Drunk Dialing with Wentworth Miller

After reading my letter, Wentworth finally gave me a call last night.

Me: Hello?
Went: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Me: Hello?
Went: It’s me! You wanted a thank you so there it is!
Me: *silence*
Went: Are you there?
Me: I’m here…Are you drunk?
Went: Of course not. The rain in Spain falls mostly on the plains.
Me: Uh-huh. Well, while I have you, I was wondering if you have any projects lined up?
Me: Oooookaaaay. Well thanks for the thanks and all that.
Went: What are you wearing?
Me: Nothing.
Went: Girls are gross.
Me: I think you need rest Wentworth. I’m gonna let you go.
Went: Let me go? You should be posting bitch!
Me: Fuck you Went.
Went: You wish.
Me: Later dickhead.
Went: You still love me right?
Me: Yes, Went of course. I will post first chance I get tomorrow.
Went: I love you.
Me: I know.
Went: No I REALLY love you.
Me: *sigh* I love you too Went. Goodnight.
Went: *singing* Goodniiiiiiiiight


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24 responses to “Drunk Dialing with Wentworth Miller

  1. bb

    Drunk why would you possibly think Went was drunk? Has he suddenly learnt how to chill out and have a good time? Has he finally removed the (bean)pole from up his ass?

  2. Krissie

    OMG!!! That’s exactly how I imagine a phone conversation with Wentworth would go! Him yelling “Matt Damon” for no apparent reason, me name calling him… Get out of my head, WFW!

  3. sanjanjanja

    o, man, one angry threat letter and Went immediately calls and he’s drunk and mushy and racy an’ all… girl, you got the game
    and btw thank for the Bond ref. it was right to the point. too bad though the video didn’a have the ”trunks-out-of-the-ocean” scene. one reason left still to hope for The Pretty in a real Bond pic.
    till that happens i’ll be swooning over Mr. Gorgeous Captain Sparrow

  4. AJ

    Oh, thank Goddess the drought is over! I thought I was gonna die from thirst!!! Although, I hope this doesn’t mean whatshisface if off the hook, just yet. He’s still got graaaah-veling to do.

    Now, on to this phone call:
    I agree with bb. I think he was totally sober. I see absolutely no reason in his comments to believe otherwise. I drunk dial allll the time, and, believe me… usually one says some pretty embarassing and nonsensical things, while in a drunken stupor. No evidence of that here. Sounds like normal Went to me! *shrug*

    By the way, I love that I can just feel your annoyance with him in this convo, just by reading it. Hahaha. Superb!

  5. Mama Bear

    I knew all the goading would work! i don’t care what anyone says…Went isn’t immune to critiques on his honor. I wonder what he was downing though to get so hammered. Sounds like Tequila talking!

    P.S. – My word verification was “dorkis” for this comment…how appropo!

  6. Anonymous

    LMAO! WFW, don’t ever stop blogging…

  7. NotTheDoctor

    You should be posting bitch!

    That’s why we love him, isn’t it?


  8. Anonymous

    WFW you are hysterically twisted! I love that. Did you see the new Prison Break dolls? There is one of Went and Dominic. Wish they were life size…

  9. WFW

    Hysterically twisted…I like it! I did see the dolls a few days ago. Went has blue-steeled himself cross-eyed. I wasn’t going to post about it but if I can come up with anything other than “Here are these dolls,” I still might.

  10. miz brisvegas


    Fuck you, Went
    You wish


  11. Katjus

    Bless… I knew it was only a matter of time he would cave in. Poor lad, never stood a chance… *evil giggle*
    Make him suffer Mistress! And dont give in so easy on the “you still love me?” shit… Make him work for it! šŸ˜‰

    And Wentworth, “girls are gross” ? My sweet Perfect One, i can so tell u went to a good school… *tears streaming down face from giggling so hard*

  12. Anonymous

    went miller i used to love him b ut he is so evasive i’m totally over him. wfw really is a faithful lover , i think u and went should hook up 4 real

  13. Juma

    WFW, Your letter worked out!!!


    “Went: I love you.”
    “Went: No I REALLY love you.”
    You are one LUCKY GIRL!

  14. Anonymous

    good to know *love* in your world is conditional…
    funny but I would hate to be him reading this and the other snide, attacking, vicious, cloaked as funny comments.
    You have changed, this site is no longer harmless fun.

  15. WFW

    Gee anon 1:07 now I feel bad. See, this is why I’m no good at relationships. It’s right about this time, after the infatuation wears off and I have been disappointed that things start to fall apart. I’m no longer all happiness and sunshine, I’m a raging bitch. Maybe I need to retire and pass the torch to someone who is still completely enamored with him. Any takers?

    My love is true. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t care. I can see where someone might think this post was mean-spirited and perhaps it is. Thank you for the comment.

  16. mink

    Anon 1.07, obviously you’re entitled to your take on the comments here and in the previous post, but I think there are several things going on here. Sure, there is a reflection of disappointment, sometimes manifested as downright crossness, with recent WM activity (or rather, lack thereof) – and maybe this is selfish and not very pretty sometimes (I’m sure I’ve been guilty of this), but I think there’s something else intended in many of these comments too.

    Many of us commenting do still love WM to bits but are concerned not only about our own disappointment, but also that this current perception of his attitude towards his fans (actually even more widespread than I’d thought, judging by the extent of the feeling displayed in the ‘Letter’ post comments) will affect his career. The unfortunate fact is that perception is reality in the showbiz game, and too many people are perceiving at the moment that WM just doesn’t appreciate his fan support sufficiently. I’m backwards and forwards (and then on the fence) on this – some things seem to indicate this is the case, others not – but evidently (too?) many people are feeling this way.

    Also, I think a lot of the comments, whilst they may seem harsh, are well intended in that we are rather plaintively asking him to get his ass in gear re. his career and his profile. And this is because we don’t want to see him go away! We want him to be really successful in lots of great movies or good TV, and to enjoy seeing him in same. But the way he’s going about things, whilst I’m sure he’s doing what he thinks is best, seems frustrating and not like he is building on the opportunity of “PB” as much as he should be. Again, just my personal perception, but I do think that’s where a lot of the chivying (sp?) is coming from.

  17. niknak

    I wanted to comment on Anon 1:07’s comment, but I think Mink said it best. We still love him, and we’re pissed because we care. Love means pointing out when the roses have wilted and the sunshine has gone dark. Anyone too enamored with the man to tell him to get his shit together is not loving him. It’s called enabling. Tough love needs to be administered sometimes. That’s why we’re here. It’s an intervention.

  18. SavMed

    girl you crack me up

  19. Anonymous

    Thanks for all your replies. Thank you for not hating me for my comment, I was a bit harash I can’t imagine his life, working the 8-9 months of production,long, long hours, doing press in between..traveling to promote the show, working on side projects (yes possible, we do not know all) and wow,trying to see family and friends and just iiving. He is on hiatus now, I am sure he is taking this time to just relax, not be in front of the camera..perhaps recharge and he is being punished for that, being called uncaring. Would you prefer you get your Went fix by seeing photos of him up in the club, out drunk, doing the silliness that most celebs do? I think you would be really disappointed then. He is just a guy who makes a living acting on a show, a guy who loves his work and is surprised I think by the reaction of his fans. I imagine that sometimes it gets scary and overwhelming to not be able to just hang out like we all do. I like him alot and I am happy to see him whenever but I want him to have the freedom to relax when not working.
    As for the thank yous…I never give gifts with strings but I imagine your thank yous are coming…perhaps he has not gotten what you sent yet. Perhaps he is traveling quietly around the world…
    Perhaps ..perhaps. I just don’t think he would purposely not say thank you.
    WFW…I love this site, you are hilarious really. But we should all wear his hoodie for a moment, I cringed at the attacks on his lady friends, not just here but other places. That was when I hoped he never came here. Or if he did that the *love* here , would overrule the meanness that pops up here and there.
    I just don’t want anyone to forget we are talking about another human being and his life.

  20. Dani

    What f*cking drugs were you on typing that ?!?

    I love it

    Bring both ya’ll drunk asses over here and I’ll fix ya.. hahahaaaaa….

  21. Anonymous

    Hey WFF that was a great imaginary phone call but in reality I think he’ll just send you a cute letter same as he has to the rest of his fans. Just because you have the greatest Wentworth Miller blog doesn’t mean that he’ll treat you any differently from the rest of his fans. Which is great right ? He has that egalitarian streak – he just does everything right.
    You’ll get a thank you letter for your gifts. And he will thank you. Just be patient. About August by my reckoning.

  22. LB

    Hey peeps. Isn’t it Went’s B-day this weekend? What do you think he’ll be up to? Hmm…

  23. Dannie

    I have been admiring this man for about seven years, even when there was nothing out there on him, for me it was lust at first sight. I don’t care what he does in his time off so long as we get the odd sighting, the man needs a life. WFW you are absolutely brilliant, intially I came to lurk about and get the latest on our gorgeous hunky man, but your humour, eloquence and lewd comments are awesome, i think you should have your own show. As for Went he will always be my guilty little pleasure.

  24. Cess

    *LMAO* You’re sooo funny!!!

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