous but obviously all in good fun and that we don’t really expect him to stay a good, pure virginal man forever or think we have a snowball’s chance in hell to be with him. (Sure there will be delusional crazies who will go to pieces temporarily, but even they’ll get over it once they get a new fake boyfriend the following week.) Is it really worth it to be that secretive when coming clean would make his life so much easier? Believe it or not Went, other hot actors have had open relationships too, and they’re still alive. Dom Monaghan and Evie Lilly may have broken some hobbit-lover hearts when they first got together but you know what? Their fans got over it AND MOVED ON AND NO ONE CARES ANYMORE AND THEY CAN ACTUALLY GO OUT IN PUBLIC, WAHOO!

    If there is anything I would be worried about, it would be that he seems to have done nothing to ensure success in this biz beyond Prison Break. He needs to start staking out jobs now – I know he keeps saying he’s written his own script blah blah blah but even that isn’t enough IMO. He needs to focus on his acting future first, like doing some of the types of projects I mentioned above. I have tons of ideas of what he could do next (I’m happy to be your new agent, Went! Call me!) He could play Indy’s son in the new Indiana Jones movie! He could be in the sequel in the Kill Bill movie Tarantino promised he’d make one day. He could guest star as Steve Austin in NBC’s Bionic Woman remake this fall. There has to be some role out there that would satisfy him. Prison Break is not going to last forever. It seems I’m one of the few who also liked season 2 but I already have doubts about next season. Even if season 3 does well, I highly doubt it won’t be the last. Bottom line, Went: your career really needs some TLC NOW.

    I will still cut him some slack about the fact that he is still very new to celebrity. I will agree with those comments that maybe he really doesn’t know how to deal with it yet. Maybe it doesn’t phase him that he’s coming ofF as super-elusive, rude, indifferent, aloof, etc. to the fans. I will say one thing: I have been a part of many an tv show internet fandom by now and Prison Break is by very far the NICEST, most mature, and intelligent fandom I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of. All the forums I post or lurk at, even the official Fox forums, TWOP, the Church, the PB Yahoo! group, all of them, I have yet to see any petty bickering about things like shipping wars and such. New fans are always warmly welcomed with open arms, even if they ask the same questions over and over, they’re patiently given answers to what they need. Veteran fans happily loan out their dvds to others and look to convert more fans. This may be the best fandom that Went will ever have “looking” after him no matter what else he ever does. If he is coming off as uncaring to them, he needs to do something to change that pronto.

  92. Anonymous

    Whooooooooooooaaaaa! BTW…Am I missin’ something?

    …When did Amie suddenly become his girlfriend?! I mean two months ago or whenever the hell they had their publicized date…LOL!!! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was saying no this was a ‘setup’ a ‘stunt’ or the classic they’re ‘just friends’ mantra…NOW the consensus is she’s his girlfriend and he’s pissed off because jealous fans? When was the vote taken here..she’s his girlfriend…echhhhhhk!

  93. Anonymous

    Anon 10:38, no one knows for sure whether she is his girlfriend or not, except Went himself. I’m just referring to her to make the point that if he tries too hard to keep his private life private, it’s going to lead to problems.

  94. niknak

    Thanks Anon 2:09 for your appreciation of my alliteration. Amorous for Amaury props need to go to deadbeatnymph at the Church.

    All of this fuss going on for someone who is hiding from the spotlightlike its the plague… Ungrateful little shit!

    Now I know that’s not the kindest thing to say about WM, but its getting to the level where a lack of gratitude for the people who have worked to make him a phenomenon is just irritating. I agree that he may be tired and needs his rest, but in all honesty, it sounds like horse shit to me! How hard is it to come out, take a few pics and shake some hands once or twice in three months?

    I know that WM is a private person, but he should’ve chosen to stay behind the scenes if that’s the case. Working in Hollywood for 10 years must’ve shown him what he was in for… and he signed up for it anyway!!! I understand a need for privacy. Everyone deserves it. But WM’s need is bordering on pathological. Unless he is a child molesting meth addict who has his hands in his pants at playgrounds, nothing about him can be SO secret that he needs to hide. Girlfriend or not, Aime and he should go out and do whatever the hell they please. Hiding makes it torrid, and by nature, interesting. The more he hides, the more we want to know… until we don’t care anymore. I am certain that a burgeoning actor does not want that.

    He needs a better ensemble cast (ie. Brothers and Sisters or Grey’s) even if he is just there for a guest stint that may or may not lead to a recurring role. PB will end, and without exposure, where will his career go? He needs a reality check, and I am willing to give it to him. Just like WFW, I care enough about the man as an actor to ask him to please pull the stick out of his ass and get with the program.

    ‘Nuff said.

  95. AJ

    Jeebus Cripes, ladies! What an excellent read. This whole comment box has been like a novel I can’t put down. ;o) Very interesting points made, most of which I agree with. And now for my unnecessary 2 cents (have a sit down, this may take awhile):

    Wentworth Miller/Wentworth Miller’s People, listen up! You need to get it through your thick head that you are not Brad Pitt. You are not George Clooney. You are not batshitcrazy Tom Cruise. There is absolutely no.fucking.reason for you to be so super secretive about your private life. It’s not like the entire world is watching you, and keeping up with your every move. It’s just us, dude! So, as many others have stated, you need to get with the program. I think opening up to your fans (re: relationships and all) may be more beneficial to your state of mind than you realize. If you just fucking tell us stuff on occasion, we’ll stop asking about it…problem solved, everyone’s happy!

    You know, what irks me most about this whole situation is the lack of respect for his American fans, in particular. Don’t get me the moment he’s acting like a little shit to his entire fanbase, as a whole. But I’ve gotta say, in this awesome, fun little fandom family he’s got going right now, the American fans, in particular, have been treated like goddamn step-children. I think THE BEST interviews I’ve ever read AND heard from him were given during Wentstralia. He NEVER would’ve given away that type of personal info about himself on home turf. And don’t even get me fucking started on Wentkorea. What.the.fuck.was.that? Singing??? Tears??? *sigh* I’m just gonna choose to believe that he was hamming it up for the Korean fangirls because it was a paid gig. And for that nonsense, I hope he was paid well. Cuz if he was being sincere, I consider that a HUGE slap in the face (but maybe that’s just me). And I can damn near guarantee, we will NEVER see that kind of love in the U.S.

    I’m not saying American fans deserve it more, because we don’t. But if he’s gonna show that kind of love and respect to his fans, he needs to show it across the board. It’s not fair to the American fans (who, by the way, supported his show from the jumpoff and gave it the type of fanbase needed to even get picked up worldwide, in the first place) to get watered-down, rehearsed, craptacular interviews, while he’s being all open and revealing elsewhere across the globe. I am under the impression that he’s scared of his U.S. fans, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. When Wentkorea happened, we got pictures, interviews, videos, and magazine scans, etc. for a solid month! When’s the last time we even got an interview with Wentworth in any U.S. publication? When was the last TV appearance (rare as they are)??? Cuz honestly, I can’t remember. And that’s pretty fucking sad, considering he lives here.

    I’m not even gonna comment on the lack of projects, since thats been covered to a tee. Although I will say to Wentworth, beggers can’t be choosers. And you, my dear, are in no position to be choosy. So hop to it. Cuz if I don’t see you in something soon, I may very well forget your name.

    And now on to chapter 11….

  96. Anonymous

    …since the closing down of the “unsolicitated” pics from the Bean Pole catalogue shoot he’s been out of sight…Maybe that request was from WM’s camp afterall. For a dude who ain’t got as much clout as Shrek seems The Pretty is developing a little ‘tude’…ah hem star attitude. No show at Paley. No sighting of him because he’s tired of being in the limelight..well so much for the love affair between us! You’ll come crawling out more when PB returns looking for your fans then. I bet.

  97. Krissie

    AJ:When’s the last time we even got an interview with Wentworth in any U.S. publication? When was the last TV appearance (rare as they are)???

    What if no magazine or TV channel is asking him for an interview now that PB is on a hiatus? What if Went has got nothing to do with that, huh? Is he supposed to go around and offer himself to the paps?
    *defending Went till death*

  98. Anonymous

    I have quite abit to say, but Im going to go ahead anyway..*sighs*

    First of all fairplay to WFW for voicing what many of us were thinking..very classy letter indeed…getting straight to the point..*fairplay to you hun*

    Well I agree with AJ 1.07 about Went not giving a two hoots about his American fans, then he buggers off to Korea and sings for them, I know that sounds petty, but how many times has he been asked to sing in interviews and he refuses? its just daft, and being a UK fan myself, I am pissed at the fact he is a BRIT yes he was BORN here..yet he does absolutely no p.r for the show even though its a huge hit over here.

    Then to add insult to injury he cant even be arsed to attend a convention at Radisson Sas Hotel Heathrow in London, which Robert Knepper and Stacy Keach attended and pleased alot of the fans! so he can piss off to Korea yet not visit the UK, whats all that about? us fans spend hours of our time watching the damned show, spending OUR hard earned money on the DVDs etc, dont see any of us complaining…(unless its about not having a few spare pennies to actually purchase the dvd)

    And I cant stand when he tars fans with the same damned brush, we know he isnt MICHAEL SCOFIELD…does he think we are completely stupid? he is too paranoid..most sane fans want an autograph a picture and a hug perhaps? its not like they are asking for much…

    Im basically reiterating what most have said, however I cant stand how Went thinks HE is being hard done by, he doesnt have a life threatening illness, what the hell does he have to complain about? he earns a little more than most, gets papped what? if he doesnt like the intrusion why doesnt he get a day job like the rest of us, or work behind the scenes? Went needs to remember he isnt ALONE in this crazy fame ride, he has HIS fans and HIS cast mates off the show, they are all in the same boat, they ALL get attention, yet Amaury, Robert, Rocky and the rest of em, dont shy away from the P.R..they must be overwhelmed by the interest, and they DONT give out fancy la..dee..da answers in interviews…

    Went sounds like a broken record player…all these interviews churn out the same contrived bull**** WE HAVE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE! when asked about what cologne he wears…he was so blase on the answer…its 2007 not 1762…cant he ever answer an interview without using a zillion words to portray a simple answer…he comes out with words such as…”quantifiable, legitimate” we get he is smart, but his answers always seem practised, he needs to CHILL…

    And hiding behind closed doors..whats all that about? the other actors of PB can make an appearance and he doesnt bother to turn up? I mean SWC is preganant for crying out loud, she could be at home taking it easy, yet she makes the effort…

    Yeah we know the internet is full of S*** and it shouldnt be taken to heart…yet many people are using hours of their spare time to run sites..keep abreast of things and keep the fans happy, they are doing the leg work..

    And apparently he wont leave his house because of the “delusional fans” please or the attention?…how sad is that? he must give a damn if he has to be so stiff upper lipped about his personal life…so what if he is dating? its nothing new…yet he acts like its all some big conspiracy..this air of mystery malarkey has become boring!

    He comes across as really unappreciative,(complaining about hyperventilating fans) what does he expect? its human nature for people to act like that… he could lose all this attention tomorrow…see how bothered Went becomes then…he should just ENJOY it while it lasts…its clear many are bored with his..”Mystery man antics” me included!

  99. Anonymous

    Interesting reading. As a casual fan, who at this point checks this blog once in a while… props to you WFW for being amazing… and who would go and watch a movie/show just because he is in it, I dont feel slighted by Went at all. Nor am I losing my interest in him as an actor. I doubt he really understands how his most devout fans feel, because he doesn’t seem to have that mentality, of a super-fan. I try to place myself in your shoes, and its very hard. It seems to me that some people honestly enjoy being huge fans of an actor, almost like there are huge fans of sports teams. And being a fan like that, it takes a certain kind of personality. Its hard to get into the mindset of how disspointed people are around me when their team loses, or when their actor doesn’t seem to be paying attention. This may make no sense, but maybe Went is the same way, and he literally does not grasp how much he means to you, how much even the slightest acknowlwdgement would mean to you. I think its great to lose yourself in something that has meaning to you, whatever it is. Im just, I guess, I get dovoted to inanimate things like books that can’t dissapoint me. There is no doubt that Went is lucky to have you all, I hope he does take the time to look outside of his own perspective and see that and give thanks and be humbled by the love and appretiation is greatest fans have for him.

  100. Anonymous

    Krissie, just wanted to address your comments. I hope I didn’t step on any toes when I first wrote the “novel” post. I was trying to think about Went’s motivations for being so elusive.

    I would believe that he’s not been offered any more interviews since the hiatus – but seeing that so many of his castmates have been promoting the show in the UK and here, or doing other projects, I find that hard to believe. I just watched an awesome interview with Robert Knepper in the UK (it’s at the TWOP media thread); Robert has a wife and young child and yet he finds time to promote the show abroad. Same for SWC who must be at least 7, or maybe 8, months pregnant by now. They’re getting offers to promote the show but the lead of PB is not? Hmm…

    I believe that Anon 3:32 is right. Went probably never thought he’d have to deal with the type of fan scrutiny that PB has afforded him. He’s been inundated with so much fan attention since PB took off, he might even take it all for granted and think that he doesn’t need to fan the flames any more. He thinks of it as a job right now: while the show is on hiatus, he doesn’t need to do anything extra for it. I don’t think he’s turning into a diva. But he is being way too complacent about his success.

    On a sidenote, I read something interesting in my local tv guide which doesn’t relate to Went but adds to the privacy discussion: apparently, Ioan Gruffoad (sp? I mean the British actor who played Reed in Fantastic Four) just shut down his official website because his fans had been posting unflattering things about his fiance on there.

  101. Anonymous

    Perhaps his frustrations are…he’s reduced down to be a mere sex object for his fans. Here he is this highly educated intelligent man and basically he’s being touted as a sex object. Whereas other actors in his age range are really doing major roles working with notable directors in prominent films.
    Let’s face facts ladies…we keep saying he should do film projects BUT is he even considered for good roles. Have you ever read that his name mentioned in connection for any thing other than Prison Break. Maybe directors in Hollywood are also well aware that he’s this teenage heartthrob…is that what they want when they’ve got their Orlando Bloome and Depp and DiCaprio.
    Is Wentworth even happy now on PB. He gives the aura of discontentedness.
    As for the girlfriend thing…I mean if this woman is indeed his GF…then why isn’t he proud to show it? What’s the deal with pretending she’s not. Is he the first male celebrity to have a gf? And quite frankly if he were proud of it…I’d think he’d WANT the world to know it. Shout it out on the rooftops. Not hide her like she were an ugly cat in a bag!

  102. AJ

    Krissie said: “What if Went has got nothing to do with that, huh? Is he supposed to go around and offer himself to the paps?”

    Oh my God, seriously? I would loooove that! I’ll take anything I can get at this point.

    But, no really, Kris…like Anon 4:24 said, other PB actors have been out promoting the show (in other countries) since s2 ended in the U.S. Don’t get me wrong, I love Knepper as much as the next person. But do you honestly think he was asked to make an appearance in the UK INSTEAD of Wentworth being asked? I highly doubt it. My guess is, they asked Went first, and he said no. Now, I have no way of knowing that for sure, and I may very well be 100% wrong. But I really do have a hard time believing that Wentworth was not asked to do any press whatsoever over the past couple of months for the show. I think his lack of scheduled appearances and interviews are entirely his own doing.

    And Anon 3:32, I totally understand what you’re saying about Went not being the type of person to get wrapped up in the whole idea/practice of “fandom.”
    However, I do believe that Wentworth has been in the business long enough, and lived in LA long enough to know that “fandom” comes with the job. Although he, himself, may not have the mindset to practice it with his own personal interests, there’s no reason that he should be completely oblivious to the fact that it exists in his line of work.

    Whether he agrees with it or not, he has to KNOW that there are fans out there, as you said, who take joy in being his fans. Wentworth is an intelligent, captivating, passionate man who seems to have a genuine love and respect for his craft. He has to know that there are people out there who are supporting his career, not because he’s “a hot piece of ass,” but because they genuinely want to see him succeed. He’s worked hard to get where he is, and now that he’s here, he needs to show a little bit of gratitude to those who are keeping him here. All I’m sayin’.

  103. Anonymous

    LOL..oh come on…let’s all be honest. The very reason he has blogsite after blogsite dedicated to him is be he is undeniably a “hot piece of ass.” Between Robert Knepper and Went…there’s no one who can say that Knepper is not the better actor, but true as you aj pointed out…more fans especially his female fans would have preferred to see hot ass over a fine actor. And even if he were the same person and passionate (?) person that he is suddenly stuffed in the body of let’s say a David Caruso or a David Spade (oh sorry Caruso or Spader fans) let’s say…not ripple of concern would be heard from any of us overing his lack of being seen.

  104. niknak

    Perhaps his frustrations are…he’s reduced down to be a mere sex object for his fans. Here he is this highly educated intelligent man and basically he’s being touted as a sex object.

    I don’t think any of the people who are true fans of WM are reducing him to a sex object. Yes, he is an incredibly handsome man… no one is denying that. But, I think the most intriguing part of him is not his looks but his intelligence. I have seen on this blog and in the Church that his fans are moved by the fact that he is so multi-faceted. I LOVE how he looks, but I ABSOLUTELY ADORE his intelligence. I appreciate the fact that his looks got him to where we can hear his thoughts, experience his intelligence, and glean a small iota of his sense of humor. I think that’s why so many of us are upset about his absence and lack of interviews. We like to hear what he has to say… when it’s not trite or canned. We like to hear his honest to goodness thoughts and see what a Princeton graduate has to say about the insanity that is Hollywood. I think his intelligence gives him credibility and makes him all the more attractive.

    There are some who do reduce him to what he looks like, and at this point all he is offering is his looks. So, if Wentworth Miller is becoming a “meat puppet,” it’s of his own doing. He is lucky enough to have both looks and intelligence. You would think that he would be wise enough to put the both to good use.

  105. Anonymous

    sorry niknak, with all due respect…I have been on other websites (aside from this one and the Church…I mean as flattering as that is..I wonder if he likes a website called ‘The Church’ knowing his fans worship him…but I digress) and though you appreciate him for both his intellect and beauty I have read a multitude of comments on other sites where the posters are not at all shy praising his endowed package and other various graphic subject regarding him and his hotness..reducing him to that sex object status…So if I’ve read them so has others in his camp and I’m sure his friends fans and agents have stumpled upon those comments too. I mean some fans even get unto writing very sexual fan fiction. Maybe he is flattered but maybe it’s beginning to be annoying and distasteful for him. Not mention having hundreds of fan girls criticizing his choice of girlfriends too!

    Anyway if anyone who is truly enjoying him on an intimate and intellectual level that’s one on one ain’t us lately. And apparently he’s not all that anxious in feeding us anymore of his witty intellectual comments. He’s as the phrase goes…dissin’ us.

  106. Mama Bear

    Dear Anon 10:03,

    David Caruso is neither hot nor talented, so that part of your analogy is lost on me.

    Mama Bear

  107. Anonymous

    What I meant mama bear is by the DC analogy is …David Caruso physically is not hot, but if we were to take all of Went’s humour. his talent, his intellect…all the very things we love and admire about Went or let’s say Went woke up and had the body and face of Caruso….I don’t think there would be many of us so concerned about Went’s disappearance. Part of his fanbase (huge fanbase is based on the fact he’s gorgeous)…so even though we love the fact he’s intelligent and talented we are influenced by his looks.

    Anon 10:03.

  108. Bel

    I never claimed I was into Went because of his personality.


  109. Anonymous

    I think you guys are making a big deal about nothing….and WFW if you want to shut down the blog…just do it!! Quit using Went as an excuse. Sorry but thats how I feel.

    In my eyes Went’s done nothing wrong.

  110. Anonymous

    Most all celebs have a small section of fandom devoted to them solely because of their looks. But not all fans are fans because they think so-and-so is hot. I for one admittedly didn’t find Went all that good-looking in the first thing I saw him in (his episode of Buffy). It wasn’t till years later when he appeared in PB and I saw how he came off in interviews that I really took notice of him. I wouldn’t be a fan of him if he were just another pretty face, because pretty faces are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. He’d have to be deaf and blind not to know that his looks would get him noticed once he chose a career in front of the camera. I doubt he blames his fans for labeling him a sex object simply because they’re noticing what everyone else is noticing, or that he blames this fan perception for not getting the kinds of roles he wants.

    Speaking of not getting serious roles, IMO he’s not at the point in his career where he’s earned the experience to get those roles. He’s admitted he’s been offered scripts but turned them down so he can recoup from PB’s schedule. Even if that’s true, why does he need a whole summer to do that? He could take off a month and start a movie the next, take a small part in something which won’t take long to shoot, etc. I think the real reason he’s not accepting movie offers if because he’s holding out for Oscar bait, character actor roles, A-list roles, etc. Not to be harsh, but I don’t think his acting is quite up to that caliber yet to merit those kinds of roles. That’s why I think he should just take what he’s offered – short of an obvious disaster a la Glitter or Gigli – to build up his experience and his resume and work his way up to getting the types of roles he wants. Most tv actors don’t get plum parts right off the bat; even experienced actors who have worked for years have to start out doing crap. It’s the nature of the biz.

  111. Anonymous

    what if the obessive paparzzi stalking and fangirls tearing every women he goes out with apart is starting to get to him? Some actors just don’t enjoy it.
    They want to act and just be left alone.

  112. AJ

    Where did all the funny go???

  113. Mama Bear

    OMG!!! I know where Went was…at least for the whole of today. There was an all-day “Law and Order” marathon on TNT, so you know he’s been holed up in his pad chillin’ like a villain.

    You know, AJ, I miss the funny too. It’s obvious that Went wants to remain an enigma, so let’s just follow his lead, make shit up, and laugh about it. Sound like a plan? YAY!!! 🙂

  114. Krissie

    AJ said…
    Where did all the funny go???

    I’ll be your slave for saying that.
    Thank you.

  115. WFW

    Well this post wasn’t marked humor people and if anyone finds the funny, send it my way b/c it has left me.

  116. AJ

    Well, that wasn’t aimed directly at you, WFW. I meant “the funny” in general. The smartass replies… all that good stuff. Everyone sure is getting pretty “deep” in here (myself included).

    *singing to Wentworth a la’ Mariah Carey* I don’t wanna cryyyy. Doooon’t wanna cry. Nothing in the world could take us back to where we used to beeee … (except maybe an occasional appearance or a funny interview)… what?

  117. Wentalicious

    When I told one of my girlfriends that my Wenty crush was also dying she said “Whatever. You’d still hit that.”

    And, she was right.

  118. Anonymous

    Wow. I haven’t visited this blog for ages now what with the Went nonappearances. I really didn’t think there was anything new happening. But I’m amazed by the range of interpretations and analyses concerning Went’s behaviour since his last public sighting.

    Here’s my take on it all. I think he’s finding it difficult to cope with all the attention that’s generated everytime he gets caught by the paps. Particularly those times he’s been caught with a female. Yes there are other actors on PB who have managed to combine the huge demands of public life with their personal life. But in his case I think the attention has been completely over the top. And the amount of comments and criticisms about Amie….well let me say that I’ve been shocked by some of the disrespectful and immature comments on the web (not on this blog of course)…. probably by 12 year olds.

    Yes I agree that he should have expected this but I guess none of us really knows how invasive the behaviour of the fans and the media attention actually is. You know, he used to say that he enjoyed the fan attention and that he loved people coming up to him but now ….well I’m not so sure. His non appearance at Paley and the upfronts, plus his not promoting the show for ages now, would appear to send out a different message. And he has stated that he is really a private person with a ‘normal’ reserved family background. I really think he’s just taking a rest from it all. Not just from acting but from the press, from the fans, from everything.

    So I think we should all just give him some breathing space and let him get on with his life. I’m guessing that he’s taking a break and that he’ll be back soon. We just have to be patient.

  119. Anonymous

    My bad for making things too deep in here. I started it by writing the novel post. *hangs head*

    Anon 8:42, I think we all agree that he’s burned out from the fan attention. But as wrong as all the crazy fangirl comments are, he and his female friends/girlfriends/orgy participants are going to have to grow thick skins if he wants to remain in this business. Neither leopards nor crazy fangirls change their spots. Just about all significant others of hot actors get vitriol thrown at them. I’m not saying it’s right or justifyable – it’s how it is. He may be bothered by it all now but I hope he comes to accept it eventually, because I don’t think it’s ever going to stop as long as he is in the public eye and immature fans exist.

    The more I think about it, the more I think Went should have been a stage actor. That way he could have his career and avoid the crazy that is Hollywood fame. Though that would also deprive us of him, so *sigh.*

  120. Anonymous

    It’s me again (anon 8:42). Now that he’s achieved all the fame and fan attention he thought he craved, Went now has to deal with the bad things that come with it. I agree with you anon 9:25 – it’s just how it is and I also hope he and his friends have a thick skin because as a star of a TV show like Prison Break, and looking and coming across like he does, the attention he receives is not going away.

    That’s why I think he’s taking some space. He seems like he’s a serious and intense type of person (although as he’s stated before none of us really knows him) and if he ever reads any of the stuff about him on the web which I’m sure he does – well that would really mess with a person. Knowing that every time you get caught by the paps or the fans that, everything you do, who you are with, where you bought an icecream or magazine or frappacino or what you wear (right down to the colour of your underwear, what brand of watch you wear, how creased your shirt is, yada yada) is analysed and discussed ad nauseum. My view is still that he’s on hiatus – from everything.

    The bad thing of course is that he’s disappointing his staunch fans by not appearing – especially you WFW. And as for the non acknowledgement of the gifts, I’m constantly waiting for you to let us all know that you’ve received some form of acknowledgement. Maybe if you’d posted them and sent a letter he might have responded by now. Doesn’t he send out signed photographs to people who write to him? How many months has it been since Paley? Maybe his assistant is also on hiatus?

  121. Anonymous

    Forgive me for asking this question but I simply don’t get how would he know what’s being written about him…why would he this busy talented actor, who is in demand, who reads great literature and is a writer himself…why would he be surfing around on the net reading what fangirls are saying about him and his girlfriends?
    just try Googling his name…there’s thousands of pages dedicated to him. He’s reading every bit of obsessive drool written about him? Ok if some big name site or tabloid spreads a rumour that is noticeable because it’s a headline BUT what is he doing reading what teenage girls are writing about him and why would a grown man of 35 even care?

  122. Anonymous

    He says he doesn’t read about himself on the web but that he has a few friends who check the main sites for him. But I have a sneaking suspicion that he does lurk from time to time. And he is tech savvy – we know that. Look at it this way. If he’s spending his free time writing that means he’s on his computer a lot!! Don’t kid yourself that he doesn’t know what people are saying. His appearance with Amie generated enough negative stuff on the web that she had to take her my space page down.

  123. Cin-D

    Omg! Lets get real people! He’s a human being, which means he obviously does go on the internet and reads stuff about himself. And yes celebrities do read things about themselves, they are people just like us. Also, he was caught in public on the computer reading an article about Prison Break which means it’s not the first time he read about himself and it’s not the last. He even mentioned Blue Steel in an interview. Where do you think he got that from? Duh! Here ofcourse. So, he does lurk and there is nothing wrong with that.

  124. Anonymous

    “he obviously does go on the internet and reads stuff about himself”
    oh my god i really hope he doesn’t. for he’s own sake! you all seem like that depeche mode song “let me see you stripped down to the bone”

  125. Anonymous

    Hmmm, I know that he’s human and probabaly uses the internet. But my point is that he’d be beating his head against an uncontrollable situation if he IS reading the thousand of websites and all the fangirl comments about him. At this point I’d imagine this man of intellect had to come to terms with the fact…he’s an international heartthrob. There’s no trurning back to obscurity. There’s no being thought of him just as this actor who’ll play charcter roles. His fanbase will ALWAYS be overzealous and his fans will react “catty” when he steps out with his lady friends. And even if it’s not here on this thread…try surfing the net..NOT all girls have such restraint. So it’s ridiculous for this grown man to even let his life get dictated by the rants of teens. I think that whole Amie outburst and her having to shut down her MySpace account opened his eyes to just how massive his appeal is. only let’s get real. Wow…by that so horrible to lose a myspace page when the trade off is she is dating Wentworth. Hell I’d give up the internet use for a lifetime if that was the payoff! As for him… he simply must learn to stay away from these websites. Man up Went!

  126. Mama Bear


    All is not lost! Yesterday, I received a PERSONALIZED and SIGNED Fox-issued glossy of Wentworth Miller as “Michael Scofield” posing like a bad-ass in his sexy S2 tan suit!

    The glossy was TOTALLY unexpected since I didn’t include a self-addressed stamped envelope with my Christmas card nor did I even request a signed pic! I simply wished Went and his family a happy holiday and told him how much my husband and I love “Prison Break.”

    Needless to say, I was thrilled when I opened the package and much to my surprise, I found myself doing the Cabbage Patch, the Running Man, AND the Worm to the relentless chanting of my children, who were also equally thrilled: “Michael Scofield loves us! Michael Scofield loves us! La, la, la, la, la!”

    I know this kind of thing probably happens to many chicks everyday, but it hasn’t happened to me since I was 12 and in love with Kirk Cameron, so I hope you understand my enthusiasm.

    I realize that I’m not nearly as deserving as my other comrade-fans who’ve made great attempts to communicate with Went and even journeyed vast distances to see him, so I will cherish my Went pic by putting it in a lovely frame and giving it an esteemed place on my bookshelf for all to see.

    Let me say that I still stand by my earlier remarks concerning Went’s need to acknowledge and appreciate his fan base more than he has in recent months, but maybe, just maybe, he’s doing so one fan at a time. So ladies/gents, WRITE TO THE MAN! He may take a while to get back to you, but it’s definitely worth the wait, especially if you don’t expect to get anything at all. See, sometimes it pays to be a fatalist…when everything goes wrong, you expect it and when something goes right, you’re pleasantly surprised. 😉

    Good luck!

  127. Anonymous

    According to the Churchies, Went is supposedly doing a photo shoot today so let’s hope we get some new pics.

    Mama Bear, that’s great that you got a photo. It reinforces my belief even more than Went isn’t ignoring his fans, he’s just very busy with all the fanmail not only from American fans, but also all his fans abroad. And considering that PB is even more popular in foreign countries, it must be taking him time to respond to all fanmails and gifts from all over. Maybe that’s why WFW hasn’t heard from him.

    Anon 9:19, I don’t think Went was upset about Amie in particular as much as upset about the realization that on the whole, he’s never going to be able to go about his daily routine again without being examined under the microscope. He mentioned in one of his old interviews that when his father came to visit and they went out, he was getting approached so much that his father suggested he get a bodyguard (not a bad idea IMO). Constant attention must be hard enough on Went, but even harder on his loved ones, none of who are in show business or asked for any such attention.

    And I don’t it’s practical to ask him never to read anything online about what people are saying about him. It’s mere human curiosity to know – how many of you, if you were famous, would keep away from doing the same thing indefinitely? Sure, it might be wise from him to stay away from the known crazy places (IMDB, myspace) but even still.

  128. Anonymous

    Anon 3:15, It may not be practical to ask him, but I recall that he mentioned somewhere in an earlier interview he tries to avoid them reading stuff…I mean I gather celebrities can’t resist…but even he is aware he could be taking to heart some comment about his acting made by a kid who is twelve years old! And really the internet is like the Wild Wild West..if someone has it out for a celebrity
    Most actors see a thousand praises an accolades but it’s the few criticisms or negative remarks that will gnaw at them…

  129. Anonymous

    Anon 3:25, here’s my best guess of what he does based on interviews I’ve read: He has his friends and family read stuff online in general, but he himself avoids most all online sites except for the proven safe ones like TWOP. The only site we know he checks for sure is the TWOP Prison Break media thread, because there was a picture of him in a net cafe once doing that. But I’ve gathered from snippets before that he knows about the types of comments that have been posted about him at places like IMDB, too. Whether he reads those himself or has his friends and family report those to him is not something we know for sure.

    Even if he doesn’t read anything about himself online ever, he’ll still be informed about what’s going on through his friends and family and I’m sure his PR people also keep tabs on some of it. And then there are his colleagues (other actors, writers, like Muse Watson and Nick Santora) who also make it a point to keep tabs on how Prison Break and its cast crew are received. The point being that when you’re famous, finding out what people think of you is inevitable whether you read about yourself or not, because opinions about you are everywhere and you would literally have to leave the planet to avoid them.

  130. miz brisvegas

    PEOPLE! Just hold the FUCK up for one FUCKING minute, okay?

    First: WFW posts a pic of her hugging Amaury

    Second: Mama Bear posts about receiving a signed glossy pic of W. Miller

    Third: Miz Brisvegas turns fucking green and gags with envy

    Thank you. That is all. Please continue on with the WM AWOL theories.

  131. ilovewentworthmiller_01

    Relax! Wentworth’s still a nice guy. I received an autographed picture of him over the weekend! By the way, I don’t think Went’s going to leave the show, so, stop scaring his true fans (like me) and leave us alone!

  132. Anonymous

    Reading this has been insane, so many opinions and theories. Really, none of us have any idea what he’s doing in his time off, or why he has not made many public appearances. All we can do is speculate.

    I am not getting all the backlash against Went. So he hasn’t attended Paley or the Up Fronts, or been snapped in public lately. Big deal. A hiatus is just that – a break.

    And given the way so many fans reacted to the pics of him with Amie and the other unidentified brunette at the movies, I can’t blame him for wanting to stay under the radar.

    That was just appalling. Attempts can be made to justify it by saying it’s all in good fun, or that if Amie wants to be with Wentworth Miller then she needs to suck it up and deal – but there is no excuse for the comments and behaviour of some, in relation to the pics of him with her.

    Who knows if they are only friends, fwb’s or dating. It doesn’t matter. If you love WM so much, and respect the guy, why tear down someone he spends time with.

    A lot of you seem to feel he owes you something, whether it’s more regular appearances, being more forthcoming in interviews, more fan love, whatever. Your wrong, he owes you nothing – off screen. And by all accounts when he does have a fan encounter, he is flawlessly accomodating and friendly.

    The poor guy. I still love him, he’s done no wrong in my book. Part of what I love about Went is that he isn’t an attention loving pap whore. He’s very private and very reserved and very humble. And I personally find that very appealing.

    The problem is, it seems many of you want to change the very things about him that you once admired. Stop trying to mold him into something he is not.

    As for Went not thanking you for your Paley gifts WFW, I know it’s dissapointing for you, but #1 he must get an immense amount of gifts and letters, and #2 how do you even know if he got it? So an assistant or whatever took it, that means nothing. Chances are he’s not even seen your gifts.

  133. ilovewentworthmiller_01

    Oh yeah, Wentworth is NOT asexual, homosexual, bisexual, or any kind of sexual, other than HETEROSEXUAL! Got that?! He said so himself! Oh, Went is NOT God either! You should take your little “Church” and distroy it! And, one more thing, I find sensitive men like Wentworth HOT!! Scorching hot!!

  134. AJ

    *drowning in the “deep” end*

  135. Anonymous

    So Mama Bear – you got your signed personalised pic just now – end May? And you wrote to him in end December? That would mean, WFW, that seeing as you handed over those gifts in early March 2007 you should be hearing a thank you from Went around about……… early August! I am counting down the days. Now WFW just be patient. Your personal thank you is coming.

  136. Anonymous

    Hey Anon 3.09. As to what he reads over the web – I am convinced he reads FCOWM. Just some of the things that have happened – like the gift incident in Sydney just makes me feel he knew who those girls were. It’s just a feeling I have. I wont go into it but there’s other stuff too. Maybe I’m a bit paranoid but I really feel that he’s a lurker. And for all things Went – FCOWM and WFW have just got to be the best sites.

  137. Anonymous

    Anon 12.05: Well said, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Went has been ‘off the radar’ now for all of about 7 weeks but, with some of the above comments, you’d think it had been 7 years.

    There have been a few sightings of him recently (buying a magazine at Borders, strolling around Larchmont Village, swimming at the local YMCA)and it seems he’s just going about living his life quietly and taking a well-earned rest. God bless him, that’s what I love about him!

    Regarding his no-show at Paley, I happened to read a blog that very evening where some guy wrote that he’d just seen Went and William Fichnter filming a scene for PB (I think it was downtown Dallas, but am not 100% sure). Filming was taking place around 7.00 pm. I remember thinking then ‘oh well, I guess the rumours of his non-attendance are a fact then’.

    As for WFW and the other ladies not receiving thanks for their gifts, it would seem that these are done in order of receipt. By all accounts, it used to be about three months later but lately, it does seem more like six. Didn’t Went’s assistant have a gift for WFW? PB thumbscrews or something, or am I going completely mad?!

    The comment way up above that Went would never pose in a photo the way Amaury has almost made me choke on my morning herbal tea! There are photos of smiling Went with his arms around fans all over the web!!

    Reading some of the comments here, you’d think he’d done something terrible instead of taking a little break.

  138. Anonymous

    Mama Bear/WFW, can I please ask which address you used to write to WM?

    There seems to be so many on the net.

    Thank u v much

  139. Mama Bear

    anon 8:10, I used the address that’s linked from this site:

    Wentworth Miller
    Endeavor Agency
    9601 Wilshire Blvd.
    3rd Floor
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212

    But the interesting this is that the envelope that the glossy came in had only my address on it (no return address) and it was hand-written in block print. The post mark was dated May 24, 2007, and it came from Los Angeles – Hollywood…NOT Beverly Hills where his agency is located. Also, there was an 84 cent postage STAMP on the envelope NOT a bulk rate stamp that one would expect to see generated from a fan office that would presumably send out a lot of mail (i.e. signed glossy prints). Is Went doing his own office work out of his apartment? He is proficient at it after all. Hmmm…makes you wonder.

    Having a crazed moment of realization: *HE TOUCHED THE PHOTO! HE SIGNED MY NAME! AAAAAAAAAA!*

    Ahem, I’m better now.

    P.S. – anon 4:34, I DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT, include my address in my Christmas card nor on the envelope I used. I also did not request a photo because, at the time, I felt really silly even sending a Christmas card to him (I mean, HELLO, I’m 33!). Unless my cousin, who lives in Hollywood, or one of my friends, who lives close by, (both of whom know of my Went crush) requested the picture on my behalf, I don’t know why or how I got it. Note: my cousin and my friend are not fessing up. As Krissie told me, June 2nd is coming up, so it must be a Wentmas miracle! 🙂 In any case, it really doesn’t matter how I got the photo…it’s just wonderful having it.

    Good luck!

  140. cocot13

    I wasn’t going to respond to this cause i did not want to hurt WFW’S feelings,and lo and behold Anon 12:05 comes along and sums it up PERFECTLY !!

  141. Anonymous

    mama bear, you are no the only one who has received a signed pictured during these days… it seems that the boy is quite busy in that work!

  142. Mama Bear

    anon 11:51 – That’s fabulous news! Bring it on, people…if you’ve received anything from Went, please do share…let’s restore some faith!

  143. Anonymous

    ok…I received a handwritten letter requesting my hand in marriage.

    you guys are funny…

  144. WFW

    My feelings are not easily hurt coco, speak your mind. I always do!

    The truth is I don’t give a fuck anymore. I haven’t cut off the comments to this post b/c I want whoever has something to say to be able to say it but as far as what I have to say on the subject, I’m done. Unfortunately that has translated into no new posts as well which probably leads people to believe that the things in this letter are what’s holding things up but that isn’t it. I’m blocked. I may be losing interest. It happens. I really don’t know what’s going on. Last hiatus, I had a lot to say. Now, not so much. Who knows why, it’s just how it is. I blame summer. It’s my least favorite season. I still love the guy and I’m not mad.

  145. Anonymous

    Thanks for confirming the address Mama Bear.

    He may very well have personally posted the envelope with the signed picture, after all he does live in LA. He does personally respond to fanmail, but only a few out of the thousands he gets. So you may have been the lucky one!

    As much as I hate having this infatuation over WM, I think he is a fantastic actor and the show is superb.

    Thanks again

  146. cocot13

    Well thats good to hear WFW just think about it this way with no Went news we can all go back to living our lives ie me buying my first house, cause this Went obssesion we have takes up a lot of time. LOL

  147. Mama Bear

    anon 12:37, You call that restoring faith? That’s more like inciting the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair from the roots! LMAO!

    anon 3:52, You’re so welcome! I hope you hear from him soon!

    cocot13, Went news or not, WFW’s blog has been the magnet and portal for many of us to meet, greet, and chat throughout the day. Many of us have found great friends here, so in many ways, this blog IS a part of our lives. Congrats on your house!

  148. angel

    Just so that you know, whoever “pa” is wrote in c-box.

    06/01/07 01:59 AM
    pa: also WFW..he has the gifts, hang in there!

    06/01/07 01:58 AM
    pa: went is back to work june 20

    don’t know if it means anything, but hopes are still high.

  149. mink

    LOL! WFW’s WM lurkers strike again! *waves to Went and/or his lurkers* As this is apparently the main line to WM, a little question of my own: Exactly whom do I need to f*ck to get a tiny, two line e-mail acknowledging the receipt of the lovely comments from the Church girls I sent earlier this year? Just confirmation of receipt from an assistant will do me. Stop being so antsy about the e-mail thing, guys – I promise not to spam you in response or do anything irresponsible with the email address. Hell, get a temp one from Google or something if you must and close it immediately after sending the message (but if you can quote some of my accompanying letter so that I know I’m not being misled by some troll that would be great).

    Sorry for hi-jacking your Comments for some personal biz there, WFW, but as you apparently have the ‘In’, I felt compelled. Won’t do it again, promise. 😀

  150. Zara

    Thanks for the encouragement Mama Bear, if I do receive a response, I’ll let it be known.

    Have a great day.


  151. Zara

    Mama Bear sorry I forgot to mention that I was Anon requesting WM’s address, for some reason before I couldn’t send without the Anon prefix.

    Take care


  152. Anonymous

    WFW: You said that you didn’t write your address on the card. Doesn’t that already explain everything? I’d say yours was not the only gift he received that night. And since he didn’t receive it from you himself, it must’ve been bundled up within the small mountain of gifts that his assistant collected for him that night. Still, he did ask her to look for you and pass you a gift – is that not acknowledgement enough? Sure, it would’ve been nice to get a thank-you card for the many expensive and thoughtfully-made gifts, but it is just not possible because you did not include your address! So I think it’s a bit unfair to be mad at him for your forgetfulness!

    Secondly, regarding the attention from fans, he did mention in the Spanish interview for the TikiTaka station that he was once mobbed by fans when he just went to buy some jeans, and that all this was getting “torturous”. I can very well understand that sentiment. Every time you step out your door, you have to be ‘on’. It’s very tiring, because you can’t just step out in your shorts and holey old t-shirt and just-got-out-of-bed hair. You can’t do anything without being scrutinized, followed, and photographed. That works well for Hollywood attention whores, but not for Wentworth, who is not an attention-seeking person and who just prefers to live his own life.

    However, this is the price of fame, so he’ll just have to learn to deal with it. And his way of dealing with it is holing up in his apartment, or maybe taking a road trip to some godforsaken place where nobody knows him, and frankly, I would do the same. Because having to deal with people who demand so much of me so often…. I wouldn’t have that much to give. So better to just avoid them altogether, rather than get emotionally exhausted, then come off as stand-offish or snobbish and brush people off. Because we know how he is always so nice and accommodating to his fans. But no-one has the emotional energy to give, give, give ALL the time. I’m sure he’s already doing that every day on his daily jaunt to Starbucks. Just because we don’t see any papparazzi photos doesn’t mean he’s not meeting fans every day. I don’t think he is ungrateful or has no respect for his fans, he just can’t handle mobs, so he stays away from such big events.

    We should keep in mind that he spent ten years in Hollywood being a nobody, so perhaps he still has not gotten used to the idea that he is now God to so many people. People who hang on to his every word, listen to his every breath, count his every mole.

    It looks like he’s spending his summer catching up on his fan mail, which is a nice way to thank the more loyal fans, don’t you think?

  153. niknak

    ilovewentworthmiller_01, Serious sense of humor failure on your part when it comes to the Church. It’s all in fun and a clever way to say if you have to worship someone, why not someone HOT? If your not a fan, stay away from our parish!

    *hands aj a life jacket* It’s ok, honey. You’ll survive the depth. I am sure there is some form of humor coming along…

    “I can very well understand that sentiment. Every time you step out your door, you have to be ‘on’. It’s very tiring, because you can’t just step out in your shorts and holey old t-shirt and just-got-out-of-bed hair.”

    He has no hair, and is a self-proclaimed fan of nap time. If it’s that tiring to be hot, he should’ve been dead from exhaustion years ago!!!

    LMAO at your shameless plug, mink!

    Hi Went! *waves to him and his peeps*

    WFW, no one expects you to perform like a circus animal. If you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. I appreciate that you are in a malaise when it comes to WM. It seems we are all a bit withered from the topic.

    MamaBear, congrats on the photo! You have inspired me to write something just for the possibility of him writing my name! I say you hold on to your vision of him touching and signing your photo. Just think… he may have even licked the envelope himself!!!!!!!!

    OK, I’m off to Church to pray for all of the humorless souls in the world

  154. Anonymous

    Dear Went,
    Despite all the drama that has gone on in this comment box (drama which may rival the drama found on that insipid Pussycat Dolls show which I know you watch too, mister – Simpsons and Law & Order, my butt), I want you to know that I am still honored to be your love slave, er, I mean, personal assistant. Do you remember me recommending that you get one up above? Well, that’ll be my birthday present to you. Yes it will. Call me, Went!

    Crazy obsessed, er I mean, healthily interested fan

    PS: Whipped cream or chocolate mousse?

  155. Cess

    omg… well said… We have to be patient…

  156. Anonymous

    You terrible woman (edited out)
    Who makes you to love WM? How can you demand response feelings?
    WFW: And what makes you think you can come to my site and attack me? LOL I demanded nothing. I expected (more like hoped for) a response of some kind perhaps, but not demanded. I can't make Went do anything he doesn't want to do and neither can anyone else. I think we all know that by now. And to be clear, I don't expect ANY feelings or personal contact. I think some people misunderstand that.

  157. Anonymous

    This is not an attack. This is my opinion after reading. I commend you for your desire to know more about the WM, but there is such a thing – sense measures. It is not peculiar to you. Alas. I feel sorry for WM.
    WFW: LOL, I think name-calling qualifies.

  158. Anonymous

    Hyperbola, of course, you know?

  159. Andrew

    Ты классный актер Вент. Ты классный человек и прсто красавчик. Приезжай в Россию.
    Call me, Went. You the best.

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